first attempt at a FangxHope. It's a request so here you go :). Atm, this is marked as a Oneshot because I don't see how to carry on atm and I can't get into Fang's mindset. So... enjoy, I'm sorry if there's any errors. If you do spot any, please tell me... nicely :D

Fang x Hope

Crushed By Doubt

It was warm in the tent, an inescapable heat which hounded after every part of Hope's body. Droplets of salty sweat fell from his glistening forehead and he fanned himself with his hand in a vain attempt to cool his body. The nights on Gran Pulse were persistent, not letting him fall to sleep until his skin was under its heated will.

It was often in these nights that Hope would think of his sleeping companion, an exotic woman who did things in his dreams that left him weak and even hotter than the climate could hope to achieve. Oerba Yun Fang was her name and the way she fought left his knees trembling. Hope had neglected his casting duties more than once, not that anyone had noticed his slacking. He knew he was just a teenage boy with all the normal wants and desires but this felt… different somehow. Just a look from her and he would be finding his boxers a few sizes too small.

She lay asleep beside him and it took all the willpower he had to resist touching her every night. Instead, turning away from her and reciting their strategy and paradigm shifts for taking down an Adamantoise. Hope knew that Fang wasn't unaware of his attentions. In fact, in her own sly way she was humouring his infatuation. When she caught him watching her, she would twirl seductively and walk away from him sensually, leaving his cheeks burning and his body throbbing.

Fang knew exactly the effect she was having on the poor fourteen year old boy. She knew exactly what he wanted to do to her, the way he imagined her. Sighing in dejection, Hope stared at the wall and beckoned sleep to him, its silent cloak wrapping over his shoulders and cradling him to sleep next to the woman he was soon to dream of.

Fang's Perspective

Oh, how she loved to tease him. How she adored to watch as he squirmed under the pressure of his teenage mind and he knew she was the cause of his embarrassment every morning. Each day, she considered whether or not she should finally release his tension, then her smirk would appear again and leave him to wrestle with his fantasies. But now, he was lying beside her, sleep calming the movements of his body. Against Fang's immediate will, her hand slipped through the shadows of the tent to touch his hair. His silver locks were soft to Fang's callous hands, worn from handling her weapon.

He stirred but did not awaken. Fang's breath caught in her throat, waiting minutes before she dared to move again. Moving closer to the sleeping boy, Fang saw his chest rising and falling in the pattern of sleep. Ensuring her blankets still covered her, Fang edged closer still, her chest all but pressing into his back. Holding her breath so that he couldn't feel the heat from her, Fang touched his hair again, but this time she was more confident, her fingers lightly brushing his skin as well as his hair.

Hope shivered in his sleep, this time; Fang didn't hesitate to continue her touching. Taking her finger, she twirled the skin of his ear, the closest appendage to her. Why wouldn't he wake already? She'd have to be more brutal with him. Readying herself, Fang took her hand and flipped him over completely, his back smacking hard against the cold earth floor.

Hope's Perspective

He'd known what she was doing all along. Hope hadn't been asleep, hadn't even been close. It was the hardest thing he'd ever done to keep his eyes closed and not react to her touch. However, when she flipped him over, the shock forced his eyes open and his mouth gasped in shock. Fang was on top of him, one leg on either side of his body and straddling him. Already, Hope could feel his excitement growing. Suppressing himself, Hope looked imploring into Fang's eyes. Lust turned her eyes dark and seducing.
"Fang, what are you doing?" He questioned.

"Something I know you've wanted for a long, long time." Feeling a blush creep into his face, Hope looked away.

"Fang, this is inappropriate." He didn't want to say the words but they still formed on his tongue and spilled over his yearning lips.

"Don't lie, Hope. I know it. You know it. Now, accept your desires." She whispered into his ear, making his body and face heat even further.

It was only then that Hope realised Fang was wearing nothing but her purple, lacy underwear. Turning an even deeper shade of pink, Hope forced his gaze as far from Fang's considerable assets and to a ripple in the fabric of the tent. However, he could not suppress the creation of his own tent. Just hoping that Fang couldn't tell, Hope put his hands on her shoulders to push her off him but she stood resolute.

"Hope. Succumb to the desire you feel." Fang leaned forwards, her rough lips brushing against his soft ones, the day's heat had suckled the liquid from her lips and Hope longed to restore the moisture to her withered flesh. His head ached with the pain of trying not to kiss back but he knew what would happen if he did. "Let go, Hope." Fang whispered sensually as she halted the kiss for a second.

When she kissed him again, Hope couldn't resist the moan which emanated from deep within his body. He could feel Fang smiling and as his mouth opened, her tongue invaded. It was an alien feeling, having another's tongue in his mouth. He had never kissed anyone before but now Fang was stripping his innocence but not entirely uninvited.

Fang's tongue sucked his own until he found it dancing in his mouth. Passion tinged his senses until he threw caution to the winds and finally returned her kiss. As soon as she felt his actions, Fang clamped down further onto Hope's mouth, nibbling and sucking like a hungry animal just given a steak. Starting to feel sight regret of his actions, Hope lay still as Fang ran her hands over his young body. He waited as she glided her hands underneath his shirt to rub over his growing muscles. From the look on her face, Hope could tell that she was impressed. Before he could whimper a protest, Hope's shirt as removed from his body and landed on the floor next to where he had been sleeping.

Hope had been refusing to move as Fang had touched his top half but as soon as her hand wandered to his boxers, his body froze of its own will. Taking advantage of his surprised body, Fang tore away the last piece of cloth covering his skin. Now that he was unclothed, it seemed cold since the harsh Pulsian air wasn't blowing on him and Fang's gentle chilled breath caressed his skin instead. Why was he resisting? Surely this was what he had been waiting so long for… to possess Fang.
This time, as Fang leaned forwards to kiss him again, Hope caught her off-guard by deepening the touch, forcing their heads even closer together until Fang gasped in surprise, suddenly opening her mouth to Hope's inexperienced tongue's caress. Feeling the pleasure from running his tongue over hers, Hope suppressed a moan of pleasure and he knew that Fang was resisting too.

Taking advantage of Fang's temporary misbalance, Hope flipped her onto her back, causing her to take a sudden breath in surprise. Hope crushed his mouth onto Fang's, pushing down so hard he started to feel lightheaded with pressure. While Fang was distracted, Hope took his opportunity to purposely graze himself against her opening, she gasped in surprise at the sudden touch and automatically bucked her hips up into his, grazing onto him again, drawing an animalistic growl from him.

"Yes Fang?" Hope asked innocently.
"Please…" He knew what she wanted and he wanted it too. Taking one look at her and then winking, Hope slid cleanly inside of her. He felt no resistance and her insides were so damn tight. Hope was threatened by the urge to ravage her senseless but held back just enough to know that sweet torture seemed to be the way to push every single one of Fang's buttons. She was the type to be obeyed or damned if you didn't. And Hope wanted every single shred of her retribution. Every. Single. Shred.

Moving slowly, Hope pulled out of Fang, accidentally slipping all of the way out. She groaned in disapproval. Trying to quickly cover his mistake, Hope pushed all the way into her fully, making her moan but with appreciation. Being more careful, Hope continued his devilish onslaught, his movements slow and precise; the complete opposite of the way he really wanted to fuck her.
Looking up from his work, Hope saw the carnal beast behind Fang's normally wise eyes. She rolled him in one movement, no warning and him not slipping out of him in the process. Now, Fang held the reigns and it seemed that's the way she liked it, riding him so hard and fast he was sure she'd been practising. It seemed she was working herself up with all her little moans and gasps. That and the way her body constricted around him. It was all Hope could do not to focus on the pleasure his own body was demanding of his attention. He knew that if he did, he would surely orgasm and he wanted her to satisfy herself before he even thought about being anything more than a body for her to take her sexual frustration out on.

It seemed his wish came true, Fang's body clenched unbearably around him, her moans sweet and sweat coating every one of her muscles. As Hope felt a liquid pooling around where their bodies met, Hope let his own juices release inside of her, filling her with his seed.

Fang looked down at Hope, the beast behind her eyes had turned to a furious beast. She slapped him. "How dare you?" Hope stopped, wondering what she meant. Fang stood, brushing off her limbs.
"Wh-What's wrong?"
"How dare you do that inside of me! Couldn't you have warned me. I don't wanna get damn pregnant!" Hope was stunned, completely unable to move. "Do that again and you'll be getting a butt whipping!" She seemed serious though Hope didn't know whether to take her that way or not. Was she just playing still? Able to coax his limbs out of lethargy for long enough, Hope scrambled to put his clothes back on, as he pulled his top back over his head, he saw Fang depart the tent, not saying another word.
Scratching his head, Hope wondered what he had really just done.