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This chapter rated G. Sorry, couldn't think of anything to spice it up. It's just a sweet "ah isn't that nice" kinda ending.

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Killer Instinct

Chapter 5: Next Stop

The whole event should never have happened, Frodo was explaining to the baffled Pippin as they walked back to Bag End.

Why was Frodo so upset? Why had Merry just ploughed through Pip like he was a pile of leaves to be thrown to the side? WHAT was the big deal?

One more time, how to explain? Heavy sigh. The last time Merry had lost his temper like that was when Paddy (Padaros Bracegirdle) had accused him of using the Brandybuck name to bribe the judges in declaring him the winner at the pony pulling contest during the Mid-summer faire 6 years past. Merry had worked long and hard with his father's biggest pony to become the best team. But Paddy was envious, petty, and poorly brought up. Being 14 years older, larger and less drunk should have been able to hold his own. But there was something in Merry that rarely let itself out and when it did, no one could stand up to him. If hobbits had a killer instinct then this would have been the label. But they didn't. So it went without a name. This trait was the primary reason Meriadoc's father had forbidden him to speak out in anger let alone brawl, at ANY time, under ANY circumstance after he was 27 (the fateful Padaros-incident-year). Merry was to be Master of Buckland someday and had to learn to curb his temper. Surely Pippin could understand that. He himself was to be Thain and was constantly being groomed for the responsibilities that position required.

Yes, but, no harm was done, so there's no need to be so upset, now, is there? Pippin took Frodo's hand in his like he did when he was younger and was trying to get attention. It was hard being the youngest cousin. No one took him seriously.

Perhaps because Pippin was never serious…

Now Pippin sidled up to Frodo and matched steps with him and looked up. His second defense against being ignored.

Such innocent eyes…. Would he never understand that ones' actions are held up and scrutinized by those one would lead? No, probably never. It wasn't in that head with the unruly hair and quick grin to ever think twice about reactions to intentionally veiled threats and outright attacks on one's character. Pippin, the ever optimist. Oh, to be so young, let us hope he never is forced to grow up.

Pippin echoed that thought though in his Pippin-esque naivety, not knowing exactly what he was agreeing to. But he had achieved his goal, Frodo was now smiling. Next stop, Meriadoc!

The End