Title : Contradiction
Fandom : Hidarime Tantei EYE
Genre : angst, hurt/comfort
Summary : Yumeto's first attempt to kill Ainosuke


Eyes abruptly opened. Blanket was shoved briskly. Upper body was lifted up in a quick. Breathes were rougher and fast, forcing their way through nose and slightly gaped mouth. Cold sweats trickled down teasingly on his already frozen skin. The expression reflected fear and regrets; sadness and sufferings.

Yumeto sighed, massaging his temples to brush off the image of his usual nightmare. It's the nth time already. And he couldn't do something about it! It consumed him; his soul, shattering it into tiny pieces mercilessly. He's tired! Why didn't it go away? It had been over! It should have been over! WHY?

The young man gritted his teeth in annoyance. He clenched tight his another hand, squeezing the blanket hard. "...shit..."


Yumeto alarmed by the voice. He turned to the boy who drowsily opened his eyes. The man forced a smile. But the room was so dim, Ainosuke wouldn't notice clearly.

"What is it, Ainosuke? You can't sleep?"

The latter remained quiet. He reached out a hand to touch his brother's face gently. "You looks painful again... Nightmare?" His eyebrows went down. "You're still having it?" He let out a smile. "Hope it'll be okay ne, Nii-Chan..."

Okay? Okay? Suddenly Yumeto felt his heart ache with jealousy and anger when, again, he went into dilemma. At that time, he wanted to strangle the boy's neck to death for still acting all innocent. He envied him so much that he blamed him for the nightmare. If ever Ainosuke had the same nightmare, would the boy still act like that? If Ainosuke remembered all, would the boy still act like that?

Yumeto touched his brother's hand, holding it finely. With another hand he caressed Ainosuke's head with a gentle touch like always and the boy smiled happily at this. The hand trailed down from the head to face, then to neck. Yumeto stopped. His eyes went blank. His mind clouded dark. He moved his hand to hold still the neck not even tightly yet.

Ainosuke frowned. "Nii?-"

Suddenly he found it hard to breath. Yumeto tigtened the grip on his brother's neck. His expression was emotionless, blank, and scary. Ainosuke struggled, scratching Yumeto's hand desperately.


Ainosuke shut his eyes tight, measuring himself that it was just a nightmare-his nightmare. Even though he knew he was just delutioning himself. "Nii...c-chan..." Tears streamed down-

Yumeto abruptly stopped. He looked confused and guilty. With a thumb he swept the tears from his brother's cheeks. "Ainosuke...I'm sorry... It's just because the nightmare..." Excuses; he knew he were making excuses. But..."Sorry..." He leaned down, pulling the boy into an embrace. "...sorry..."

Ainosuke returned the embrace. "Un...it's fine, Nii-Chan... I'll do my best to stop your nightmare. Tell me, what should I do...?" He escaped a little sob.

Yumeto kept silence, tightening the embrace. He couldn't let himself fall into the darkness; not yet. He couldn't resign to the devil's temptation inside him; not yet. He couldn't let Ainosuke go; Not yet.

Not yet.

Not...this time...

13 December 2010
by Natsu^^v