Annabeth's POV

"The Hephaestus cabin!"

I was only half listening though, because I was too worried about what was up with Percy. He knew something I didn't, something about these games.

This will have to be inquired about later.

"Second place goes to the Demeter cabin and in third place is the Apollo cabin!"

I mentally calculated the current scores. Leo's cabin has eighteen points, Jason and me both have ten, the Demeter cabin has eight, Percy has thirteen, the Apollo cabin and Nico both have five points, and the Ares' cabin, Aphrodite cabin, Hermes' cabin and the Hunters all have zero.

So were tied for second, that I can live with.

We had to make our way to the arena for the next event, hand to hand combat. I was going to send in Daniel, he was quick on his feet and might be able to pull us first.

I glanced around at the other competitors. Piper McLean, Connor Stoll, Jake Mason, Tyson, Clarisse LaRue, Will Solace, Thalia Grace, Nico di Angelo, Jason Grace, and Arthur Lennon from the Demeter cabin. What was up with so many of the counselors competing? Much better strategy to wait for the scavenger hunt since most of them would know the camp the best.

The Ares' cabin had decided on a sudden death match which basically meant the last person standing won. The object was to push your competitors outside the circle drawn on the arena ground. Any maiming our bodily harm would get you disqualified.

Chiron blew the whistle and all hell broke loose. Clarisse immediately shoved Jake out of the circle and hurtled herself towards Will, who side stepped at the last second. Tyson then flung himself at Clarisse and they were both knocked out. Nico drove Piper out of the circle with the help of a skeleton warrior.

Daniel then engaged Nico in a fight seeing that he would be somewhat weakened for the moment. Daniel managed to get him pretty close to the edge when Jason who had been flying around this whole time grabbed Nico by his arms and threw him out of the ring. Jason then collapsed.

Daniel made sure Jason was fine than stood by his guards, obviously repaying the favor. Connor easily pushed Arthur out then went to knock out Will.

"Hey," Percy said coming to sit next to me on the bleachers.

"Hiya," I responded.

"Pretty cool battle," He said dryly. I looked around to make sure nobody was paying attention to what we were saying.

"Listen Seaweed brain, don't try to play me like that. I know something's going on so you better just tell me because believe me, I will find out with or without you."

"I can't tell you right now, I will later. When there aren't so many people around." He muttered.

I nodded, happy with this agreement.

When I looked back up at the battle I saw that Will had pushed Connor out and now was about to take out Jason when Daniel stopped him. The element of surprise allowed Daniel to overcome will and shove him out of the circle.

It was obvious to everyone Thalia would come out the victor. She had been playing it cool the whole time just waiting for this moment. Daniel sprinted over to Jason and pushed him past the boundary line. Then while his back was turned Thalia sent him flying with a nicely planted roundhouse kick.

That was it, the battle was over.

"OK everyone," Chiron began. "First place goes to Thalia, second place to the Athena cabin, and third place to Jason. Very well done all of you. Now if you would all converge into the dining pavilion for lunch-" A scream interrupted him. It seemed to be coming from the big house. Every camper immediately took off and ran towards there.

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