Title: Goin' for It (Chapter 1: Audition)

Rated: T

Writing Time: 04/23-06/22/2011

Pairing(s): Kurt/Sam, Mike/Tina, Finn/Rachel and Artie/Brittany

Warnings: Boys who like boys, boy kisses, slight language, bullying and slight homophobia. You don't like, don't read. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. If I did, Chris Colfer/Kurt would get so much more screen time and Chord Overstreet/Sam would NOT be leaving the show! That and Chord would never leave my bedroom but that's a story for another time (and one I'd be too selfish to share ;) So without further ado, on with the smoochies ^^

Summary: Sometimes in life you meet someone or see something you want or just have to have. Despite the conflicts, sometimes you just have to go for it. For Sam Evans and Kurt Hummel, that's exactly what they did.

Author's Note: Well, this is my first foray into the world of Glee after finally sitting down to watch the series. I hope you all like and if it isn't asking too much, please lemme know? Betaed by me; if you happen to spot some (if any) mistakes, please don't hesitate to point them out via review or PM. Thank You!

To Kurt Hummel, it felt weird sitting in the Glee Club choir room without Matt Rutherford around. It almost sounded like their director, Spanish teacher Will Schuester, didn't notice or even care how Matt's fellow football teammates Finn Hudson, Noah Puckerman and Mike Chang were handling the fact one of their own had to transfer. Not only that, but Mr. Schue was now talking about going out and performing in front of the school in hopes of finding his replacement. Kurt had to wonder if the language teacher was on drugs or some other kind of hallucinogenic substance; William McKinley High School was the last place kids would willingly want to sign up for Glee Club. This man was going to be the death of them all.

Yet on the second day of school out in the middle of the quad is exactly where Kurt and the other New Directions members found themselves performing. Kurt did his best to keep up with the routine they'd practiced both yesterday and earlier that morning but his pessimism was kicking into overdrive. That annoying carrot-topped blogger/pervert Jacob Ben Israel had followed him around yesterday asking him stupid questions and Kurt had then received his first slushie bitch-slap in the face of the year courtesy of the school's resident asshole Azimio Adams. The school year had barely begun but for Kurt, it's almost like it never ended; it simply carried over from the epic fails of his sophomore year.

Wait a minute, Kurt thought, suddenly noticing someone and something different. Who's that guy?

Kurt's eyes were focused on a rather boyishly handsome blonde sitting at a table with what looked like a notebook propped open in front of him, tapping his foot along to the beat of Empire State of Mind. Whoever he was, he was totally cute in an almost dorky kind of way. If the blue and gold letterman jacket he was wearing was any kind of indication, he was probably a jock as well as a transfer student. His fashion sense left a little something to be desired but he wasn't as badly dressed as say Finn or Rachel Berry, both of whom were inexplicably unable to dress themselves. Kurt wondered who the new guy was or if he should be worried now that he noticed Blondie's eyes following him around as he performed with the Glee Club.

Their song and dance ended; Kurt breathing deep and not at all deterred by the silence surrounding them. After a full minute passed and not one person bothering acknowledging them, the New Directions members disbanded in separate directions. Kurt tore his eyes from the blonde guy to see his best friend Mercedes Jones wheel Artie Abrams away and when he looked back, Blondie was approaching him with what some could call a shy smile. Not caring about his outfit of the moment, Kurt sat down on the bottom step they'd performed on and waited for the blonde to stop in front of him.

"Hi," he said in a pleasantly deep voice, standing two feet in front of Kurt. The blonde held out a hand for him to shake. "I'm Sam Evans."

Kurt mirrored the smile on Sam Evans' face and reached out to shake his hand. "Hello there Sam Evans, I'm Kurt Hummel."

Sam smiled even wider and with that sizable mouth, Kurt figured it must be possible. "Hi Kurt."

The brunette couldn't help it; Sam's smile was as addictive as it was effective (not to mention strikingly attractive.)

"So you guys were really good but why didn't anyone applaud? It was a little rude of them," the blonde stated.

"Yeah," Kurt agreed, hating where he was about to lead the conversation after the blonde's kind-worded compliment. "Our club isn't the most popular around but we love doing what we do. In a lot of ways, we're family."

"Do you guys compete?" Sam asked, stepping from in front of Kurt to sitting down beside him. "At my old school in New York, we competed."

"You're from New York?" Kurt exclaimed, not masking his surprise.

Sam grinned. "Tennessee originally, down in Nashville. We moved to New York when I was eleven."

"Why did you leave a place like New York for Lima?" Kurt questioned curiously.

The blonde chuckled before smiling blindingly and tossing an arm around Kurt's shoulder; Kurt's heart was pounding in his chest as Sam brought him closer. "My mom was born here and moved down to Tennessee for college, where she met my dad. After they married and had me, they talked about moving here but there weren't many jobs like the one my dad had that would pay well. My brother and sister came along and after a while, so did a promotion to New York and we moved. My dad quit his job for a new one two months ago that moved us here."

"Bet it made your mom happy," Kurt said with a shy smile, kind of captivated learning some of this Sam's family history.

Sam laughed freely at that. "Yeah, dude, she was thrilled! My folks will be even happier when I tell them about the cool guy I talked to today."

Kurt arched an eyebrow and Sam rolled his eyes, giving the brunette's shoulder a little shake. "You, dude."

"You want to talk to me?" he asked incredulously, not even upset that this Sam Evans called him 'dude' twice and he let him get away with it.

"Yeah," Sam nodded, a little confused at the tone Kurt's voice took. "Why wouldn't I?"

This kid can't be for real, Kurt thought. "Take a good look at me Sam," Kurt said, turning himself in Sam's hold to face the blonde.

Sam's eyes washed over him and Kurt involuntarily shuddered at the attention he brought on himself. Kurt ignored the sudden tingling in his belly and all thoughts about how beautiful he found the green of Sam's eyes.


Kurt's own eyes snapped up to read the nonchalant look on Sam's face. "You're okay with being around a gay kid?"

He nodded without hesitation. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"You don't care what people will say about you?"

"Screw 'em," Sam responded, face still at ease. "I don't care what anyone says about me. You know, you shouldn't either, Kurt."

Kurt just looked at him like he'd never seen someone like Sam before and was pointedly ignoring the little voice in his head that said he hadn't. "You want to audition for Glee Club?" he blurted out.

Sam smiled. "I thought you'd never ask; I'd love to."

He suppressed his surprise and smiled back. "Can I borrow your phone?"

The blonde reached into his jacket pocket and pulled his cell out, handing it to Kurt. He smiled in thanks and ignored the way his fingers brushed against Sam's or the electric shock he received as a result while he texted Mercedes, giving Sam back the phone when he was done. "Thanks, Sam."

"You're welcome," he said with the same smile. "So when's my audition?"

It was Kurt's turn to return Sam's smile. "Are you free at lunch?" At Sam's nod, Kurt continued. "If my friend can get hold of our club and director, we'll be meeting in the auditorium at lunch."

"Cool," Sam smiled with a clap to Kurt's shoulder. "Where are you headed to now?"

"Uh, Advanced French," Kurt remembered after a second, his mind still partially on summer vacation but mostly delirious from Sam's pleasantly deep voice.

"Is that anywhere near Beginning French?" Sam asked with a shy smile.

"They're near each other," Kurt answered with a smile that to him, felt almost fond.

"Care to show me?" Sam shyly inquired with a dopey grin. "This is kind of a big school and all; I don't want to get lost. Again, anyway; kept happening a lot yesterday and I missed half my classes."

The countertenor giggled. "You're kind of a dork, you know that?"

"And it doesn't hurt my feelings knowing you think that," Sam quipped with a wink.

Kurt couldn't help himself; he giggled again. "Come on you dork, I'll walk you to the French hall and then I'll take you to the auditorium after class lets out. Sound good?"

Sam beamed. "Sounds great!"

"Great," Kurt replied with less enthusiasm than Sam mustered but still felt good inside. "I need to go get changed now so if you want to wait—"

"You can take this," Sam interrupted, shirking off his letterman jacket to reveal a navy blue long-sleeve underneath and handed his jacket out to Kurt. "Like I said, this is a big school and I don't want to get lost again. Plus this way, I don't lose any time that I could be spending talking with you."

The fashionista found he couldn't come up with a retort or witty eye-roll for that so he simply accepted the jacket with a smile, shivering slightly as his and Sam's fingers brushed together for the second time in less than five minutes. Kurt didn't know if Sam had noticed; all he could see as he slipped his arms through the letterman's sleeves was Sam smiling at him, waiting patiently.

Once the bulky (on him) jacket was buttoned up some, Sam casually tossed an arm around Kurt's shoulder again and guided him through the thin crowd back to the table he had originally been sitting at to gather up his stuff. Kurt just waited (more like discreetly sniffed the lapels of Sam's letterman because the blonde's cologne [whatever it was] was intoxicating) as Sam's books were zipped into his backpack before the strap was lazily slung over the blonde's broad shoulder and his arm was back around Kurt's where it had first been.

Subconsciously, he knew Sam had to be aware of his actions because there's no way no normal person would consent to willingly holding him close like Sam was. He didn't miss the cold glares on Azimio's and Dave Karofsky's faces but Sam didn't need to add fuel to the fire by holding him so tightly against him. But Kurt would be lying if he didn't like how nicely it felt being held so close by Sam; he could smell the now-identifiable delicious Abercrombie cologne on him and lost himself in the feel of Sam's rock-hard muscles against his softer (but clothed) skin.

You'll pay for this later, Kurt's subconscious whispered to him. But for now, just enjoy feeling him against you!

Mercedes had managed to let everyone know Kurt found someone who wanted to audition so they could all gather in the auditorium at lunchtime. True to his word, after he and Sam separated to their classrooms across the hall, they met up afterward and walked to the auditorium while the rest of the school wandered off to the cafeteria. Kurt pointed out various other rooms and spots on the walk over, Sam seemingly enamored with everything Kurt had to say.

"There you guys are," Tina Cohen-Chang said as they neared the auditorium, giving the letterman jacket Kurt was wearing a strange but short look. "Everyone's in there waiting."

Kurt cocked a quizzical eyebrow at her as she ushered them into the auditorium, introducing herself to Sam and pointing out to him some sidesteps that would lead him to the stage. She linked arms with Kurt so they could find some seats together.

"He's really cute," she whispered in Kurt's ear.

The brunette turned to hide his smile but couldn't; Tina had spoken the truth and nothing but. Once he and Tina were settled, Kurt noticed he was the only guy sitting in the front section with the girls. Mike, Finn, Puck and Artie were all at the edge of the stage while Mr. Schue was slowly walking over with Sam.

"All right everyone!" Mr. Schuester enthused to Kurt and the girls. "We have our first auditioner so let's give him our attention." He turned to Sam. "Tell us about yourself."

Sam turned to face the guys sitting on stage in front of him and the girls out in the audience, smiling when his eyes finally found Kurt's. "Well, my name's Sam Evans. I like sports, comic books; I'm dyslexic so my grades aren't good so…"

"Dude," Puck piped up. "Your mouth is huge. How many tennis balls can you fit in there?"

Kurt and Quinn Fabray glanced at each other exasperatedly and rolled their eyes.

"Uh, I don't know. I've never had any balls in my mouth before." He looked to Kurt and winked, causing the brunette to blush lightly, something all the girls noticed and wanted to know more about. "Have you?" he asked as he turned his attention back to Puck.

Now Kurt felt a strange surge of pride in his chest at Sam's retort as a smile stretched across his face.

"Why don't we get on with the audition now; Sam, do you have a song prepared?"

"Yeah," Finn agreed, getting up off the floor and sitting at the drums placed on stage. "What song's in your back pocket?"

"Uh, Billionaire?" he answered.

Puck sat up and walked over for his guitar, handing one to Sam who slung the strap over his shoulder. Mike got up and started stretching as Artie rolled up beside Sam. The good-looking blonde tuned the guitar for a few seconds before clearing his throat and began to sing.

"I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad,
Buy all of the things I never had,
I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine,
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen,
Every time I close my eyes,
I see my name in shining lights.
Yeah, a different city every night,
Oh I, I swear the world better prepare,
For when I'm a billionaire..."

Kurt watched in fascination as Sam stepped back and Artie wheeled himself in Sam's spot, beginning to rap an apparent verse in the song.

"Yeah I would have a show like Oprah,
I would be the host of everyday Christmas,
Give Artie a wish list,
I'd probably pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt,
And adopt a bunch of babies that ain't never had it,
Give away a few Mercedes like 'Here lady have this,'
And last but not least grant somebody they last wish,
It's been a couple months that I've been single so,
You can call me Artie Claus minus the ho-ho,
Aha, get it,
I'd probably visit where Katrina hit,
And damn sure do a lot more than FEMA did,
Yeah can't forget about me stupid,
Everywhere I go imma have my own theme music."

Artie wheeled himself back to where he was and Sam took his place, opening his mouth again to sing, Puck and Artie joining him on the harmonies.

"Oh every time I close my eyes (What you see? What you see, bro?),
I see my name in shining lights (Aha, aha, and what else?),
Oh, ye-eah a different city every night,
Oh I, I swear the world better prepare,
For when I'm a billionaire!
Oh, oh, oh, oooh when I'm a billionaire,
Oh, oh, oh, oooh… I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad…"

The girls and Kurt were on their feet the instant Sam strummed his final chord, letting the note resonate throughout the auditorium. Kurt cheered enthusiastically while watching Sam's cheeks flush under the spotlight. The girls and the remainder of the boys were congratulating Sam as he slipped the guitar strap off his shoulder, Mr. Schue clapping a hand against his back.

"That was wicked!" the Glee teacher exclaimed. "What do you guys think?"

The chatter around the prospective Gleek and teacher was positive but none of it mattered to Sam because Kurt was smiling at him with admiration in his eyes and that's all Sam cared about. Kurt stepped up to the stage as Sam walked down the steps with the rest of the guys who were patting him on the back in welcome, the girls surrounding the bottom step to introduce themselves to their potentially new, handsome teammate. Once the chatter died down and the girls broke into two groups to leave, Sam smiled as his eyes caught Kurt. The slim brunette was now sitting patiently waiting for the female half of the club to be done with Sam before he could have him back, all the while ignoring the warmth in his chest from how that sounded in his head.

Sam held out his hand and Kurt tried not to seem too eager as he took it and sighed internally at how nice it felt holding Sam's hand as the blonde pulled him to his feet.

"Congratulations, Sam," Kurt said as the blonde squeezed his hand. "That was a great audition!"

The jock smiled warmly and almost reluctantly let go of Kurt's hand. "Thanks, man. So when do we get to sing some more?"

Kurt laughed lightly at Sam's enthusiasm but stopped and became aware of their surroundings when Sam's arm was tossed around his shoulder and he was guided out from the safety of the auditorium and into the hall. He tried wiggling out of Sam's hold but the blonde wasn't about to let him go. "Do you wanna go grab some lunch with me?"

Glasz eyes snapped to Sam's face and the blonde was smiling down at him. "Have lunch? You want to have lunch together? Like, in public?"

Now Sam looked puzzled and slightly irritated. "Why do you keep doing that?"

"Doing what?" Kurt asked a little startled.

"Second guess everything I say? Question my every motive? You make it sound like you're waiting for me to hurt you and it makes me feel bad. Why do you do it?"

Kurt just stood there facing Sam, completely flabbergasted. He was so shocked by what the jock said that he hadn't noticed Sam's hands were now locked around his waist, securely holding him. "I-I-I d-d-do-o-o-o—"

"Yes you do and I wanna know why," Sam cut him off. "Why do you think I'm gonna do something to you?"

Tears brimmed along Kurt's eyes and Sam's hands guided themselves up the brunette's sides gently, cupping his face and using his thumbs to wipe those un-fallen tears away.

"It's not you, Sam," Kurt began in a broken voice. "Guys like you— guys in general don't treat me the way you do."

Sam caught Kurt's chin when he lowered his gaze and forced Kurt to look back at him. "Why's that, you something of a little heartbreaker?"

Kurt would've laughed at the teasing tone Sam's voice took but couldn't bring him to do it, especially seeing how serious Sam seemed to be in his conviction. "N-No, it's not that. Guys around here used to throw me in the dumpsters because I'm gay! Do you not get that? That's why I'm treated like crap. I'm gay! It's not acceptable for gay guys and straight guys to be friends or even around each other so they punish me for it!"

The blonde's hold went back to his waist only this time, Kurt noticed, even as his tears blurred his vision and fell from his cheeks. He couldn't be certain but it almost felt possessive the way Sam was holding him. "Who's thrown you in dumpsters?"

There was a flat, black fury in Sam's vibrant eyes and looking into it sent shivers down Kurt's spine for all the wrong reasons. "All the jocks," Kurt admitted, looking down the empty hall for them while his tears splashed in all directions. "The football players push me into the lockers and the puck heads throw slushies in my face. If you're seen hanging around me, the same will happen to you. The rumors will start that you're gay or I'm stalking you and trying to convert you, the slushies will fly into your face and bad dye-job; I don't want them to do that to you and why are you shaking me like that?"

Sam's ears were ringing, his vision was being blurred by a vibrant red, rage was flaring deep in his belly but his mind cleared at the last seven words that slipped out of Kurt's mouth. Sam focused his eyes on Kurt and he didn't much care for the uncertainty and slight fear on the brunette's face. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was doing it."

Kurt covered Sam's hands with his and felt a calm of his own spreading through him at the contact. "It's okay, Sam."

The blonde released an exhale of breath and turned all his attention back on Kurt. "So how about lunch?"

Afraid of another questionnaire and pseudo-psychotic episode, Kurt just rubbed the back of Sam's hands with his fingers and smiled. "Sure. Lunch sounds nice."

He smiled back at the taller boy when Sam reached up to wipe Kurt's tears away and dried his hands against his thighs. Beaming up at him and beating the blonde to the punch, Kurt freely tossed an arm around Sam's waist and guiding him to the cafeteria. Sam's smile broadened as his own arm went around Kurt's shoulders and held the boy closer to him.

"What was that about a dye-job?" Sam suddenly asked as they neared the cafeteria.

The brunette blushed. "Forget I said it?" he whispered shyly.

Sam just grinned at him charmingly. "Sure thing buddy, I already forgot."

Kurt grinned back as the two entered the cafeteria smiling goofily at each other without a care in the world. He was aware of the jocks' glaring, Santana Lopez's poisonous grin, Brittany Pierce's delighted expression, Finn's apparent discomfort and Rachel's glee as he and Sam walked into the lunch line together. With Sam holding him against his side, Kurt decided for now, all he would do was ignore the annoying staring. Sam didn't think anything of their apparent hostile environment as he collected a tray and started reaching for paper plates and bowls.

"At least let me pay for some of that," Kurt offered, watching the cashier ring everything up.

"No," Sam stated with finality, reaching into his back pocket for his wallet. "I said it was my treat and how could it be that if I let you pay for it?"

Kurt could feel his head spinning as Sam paid for their lunch and picked the tray up, walking them to a table. The brunette was stunned no one tripped them up or pushed them aside as they made their way to the table Artie and Mercedes were at incident-free.

"Hey, guys," Mercedes smiled, cocking an eyebrow after noticing how close the two were.

"Hi, Mercedes," Sam beamed, setting the tray down and letting go of Kurt, pulling out a chair for the brunette before seating himself.

"Thanks, Sam," the brunette said warmly, marveling in the taller boy's apparent and well-received chivalry.

Artie looked between the pair and turned to Mercedes, the black girl winking at him. "Given any thought about Glee Club, Sam?"

Sam uncapped a water bottle and handed it to Kurt, both now turning to Artie. "Yeah, dude, I think I'm goin' for it. It felt amazing being up on that stage with you guys. When's the first meeting?"

"Three-thirty today after school," Mercedes answered, dipping a tater tot in ketchup and popping it in her mouth.

"Oh shoot! Is it really?"

Kurt was a little startled by Sam's outburst. "Why, what's wrong?"

Sam looked to Kurt apologetically. "I was hoping to try out for the football team?"

"You're a football player?" Mercedes asked a little breathlessly, wondering what he was doing to Kurt if it were true.

He nodded. "Yeah, I played quarterback on my old team. I was hoping to try out here but if it means I can't join Glee—"

"Don't sweat it, bro," Artie interrupted. "Finn, Puck and Mike all play for the Titans. Coach Tanaka and Mr. Schue work something out so the Glee guys can be on the team and Glee at the same time."

"It's true," Mercedes seconded. "It was a little hairy there for a while but they made it work so Kurt and the guys could play."

The blonde turned to Kurt. "You were on the football team?"

Kurt turned to Mercedes, the promise of retribution shining in his eyes but she merely grinned at him smugly. "Yeah, I was on the team last year. Briefly," he emphasized.

"Impressive, dude," Sam held out a fist and Kurt clumsily bumped his against the blonde's knuckles after he understood what Sam was waiting for. "What position did you play?"

"Kicker," Kurt answered with the hint of a blush on his cheeks.

"He won us our only game last year too," Mercedes said in a supposed-helpful tone, a hint of glee lacing her words.

Sam looked Kurt over again with awe in his eyes and a big grin stretching across his face. "Are you gonna try out for the team this year?"

Artie and Mercedes stifled their sniggers but Kurt was beyond caring about his now-former friends and their teasing laughter at the moment. "Uh, no, my days on the team are a thing of the past."

The blonde was going to hopefully try to convince Kurt to consider joining the team when he quickly remembered what the smaller boy said about how the football team treated him and decided not to press him further. "It's cool dude, I understand."

Kurt smiled gratefully at the blonde and his willingness to drop the subject. He reached for the salad bowl on the tray and started eating, the table falling into comfortable silence.

"Dude, what the hell?!"

Finn stormed into the choir room with Artie's wheelchair handles in hand, wheeling the boy up to him.

"Oh, what have I done to you now, Finnegan?" Kurt sniped in a biting tone, ignoring diplomacy because Finn apparently had no problem doing the same.

"It's Sam! You know the guy you brought to audition for Glee?" Finn complained, either not realizing or just ignoring the way his kinda-sorta stepbrother addressed him by his full first name, not to mention Artie's sniggers at hearing said full name spoken out loud. "He got me kicked off the team and took my spot!"

"What!" Kurt spat.

"No, he didn't!" Artie turned around to glare at Finn. "No, he didn't," he repeated softly in Kurt's direction. "The new coach thought Finn was joking because I asked him to help me convince her I wanted on the team so she kicked him off. Later I heard her offer the quarterback position to Sam. I wasn't there but I think he took it."

Before Kurt could question the pronoun Artie used for Coach Tanaka, three more people walked into the choir room.

"That's nothing," an angry Mike interjected, walking up to Rachel sitting at the piano with an upset Mr. Schue and a mad Tina in tow.

"What's going on?" Mercedes asked, coming in to stand behind Kurt, the brunette grateful for the distraction.

"Did you really send Sunshine Corazon to a crack house for her audition?" Mr. Schuester asked.

Kurt's jaw dropped in shock and it mirrored Mercedes' expression.

"Nice going, Man-Hands," Santana sniped as she and Brittany strolled in with pinkies linked.

"How do you even know about that?" Rachel demanded, basically selling herself out.

Mike crossed his arms in front of his chest and Tina did the same. "The Asian community is very close," he explained in a cool, low tone.

With everyone's attention now focused on Rachel and her brash callousness, Kurt collected his satchel and tiptoed out of the room quietly, bolting for the boys' locker room once he was clear of all the loud shouting in the music room, convincing himself that was where Sam would be. His conviction proved correct when he held his breath and stepped into the locker room; Sam sitting at a bench in a clean white practice uniform tying up his cleats the first thing he saw.

"Sam!" Kurt sighed in relief, not really sure why.

"Kurt," Sam's head shot up, his eyes wide. "What're you doing here?"

"I came here to see you," Kurt explained, stepping further into the room and gingerly taking a seat beside the blonde. "So you're joining the football team?"

Sam sighed. "I wasn't going to at first. After Artie talked about you, Finn, Mike and Puck being on the team and Glee at the same time at lunch, I thought I could do it too. We came to talk to Coach but Finn tried to get Artie on the team and she kicked Finn off the team for trying to make her seem like the bad guy or something. She offered me the quarterback position in lieu of joining Glee and I'm going to try out for it. Are you disappointed in me?"

Kurt smiled lightly at Sam. "No, I'm not disappointed. I told you this morning Glee isn't the most popular club in school; if I didn't love it so much I'd want a way to either be popular or anonymous."

The blonde smiled sadly at the boy next to him. "We're cool though, right? I was hoping to tell you after practice but I guess my not showing up to Glee was kinda code for 'I'm not coming at all,'" he chuckled ruefully. "We'll still be friends?"

"Yes," Kurt said instantly, voice clear. "Of course we're still friends."

If Kurt didn't know any better, he could almost swear the look that crossed Sam's face was pure relief. "That's good," Sam smiled. "I better get out there now."

The fashionable teen stood up with Sam and made to shoulder his satchel once again. Sam picked up his helmet and started for the double doors leading to field.

"Hey, Kurt?"

Kurt turned his head to see Sam looking at him almost nervously. "Yeah?"

A hand reached out to rub the back of his neck and Kurt was charmed by how adorable Sam looked. "If it's not asking too much, I was wondering if you'd come out and maybe… watch my try-out?"

Kurt felt his heart skip a beat. "You want me to come and watch you try out?"

Sam smiled. "Yeah. You got me to come and join Glee Club—"

"But you aren't joining Glee," Kurt qualified with a teasing smile.

He grinned sheepishly. "So maybe I've come to think you're something of a good luck charm. If you go out with me on the field, I'm sure I'll get quarterback."

"You're a real charmer you know that?"

Sam's chest puffed out proudly. "So will you come?"

Kurt's shoulders rose up and fell down, a smile on his face. "I'd love to come. But, I still have Glee Club to go to."


He nodded. "I'm sorry, Sam."

The blonde shook his head. "No, I'm sorry. That was rude of me to ask. Of course you have Glee Club; I understand completely."

"But as your friend," Kurt continued, "the least I can do is wish you 'good luck.' Good luck out there but you won't need it. You'll be quarterback in no time."

Kurt turned to leave but suddenly heard Sam's cleats against the concrete floor and felt his hand reach out and caught him by the bicep. "What is it?"

"Sam, what's wrong?" The blonde stayed quiet after Kurt spoke the first time and now he could feel the hand on his arm shake a little.

Sam hesitated a little before letting his helmet hit the floor with a loud clatter and reached for Kurt's other arm, gently pulling the brunette closer to him. Kurt moved on his own accord; soon his body was pressed up against Sam's.

"I-I-I-Is it-t-t-t asking-g too-o-o mu-c-c-c-ch f-fo-o-or a-a-a-a-a… kiss?" the last word was whispered, his voice cracking around it.

Kurt stood stunned with Sam's hands on him, his heart seemingly stopping in his chest. Compelled by an unknown force but not about to fight it, Kurt stood on tiptoes and closed his eyes, gently bringing his lips up to Sam's. A storm of shooting stars streaked across Kurt's eyelids and warmth exploded in his heart as his lips met Sam's, the blonde's hands going from his arms to his waist, holding him tenderly.

Sam's tongue gently licked against the seam of Kurt's lips, silently asking for access. Kurt's lips parted on their own volition and Sam slipped inside, massaging his tongue against Kurt's and reveling in the sweet Kurt-flavor that was bursting everywhere he tasted.

"So could that be considered a good luck kiss?" Sam asked in a daze when his and Kurt's lips separated.

The brunette smiled at Sam and brought his lips up to kiss at the corner of Sam's mouth. "There might even be another waiting when you make quarterback," Kurt flirted as best he knew how, peeking up at Sam through his eyelashes.

Sam grinned like a man who won the lottery and took Kurt by the hand, quickly grabbing his helmet off the floor. With a kiss to Kurt's knuckles, Sam let go of Kurt's hand and felt the brunette's smile digging into his back as he trotted for the doors that would lead him onto the field.

"Sam!" Kurt's mind rapidly made itself up as the blonde turned around. "I changed my mind. Glee will always be there; right now a friend needs me to be his lucky charm so he can make quarterback."

The green-eyed boy smiled brightly and once again took Kurt's hand in his, pulling them both out of the locker room and into the stadium. Sweetly, Sam's lips met Kurt's knuckles once more.

"Evans!" Coach Shannon Beiste bellowed. "Flirt on your own time! Get your fanny out here and get this tryout started!"

The blonde grinned as he caught movement in his peripheral; Kurt getting a seat up on the bleachers so he could watch Sam. He waved to Sam and the boy in the white practice uniform waved back, strapping his helmet on and setting in his mouth guard. Kurt's eyes followed up Sam's stirrup-clad legs and blushed once he reached the top; now he had a new appreciation for football, one that left very little to Kurt's overactive imagination. With one final wave in Sam's direction, Kurt made himself as comfortable as possible to watch Sam's tryout commence.

For more than two hours under the late summer sun, Kurt watched as the new coach relentlessly worked Sam over and didn't once complain about being left out in the waning heat. His eyes focused on the bleached blonde as he worked himself into a sweat over different sets of pushups, jumping jacks, sit-ups and finally jogging four laps around the track.

"So when exactly do you get to try out?" Kurt asked when he came down to the cooler during Sam's break.

Sam's teeth dug into the Styrofoam cup of Gatorade at his mouth and he took a sip, the liquid feeling like nectar from the gods as it sailed down his throat. Kurt tried not to let himself get too distracted watching Sam's Adam's apple bob up and down as the blonde drank. "You have to warm up before you try out," Sam explained, a rather adorkably proud smile on his face.

Kurt just rolled his eyes and snorted, not at all ashamed of the sound flying out of his mouth. "Come up with that one on your own?"

The sweating athlete stuck his tongue out at him and Kurt was sidetracked at the sight, remembering all too well how incredible that tongue felt. "As a matter of fact, I did," he quipped. "Questioning my intelligence, Hummel?"

With a blush and a following grin, Kurt looked up shyly at his new friend. "Maybe I am."

"Why Kurt, if you feel that way about me, maybe I'm not smart enough to hand you this cup of Gatorade I was going to offer you," Sam grinned wickedly.

Kurt blushed as he eyed the cup in the muscular blonde's hand and his heart began to pound. When he was on the football team during his brief stint with heterosexuality, never once did he subject the temple that was his body to the million-plus empty calories that was in Gatorade. Suddenly, partaking in a cup of the sports drink Sam was offering seemed like a brilliant idea.

"I take it back; you're very smart for a blonde," Kurt rectified, eying the cup in Sam's hand greedily.

"What makes you think I'm really a blonde— oops!"

Glasz eyes looked at Sam's matted hair and cocked an eyebrow at the green-eyed boy. "So… what's your real hair color?"

Sam blushed under the attention he foolishly brought on himself. "I'm not admitting to anything."

"Sorry Blondie, you kind of already did."

The blonde blushed further. "Okay, okay. Blonde isn't my real hair color; it's more of a sandy brown."

Kurt's eyebrow lowered back down in place. "So why did you dye it blonde?" he asked in a kinder, curious tone.

"I didn't. Dye it, I mean," he clarified. "I wanted to fit in when I came here so I put lemon juice in my hair."

The fashionista wanted to laugh at that statement but couldn't bring himself to do so. He caught the sunlight beating down on Sam's head and took a better look at his hair, noticing how it made his green eyes stand out more and complimented the tan tone of Sam's skin. "Why lemons? Couldn't you have just used bleach?"

Sam shook his head. "I don't know what I was thinking; lemons just sounded like a good idea at the time. Now that I think about it, maybe you were right about my intelligence after all," he finished with an impish grin, handing the cup out to Kurt.

Kurt accepted the cup from Sam's hand and took the blonde over to an unoccupied bench, grateful that the few football team members who were around were all out on the field.

"You're not stupid," Kurt turned to face Sam. "Putting lemon juice in your hair is a bad idea at best but we've all been there. You met Brittany Pierce, right?" Sam nodded. "For a week I pretended to be straight and we dated."

The jock stared at him wide-eyed and slack-jawed before he started laughing.

"It's not that funny, you know!"

Sam brought a fist to his mouth to stifle his sniggering and he finally calmed down. "I'm sorry," he cleared his throat, "of course it's not funny. I'm sorry for laughing."

Kurt shot him a look but his face softened at the repentant look on Sam's face. "No, you're not; it was pretty funny."

"Why did you date Brittany?" Sam asked in a sober tone.

He sighed. "I wanted to connect with my dad so I lied and said we were dating and tried out for football. Brittany actually told my dad I was already on the team; I asked F— someone to help me try-out and luck was in my favor when I actually got on the team."

The blonde grinned and Kurt grinned right back at him. "Thanks for this by the way," Kurt took a sip of Gatorade and smiled at him.

"You're welcome," Sam said, slinging an arm around Kurt's waist.

Kurt shivered and squirmed, causing Sam to shoot him a hurt look. "No, it's not because of you," he explained quickly. "You're sweaty and this is Dolce."

Sam quirked an eyebrow and Kurt looked down, seeing his "Dolce" jacket was actually Sam's letterman and the clothes underneath were the ones he wore earlier that morning to perform with the Glee Club. The blonde laughed a little at Kurt's blush but decided not to say anything about it; instead he took his hand off the brunette's slim waist and took him by the hand instead. Kurt's eyes widened in slight shock as he looked down at their joined hands but wisely kept his mouth shut. Kurt gently squeezed Sam's hand and the blonde smiled at him.

"I take it we have some things to talk about," Sam asked as he emerged from the locker room squeaky clean half an hour later.

Kurt was leaning against a bank of lockers and nodded, smiling to break the not-unpleasant but not-comfortable tension that began crackling around them.

"Yeah, we do," Kurt agreed, pushing himself off the metal doors. "Do you need a ride home or something?"

The blonde shook his head. "Naw, I told my parents I was hanging out after school to try out for football; they won't expect me for some time."

He nodded at that and reaching out a hand for Sam's, Kurt smiled as the blonde accepted it. Together the pair walked down the hallway from the locker room and out of the school into the empty parking lot.

"Awesome wheels, dude!" Sam enthused, looking at the Lincoln Navigator he and Kurt walking toward with awe in his eyes.

Kurt smiled at the apparent gear head's awestruck voice. "Thanks, Sam. My dad bought it for me for my sixteenth birthday."

"You're sixteen?" Sam asked.

"Yeah," the brunette nodded. "I turn seventeen in December. Why, how old are you?"*

Sam lightly blushed. "Fifteen and a sophomore; my sixteenth isn't until May."

He is too cute, Kurt gushed internally. "Fifteen's no biggie," he assured, unlocking the doors to allow them in. "You act a lot more mature than most fifteen-year-olds I've ever known. A lot nicer too." Not to mention a lot better-looking as well, he thought with a smile.

"Thanks, Kurt," Sam smiled. "Please tell me you're a junior and not a senior."

"I am indeed a junior. How come?"

Because I'd be freaking out if this was the first and only year I'd get to hang out with you, sexy older guy. "Just curious," he lamely settled on.

"O-kay," Kurt said uncertainly, turning the ignition and buckling his seat belt.

Carefully, Kurt backed out of the parking spot he'd been in and navigated the black Lincoln through the lot and out the open gates, pulling onto the street. "So do you want to come to my house?"

"Sure!" Sam brightened. "Will your parents be cool with it?"

"My dad won't mind," Kurt chirped, focusing on the road and waiting for the inevitable. I hope anyway.

"What about your mom?"

Kurt sighed. "She died when I was eight," he sighed wistfully.

Sam's hand settled on his thigh and at the stoplight, Kurt turned to face the blonde. "I'm sorry," he said.

"It's okay," Kurt smiled with conviction. "It was a lot time ago."

"Was she sick or something?"

He nodded as the light turned green and his foot tapped the accelerator. "Yeah, she had cancer for two years."

"I'm sorry, dude."

Kurt smiled despite Sam's continuation of calling him dude. "It's okay. Like I said, it was a long time ago."

The blonde didn't know what to say to that so ignoring his baser instincts to crack some kind of stupid impression or something, Sam kept quiet as the brunette navigated the streets in front of them before the black Lincoln came to a stop and pulled into the driveway of a nice two-story house.

"This is a really nice house," Sam complimented as he stepped out of the Navigator and re-shouldered his backpack.

Taking Sam by the hand, Kurt smiled and was met with Sam's smile in return. "Thank you. I've lived here my entire life," he said, locking the car doors and activating the alarm with the beeper.

"Just you and your dad?" Sam quipped.

"My mom too when she was alive," Kurt said to Sam, walking him up the cobblestone path to the front door.

"I knew that," Sam said aloud, assuring himself.

Kurt just squeezed his hand and dug around in his satchel for his house keys, remembering only when they got to the door that they'd been in his hand the entire time. Thankful to whatever deity was looking out for him that Sam didn't notice, he quickly unlocked the door and ushered the blonde in.

"It's even nicer on the inside," Sam said, Kurt smiling even thought Sam couldn't see it. Kurt shook his head and lowered his eyes when he realized what he was looking at wasn't exactly Sam but a rather snug part of him.

"The kitchen's in there," Kurt pointed when Sam turned around, locking the door behind him and the blonde. "You want anything?"

"Uh, some water if you have it?"

The brunette pulled him along into the kitchen and let go of his hand to walk over to the refrigerator. Sam's eyes were glued to the sight of Kurt bending down to retrieve two water bottles and he internally cursed himself for being such a pervert. Smiling at the smaller boy who handed him a cool plastic bottle, he offered his hand out again for Kurt to take and the brunette accepted it with a rather warm smile. He gave the smaller hand in his a gentle squeeze as Kurt led him down to the basement.

"Is this your room?" Sam asked in awe as he looked around.

"Yep," Kurt nodded. "Been mine since I was five."

"How come?" Sam sat down on the small loveseat that Kurt indicated his hand to.

"It has its own bathroom and the best closet space in the entire house," he answered, making Sam chuckle at the explanation. "I was fashion-conscious at a very early age."

"I kinda got that," the blonde said goofily as he uncapped his water bottle and took a drink.

Again Kurt had to take his eyes away from Sam's bobbing Adam's apple as the blonde drank because the sight was making his belly quiver with… something.

"So congratulations on making quarterback," Kurt complimented as Sam wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and recapped the water bottle.

"Thanks, Kurt. But that's not what we need to talk about, is it?"

Kurt sighed. "No, it's not."

"Where do you wanna start?" Sam asked, setting the water bottle down beside his foot.

The brunette sat up from the mattress and walked across the room, doing his damnedest not to swivel his hips like he knew he had a tendency to do and sat down beside Sam. "How long have you known you were gay?"

Sam turned his posture towards Kurt and took the brunette's hand in his, massaging his thumb against the back of Kurt's. "Since I was thirteen," he started. "I've always been open about it because a lot of people in New York are cool about this kind of thing. I had problems with Neanderthals as you seem to call most jocks," he side-eyed Kurt who was blushing under the intensity of Sam's eyes, "but we had means of dealing with them."

"Like what?" Kurt questioned, curious because he's never known of measures against bullying that worked.

"We had anti-harassment policies that were enforced—"

"I wish I could go to a school like that," Kurt sighed.

"My old high school was Harvey Milk High," Sam bragged lightly.**

Kurt's head snapped up (as if he was slouching in the presence of company before) so fast and hard he and Sam distinctly heard something in his neck or shoulder muscles crack; he was too shocked by Sam's announcement to be embarrassed or care. "You went to Harvey Milk? As in the Harvey Milk High School?"

"Yeah, dude! And I played football for the city—"

"So no high school football team?"

He shook his head. "No, but we had a Glee Club that I was in. Plus homophobic jocks would've been expelled from my school so I only had to put up with them while I was on the gridiron."***

The brunette smiled at him and silently beckoned him to continue with his story. He wanted to hear everything the blonde had to say about Harvey Milk High and its utter fabulousness.

"Things were just cool there," Sam continued. "I had friends outside the school that didn't care I liked other guys; I don't see what the big deal it is with people here. Lima seems to be a little bit stuck in the Dark Ages if you ask me."

Kurt laughed at that. "You're not wrong there. People have been treating me like this since I was four. I never understood why or what I'd done wrong to warrant that kind of 'treatment'—"

"Well, you have me now," Sam interrupted, letting go of Kurt's hand to wrap his arms around the brunette's trim waist. "As long as I can help it, I'm not going to let them hurt you any more than they already have."

The fashionista's eyes watered and Kurt decided that was all he needed to know right now about Sam. He pushed himself up and his lips met the generous bow of Sam's, eyes closing at the contact. Sam sighed in contentment as the pale brunette in his arms kissed him with a sweet and gentle force.

"What was that for?" Sam asked in a daze when Kurt removed his lips from the blonde's.

Not caring about clichés, Kurt spoke up, "For being amazing. I've only known you for the entirety of a day and it feels like I've known you for years. This— whatever that's between us feels settled and familiar instead of brand-new. Does that make any sense?"

Sam smiled. "Yeah. I feel the same exact way as you."

Kurt smiled back at him and suddenly found himself thinking back to events of the earlier afternoon. After the break and Sam had let go of his hand, Kurt watched him run through various drills he briefly remembered when he was on the team like ramming into tackle dummies. When Kurt noticed it was Karofsky and Azimio holding those dummies in place, he imagined the dummies gone and Sam knocking those two on their asses. It definitely made sitting under the dying summer sun watching Sam's try-out all the more enjoyable.

After it was over, Kurt strolled down the bleachers to the track where Sam and Coach Beiste were talking, the lingering football players putting the training equipment away. Kurt assumed it was good news the way Sam was grinning and was still doing so when Beiste clapped him on the shoulder and walked off. Sam caught Kurt looking at him and smiled at the brunette, dropping his helmet on the field. He walked up to Kurt and wordlessly pulled him into a hug, Kurt not saying a word about Sam's sweat or the Dolce he remembered he wasn't wearing as he hugged him back.

"...Will you come to our first game?" Sam asked, his voice breaking through Kurt's fresh memories as he was brought back to the present.

The brunette grinned at him and shook off the feeling that Sam knew what he'd been thinking about. Kurt was slightly ashamed at himself for loosening sight of present-Sam by thinking about what recently happened with not-so-past Sam on the football field. "Of course I will!" Kurt enthused, his eyes shining with delight and voice laced with sincerity. "Anything for the new quarterback of the Titans!"

Sam licked his lips at that. "Anything?"

Kurt blushed lightly at those words but nevertheless brought his lips closer to Sam's when the front door slammed overhead which shocked their lips away from each other before they were given the chance to connect.

Denied, denied and denied, Sam thought blackly.

Sam looked down at Kurt and the brunette wordlessly apologized to the jock, hoping he understood he didn't want to stop what they were about to do. If the way Sam was smiling gently at him as he untangled his arms from around Kurt's waist, Kurt would bet good money Sam understood. He smiled at Sam as the basement door opened and his father's voice called out.

"I'm here," Kurt responded, unlocking his arms from Sam's broad shoulders and putting a few inches between him and the blonde.

Burt Hummel's heavy footfalls echoed off the brick walls as the man descended down the stairs, each footfall sounding like a drum pounding in Kurt's ears. Burt's eyes brightened in realization when he noticed Kurt wasn't alone. "Hey Kurt," he turned to the footballer, sizing him up. "Who's your friend?"

Kurt turned to Sam and smiling, standing up and gently urging the blonde up with him. "Dad, this is Sam Evans. Sam, this is my dad, Burt."

Sam's hand shot up to shake Burt's with the speed of a bullet train. If Kurt wasn't so overwhelmed by his sudden nerves, he'd be laughing at the sight. "Nice to meet you Mr. Hummel," Sam said politely.

Burt shook Sam's hand with less gusto but Kurt was pleased to see there wasn't a hint of malice on his face or in his eyes. "You too, kid."

Sam smiled as Burt let go of his hand, going back to standing beside Kurt. "So how was school?"

An explosion of words burst in Kurt's mind and if it weren't for Sam subtly sneaking an arm around his waist, he was sure he would've collapsed when his knees weakened. "Uh, school was good. School was really good."

The older man looked between Kurt's hesitant but blissful-looking face to the blonde's picture of ease expression and decided against saying something. "I'm glad to hear it, buddy. So Sam, would you like to stay for dinner?"

Kurt exhaled a breath he didn't know he was holding. "Thank you sir, but I can't. My parents are waiting for me at home. I'm sure they want to hear all about today."

Burt nodded in understanding; he wanted the same thing from Kurt and come hell over high water, he was going to get the answers to the questions now burning through his head. "All right then, it was nice meeting you."

Sam and Burt shook hands once more before the older man descended back up the stairs. Kurt turned to Sam and smiled at the jock, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. "I think my dad likes you."

The athlete arched an eyebrow and smiled at the brunette whose hands were gently massaging his neck. "Yeah? You think he likes me?"

Kurt smiled. "I do. If the jacket I've worn all day is any clue, you're a jock. My dad didn't bat an eyelid or freak when he saw us down here; he likes you. And I'm glad he does," Kurt's cheeks began turning pink, "because I like you too."

Sam closed the spare inches between them and pressed his lips against Kurt's. "Good," he sighed. "I also like you. Now I wish I could stay but I really do need to get going. My folks are gonna wanna hear about today."

The brunette nodded and loosened his hold around Sam's neck, the jock wrapping an arm around Kurt's waist and walked him to the stairs. Kurt could hear pots and pans clanging around in the kitchen but couldn't be bothered with the mess his dad was probably making in there.

"So can I pick you up tomorrow for school?" Sam asked as he and Kurt stood in the foyer.

Kurt nodded. "Sure you can. Do you need a ride home?"

Sam shook his head. "Naw, I can walk from here; I only live a few blocks over. Now that I know how to get to school without getting lost, I'll be walking there from now on. Anything to help keep in shape for football," he added with a wink.

"Do you want your jacket back?"

Again Sam's head shook. "You keep it." He ran his hands across Kurt's small shoulders. "It looks good on you."

Kurt smiled, running his own hand up Sam's muscular long-sleeved arm. "Thanks."

"I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Bright and early," Kurt agreed.

Full lips kissed his and Kurt smiled, pouting slightly as Sam took his mouth away. "See you tomorrow, Kurt."

"See you tomorrow, Sam," Kurt mirrored.

"Come back here," Sam gently commanded with a grin, pulling Kurt in for another kiss.

"Hey Kurt, do you know whe—"

Kurt's lips were shocked away from Sam's as the two turned sheepishly to face Burt standing in the kitchen archway, eyes a little wide but thankfully not comically so.

"Uh, never mind," Burt muttered, walking back into the kitchen.

Sam's lip quipped and Kurt did his best to suppress his laughter, so sure that his dad witnessing him kissing another boy would've been met with some kind of drama. Now he stood slightly disappointed but thankful in the fact Burt hadn't threatened to lock him in a dark tower for the rest of his teen years or tried to pull a shotgun out on poor Sam.

"Is this my cue to go?" Sam asked in a low voice.

There was an impish smile on Kurt's voice but he nodded all the same, smiling some and still doing his best not to laugh at the startled look on his dad's face when he saw them kissing.

"Are you gonna be all right?" Sam asked in the same low voice.

Kurt reached up on tiptoe and pressed a kiss to Sam's big lips. "I'll be fine. Something tells me I'm in for a lecture of some kind though."

Sam smiled warmly with understanding in his eyes and pressed one more kiss to Kurt's lips. "I'll see you tomorrow?" he whispered.

The brunette nodded and waved a little as Sam walked out the door and rested himself against the frame, watching Sam's retreating figure and blatantly admiring how snug Sam's backside was in those jeans. He smiled and waved again at the blonde when Sam turned around to wave once more at Kurt before the little brunette disappeared from view. Kurt found himself smiling goofily as he finally closed the door and collapsed against it, heart pounding two hundred miles a minute. He wasn't crazy about whatever it was his dad had cooking for him (literally) and couldn't help himself lamenting at what a day today had been.

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