My Parent's Mistake

Chapter 1

The death of Hermione Granger on the 4th May 2014, at the age of 35, was the most shocking and saddening news. The one-time Hero who defeated Lord Voldemort alongside her best friends Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley had been defeated by breast cancer and died with them by her side.

Hermione had first been diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the young age of thirty. She fought her hardest battle and went into remission that same year however at the age of thirty two it came back with a vengeance and after three years of fighting, she gave up, she had to and died in the middle of the night surrounded by her loved one.

Hermione Granger had never married although had a daughter, Aubrey Serena Granger who was the light of her life. Aubrey was born when Hermione was only nineteen, a child herself some would argue but Aubrey was the light after so much darkness for so many people especially her mother and Godfathers. Aubrey was born underneath a moonlight sky after a hard three day labour; she was welcomed into her world with open arms on the 1st January 1999.

Aubrey's childhood was a good one, Hermione managed to give her everything she could ever ask for. She was spoilt by her Godfather, Harry and Ron and the Weasley's, her surrogate family since her mother's parents were still in Australia and would remain there. Hermione and Aubrey lived with the Weasley's until she was able to support herself and her daughter. When Aubrey was three, Hermione with the help of Harry brought a small maisonette house. Hermione loved having her own space, a place to call her own and a place to raise Aubrey. Hermione and Aubrey settled into life together perfectly although along the way there was a few bumps.

One of those bumps was the subject of Aubrey's father. When Aubrey was five, the questions began. 'Why haven't I got a daddy?' 'Do I have a daddy?' 'Is Uncle Harry my Daddy?' 'Is Uncle Ron?' 'I want a Daddy like James and Rose.' Hermione found it hard to answer the questions about her daughter's father. It was a touchy subject and everyone knew that. Harry and Ron had only found out the true identity of Aubrey's father when she was first born. It was hard not to know whose daughter she was when she was first born. Hermione always tried to skip around the topic of her daughter's father with Aubrey; she was prepared to tell her. For one, her father didn't even know she existed and if he did, he sure as hell wouldn't want a daughter hanging around, Hermione was sure of that.

Hermione's relationship with Aubrey's father was a volatile relationship. A highly dramatic relationship is what she described it as. They had met under strange circumstance and started a forbidden relationship hidden away from everyone. Only them two knew. The relationship began in Hermione's 6th year and lasted all through the War and ended when he decided he was leaving, without her. Hermione tried to make him stay, even promised that if he wanted space she would wait for him however he had none of it. He looked at her disgusted and told her it had been a mistake and he should have never touched her and left that very same night. She never heard from him again.

When Aubrey was eleven, she received a letter a from Hogwarts, Hermione had been expecting it and of course had a backup plan. Aubrey at the age of eleven went to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in France. Although Hermione hated her daughter being in a different country, unlike Hogwarts parents could go and spend the weekends with their children if they wished. Hermione did regularly. When Hermione was diagnosed with Cancer, Aubrey stayed at school but spent every weekend home with Hermione however the second time, she dropped out of school and was home schooled. Hermione didn't approve of this but understood Aubrey's need to be with her mother.

In the last month of Hermione's life, Aubrey spent every waking moment with her mother. She told her she loved her multiple times a day and that promised to go to university and to do her proud. Hermione too tired to speak would just nod and smile. On the day Hermione died, Aubrey, Harry, Ron and Ginny were all with her. Aubrey read to her mother the whole day, her favorite book 'Pride and Prejudice.' When it was nearing the end for Hermione, Aubrey held her mother's hand and told her how much she loved her. Harry, Ron and Ginny all sat devastated watching a daughter lose her mother and their best friend slipping away.

Hermione passed away on the 25th May 2014, surrounded by her family and friends.

The Funeral was held on the 1st June 2014, the church in her little village was packed to the brim. Family, Friends, schoolmates and teachers came together at the Church. The dress code was black and red; red in honor of Hermione's Gryffindor roots. Hermione had arranged everything for the Funeral. She made sure Aubrey didn't have to do anything; it was already hard enough losing your mother but to then organise a funeral would just be too much.

Headmistress and Hermione's former head of house Minerva McGonagall arrived with Severus Snape, Hermione's former Potions Professor. They took their seats in the fourth row back. They were greeted by Molly and Arthur who were sat on the second row looking depressed.

Severus Snape sat silently beside his old friend and colleague and looked towards the front of the church where a photo stood of Hermione Granger. The photo showed a smiling, young Hermione, that was the way he remembered her but he had heard that in the end she did not look like how he thought she did. He had regrets when it came to Hermione, regrets that now he could never make right. He looked around the church and caught sight of his Godson, Draco. Although Draco and Hermione never got on, in the finale Battle, Hermione had saved his life as well as his late mothers and he owed her a life debt which would now not count. He caught sight of a few other students he once taught all those years ago and also some of his slytherins which make him smile slightly to think they had come to pay their respects.

The Funeral began when soft music began to play. 'Smile' was played as men in black suits carried in the soft oak coffin which encased Hermione Granger. Behind the coffin walked Harry Potter and his wife Ginny and then Ronald Weasley. They all looked heartbroken at the death of their best friend. Finally a petit girl with dark brown curly hair walked down the aisle of the Church holding onto a single red rose. The girl looked very much like Hermione Granger, a lot of people noticed especially Severus. She was dressed in a black dress with a red jacket with small patent heels. Her eyes were downcast until she reached the coffin in which she looked up and a sobbed escaped and she placed the rose onto the coffin and whispered something that no one could hear and then sat next to Harry and Ron.

The Minister began the service, a service Hermione had planned. He read a few Christian stories of the afterlife and then called up Ginny Potter to speak. She stood in front of the crowd and wiped her tears and ready from her paper.

'Hermione, like she always did organised us all today. Everything today was organised by the woman herself every little detail and even what I am going to read she wrote herself to you, all of you but before I read this letter to you all, I'd like to tell you how special Hermione was to me. She was my best friend, my sister and she will always be those things. There won't be a day when I don't think of her but I know she wants us all to be strong and we will try, just for you Mione.' Ginny said as she let tears fall down her pale and tired face.

She brushed them away and took a deep breath and opened the letter Hermione had written and began. 'Hello all. I didn't think I would meet you all again, well certainly not like this. Some of you I would have liked to have seen before I passed away, there are still so many things I would have liked to have said and do but unfortunately those were taken away from me. Life can be so cruel sometimes; I have known that since I was eleven when I first met my friend Harry Potter and as my school years went on, I became to realise life wasn't as simple as I once thought. I wouldn't change a single thing about my life; I can say I lived it to the full and achieved most of the things I wanted. I did not choose to leave, I never wanted to but someone, somewhere has decided it is my time and I will not argue with that, yes I put up a fight but I know when to give in and I have. No more pain for me and no more pain for those watching me. I know someone of you would have wanted me still around now but know this, I am happy wherever I am and I am watching you, I will always be with you wherever life takes you and I will guide you in times of need. I will leave you now; I love you all and remember to think of me once in a while. Hermione Granger.' Ginny closed the letter and walked back to her seat in the front row and cried into Harry's chest.

After Ginny's talk, pictures of Hermione's life flashed up on the projector. Pictures from her childhood with her parents, pictures throughout her school life and then pictures of her with Aubrey.

Severus watched as he saw a teenage Hermione Granger rock a baby to sleep in her arms and show of the bundle to the camera. She looked happy and proud. He then realised the girl was Hermione's daughter. He looked at the baby in her arms, full of black hair and dark nearly black eyes. He looked closely at the pictures and relisation hit him.

The Wake was held at the Potter's home. Most people came back to pay their respects and talk with the 'family'. Aubrey went off to the Library; she couldn't face all those people, not today and not ever. In the library she opened the letter her mother had left her. She couldn't face opening it before but she just had to open it now.

She ripped open the envelope and began reading:

To my darling Aubrey,

I want to start by telling you how much love and happiness you brought to my life. You are my everything and will always be. I never wanted to ever leave you, no child of your age should have to bury their only parent and for that I ask you to forgive me.

When you were born, you brought light to the darkness so many of us were living in. You made us who we are today. You brought out something in me and Harry, Ron and Ginny that we needed. After the War we needed something and you were it. You brought so much joy to our lives from the moment you were born on the 1st January 1999.

You have grown up to be the most beautiful and smart girl. Every day since you have been born you have surprised me. I will forever cherish the moment we shared and I hope you do to. You have had to put up with so much at such a young age; like me in a way. I know what it is like to lose your parents, it is not easy and I wished it would never happen to you and I promise you I tried everything to make sure this never happened and I am so sorry that I let you down my darling.

I wanted to write this letter for you as a keepsake but I have to tell you something I should have told you a long long time ago when you asked. I never did tell you of the story of how you came about. You always asked me about your father and I always tried to skip around the question and now I wish I hadn't. So I shall start at the beginning.

I met your father when I was at school. I knew him from the very start but not as a student as a Professor. He was my Potions Professor, nearly twenty years old than I but somehow we ended up together but not until I was 17. At 17, I received detention with him and as I climbed the ladder to grab a potion I slipped and fell, expecting to fall onto the floor however I didn't. I fell straight into his arms and there is where I stayed for the next two years. As well as being my Potions Professor, he was also in the order but also a Death Eater and before you start screaming with the thought I need to explain his story.

He became a Death Eater at 18, influenced by a friend. When his first love was killed he went to Professor Dumbledore who helped him. He became a spy for the Order and throughout the War helped us win. He was a Hero, one of the reasons I fell in love with him.

At the end of the War, he needed to get away. I tried everything to make him stay but he needed to be alone and I respected that. I didn't know at that point that I was indeed pregnant with you. This is where I admit to never telling him that I had you; Aubrey, your father doesn't know you exist and I wish I could change that fact.

I will give you his name and if you wish to seek him out I will understand. In a way I hope you do. He is a good man Aubrey, a strong, intelligent man. Severus Snape is a man of great power, a man who will always hold my heart. He was my first love and my last.

Aubrey, my precious daughter, I want you to remember that I love you and that I will always be with you. Live your life to the fullest and do whatever you want to do. Enjoy every second of the day and never regret anything.

I must go now darling; you're walking up the stairs with my dinner.

I love you my little A.

Mum xxxx

Aubrey stared at the letter in her hands. After nearly seventeen years of asking who her father was, she knew. Severus Snape. She put the letter back into envelope and walked downstairs.

'Aubrey come meet Headmistress McGonagall, she was your mother's head of house and favorite teacher.' Ginny said as she pulled Aubrey to her.

'It's nice to meet you Miss Granger, Aubrey. You look very much like your mother.' Minerva said.

'Thank you.' Aubrey mumbled.

'I am so very sorry about the lost of your mother. She was my best student and my favorite; she was like a daughter to me.' Minerva said with tears in her eyes.

'Mum always spoke about you.' Aubrey said softly. 'She loved Hogwarts.'

'Do you go to school?' Minerva asked.

'Aubrey has been homeschooled for a while but we're hoping she'll go back next year and finish off her last year.' Ginny said smiling at Aubrey. 'Aubrey when to Beauxbatons Academy before maybe she could transfer to Hogwarts now.'

'Of course! We'd love you to come to Hogwarts.' Minerva said. 'Let me introduce you to Severus, he's the Potions Professor and the deputy head. He's just come back this year. Severus!' she waved at him to come over which he did.

'Minerva?' he questioned.

'Severus, I'd like you to meet Aubrey Granger, Hermione's daughter. She may be coming to Hogwarts next year to finish off her final year.' Minerva said.

Severus nodded and looked at Aubrey. 'And what courses do you take Miss Granger?' he asked.

'Everything.' She said softly as she stared up at the tall dark man who she had just discovered as her father. 'You taught my mother?' she asked.

'I did. She was an exceptional student. The best one I ever had.' Severus said.

Ginny smiled and squeezed Aubrey's hand. 'I just need to help Harry out with the kids I'll be right back.' Ginny said.

'Oh I'll come and see the young ones.' Minerva said as she walked off with Ginny leaving Father and daughter together.

'How old are you Miss Granger?' Severus asked.

'I'm 16. I was born on the 1st January 1999 at Midnight.' Aubrey said. 'And my name is Aubrey.'

'Aubrey.' He nodded.

' I'm sorry I have to go.' She mumbled as rushed off.

The Wake finished around 5pm and Aubrey returned to her mother's house with Ginny. The house would go up for sale in two weeks and Aubrey wanted to spend the last two weeks there until she moved in with her Uncle Harry and Ginny.

That night when Ginny and Aubrey were laid out on the sofas, Aubrey gave Ginny the letter to read. Ginny read the letter with tears in her eyes and then looked at Aubrey.

'Your father.' Ginny said softly. 'Severus Snape.'

Aubrey nodded and sighed. 'You knew?'

'Your mother told us when you were first born. We were shocked, hurt, a bit disappointed, and slightly sick at the thought of her with our teacher but we understood in the end.' Ginny said.

'I tell him. 'Aubrey said as she sat up. 'I want to get to know my Dad.'

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