Golden Kitsune Alchemist.


Naruto x Trisha


Author's Note


Trisha of course won't die of her illness as the income Naruto will bring in will allow her to have better access to medicine and medical care. I'm saying this now because in the last version people apparently did not understand the situation.


Story Start


The morning Naruto woke up the sound of birds chirping outside of their window, Trisha was still asleep so Naruto slowly got out of bed hoping not to disturb her and went to have a shower. For their honeymoon they were in the city of a world that seemed to be two centuries ahead of the world they had left.

By the time he got out and headed back into the room drying his hair he saw Trisha was up and getting dressed, ''Well good morning Miss Uzumaki, did you sleep alright?" Naruto said as he placed the wet towel in the basket.

''It took me awhile from all the excitement, but after a cup of coffee I think I'll be fine.'' she said, trying to play off how anxious was to explore the city. This would lead her to uncharacteristically chatter and drag Naruto all over the place.

''Anything you wish to do?''

"I thought we could have a look around some of the shops. I saw a nice dress in one of them."

"We have the next two weeks to do whatever we want so sure why not.'' he said as he grabbed a pair of boxers out of the drawer. Getting dressed and enjoying a nice hot breakfast the two of them went window shopping.

''I would love to see you in that.'' he said, pointing to a window where a Fuchsia one shoulder cinched side detail sexy mini-dress.

''I think that one is more my taste.'' she said, gesturing to a Red Chiffon Elastic Satin one shoulder floor-length Evening Dress. "So what do you think?" Trisha asked him with a slight nudge.

''Well you can go try it on. It's our honeymoon so let's go wild and have some fun.'' he suggested as they walked into the store.

Naruto found himself sitting on a bench and waiting for Trisha to try on different dressed and such. So when Trisha emerged from behind the curtain she certainly showed what she was working with.

"So what do you think?" Trisha asked as she did a 180.

Naruto whistled. ''I'm going to have to buy a pick-axe to keep those badgers away. In fact we shouldn't get the dress. You look too sexy in it and I only have two eyes that look in only two directions at a time.''

Trisha giggled, "Well aren't you just the sweet talker. Well I suppose we should get the dress and go.''

''Already? We just got here?''

Trisha had to do a double-take and process the words she just heard. Words that she never thought she would hear a man other when it came to shopping off all things. ''I...I mean there are a few more things I would like to check out.''

''Then feel free to do so.'' he said with a shrug. ''Considering my relationship status I've pretty much become numb to this sort of thing. I am no longer being able to harmed by the horrors of hours long shopping that affects most men.''

So sure enough the endless sweaters, top, and skirts with does that go with this or this go with that began. Thankfully enough Trisha wasn't the shopping type to switch her mind at the drop of a hat. Having lived a modest life she only went for clothes that were practical and had to be urged by Naruto to explore her taste some more. After stopping by the cafe for some tea the two spent the rest of the day sightseeing, with Naruto explaining all the technological advancements and stuff this parallel world made strides in.

The two returned to their room to enjoy another private night as husband and wife. Trisha sauntered over to Naruto and gave him a brief and sweet kiss. Their kissing grew more intense as tongues wrestled and lust flowed freely. They fell onto the bed as Naruto began removing the buttons from Trisha's dress as her hands slipped under his shirt to remove the article of clothing. Their lips met as fingers trailed along each other's naked kiss.

Trisha moaned as Naruto nibbled as her neck. His teeth raking across the skin as his hot breath breathed on her. His hands sliding down her dress off of her to place kisses against along her bra covered breasts. His hand came a rest on his pants clad bulged as they worked her out of her dress. Her knickers were soon removed by Naruto's teeth as his fingers began exploring her depths. As Naruto explored her innards Trish used her left hand to pull down Naruto's zipper. Using his unoccupied hand Naruto used it to unbutton his pants and pulled it down so removing his boxers would be an easy task for the home maker.

"Mmm…so hard," the home maker purred.

She ran her hand up along his shaft in a few firm strokes. Naruto relaxed to the feeling, enjoying the sensations that followed. Naruto soon found he was pulled onto the bed and forced on his back as Trisha started licking around the tip, slowly took in the length of his member.

''Hhm!'' Naruto grunted, throwing his head back at the intense sensation.

Trisha moaned at his approving words. She bobbed her head up and down his erect penis, licking and sucking his nicely sized dick. She ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft while firmly grasping the base. The erotic slurping sounds of her sucking filled the room and Naruto enjoyed every blissful sensation. He groaned as her wetting quim caused his cock to twitch in her back. ''Mrs. Uzumaki why don't you come over here and let your animal loose.''

Flashing Naruto a sultry glance, Trisha straddled his pelvis and positioned herself over his cock. His hands remained firmly on her hips as she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Holding the base of his shaft, she slowly lowered herself onto his dick.

''Aaah! So good!'' she panted as she felt her walls stretched by Naruto's member.

"You feel so good Trish! I slide in just right.'' he grunted as Trisha began riding his ridged cock to her delight. Breathing turned to panting as she dug her hands into his rough, six-pack abs and moved her hips at a fervent pace. Her hips gyrated against his naked flesh, working his cock inside her tight folds.

He began matching her movements with upward thrusts of his own as his latest wife began riding out the intense orgasm that began building up. His cock thrashed inside her, hitting the areas that left the woman on top of him a moaning mess. The first of their rumps wasn't dragged out, working their hips harder his balls tightening in tandem with her insides snuggly hugging his cock as each thrust stimulating her.

Trisha whimpered and moaned at each thrust. Trisha leaned over and captured Naruto's lips as their hands continue to caress every curve of bit of muscle. Just when they were on the edge Naruto rolled them over and slammed himself into Trisha several times as he release several spurts of cum that coated her insides.

Trisha threw her head back and let the release explode as her body twitched under the assault, Naruto's cock working in and out of her as he continuing coating her walls. Pressing her lips against his, Trisha wrapped her arms around his neck as they spend the rest of the night making the hotel bed become musk in their smell.


Chapter End


Because of how strongly several people have felt this will no longer be a Harem story.