Title: beguiled
Pairing: Ziva/Damon (though feel free to insert the pairing of your choice ;))
Rating: hard K+
Genre: Poem, Romance
Cat: Het
Spoilers: References the scene in Corporal Punishment. You know which one. ;) But no real spoilers.
Warnings: None.
Summary: he crushes her to the wall and she knows
Author's Note: Wrote this when I wanted to write an NCIS poem. Prompt was Ziva/Damon/bad idea.


he crushes her to the wall and she
knows: this is a very, very bad idea.
his lips, hot velvet on her throat,
her breath growing bigger with
every touch of his tongue to her
skin, and she digs fingers into his
shoulder blades, nothing but
muscle under her hands, over
her body, and she cannot help
but feel the slightest bit . . .
his hands grip her hips, hard,
and she knows he will leave a
bruise, that he could break bones,
but the heat, how she is suddenly
on fire, warps all rational thought.
she is delusional, to have put herself
here, in the arms of danger himself,
but oh, the danger is delicious,
and she will not be satisfied
until she tastes every last bit.