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Chapter One:

Put down, Put Down the Loaded Gun

"What the hell? What do you mean you owe some really freaking old vampire a favor?" Tenshi screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Tenshi, shut up." Haruka ordered as she narrowed her blue eyes on the violet-eyed twin. They all sat at the old wooden table that Michiru-mama prized with all of her heart since it was over a hundred and thirty years old. It was the place where Mamoru asked Usagi to marry him when the Outers held a dinner party, it was where Michiru told everyone that she was pregnant, and it was where Makoto told everyone that she opened her own bakery, so in other words, this was the place where big things happened. And they were usually good things

Until now.

Hotaru gaped at her Setsuna-mama, who uncharacteristically twitched under the stare, while she heard again that her Setsuna-mama owed a vampire a favor. Tenshi, her twin brother, sat next to her with his jaw practically hitting the floor, which said something since her brother was the grim reaper, and he saw more action than she did since Chaos was destroyed. Actually, life had been uncommonly normal for the senshi. It had been nearly two years since Hotaru had to transform into Saturn, but Tenshi still dealt with stuff since he was the grim reaper and there was always, as he put it, "Some stupid dead person thought pissing off Hades was a good idea and now I gotta go and calm him down."

Hotaru shook her head before she asked, "Let me see if I get this. Godric, a two thousand year old vampire, helped you a few hundred years ago and now that he's 'met the sun', and in his will asked you to watch over his child, Eric, who's a thousand years old?"

Setsuna cleared her throat as Hotaru watched before she nodded. "Correct, I want you and Tenshi to go there and help him. He said that a…correspondent of his disappeared a year ago."

Hotaru knew that the only reason she was going was because the others were busy; Ami in Germany studying medicine, Rei working on redesigning the temple and dealing with some unsettling spirits, Makoto just opened her own bakery, Minako finally got to go to Hollywood, and Mamoru and Usagi were planning their wedding. Haruka and Michiru couldn't go because Michiru was pregnant. Setsuna had to guard the gates of time.

"When are we going?" Hotaru asked as she pushed away the panic at the idea of dealing with vampires. Being a senshi, Hotaru had to deal with a good amount of vampires before they came out of the coffin two years ago and she didn't like them. Sure, she guessed there were a few good vampires, but she'd seen one too many vampires reveal their fangs before trying to rip out her throat.

Hotaru only met one nice vampire and that was when she was little. She suspected that the vampire was Godric since he looked like to be seventeen and had weird blue tattoos on his chest and shoulders that she remembered tracing when she was little. Setsuna never said who he was since she had been trying to keep Hotaru a normal little girl, but Godric was also so careful with her. She remembered how he'd look at her, staring at her with his head tilted and watched in pure amazement when she played with him or on the violin.

She remembered how he'd pick her up. He barely touched her, but sometimes she'd crawl on him to get him to notice her, to play with her. He'd lift her up with one hand, which made her squeal in delight, his fingers wouldn't curl to grip her like he thought she was made of glass.

And maybe to him, she was.

Setsuna shifted in her seat. "Tonight by the time you get there it should be night in Louisiana, so Eric can pick you two up. I don't trust any of his human workers." She admitted as her nose twitched.

"WHAT! Are you nuts! Why didn't you give us a week notice, Setsuna-mama! And why the hell do you trust a freaking vampire! How many times have we had to go kill one because they lost their fucking mind!" Tenshi yelled as he jumped onto his feet. No one mentioned Russell Edgington who ripped out news reporter's spine on live TV because no one suspected it since last Haruka checked, Russell had been completely sane with his lover by his side and content with being king of Mississippi. "Am I the only one who thinks this might be a really bad idea? And coming from me, that means something!"

Hotaru fought off a smile, knowing that her brother wasn't exactly the smartest person in the world. Actually, he was usually the happy one who never really saw the bad in people, but Tenshi, being the grim reaper, had to drag a few vampires to Hell and had the scars to prove it. "Tenshi, it'll be fine." Right? Her voice suggested.

Setsuna smiled and nodded. "Get packed. We'll be leaving in an hour to take you to the airport."

Hotaru ran up the stairs to her room and pulled out an old leather suitcase with Michiru behind her. Actually, her Michiru-mama wobbled up behind her since she was nearly eight months pregnant and looked as if she might pop any day. Michiru-mama bit her lips to keep away her sadness that Hotaru felt rolling off of her.

"Michiru-mama, I'll be fine," Hotaru promised her as she smiled, "Anyway, this will be a good experience. Maybe Eric will let me work with his blood. Vampire blood is supposed to be great with healing, maybe it can even heal Tenshi's brain." She teased as she saw Michiru-mama's eyes water.

Hotaru felt her body twitch; Michiru wasn't usually this emotional, but the baby made her a little…the true word being 'crazy', but the polite word being 'emotional'. Michiru-mama reached for her and hugged her tightly. "I know, firefly."

Hotaru pulled away. "You should be more worried about Tenshi. He's the one who might actually piss off a vampire."

They both knew that Tenshi would easily win a fight against a vampire. Consider it perks of being the grim reaper.

"There's more than vampires." Michiru warned her as Hotaru stiffened slightly. Of course, Hotaru knew that, but by the tone her voice told her something more, something scarier.

Hotaru kissed her on the cheek. "I'll get back before my little brother is born."

Michiru smiled before walking toward her closet and helped pick out clothes.

"Tenshi, stop eyeing the little vodka bottles!" Hotaru hissed to her twin as she tried to read, but no success, Tenshi was way too anxious. He practically jumped up and down in his sleep as Hotaru wished she'd forced him to take some sort of sleeping pill, but she didn't want her brother to be loopy. "We're underage. And you shouldn't drink. You get weird and crazy. I don't need you to try to destroy the plane with your powers!"

"I can't help it! And one bottle isn't going to hurt me." Tenshi yelped as he looked around at the people in the plane. "They're vampires in the plane!"

She rolled her eyes. "Of course, this is Anubis Air." Anubis Air was a good deal smaller than the average plane and it was made for vampires since other airlines have had trouble with keeping vampires alive; the downside of being a vampire is that fanatics want to kill them. "Tenshi, I promise, everything is going to be okay. We'll be there in-"

"Welcome to Louisiana!" The pilot announced as Hotaru sighed, feeling the pressure in the plane change. Tenshi hadn't slept for the whole nineteen hour flight and had nearly driven her insane.

Tenshi's body began humming with tension. Her brother was her twin in only looks and power. Tenshi had jet black hair that stood up in spikes like he never ran a brush through it, which was very well possible, and stood at nearly six foot with violet eyes. Tenshi's body twitched and fidgeted as he looked around the plane. Did he really believe that vampires were going to pop out of their coffins and attack him?

"YEEEEE!" Tenshi screamed when the plane jumped and touched down. Oh boy, this was going to be a very, very long trip. He gulped as they pulled into the airport. Just as the door opened, Tenshi threw himself out of the door, leaving a small dust cloud behind him. Hotaru shook her head and grabbed their bags before leaving the plane.

As she exited the plane and found people looking for one another in the crowds, Hotaru's eyes widened.

Setsuna hadn't been kidding when she said that Eric would stand out. Tenshi already stood next to him, frowning slightly and looked as if he was going to break out into a fight if Eric so much as lifted a finger.

Eric stood more than six feet with long blonde hair pulled back from his face at the moment and stood like a solid block of muscle. He stood above the crowd as his icy blue eyes searched in the crowd and found her as he locked his eyes with her before she noticed his fledgling, Pam. Eric walked over to her and gave her a charming smile. She knew that this was supposed to be calming and even seductive, but that smile just made her want to run in the opposite direction.

She bowed her head slightly. "Tomeo Hotaru," she introduced herself as she wondered how thickly accented her English was.

Eric smirked. "How cute."

"Not really," Hotaru said as she stood stiffly.

"Do you want me to carry your bags?" He asked as she shook her head. "Follow me then." He took long strides that Hotaru tried to mimic his stride, but failed and made for a brisk walk with Tenshi and Pam following them. Pam eyed her; did she know what she was?

He was nothing like Godric. Hotaru didn't expect him to, but she wondered if his maker rubbed off on him at all and she found out that no, no, he was nothing like him. No looks of fascinations, no gentle touches, but she did feel as if he believed to be better than her.

"WOW!" Tenshi yelled as a limo pulled up when the exited the terminal. Hotaru smiled when she saw both Pam and Eric twitch at how loud he was. "Look, Taru! Look! This thing is huge! Hey, do you think it has a TV in it? Or-"

The door opened and Hotaru had to clamp her hand over Tenshi's mouth when a African American man with purple eye shadow on and a black tank top that read in sparkly words, drop dead gorgeous, bitch.

"Ah hell," he said, "Eric, what the hell? They're kids." He twitched under Eric's stare as he looked at Hotaru with slight fear and worry. She sighed, she hated when people underestimated her and by the way her brother tried to scream through her fingers, he felt the same way.

Eric shot a look at him. "Don't be rude, Lafayette, introduce yourself."

"Hello," he said with a small smile, "I'm Lafayette. Business associate of Eric's."

Hotaru relaxed her hold on Tenshi, who stared wide-eyed at Lafayette, before smiling at him. "Yo, nice to meet ya. I'm Tenshi. And what kind of business man are you?" Hotaru did a face palm. She seriously considered putting tape on his mouth. Lafayette gave her brother a small smile that made her relax a little.

Pam intervened. "He helps us sell some products. As you can see," Pam ran her eyes down and up Lafayette like a human might look at a car, "he can get along with people. He's very popular."

"Oh cool!" Tenshi said with a big smile which made Pam cringed slightly. Tenshi didn't seem to know this as he looked at Lafayette.

Lafayette helped them get their stuff in the trunk before he asked, "So, Tenshi, isn't that Japanese?"

Tenshi nodded before he pointed to Hotaru. "This is my twin sister, Hotaru. We're here to help Eric with some stuff."

Lafayette frowned slightly as Tenshi looked at the limo in awe. Hotaru wondered the same thing that Tenshi asked, but she had a feeling that she'd rather not know. She relaxed a little before she asked, "Where are we going?"

"Fangtasia," Pam answered curtly, "our bar. We closed it especially for you." So you better damn be thankful, her answer suggested.

Tenshi's lips twitched. "Fangtasia?"

Eric smirked as he leaned back and folded his arms over his chest. He looked rather comfortable as he eyed her. Did he knew that she met his maker? Hotaru felt her cheeks flush as he stared at her, starting from her feet and climbing up her body. She shivered, feeling like she was a piece of meat. She knew Minako would be drooling over Eric, but she didn't like him. The viking stared at her, smirking, as if he knew what she was thinking. Hotaru glared at him.

She bit her tongue so she wouldn't say anything that would get her in trouble, but Tenshi quickly filled the silence.

"So…what's it like here?" Tenshi asked. "The only thing I know about this place is when that big hurricane hit. Oh yeah, and that a lot of vamps like going to New Orleans for some reason. Hey, why is that? And Setsuna-mama, said there are a lot of weird things that happened in Bon Temps. You want to fill us in on that? We really don't like surprises. Well, only if it doesn't involve cake."

Tenshi's happiness and goofiness made Lafayette stare at the boy as if he'd lost his mind.

"We'll talk about it when we get there," Eric said as his eyes never left Hotaru. Hotaru twitched under the stare as she remembered that she'd been through worse than a crazy, hot, blonde vampire.

After an hour, Hotaru saw the bright neon red lights of Fangtasia. Tenshi, unfortunately, fell asleep on Pam's shoulder, who ignored this and sat stone still without breathing. Hotaru suspected that the only reason that Pam didn't through him through the moon roof was because Eric ordered her to be good, but the moment the limo stopped, she pushed him through the door where he fell on his face. Hotaru helped him up after his crying fit and entered the club that was in a black and red color scheme. It looked pretty classy and not like a strip club, which she suspected when she first entered the club.

Chow, an asian vampire, sat at the bar with a grim smile on his face. He bowed his head while Tenshi stopped crying and ran over to the bar to find some sugary soda, which usually would've made Hotaru want to stop him, but at least his tension seemed to dissolve.

She sat in one of the chairs as Hotaru tried not to fall asleep. Eric walked in with Pam behind him as Hotaru asked, "Okay, what are we doing here?"

"A…investment of mine has disappeared," Eric explained as Lafayette walked in. He hung his head as Hotaru realized that he probably knew this investment of Eric's.

Tenshi's head popped up from behind the counter with a orange in his mouth. "Envessttement?" Eric arched an eye brow before nodding.

"A human?" Hotaru asked as he nodded. "What's so important about them?"

"Her," Eric corrected as Tenshi snorted.

"What's special about her?" Hotaru said as she shot a look at her brother that read, Shut the hell up.

"She's telepathic."

Tenshi dove back under the bar to see if he could find food, or something to drink that wasn't alcohol.

"Anything else you're leaving out, Eric?" Hotaru asked as Eric glared at her. "That's not just a random trait that humans have."

Pam looked at Eric before she said, "She's part faerie."

Tenshi shot his head back up, this time without the orange. "What? A faerie? As in, tinker belle?"

Hotaru shook her head as she leaned back. Crap, this is bad. "No, a faerie, as in a faerie that will eat your liver, correct?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure, but I do know that her blood is delicious," Eric said, revealing his fangs in the process. Hotaru resisted shivering while Tenshi made a gagging noise. "She's been gone for nearly a year and we haven't come up with anything."

"Well, if her faerie blood is so delicious maybe another vamp drained-HEY, LET ME GO!" Tenshi yelled as Eric suddenly got in front of him and grabbed the front of his shirt and lifted him in the air. Tenshi glared before the mark of Saturn appear on his forehead and he grabbed Eric's wrist. He let out a hiss before dropping Tenshi and took a step back. Tenshi fell on his butt and glared at Eric. "Don't. Touch. Me." Tenshi hissed with his eyes glowing purple before Hotaru grabbed an ash try and threw it at Tenshi's head. The ash tray broke as Tenshi made a goofy face with his tongue sticking out.

"Tenshi!" She yelled as Tenshi turned around, crying.

"What was that for?" he cried out.

Hotaru raised an eye brow. "Keeping you in check." She looked back at Eric and smiled. "We'll do our best to see if we can find her. Can we go somewhere to sleep? We can talk about it tomorrow night."

Eric nodded. "Fine, Lafayette, take them to Sookie's house."

Lafayette opened his mouth to say something, but stopped and nodded before he said, "Come on, bitches. Let's get going. I have to get up early tomorrow." Hotaru followed him out of the bar with Tenshi next to her, mumbling about how it was the vampire's fault. She got into his cherry red car while Tenshi passed out in the back before Lafayette pulled out of the parking lot.

Another thirty minutes, they were at a old house. Lafayette helped Hotaru get Tenshi on an old sofa as he snored loudly. The old house smelled like fresh paint and wood shavings as she saw some electric tools laying around and realized that Eric was probably remodeling the house, but she could smell the history in the house.

"Call me in the morning," Lafayette said as he gave her his number, "I'll show you around. Now get some sleep, child."

Hotaru smiled and nodded. She waved at him as he pulled out of the driveway before he smiled at her. She got the suitcases up in different rooms before she decided to change into her nightgown. She saw a clock that read two a.m. She sighed and rubbed her temples. God dammit, she shouldn't be up. She should be back in Japan, getting ready for college, not helping a attractive vampire.

She walked toward the bed, but stopped.

What was that?

Hotaru rubbed her arms as she felt goose bumps and the hair on the back of her neck rose. She closed her eyes, is that a portal? She walked down the steps, Tenshi snoring loudly before she opened the front door and walked down the steps. There's something there, she knew it. She walked in the grass, mud, and gravel in her bare feet. It's so close…so where did the portal lead her to? She stopped at a black iron gate, sensing the portal near and realized that she was at a old cemetery. She pushed open the gate and looked down at one grave stone that read, William Erasmus Compton.

"What-?" She yelled as she tripped on something and fell on the grave marker.

She heard heavy boots hitting the ground before she looked up and saw a gun pointing at her head.

A man wearing military green glared down at her with his gun pointed at her before he asked, "Who the hell are you?"

Sailor Ra: Yup, I'm going to stop here. I'm mixing the books and the show, but I'll lean more heavily on the show because…I like it a little better. Anyway, Tenshi isn't mine. He belongs to Spirit of the Dead. She has a story about him and that will explain everything. I hope my writing is okay, seeing as how I haven't written in third point of you in awhile. I don't own True blood or Sailor Moon.

If you want a pairing, ask because I don't feel like this is a couple story. Anyway, Hotaru isn't the only senshi. Minako will be showing up since she's closer. The title of the chapter comes from a song because the titles for the episodes of True blood come from songs.

Preview to Episode Two: But Before the Night is Through

"I'm a friend of Eric Northman!"

"Now, why would Eric invite a human without my consent? I am the King of Louisiana after all."

"Hey, I'm Tenshi. Nice to meet you, Sam, but what the hell is up with that weirdo-"

Hotaru threw herself at her brother. "Sorry, but my brother's an idiot!"

Jesus looked at the violet-eyed boy with interest. He could see a mark on his forehead that wasn't glowing at the moment, but he sensed that at any moment the mark might explode and reveal a power that might kill everyone he knew.

"You should come with me to meet a few friends of mine."

"Oh sure! That sounds like fun!"

Why can't I use my powers?