They soon found themselves in Spain and wanting to get into cooler clothes. The house elf which came with them on the trip started to unpack all their bags while everyone else got changed into clothes to suit the climate.

Lucius and Severus sat on the terrace with a glass of wine in their hands while Draco took Aubrey on a walk across the beach.

'I once came here with just my mother. I think I was around five years old.' He said. 'I remember she taught me how to swim right here. We spent the whole week here, just us two.'

'Where was your father?' She asked.

'On some kind of business for the dark lord I believe.' He replied. 'Mother tried to keep me away from such things as a child but I knew.'

'When did you know?' she said.

'When I was nine.' He said. 'I remember being sat down in the office and my father telling me all about the dark lord and how I was to serve him like I did.'

'You were a child though.' Aubrey said as she looked at him. 'A child and they wanted you to serve him?'

'It was my purpose.' Draco said as he looked down at his left wrist.

Aubrey shook her head trying to understand why any parents would put their child in danger. She stopped walking and learned over and kissed Draco's cheek. Nothing was said, just a secret smile between the two.

Draco and Aubrey joined their father's for lunch and then after Aubrey made her way down to the beach.

She laid her towel on the sand and then took off her white wrap dress to leave her in just her green bikini and walked towards the sea. Draco followed her down to the sea and sat on her towel watching as she walked towards the sea.

'You're going to have to fight of the men Severus.' Lucius said as watched from the terrace.

'I know.' Severus said as he watched Aubrey. 'And fight of your son Lucius.'

'He loves her.' Lucius said as he looked at Severus.

'I'm not so sure about that Lucius, we both know what he is like and I don't want him trying that with my daughter.' He said as he growled.

'You can't stop them Severus. Don't you remember what we were like at that age?' Lucius said smirking.

'You were shagging ever girl in the school Lucius, I on the other hand was fawning over Lily Evans.' He said as he rolled his eyes.

'How old was Hermione when you first done the deed then Severus?' Lucius said smirking.

'17.' He replied as he looked towards Aubrey. 'She was too young. You realise when you have children that 17 is still young.'

'But you never saw Hermione as that and Draco doesn't see Aubrey like that. Severus I can see this working between them.' Lucius replied.

'My daughter is a half-blood Lucius.' He said as he looked at his friend.

'And?' He replied. 'She is from two powerful people and is a delight and she makes my son happy.'

'My daughter a Malfoy, her mother will be turning in her grave.' Severus said as he watched as Draco ran into the sea with Aubrey.