Golden Kitsune Alchemist



Story Start

Trisha had just came back from her date with Naruto that night and spent most of the night thinking back to the blissful evening she had with Naruto. Though, all Good Things come to an end when a good night wasn't followed by pleasant dreams. That night she dreamed about when her lover left her.

She remembered how she stood frozen, unable to believe the words that came out of his mouth. Surely he couldn't have been serious; he wasn't going to leave her to raise two children on her own.

"I'm sorry but I have to leave. Trisha, don't worry, I'll come back as soon as I can. I promise you that."

She shook her head and backed away. "When?"

"I don't know. I love you, don't –"

"Oh god! You can't do this…why now!'' She said as she fell to her knees, her right hand against her chest as she started. ''Alphonse is only thirteen months old and Edward will be four in a few weeks. Are you really just going to leave us to fend four ourselves?''

"I'm sorry. I don't have a choice in the matter. I love you all."

She let out a shriek and turned away, she felt him leave. Then she turned to watch him go.

She watched him leave from there and fell to the ground, clutching herself until she heard the loud begging cry of her youngest child. Calling her into motherhood.

Trisha woke up crying as the loneliness embrace her again. She started to cough and hack up blood. She thought after it hadn't have happened in a month she was getting better. Now it was getting worse and she had no idea how much time she had left.

Over the course of the past two weeks Naruto and Trisha continued to date without much incident. Though Naruto could sense something wrong and since Trisha wasn't saying anything he decided to bring it up.

''Trisha can you please tell me what's wrong. I want to know; I'm worried about you,'' He said as he gently reached up and brushed her cheek.

''I…Naruto….I have an illness…the doctors have no idea what it is just that my immune system has trouble fighting it,'' She said as tears leaked out of her eyes. She was waiting for him to say something or leave her but he calmly wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.

''I see…I was wandering why you've been looking so pale. We'll find a way to do something about this illness I promise you Trisha." He promised as he simply sat there and held her. He could help her that much was sure, but that would require telling her about him more than he had told anyone since he arrived here. So he did what he had to and hope that Trisha would be willing to accept all that she would learn.

Finally after a couple of days Trisha phoned up Naruto and invited her to her home.

''I been giving it some thought Naruto…'' Trisha started as she sat opposite side of him. She was ready to give her answer. Her sons were over at the Rockbells so they were alone. ''When you told me your past it threw me for quite the loop. I'm just a simple town girl and the only thing I have to value is my two precious sons…my lover left me and it broke my heart once…how can I be guaranteed you won't leave me like he did?'' She asked as Naruto moved to the couch and sat next to her.

''Trisha….simple words won't make much difference. I've been on my own for quite some time now. When I made the choice to become a sage that meant despite living with and growing old with my loved ones I would begin a cycle anew to start the process over. Even if that means carrying memories of a thousand life times I use my gifts to help people, to better their lives. It's something I've grown used to so I don't take this lightly when I say I want you , me, and the boys to be a family. In fact I got something for you,'' He said as he pulled out a box from his pocket.

Trisha gasped as she cupped her face with her hands. ''…..''

''Well…open it.'' He said ushering as she took the box and opened. Inside was a large three inch diamond. ''My word…'' She said gazing at the size of it.

''Yeah…I had managed to find this during my travels. It seemed far too nice to just pawn it off so I've been carrying it with me all this time until I found the right moment. I think this definitely counts as the right moment.'' He said as she started to tear up. ''Trisha Elric…these past few months have been wonderful. I have met many people in my life time, but so rarely can I say I've found a woman who I absolutely wish to make a family with. I've grown to care for you and want to be by your side…will you marry me?''

''Yes…Yes I will,'' She shouted as she jumped into his arms. She was so happy that she couldn't believe it. Long ago she gave up the hope that she would ever become a bride and have her own wedding and now it seem like it was happening.

''Well then my future bride…looks like we have some good news to spread,'' The blonde said as he wiped the tears of joys from her eyes and cheek. They already knew that their first destination would be the Rockbells to inform the others.

A few months had passed and everything was set up. In fact the town was crowded from all the people that came from the invites. They weren't expecting that many but currently they had more than five hundred from the RSVPs.

The final preparations were made for the wedding as people Naruto had met during his travels stopped by the town celebrate. While all of them couldn't be there for varied reasons of either work, distance, or even money Naruto was happy that many familiar faces could make the trip.

Time seemed to move fast as all the preparations were taken care of over the basis of a couple of weeks.

"Nervous?" one of the men inquired Naruto.

"Yeah..I am." It doesn't matter how many times I do this I'm nervous as hell...I swear delivering babies is easier compared to this.

In another room down the hallway Trisha was a bit uncomfortable as they painted her cream on head to toe. Normally when women first married they would wear white as a sign/symbol of purity. Though she never married she had two children and tradition pointed she should wear a different color, a light one of course.

Finally the moment they were all waiting for occurred. The eyes of the Bride and Groom met outside the chapel. She may not have had white make up or dress but she was as beautiful as any bride. Naruto wore a Haori and Kimono that he managed to get exported with a solid black Hakama.

Naruto and Trisha stood behind the small table in front of the priest and alter while their friends and people considered to be family took their places to either side, facing each other.

When everyone was in their place, the priest proclaimed, "We have gathered here today to unite this couple in holy matrimony. Now if anyone is against these two marrying speak now or forever hold your peace.'' Silenced rung through the church. ''No objections?'' He asked as he looked around the room. The cake looked delicious and the champagne appetizing. The young children looked nice in their little outfits. There was also Winry in a pretty little dress who carried a little basket of petals identifying her as the flower girl and the Elric siblings were both the ring bearer. The ceremony continued on without so much as a hitch as Naruto and Trisha exchanged vowels.

''Do you, Trisha Elric take Naruto Uzumaki as your wedded husband, to cherish and love through sickness and health, through richer or poorer, as you live?''

''I do.''

''Do you, Naruto Uzumaki take Trisha Elric as your wife to love, cherish and love through sickness and health, through richer or poorer, as you live?''

"I do."

"With the power invested in me I declare you two may now kiss the bride."

Naruto and Trisha kissed as everyone erupted with cheers. Both looked at the special rings they were wearing. Soon more pictures were taken, just like they were doing the ceremony. The newlyweds gave their goodbye as they left for their honeymoon.

There was a layer of roses scattered across the floor of the honeymoon suite. After hours of travel the atmosphere in the room was relaxing. The Bed was large, and the frame, the wood looked relatively new. The newlyweds sat on the bed, but nervous with anticipation.

"Honey could you help me get out of this dress?'' Trisha asked. '' After spending the whole day in this thing, I'm anxious to get it off. ''

''You don't mind if I tear it off do you?'' He asked huskily in her ear, causing her whole body to flush red.

''Impatient aren't we?'' She asked playfully.

''For your treasure…without a doubt,'' He answered. Using wind he tore the dress right off her and moved it to a pile off in the corner. The sensation was without a doubt both surprising and arousing. That much he could tell by how hard her nipples stood to attention.

Naruto slipped out of his clothing with ease.

Both of them took a moment to drink in the other's figure taking in every inch, practically salivating at their respective prizes.

The distance between them came none existent as their bodies pressed together. A passionate lip-lock like never before followed with an embrace. Their hands trailed the other's body as they let out low guttural moans. They fell back, with Naruto on top, the soft friction and heat radiated from them as their bodies gyrated against each other. Their lips parted so they could respectively find new destinations. Naruto lick and nipped on the right side of her neck as Trisha mimicked his actions on his left. Sweat dripped down the side of her face, down her neck and in-between the crack of her breasts. Her fluids seeped out, splattering onto Naruto's aching cock head.

''I desire you my flower,'' He told her as his hand slid down her back and gave her rump a squeeze. Trisha arched her back at the sensual contact and shuttered. She had never felt so aroused, so dirty, so animalistic. She had an overwhelming desire to satisfy this man, this Adonis. She wanted to make him moan her name and desire her in every way. She placed her hands on his chest and slid down a bit, grinding her ass against his cock. His passionate moans seemed to further excite her.

She then hoisted herself up and took hold of his pulsated tool with her right hand. '"I desire you too and I'll make sure feel real good,'' She replied with a husky yet sexy purr as she slid down his pole. She groaned as she felt him practically split her in half. She fell back slightly as Naruto moved into a sitting position and wrapped his arms around her. He then began thrust upwards inside of her, causing her to back up and down on him, sending spine tingling spasms throughout her body.

''Harder!" Trisha cried out, as her nails dug into his back. With each thrust, her nails tore at the skin. ''Oh! This feels so good!'' She cried out as the tempo increased. Her breasts bouncing with each action. After a few minutes she found herself on her back with Naruto kissing her passionately.

''Do you want me to continue? Give you the best fucking you'll ever get or,'' He brushed her cheek. ''Do you want me to love and cherish you…do you want me to make love to you?'' He asked softly. Trisha nearly felt her world come to a halt. She had never been asked that by her former love, hell she didn't know any woman alive who had been asked something like that by her lover. Her heart, felt like it began to swell as tears filled her eyes. At that moment she was filled with genuine Joy, Happiness, and Love she didn't think possible.

''Naruto…please…make love to me.'' She said softly almost fragile like as tears of happiness threatened to fall.

Naruto obliged as he gave her a soft peck on the lips. ''I love you Trisha Uzumaki.''

''And I love you Naruto Uzumaki..'' She said, followed with a moan as Naruto slowly pulled out and pushed back into her. The slow and sensuous pace kept up as her husband would switch between kissing her passionately to kissing other parts of her body. They kept this pace for quite some time, joined at the hips. All through the night they stayed in the embrace as the orgasm that was to come. They interlaced their hands and pressed their lips together as they came together. For that moment the two felt like one and laid there in the embrace, holding each other until they both fell asleep.