Golden Kitsune Alchemist




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This story hasn't been updated in three years. Redoing it, making massive changes and making it a better overall story. I hope you guys enjoy this revision.


Story Start


The open country side reminded him of home. As he continued down the dirt road he took in the fresh air as he continued along the path. As the sun continued its slow descent into evening Naruto stopped to set up camp. Once the equipment was set up he went hunting. With the fire wood collecting Naruto began a fire to make his preparations for the fish he caught.

As he rested peacefully by the fire the sound of movement brought him out of his peaceful meditation. ''Show yourself; I know someone is out there and if I'm forced to I'll hunt you down," he threatened as he looked around.

In a flash his camp Fire was obliterated to nothingness. ''What!?" Naruto murmured to himself as he tried to figure out how the intruder managed to put out his campfire. He quickly cycled through the possible methods until he decided on one. ''Light,'' there was no trace of any other elemental tampering and he better than anyone would know if Wind was used. The man looked to be in his thirties with blond hair and a goatee.

''You seem to be the wiry type. I didn't mean to set you off, just a traveler living off the land.''

"Let's just say I have reason to be edgy of anyone sneaking near me. Considering you blighted out my fire I figure you at least owe me your name."

''You can call me Van Hohenheim.

On that day he began learning Alchemy. Though learning about Alchemy didn't stop there for him.

He would continue on his journey learning more about the art that was Alchemy. Somehow he had managed to himself with a young woman who was also trying to learn more about Alchemy. She was fairly tall and fair-skinned with dark-eyes, a slender frame with a curvaceous yet well-toned figure, and upper back-length black hair done in the style of a pony tail. She was wearing a long sleeve white blouse with, form-fitting grey pants reaching her ankles. She was wearing a light turquoise winter cook and her foot wear consisted of winter boots.

Thanks to his higher than normal body temperature the cold hadn't affected him as much, but he could tell his companion wasn't adjusting as well from the shivering.

''Izumi,'' He called out to the woman as he held out pill. ''Take this…it'll warm you up,'' He said handing it to her. She hastily swallowed the pill waiting for the affects to kick in and in moments the cold seem to melt away. The eighteen year old didn't have much to her name and was looking to apprentice under the famous alchemist Silver Steiner. It was how he met her seeing as he wanted to continue his Alchemist training since Hohenheim just up and disappeared one day. It was only fair he departed Alchemist knowledge onto the blond for in exchange for eating the food the traveler had caught after all. Though it would only be once the survival exercise was over that the two would learn Silver Steiner had died some time ago, they met with his elder brother; supposedly famous for his Hand fighting technique; Gold Steiner.

Though, of course at the time they were unaware before they took the test. The test in question was something remarkably simple; they both had to survive a month in Briggs Mountain with only a knife. During that time the two had spent aiding one another using both wits and their abilities to stay alive. After the test the blond was amazed at the beat down his new friend gave Steiner and the two agreed to keep in touch. 1899 rolled around and the blond found himself involved in the Ishbal war where he would meet some allies that would become long term friends long since the war had passed.

That was also during that time Naruto would meet people he would be happy to call long life friends the first was smooth talking ladies' man Roy Mustang whose ambition reminded Naruto of his own desires to become Hokage in his youth.

Then there was also the ever eccentric Maes Hughes who would not shut up about this super wonderful girl waiting for him.

The most unforgettable one by far was very passionate albeit a bit weird Armstrong who inherited his family's art that was crafted OVER THE COURSE OF MANY GENERATIONS and apparently could summon sparkles at will which Naruto found himself strangely jealous of and lastly someone he hadn't seen in years since he met her father during his travels Riza Hawkeye. The sigh young woman surprisingly enough ended up being a skilled gun wielder.

Currently Naruto was jumping from rooftop to rooftop until he dropped down to where the others were at. Maes was going off about his beautiful girl back home and how he couldn't stand the fact that at the moment guys could be making passes at her. ''Why are we friends with him again?'' Naruto asked with a half face palm as Roy shrugged.

''That reminds me…you need a woman,'' He said as Maes came up and draped his arms around them.

''He's right…when are you going to get yourself a…''Maes stopped as all three of them tensed; a noise setting off their senses. Naruto tried to smell the person out, but he couldn't pinpoint where he or she was because of all the blood and dead bodies. Out of nowhere a crazed looking Ishbalan popped out with a dagger. The three of them spun. Maes didn't have his gun, Roy was without his gloves, and Naruto left all his items in his tent meaning he would have to react with his natural abilities to disarm the man.

Though, that wasn't necessary as a bullet exploded through the attacker's skull ripping through it as he fell. Blood and Brain decorated the ground as their heart beats slowed. ''Looks like we have a Hawk's Eye watching over us,'' Maes commented.

''Yeah, it's a still nameless sniper. It's become quite a topic amongst the troops. She's still a cadet from the military academy, but at any rate she's got a good arm…It's seems she's been brought all the way out here…Ha…To think they have to pull out even a little chick like that…This must be the end.''

The war did come to a close soon after a long eight years to which Naruto was given the rank of colonel and was invited back to Resemebol by the Rockbells after he saved their lives from a crazed Ishbalan they were treated who was obviously under duress.

It was a nice refreshing change of pace. Naruto was hoping that he could rest in Resembol for a couple of months before continuing his journey.

''Robert, Sara thank you again for inviting me into your home,'' Naruto said as the train came to a stop at the station. As he expected from the area he could view from the train windows Resembol was a small and quaint little village; then again he did have their stories to go on.

''How many times do we have to tell you Naruto it's the least we could do.'' Robert replied, grateful the blond happened to have been there that day.

''My husband is right; we owe you our gratitude and lives for what you did…the thought of not being able to see my little girl again. I just don't know what would have happened if you hadn't come along.'' She said as Naruto grabbed her suitcase for her. ''Thank you.''

''No problem…at least now I have a place to stay.'' He said as they stepped off the train. The first person to greet them was Pinako, Robert's mother who was rather short woman who was within elderly age range, but not helpless or immobile and their daughter Winry who looked a lot like her mother. From behind them appeared an attractive woman in her late twenties with a fair skin complexion and chocolate brown eyes. Her hair hung to her mid back in an ordinary yet well brushed style and she was of average height with her two sons. They looked to be about five and four respectively with blond hair.

After he finished greeting Pinako and Winry he made his way over to them. ''Hello,'' he greeted them with a friendly smile. ''…my name is Naruto Uzumaki,'' he said, keeping in mind that the people in this culture introduced their first names first,''... nice to meet you,'' He said extending his hand to her.

''H-Hello I'm Trisha,'' She greeted him taking his hand as she looked up into his eyes and blushed a bit. She quickly then shook off the feeling and said. ''These are my sons Edward and Alphonse,'' She said as Naruto bent down and held out his hand. While Al happily took it and shook it Ed just glared at him.

''Ed…don't be rude,'' Trisha scolded him as Naruto laughed.

''It's okay, not exactly the best thing to be open with everyone you meet.'' By now he was used to this sort of thing.

''Naruto are you ready to go?'' Sara asked him as he nodded and they all went to the Rockbells resident where Naruto explained how he saved Robert and Sara from certain death at the hands of an Ishbalan. The blond already knew he was going to enjoy his stay in Resembol.

The next day the Elric brothers' rushed into the house, Ed, being hungry, smelling pie. Ed and Al turned to the kitchen. "Mom, what're you making?'' Ed asked, running up to her.

"Raspberry Pie, your and Al's favorite,'' Trisha answered, setting the pie on the window seal.

"When can we have it mom?'' Al asked, his mouth watering at the thought of the tasty treat.

"After dinner now, why don't you guys go into your fathers study, and study more alchemy, hmm?'' Trisha suggested.

"No thanks, mom, I've had enough studying for today,'' Al responded, feeling like his head would explode if he studied anything else.

"Well, I'm going to go study, so I'll catch ya later, Al!'' Ed said and ran off to the study.

"Well, Alphonse," said Trisha, "...why don't you help me make dinner? I could use some help.''

"Yeah, sure mom I'll help! What's first?'' Al asked, eagerly.

"Well, you can start by gathering some vegetables in the garden,'' Trisha informed him after as Al ran off with an Okay. He came back in, reporting that there were very dark clouds out now. "I can see that. But thanks for the report anyways,'' Trisha said, putting the plates on the table.

"Well, I did get the vegetables;'' Al said and lifted his basket of added apples and other real vegetables.

"Thank you Alphonse,'' said Trisha as she smiled, reached down and grabbed the basket from Alphonse. A little later, during dinner, it was raining hard outside, and there was the lightning and thunder to add to this. It wasn't supposed to be as dark as it was outside, but all the dark clouds blocked the little sunlight that was supposed to still be there. Suddenly, there were a few knocks on the door.

"Who could that be in this storm?'' Trisha quietly wondered to herself as she stood up.

"Wait, no, Mom, it's probably just Winry. She's stupid, so I wouldn't doubt that she'd be stupid enough to go outside like this.'' Ed said and stood up, rushing to the door.

"Brother, you know that's not true! Winry is 'Scared' of storms! She wouldn't go out in them! She hides in a corner and cries.'' Al said. Ed ignored him and opened the door. He was about to say, 'hello,' but stopped and looked up. It obviously wasn't Winry, and it wasn't anyone from the village.

"Hello there Ed is your mother home?'' Naruto asked.

"Mom!'' Ed called for her. Trisha came walking over.

"Oh…hello there Naruto," she said in a friendly tone, "...what brings you here?''

''Well you see there's something I wanted to talk to you about…a person from your past,'' He stated as Alphonse ran up next to his brother.

"Brother, who is it?'' Al asked, and then looked up.

"Oh, well come in, come in. There's no sense in staying out in this rain.'' Trisha said, letting him in.

It was getting late and Naruto and Trisha were still talking. He was trying to find the whereabouts of Hohenhiem. His simple questioned bloomed into a full blown discussion on several topics. The two were so absorbed in their discussion they didn't notice Ed and Al listening in.

Naruto finished his tea and handed the cup to Trisha.

"Well, I should be going. I need to continue my search," he said standing up.

"But it's pouring outside," Trisha observed as a look of concerned formed on her face. "you'll be soaking wet!"

"I know," Naruto agreed with a reserved sight. "… but I need to head back. I think you for your hospitality Miss Elric," he finished his statement as he got up from the seat..

He grabbed his coat and opened the door, only to be greeted by loud thunder, lighting, and a torrent of rain. "On second thought… do you mind until I wait out the storm?" Naruto asked as he closed the door. Even if the storm and rain wouldn't kill him it wasn't like Naruto would have liked venturing out in such conditions.

"Yes, we have an extra room you can use," Trisha offered him.

''Thank you,'' He said as she led him to the spare room.

That morning, everyone was up but Edward. Al had been hanging around his mom, Trisha, and Naruto all morning, getting into the conversations and starting ones.

"Brother will be happy to hear you're going, but I think you should stay another day. I mean, it's all wet outside. You could get hurt if you go to fast.'' Al said, obvious in his attempts to keep the stranger around. He didn't have many memories of his father or how his mother was when he was around. Though, he was perceptive enough to sense his mom's loneliness whenever she took notice of another couple and how distant she would become at times.

''I guess I could stay another day…I'm sure the Rockbells wouldn't mind,'' He said, smiling at Trisha. She smiled back. Al smiled to himself, without the others knowing. He was right. He had to be right. Ed would hate this, Al knew. But, if Al could do something to stop the man from leaving, without hurting him or anyone else, he'd have to stay at least another day.

Al knew that, even if his mom and Naruto just thought of each other of friends, he didn't want them to be separated just yet. They needed time, and he seemed like the perfect person to be able to make his mom happy again.

"He'll be glad? And why is that?'' Trisha asked.

"I don't know, but mom, I'm going over to Winry's, we'll go play by the river and be gone awhile, so if Ed wakes up, tell him that.'' Al said, and then waited for a reply.

"Okay, just be sure to be back for lunch.'' Trisha said and watched Al run up to his and Ed's room.

Al dressed himself in some regular cloths, and put on the best shoes he had for running in, and then left his brother a note, and ran off out of the house and down the trail, heading for the train station. He had to get there and back before noon. Along his way, he ran into Winry. She was wearing a red summer dress, and some sandals; her hair was down today.

"Hey Al, what's the hurry?'' She asked, running up alongside him.

"If I tell you Winry, please don't tell anyone! Not even mom! She can't know. And I already feel bad enough for lying to her, but now I don't feel as bad, because you're here with me!'' Al said, continuing his run.

"What did you lie to her about, and where's jerk?'' Winry asked, referring to Ed. Ed had never really apologized to her, and she was still mad.

"Well, Mister Naruto came to our house asking us about my dad last night. He stayed with us because the storm outside," Alphonse explained, "Ed doesn't like him, but mom does, and I think that they like each other, so I'm going to keep him from leaving without hurting him or anybody else.''

"Why don't you have jerk do it?'' Winry asked.

"Because, Ed wouldn't believe me he'd refuse to believe it, and he'd be mad at me for thinking that way, and we'd only end up getting into a fight. Sides, even if he did believe me, he'd only end up hurting the poor man.'' Al said, then was about to say something else but slipped in a puddle left by the rain. He screamed and fell to the ground.

"Alphonse! Are you okay?'' Winry asked in worry as she helped Al up.

It was the next day and things went on per usual. ''I'm sorry about this Naruto,'' She said as she gave him a spare set of Hohenhiem's old clothing. Ed had 'accidentally' spilled hot soup all over him.

''It was an accident I'm sure...'' he said with a sigh. He really liked that shirt and the washing methods of this time period would not restore it.

''I just don't understand what's gotten into him.''

''He's just being protective of his mom,'' He said simply as she looked over to him. ''For the life of me I can't understand why he left. A beautiful wife and two sons…I could never give up a family so willingly." He said leaving Trisha to her thoughts.

A few months later from that day on came over every day after that and started teaching the boys alchemy. Every day the attraction, both physically and emotionally built up between them. Even Ed had finally relented and taking a liking to Naruto. Right around this time he came back after a good run and a frantic Trisha ran into his arms. He was able to make out between her sobs that the boys were missing so he went out and looked for them. By nightfall he had returned with the two boys and asked her what happened. Apparently she was talking to Sara and the boys overheard them. She said that the night before he left Hohenhiem was mumbling something about it being a mistake, also about him being here. She wasn't sure what to make of it but he figured the boys ran off interpreting that he meant them.

It didn't take long to find the boys and bring them back home. The following day Naruto had set out early as he tried to figure out some thoughts that were plaguing him leaving Trisha debating whether or not to open her heart up to the blond. He had asked her out a few days ago but she reluctantly turned him down.

''Why are you doing this to yourself?'' Sara couldn't help but ask Trisha. She had been observing her friend the past few weeks and noticed the subtle changes. ''Naruto is nice man.''

''I know Sara…but it's just…'' Trisha was completely unsure on how to answer her question. She had some hope that Hohenheim would come back, but with each passing day that hoped waned.

''But nothing Trisha; I hate to say this but he isn't coming back. You should at least give Naruto a chance,'' Robert told her as he entered the room with a tray of sandwiches.

''What about you boys do you think I should do it?'' Trisha asked her two sons who nodded. ''I'm out numbered it seems…very well.''

''They never can get quite the right shipment.'' Naruto murmured shifting through the tomatoes. He was at the market shopping for dinner. Small village equated to small variety simply enough.

''Hello there Naruto, lovely day we're having.'' Trisha greeted as she walked up to him, carrying a basket of ingredients with her.

''Well hello there Trisha. So what brings you here? Besides shopping I mean?'' he asked, having to resist the urge to give himself a dope slap.

''Actually,'' She started as she began blushing. She never found herself in this sort of position before. Though she was going to stand firm to this decision. ''I was wandering if you would join me for dinner tomorrow night? I understand if…''

''I would love too,'' He answered cutting her off. ''Say around eight?''

''Yes…'' She answered as her heart thumped in her chest.

''It's a date then,'' He answered as he picked up her hand kissed it. ''I'll see you then,'' he said as he continued his shopping.


Chapter End


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