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Chapter One: Summer Vacation

Several Months Earlier

As the bright summer sunshine shone through the slightly foggy glass windows of the classroom, Kairi Hikaru shifts slightly in her seat, staring sleepily at the large ornate wall-clock at the front of the classroom. Blinking her sapphire eyes drowsily, she focuses intensely on the black numbers of the clock, blocking out all other noise and the movements of the girls around her, in order to try to force the clock to tick that much faster. She lies her head on her pleasantly cool desk, propping herself up with her chin as she stares ever so lazily at the clock.

Why couldn't it go faster?

A slight scowl mars Kairi's otherwise pleasant and friendly face as she glares at the clock, wanting to leave the Radiant Gardens School For Girls that much faster. For some reason, and she suspected it was because she was so impatient right now, time seemed to be flowing much more slowly than normally. Shifting slightly in her seat, she glances towards the golden sunshine streaming through the large classroom windows and wonders vaguely if that maybe because of the impending summer vacation, which would begin in a few minutes if that damned clock hadn't stopped, time was playing a trick on her. She watches blankly as a small cloud appears in the otherwise clear afternoon sky. She chuckles quietly to herself as she notices that it was in the shape of a rabbit.


She groans softly, pulling her head into herself and hiding it beneath her arms. She really didn't want to deal with anyone right now, especially since summer, oh the unattainable summer!, was so close at hand... She could practically taste it...

"Kairi Hikaru, I swear if you don't get up right now, I'm gonna sic Alice on you." A honey-sweet voice declares cheerfully and Kairi suddenly feels a very light pressure on her shoulder. Blearily, she lifts her head up and frowns at the smirking girl beside her. Jasmine Altaïr giggles softly to herself before flicking back her long ponytail of forcibly tamed mane of curled black hair over her shoulder and pulling up a chair to sit beside her dorm-mate, sitting down backwards in said chair and placing her arms on the top rail of the seat and her head on the sleepy and slightly grumpy Kairi's shoulder.

In response to this, Kairi simply gives a tiny grunt, reluctantly allowing her friend to use her as a pillow. Jasmine hums quietly to herself, fingering the gem-encrusted tiger pin on her lapel lazily. Her dark brown eyes scan the busy and noisy classroom lazily, briefly lingering on the chatting group in the back and then at the clock in the front of the room, back behind at the group of busily talking girls who were obviously planning their summer vacations minute by minute, and then finally locking onto the clock. Her lips pout into a frown of impatience and she declares angrily: "Why isn't that thing moving any faster?" and she lets out a breath of air up her face, sending her bangs flying upwards for a moment before groaning and slamming her face into the back of Kairi's shoulder.

"Ow!" Kairi snaps irritably as a muffled laugh comes from the seat behind him. Frowning even harder, Kairi glares at her normally solemn-faced sister who was covering her mouth, attempting to choke back her laughter. The girl's sapphire eyes twinkle with a very rare sparkle of amusement and her pale cheeks were bright pink with laughter.

"Naaaaaaaaminé! Make it go faster!" Jasmine whines childishly, stabbing a finger towards the offending clock in anguish. Her brown eyes glitter with unshed tears as she pouts mournfully, glaring at the clock as if it had personally killed her father or something. Naminé blinks a few times at her before glancing up at the clock with a bewildered look on her face. Her hand stretches out and she shifts slightly in her seat, as if she was about to go up and change the time on the clock by hand. Before she could do anything, however, the door opens and the entire classroom freezes.

"I hope you've been a little productive while I've been gone, girls." The teacher says in a gentle voice, smiling brightly at the girls who were only now cramming themselves back into their respective seats and clearing their oak desks of any papers not related to their math lessons or English workbooks.

"Yes, Miss Gainsborough!" Most of the girls call out in flat voices, whereas a few girls mumble their own separate answers. Naminé simply nods, and another girl just calls out a single "Yes". Miss Gainsborough smiles at her students before adjusting the long pink ribbon in her hair and turning to the board, chalk in hand and ready to scribble down a few last minute instructions before the bell rang, releasing both her and her students from the classroom for a few months of freedom and relaxation. It was obvious from the look on her face that she had her own plans for the summer, and it probably didn't involve correcting math papers.

"Now, girls, I want you to remember to be safe this summer. I know you girls are excited, but that doesn't mean you have to run around being silly. Besides... you have to remember to do your summer homework!" Miss Gainsborough declares cheerfully to the loud groans of the girls and more than a few cursed words muttered underneath a girl's breath. Seemingly ignorant of the reaction she had just caused, Miss Aerith Gainsborough continues, "So don't do anything TOO reckless, girls, and try not to be hurt. Have as much fun as you want, but this world's dangerous either way. Be careful. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you girls."

These words had several reactions.

Kairi shudders in mild fear, feeling goosebumps pop up on her arms as the seemingly ominous and strangely prophetic words echo endlessly in her mind. Jasmine smirks in mild amusement, rolling her eyes and shaking her head at the obvious concern in Miss Gainsborough's voice. She looked completely undisturbed by the little speech. Naminé on the other hand, turns pale and nods jerkily. A shiver racks the frail girl's body as tears peek out from beneath her eyelids.

"Alright, girls... class dismissed! Don't forget your homework; it's due when you come back!" Miss Gainsborough declares cheerfully, snapping her chalk in half as she bends down and picks up her briefcase from its place beside her desk. A loud and excited cheer erupts from the uniformed girls as they stand up and give their beloved teacher a standing ovation and more than a few girls let out loud whistles as she bows formally towards them and laughs. Almost as if in some prearranged signal, the girls loosen the one garment that they all had to wear in the same color, the dark blue tie around their necks, and rush out of the door, very nearly knocking Aerith over in their excitement.

"...Well, that was freakin' weird," Jasmine comments lazily to Kairi and Naminé, shrugging as the two sisters beside her shrug in turn as they exit the classroom and emerge into the crowd in the hallways. Naminé nods solemnly, still shaking slightly as she adjusts her pale white blazer around herself just a little bit tighter, as if she was cold. Kairi on the other hand, loosens her pink blazer, then thinks about it before pulling it off and wrapping the offending garment around her waist, tying the sleeves around her middle. Jasmine looks at them curiously for a moment before spotting something and grinning. "BELLE! ALICE! AURORA! ELEANOR!" She shouts eagerly, waving exuberantly at the quartet of girls sitting down outside. The four girls look around for a moment, looking for whatever person was shouting at them before spotting Jasmine waving. Lazily, the two older girls, Aurora and Eleanor, wave back at her while Belle, the second youngest and the closest one to Kairi, Naminé, and Jasmine in age, rolls her eyes and goes back to reading the large dusty novel in her lap, giving a halfhearted wave in return to Jasmine's hearty one. Alice, the youngest in the group at seven years old, smiles and stands up to return Jasmine's waves eagerly, even hopping up and down, waving her arms wildly at her upperclassman excitedly.

As the younger girls hurry to join their friends, a small figure crawls out from the large hill on the grounds. The boy hurries to catch his breath, shaking his sandy brown hair free of the dirt he collected while traveling in the rabbit-hole. His sea-green eyes narrow slightly as he mutters darkly to himself: "They sure did pick the wrong guy for the job."