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Summary: His father is back and everything around him seems to be crumbling before his eyes. Sequel to Things Fall Apart.

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The Center Cannot Hold

Part One


Ever since the explosion that gave Wally his powers, he always felt antsy, like he needed to be constantly moving. He didn't feel that way right now, instead Wally felt frozen in place as he stared at his father, a man that he had not seen in nearly half a decade.

"Wallace." Rudy repeated staring down at his son.

His mind finally kicked in at hearing his full name once more. There was so much that he could have done right now; Wally could hug his father (completely out of the question), he could demand to know why his father was here, he could greet him and allow him inside, or he could just sock his father right in the mouth. Out of all those options, Wally went with the very first thing that popped into his head.

He slammed the door shut in Rudy's face.

The palms of his hands pressed against the door, to his horror Wally realized that his arms were shaking. No, his entire body was shaking. What was he doing here?

"Wallace please, I just want to talk."

Wally barked out a laugh, "Talk? After all these years you want to talk now?"

"Wallace son, I've wanted to see you, talk to you long before this, but your Uncle he wouldn't let me anywhere near you." Rudy's voice was muffled by the door.

That gave Wally a pause, Uncle Barry wouldn't let Rudy see him? He didn't know whether to be happy or angry, though the first one seemed like a better option. Still.

After taking a deep breath, Wally opened the door again glaring up at his father, "Then how come you're here now?"

"Please son, just let me in and we can talk." His dad pleaded? No, his father never pleaded, he demanded.

Sensing his hesitation, Rudy pressed, "It's about your mother."


Since moving in with Aunt Iris and Uncle Barry, Wally received a letter from his mother every two months. For a while, Wally would write back but when he turned thirteen he stopped, by the time he turned fifteen, she stopped sending letters too. Wally just figured that she had given up or no longer cared.

"Just let me in so we can talk."

Wally nearly vibrated where he stood. He didn't want to, frankly he was afraid to but, he had to. He stepped back, opening the door wider allowing his father to step inside.

"Thank-you." Rudy sighed, walking in. His head turned looking around the house, "Is there somewhere we can sit."

The speedster rubbed his arm after closing the door, "Uh, yeah." He stammered putting a wide birth between him and his father as he walked around Rudy leading the way into the kitchen. Closing his text book and notebook, Wally shoved his work to the side clearing the table then sat down. Rudy sat in the chair closest to his son. Wally would be lying if he said he hadn't leaned away slightly.

"What happened to mom? Where is she?"

Rudy's mouth pressed together forming a thin line so only his mustache was showing, "She left me a few months ago."

Good. Wally's first thought before replaying the sentence in his head. A few months ago? Wally always hoped that his mother would leave Rudy and well, come get him.

"About a week ago I got a phone call. A boat that your mother was on capsized, they-" his father stopped, Wally stopped breathing, "They didn't find her body."

"No." Tears pricked at his eyes.

"She's gone Wallace, I'm sorry." His father's own eyes looked sorrowful, almost as if he was truly sincere. Rudy extended a hand and touched Wally's arm.

The reaction was instant, Wally yanked his arm away jolting up from his seat, the chair clattered to the floor. "No! You're lying, she's not- she can't be." He wasn't going to cry.

Rudy followed suit, standing up from his chair regarding ally like a deer that could spook at any moment, "I'm sorry Wallace, I really am." This time his father rested his hands on his son's shoulders, Wally didn't bother to shrug them off, he was too numb.

The first tear slipped free soon followed by more, a choked sop escaped him. His mother was dead. For years he had hoped that she would show up and take him back, for years he was mad at her for sending him away, for years he thought that maybe she just didn't want him anymore, for hears he still loved her. Now, now he was never going to see her again.

His father offered an awkward smile, "She'd be proud of you, fourteen now."

Wally wiped his face with his sleeve, desperately trying to stop his face from becoming any wetter, "I'm fifteen."

"Fifteen.' He repeated looking at the table. "Advance Physics?" he questioned reading the textbook's title.

The speedster nodded not exactly trust himself to form a complete sentence.

"And you must be a sophomore? That's amazing son." The teen could tell how awkward the compliment was.

"You're bad at this." He said flatly, glad that his breathing didn't hitch.

Rudy's smile faltered, "I know, I'm trying. You're all I have left Wallace and I-"

The sound of the front door opening interrupted Rudy.

"Hey kid, I'm home." His Uncle's voice came from the front door, "Your Aunt said she was going to be coming home late, so we're on our own for dinner."

Barry froze in the kitchen's doorway, taking in the sight of Wally and Rudy standing by the table. The older man's hands on Wally's shoulder and his nephew's eyes were red, almost like he was-

"Get away from him."

Wally nearly jumped never having heard his Uncle sound that angry before. The hands hand on his shoulder tightened causing Wally to flinch, Barry didn't miss the reaction. Barry pulled his nephew back almost fast enough that Wally swore his Uncle used his powers.

"What are you doing here?" Barry demanded placing himself in front of the still shocked teen.

"I'm here to see my son." Rudy hissed. Wally flinched again, a brief flash of a similar hiss and then falling down a flight of steps.

Barry looked over his shoulder, "Wally, go wait in your room."

"No." Rudy protested instantly.

Wally looked between his father and uncle before walking around them and heading to his room. Barry waited until he heard the click of Wally's door shut, "You lost your son the minute you laid a hand on him Rudolf."

"He's not your son Bartholomew, I told you five years ago that I was going to get him back and I intend to."

"I'm only going to tell you this once Rudy, stay away from him."

"Or what? The infamous Flash will do something if I don't?" Rudy sneered.

Barry froze, Rudy laughed.

"I'm no fool Barry. I know yours and Wallace's little secret and I won't hesitate to let it slip."

The pale haired man's knuckles turned white, "Get out of my home." He ordered with a cold calmness.

Rudy grinned, a hard glint in his brown eyes, "I'll be back."

Barry followed after Rudy to the door, locking it as soon as the other man was outside.

This, this wasn't good. The same feeling he got five years ago resurfaced. This wasn't over, but this wasn't a problem that the Flash could solve or Barry Allen the police scientist. Sighing, Barry pushed himself away from the door and headed down the hall.

He just hoped Kid wasn't the one to suffer any possible repercussions.

To be continued

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