Alright, a long time ago I wrote this real short fic called "Xion In Wonderland".

And at long last, this is the prequel, explaining everything that wasn't exactly all that clear in that fic.

Disclaimers: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and "Alice in Wonderland" are not mine in any way, shape or form. I am only a wannabe author, and therefore, am here on Fanfiction dot net.

With that in mind, and please remember that this is only an experimental fic at the moment, I hope you enjoy.

As the unlikely pair of the young royal teenager, not quite a girl anymore, and the harsh general with a soft heart run through the lush and green forest, they both knew that if they were caught- whether by the plants they were rushing past or by the army they knew would go after them when the young queen was found missing- they would most likely be punished, possibly even killed in the general's case. The queen, as young as she was, wasn't stupid, despite her child-like daintiness. She and her seven friends - and the pink-haired general - had taken nearly every precaution in this escape attempt.

"We're almost there, your highness." The general wheezes out softly, putting a hand on the solemn-faced girl's shoulder in a comforting way. She looks up at him and smiles gently, nodding as a strange, yet loving, sparkle appeared in her ocean-blue eyes. She cradles herself gently, placing a soft hand on her belly in mild worry. She looks around at the large flowers blooming above them, tangled in the gnarled and ancient trees of the forest. As a relatively "small" tulip, about the size of the girl herself, begins to unfold slowly, petal by crimson petal, she eyes it in mild fear.

"M-Marluxia…" She stammers out, her eyes widening as the general summons a large, and strangely feminine, sharp scythe and glares up at the flower threateningly. His solemn icy cold eyes narrow as he tosses back his vibrantly pink mane of long hair over his shoulder and glares. Almost instantly, as if sensing his malice, the flower snaps shut and wilts back into a small bud.

"That's what I thought." He growls through a mouthful of bared teeth, shaking his head as he turns back to the teenager, motioning her to take his hand.

"Thank you." She says softly as she slips her hand into his, seemingly ignoring the rich dirt that covered his gloves.

"I swore to Lady Naminé that I would protect you. … Though the King will probably kill me for this, my lady." General Marluxia murmurs softly as he squeezes her hand softly, seemingly terrified as he looks around at the rich vegetation surrounding him. Even with his power over them, he was obviously afraid.

"Thank you, Marluxia. However, I am your queen no longer. You can just call me Kairi." She says in a formal tone, a friendly smile appearing on her lips as she pats the general's hand soothingly. An expression of shocked surprise appears on his face but then quickly shifts back to a façade of cool solemnity, as he bows formally to her.

"As you wish… Kairi."

She smiles at this, at which the normally emotionless general couldn't help but melt at. There was something very gentle about the Queen's smile, something that lit up the darkest of nights with a strange yet beautiful light. There was no question on how she had conquered the heart of their dear King. … Though, there was a chance that he wouldn't be King for much longer.

'This is going to break his heart. His majesty's going to be absolutely destroyed by this.' He thinks solemnly, eyeing the teenager beside him with worry. She didn't know it, but the fate of their entire kingdom was resting on his shoulders.

As far as he knew, there was only one way to stop it. He'd be a traitor, but his ruler would be safe.

His slender fingers twitch slightly on the hilt of his Graceful Dahlia, as his fearsome yet delicate weapon was known as. He takes a single step towards the queen. His blue eyes turn jet-black as he reaches towards her with one gloved hand, fully prepared to do his duty to King Sora, even if it meant the death of his beloved queen.

Then, Kairi lightly touches her stomach. A motherly smile crosses her lips briefly, stopping Marluxia cold in his tracks.

He trembles slightly at this simple gesture before putting his hand back to his side, bowing his head in regret. Her majesty couldn't die. Not yet. Until she got to her destination, wherever that might be, he would never let her die.

"My lady." He murmurs softly, tearing up as the girl turns to him in mild confusion.

"Mar-" She starts to say in concern but then the general bows deeply to her, allowing the tears to cascade from his eyes.

"Please, your majesty. Please, Kairi. Reconsider this. Why go back to your world, when everything you've ever wanted is here? You are a powerful ruler here, a wise and beautiful queen. You have what many would kill to have, and all because you and the Prince… Please, Kairi. The fate of our world depends on you staying. Why return to a heartless and pathetic world, when all you have and could ever want is here? What are you in that world that is so important, that you would break his Majesty's heart to get there? What is so important about that world that you would destroy his happiness?" Marluxia begs with a strange whimper in his voice. Kairi steps back a little, shocked to see this normally proud man stoop so low. He had never acted this way before.

"… My father. He's dying. If I don't go there, he will die." Kairi whispers quietly, shocking the general into looking up at her, completely bewildered.

"Your…" Marluxia says simply, a look of understanding suddenly flooding into his eyes as he straightens up. For one who was normally as blank as a chalkboard, he had shown quite a bit of emotion tonight. He bows his head formally before putting a hand on the girl's shoulder. "... I will bring you to your father, your majesty," He murmurs softly with a look of regret on his face.

"Thank you, Marluxia. … Can you... can you tell the others that I'm sorry? And that I'll try to get back as soon as I can?" She says with a smile. Something inside of the General suddenly lurched in mild fear. She didn't know. She obviously had no idea. Since the lady Kairi had grown up in the Upper World, she didn't know about the rules of Wonderland. Marluxia grew up knowing these laws... and he knew that the Queen, once she had gone back up the Rabbit Hole, would never be able to return to the King unless someone of Wonderlandian blood brought her back. That was how she and her friends had gotten here in the first place.

But there was no way for her to know that now.

"I swear, your Majesty. I will give the ladies your message." He promises quietly, a strange and pitiful smile appearing on his face as she turns back towards the forest and walks forward a few paces. He glances around the forest himself, hearing the soft voices of the plants proclaiming their confusion and wonder. They were concerned with his presence in the forest, and why he was alone with the Queen, and he knew that every step the royal maiden took was recorded in one plant or another. He had to hurry.

"Your majesty-" He begins to say, moving forward to touch the Queen's shoulder when she suddenly interrupts.

"You can't tell Sora. About... or..." Between these pauses, Kairi makes a gesture towards her abdomen solemnly and motions forward towards the forest, where her passage home would take her. Marluxia stiffens for a moment before nodding.

"Have you thought of a name for the heir?" He asks quietly, biting back a sob as he imagines the expression on his majesty's face when he learned of the disappearance of not only one of the most precious people in the world to him, but two.

"Yes. It's-" Kairi suddenly freezes, turning pale as a loud snapping noise comes from behind them. They both remain perfectly still as they hear the all too familiar scraping noise of an all too familiar weapon across the ground.

"Run." Marluxia states simply and he rushes forward, picking up the young girl in his arms as he tosses her over his shoulder and starts to run through the forest. He knew that he was out of time.