Title: Goin' for It (Chapter 11: The Gift)

Rated: T

Writing Time: 01/25-02/29/2012

Pairing(s): Kurt/Sam

Warnings: Diabetic-inducing amounts of cottony fluff, a little bit of smut, holiday (Christmas) themes, some character OOC-ing (but I promise I respect the characters too much to change them completely around from canon [unless my changes are well-received, the changes will only be temporary]), and that heartwarming feeling you get in your chest at sweet moments that you try covering up by saying is heartburn. Not to mention this chapter is by far the longest I've written for this story. You don't like, don't read. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. If I did, Chris Colfer/Kurt would get much more screen time and Chord Overstreet/Sam would NOT be leaving the show! (I still don't own Glee but he's coming back so it's better than nothing). That, and Chord would never leave my bedroom, but that's a story for another time (and one I'd be too selfish to share ;) So without further ado, on with the smoochies! ^^

Summary: Sometimes in life you meet someone or see something you just want to have. Despite the conflicts, sometimes you just have to go for it!

Author's Note: It took a long time coming but here it is: chapter eleven! Thanks for continuing to review, alert, and add this story to your favorites ^^ It really warms what's left of my dark li'l heart knowing you people are helping keep the Hevans alive! It's gonna be an awesome day when us Hevans shippers inherit the earth ;) On a slightly more serious note, I'll try not to go a month between updates again. In my defense (if anyone's interested) I've had three other works boiling over, as well as another little plot bunny I'm trying to do something with and real life as well. But still, I made sure to have time for the Hevans. Coz there's just NO stopping it! Betaed by me. If you happen to spot some (if any) mistakes, please don't hesitate to point them out via review or PM. Thank You!

A week with Sam was like a welcomed week away from the rest of the world; Kurt decided when he woke up the next morning in Sam's arms. The blonde's heart was beating steadily against his spine; Kurt didn't want to wake him up. Apparently he didn't need to because Sam began stirring, his grip around Kurt tightening a little.

"Good morning," Sam said, his voice scratchy as he pressed a sweet kiss to Kurt's bare shoulder.

Kurt giggled, Sam's stubble tickling his skin. "Good morning."

"What's so funny?" the blonde asked, his nose tracing along Kurt's creamy-skinned shoulder.

"Stubble," he answered, turning around in Sam's embrace to better face the boy.

Sam's smile was much better being seen firsthand than feeling it against his skin. Kurt smiled back at the man holding him, not even minding Sam's morning breath when the blonde kissed him properly. Kurt's eyes were glazing over happily when Sam pulled away, the jock just content holding him.

"You know you must be in love if you can kiss someone first thing in the morning before he's brushed his teeth," Kurt said, running a hand along Sam's stubbly jaw.

Blue eyes started to shine and Sam just watched the smile growing before them. Sam took Kurt's face in his hands and plastered more kisses against every inch of the porcelain skin he could, Kurt loving the feel of Sam's morning scruff scratching his face.

"I love you," Sam whispered against his lips, running his tongue along the lower one.

Kurt felt his heart swoon. "I love you too." THIS is a great way to begin the day!

"C'mon," Sam started, untangling his arms from around Kurt and sitting up. "It's time to start the day."

What a dork, Kurt thought amusedly. "You know today's Saturday, right?"

Sam nodded, getting out of bed while Kurt just sat there and admired the boxer-clad sight. "So?"

"So… it means we don't have to get out of bed if we don't want to," Kurt reasoned, desperate to feel Sam's warmth against him again.

The blonde just smiled as he dropped to his hands and knees, Kurt rustling away the blankets to crawl to the edge of the bed.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I start every day with a light workout," Sam said, stretching his legs out and balancing himself on his hands and toes. "You're free to watch if you want."

Kurt felt an instant stab in his belly at those words; Sam beginning to push himself up and down. Boldly, Kurt got out of bed and dropped to the floor, propping himself up on his elbows, hands supporting his face. Sam reached all the way up for a kiss before going back to his pushups, unaware of the blush spreading across Kurt's cheeks. He was content just watching Sam work out, loving how the blonde's breathing went from normal to slightly strained, how his biceps began quivering, the veins that were becoming more noticeable with each pushup, or the sweat pooling across his chest and down his face. It was probably dripping into the new carpeting but Kurt didn't care. Not when the smell of Sam's natural odor was permeating the air and causing a rush of primal energy to course through the brunette's veins.

"…198, 199, 200, all done!" Sam declared, propping himself up on his feet.

"Shower now?" Kurt asked, taking the blonde by the hand and pulling him into the en suite bathroom.

Sam didn't say a word as his boyfriend closed the door behind him, tickling his belly teasingly before trailing a finger through his boxer's waistband, tugging them off. Kurt giggled a little as something bounced around a bit, Sam having the decency to blush. The countertenor kissed him, pulling his own underwear off as he kicked it into a corner. Taking Sam by the hand again, Kurt stepped over to the shower, pushing the curtain back. Sam picked him up and set him in the tub, pulling the curtain closed. He turned his attention around and fiddled with the tabs, turning the warm water on.

"Sure you don't need the cold?" Kurt teased from behind him, licking his lips when he remembered the first time he and Sam showered together.

The blonde grinned even though he was facing the wall opposite Kurt. "I'm sure," he answered.

Kurt giggled as Sam turned around, taking the smaller boy in his arms. Sam grinned as Kurt looked up at him with so much love in his eyes; it was making Sam real happy seeing it.

"You said you didn't need the cold water," Kurt commented as something poked him in the gut.

The blonde blushed as he looked down and realized what was coming up. "Sorry."

"Don't be," Kurt assured, pressing himself a little more against Sam. "It's… oddly flattering knowing I have that effect on someone."

Sam's eyebrow arched and Kurt just grinned up at the boy. "It is."

"If you say so, Kurtie," Sam said, nuzzling his nose against the brunette's.

Kurt just giggled as he wiggled his hands in the water beating down on Sam's shoulders, his hands tingling in the sensation. Sam continued Eskimo kissing his face, his lips trailing against his soaking wet neck. His eyes trailed over to Kurt's collarbone, proud of the brown mark stark against Kurt's porcelain skin. He was sure as soon as they were done and drying off, he'd see the hickey Kurt left him on the side of his neck.

"You're such a vampire," Sam stated when they were done showering, dipping his razor in the sink of hot water.

Kurt's eyes turned from staring at his reflection brushing his teeth to the mark he left on Sam's shoulder. He was oddly proud of it; slightly jealous Sam's skin tone worked having a hickey better than his did. He just smiled, widening the ring of toothpaste around his mouth while Sam rolled his eyes.

"Sorry?" Kurt offered, daintily spitting out a mouthful of toothpaste.

Sam dragged the blade down his cheek, dipping it in the sink. "I'll bet."

The brunette just rinsed off his toothbrush, cupping some water in his hand and washing around his mouth while Sam shaved. He sat down at his little vanity as Sam finished up, wetting his own toothbrush to brush his teeth. Sitting here in the bathroom while he lathered and exfoliated and having Sam at the other end brushing his teeth felt so right. To Kurt, it was almost like glimpsing into the future, or at least what he hoped a future living with Sam would be like. It was scary, thinking that far ahead even though he hoped above all else that he and Sam were still together. But at the same time, it was wonderful how comfortable he was with himself to allow someone around while he sat in his bathroom wearing nothing but his bathrobe, moisturizing his skin for the day.

Sam spit out the gob of toothpaste when Kurt finished moisturizing, smiling widely at the brunette. Kurt rolled his eyes at Sam's adorkable antics, his heart pounding with contentment.

"What sounds good for breakfast?" Sam asked, taking Kurt by the hand and walking him out of the bathroom.

Kurt flipped the light switch and shut the door behind him, thrilled Sam was holding his hand. "You're going to make us breakfast?"

The blonde stopped and spun around, letting Kurt's hand go in the process and gathered up his boyfriend in his arms. "I thought for the week we're gonna play house," he started, making Kurt blush heavily in the process. "What kind of husband would I be if I made my wife do everything?"

Laughter was the only answer Kurt had as he convulsed in Sam's arms, a snort or two (okay, six!) escaping him. "You are such a dork!"

Sam pouted. "Aw, honey. Isn't that why you married me?"

Kurt giggled, thrilled at how good words like 'honey', 'married', 'wife', and 'husband' sounded in Sam's deep voice. "I'm going to marry you for a lot more than that."


The brunette nodded, wrapping his arms lovingly around Sam's neck. It excited him; seeing the light in Sam's eyes grow bright when the words spilled from his mouth. He couldn't deny it: the fact that he was responsible for it made him proud of himself.

"Maybe one day," he smiled, twirling a strand of Sam's blonde hair with his finger.

"So should I get down on my knee now and propose or…?"

Kurt blushed, his ears delighting in the sentence his Sam formed. "Maybe you should wait until you talk to my dad first. He'd kill you if he came home and saw an engagement ring on my finger without prior notice."

Sam chuckled at that. "Yeah, I guess you're right," he leaned for a kiss. "So how do pancakes sound?" he asked, changing the subject.

The countertenor reached up for a kiss, not wanting to let go of Sam's lips. "Pancakes sound great!"

"Alrighty then! Let's get downstairs and I'll start makin' 'em."

Kurt stopped the blonde before he could bolt from the room. "Sam? We should get dressed first."

Realization dawned on Sam's face as he looked down at the brunette in his arms wearing a bathrobe and at himself, a towel wrapped securely around his waist.

He blushed. "Yeah, I think you're right."

"I'm always right, Samuel," Kurt teased, running his hands slowly down Sam's sides. "Now in order for you to get dressed, this towel will have to be done away with."

Sam was thankful his tan skin could better hide his blush than Kurt's as the towel was pulled away from around his waist, his pride and joy displayed to the room's other sole occupant. Kurt's eyes flashed in delight as he kept his focus on Sam, trying his damndest not to look further than the blonde's chest. Sam bussed a kiss to his boyfriend's lips before reaching his hands down and untying the bathrobe belt around Kurt's waist. Kurt blushed lightly as the belt unknotted with Sam's help and the blonde reached up inside it, his fingers so smooth against his heated skin. Hands resting on Kurt's shoulders, Sam Eskimo kissed the brunette as he flicked the bathrobe away, Kurt shucking his arms out of the sleeves as the cotton pooled around his feet.

Glasz eyes peered into blue and Sam smiled, Kurt's heart melting at the sight. Shyly, Sam broke off contact with Kurt first to let his eyes wash over the brunette's pale body. He was feeling beyond blessed by the deity he believed in that his boyfriend allowed him to see him naked, that he had a boyfriend who had such a drool-worthy body. Kurt's eyes peeled themselves away from the glazed smile on Sam's face as he took in his fill of his boyfriend's body, visually tracing over Sam's abs and not at all ashamed of the one thing his vision was focused on the most.

"We should probably get dressed now," Sam said, his eyes still washing over Kurt's lithe body.

Kurt nodded, picking his head up and reaching up on tiptoe to kiss Sam as the blonde did the same. Before anything else could happen, Kurt pulled away gently from Sam's delicious mouth and smiled at him. Speaking volumes with his eyes, Sam just nodded a little and stepped across the room to the dresser where Kurt had earlier cleared a drawer for Sam's stuff. Kurt just focused a little on Sam's muscular backside before shaking his head and turning to the closet, opening the doors and selecting an outfit at random. As Kurt dressed, he realized that had to be the fastest he'd ever picked out his clothes, the fastest he'd ever been dressed and ready for the day. Sam, who never needed more than ten minutes to be ready, was surprised his fashionable boyfriend was already dressed by the time he turned around.

"Come here," Kurt motioned, beckoning Sam holding a pair of Vans over to him.

Sam sat down beside the brunette and propped his feet in Kurt's lap, handing the boy his shoes. "You know I can tie them myself," he said.

The fashionista nodded, Sam's words not stopping him from lacing up the jock's shoes. "I know. I just like tying them for you."

"How come?"

Kurt was stumped, an unexplainable blush creeping across his cheeks. "I don't know. I just do."

Not minding that he had a boyfriend who took care of him over the small things, Sam smiled as Kurt set his feet down. Taking the smaller boy by the hand, Sam guided him out of the bedroom and down the hallway. Both of them smiled at each other as they passed Finn's room, the sounds of the frankenteen snoring away like a chainsaw filling their ears. Kurt snorted at the sound as Sam tugged him down the stairs, trying to keep himself from feeling like a naughty boy trying not to get caught doing something, well, naughty.

The smaller boy smiled as he sat down at the island, Sam flitting around the kitchen for a bowl and pancake ingredients. His eyes just looked on lovingly as Sam cracked a few eggs into a mixing bowl and dumped a few cupfuls of flour in as well, adding cinnamon, baking powder and milk. Grabbing a whisk from the drawer below the chopping board, Sam dipped it in the mixture and began whisking, his eyes on Kurt's smiling face the entire time.

"I like this," Kurt announced, watching Sam's bicep flex a little as the blonde whisked.

"Raw pancake mix? Do you want some before I make the pancakes?" Sam asked slightly confused.

He rolled his eyes. "No, silly, this," he enunciated, pointing between himself and Sam and then to the kitchen they were in. "I like how nice this feels, us just sitting around making breakfast. Feels almost—"

"Natural," Sam finished for him.

"Yeah," Kurt smiled, extremely glad he wasn't alone in feeling the way he did.

"Almost like we've been doing it forever, right?" Kurt nodded.

"You're right, baby. It does feel nice."

Kurt smiled and leaned over the island to kiss his amazing boyfriend, delighting in the feel of Sam's big lips against his.

"No more distractions," Sam chided, licking over his lips and winking at Kurt. "Gotta get these made so I can feed my baby."

The brunette blushed as Sam grinned at him, going back to his whisking. Ever since Sam's first day at McKinley where the blonde had given him a piece of pizza and then started feeding him his chili cheese fries, Kurt wasn't ashamed to admit (if anyone were to ask) that he suddenly loved nothing more than being fed. More so, what he really loved was how Sam, his sweet, precious, adorkable, perfect Sam had spent his first lunch period that day feeding him of all people. Since then, he's dreamed about that lunch hour in the cafeteria, surrounded by all those homophobic bigoted people and the emotions radiating in Sam's eyes as he carried on like nothing was wrong. He loved Sam's eyes the most, especially on the day Kurt met him. How expressive they were that lone hour in the cafeteria, how bright his light smile was shining at him, as if he'd never seen anything like Kurt before. If all that came from Sam feeding him that first time, Kurt couldn't wait for the very-near third time where he did it again; he still can't look at a bowl of fruit salad without grinning like a loon.

"—urt? Kurt!"

Kurt's eyes snapped up to Sam, the blonde looking down at him with an amused smile on his face. "Hey baby. What're you thinking about?"

"You," Kurt admitted, blushing and looking down at the tiled island.

He could practically hear Sam's grin as the blonde set down the mixing bowl and walked over to Kurt's side of the island. Sam gathered the blushing boy in his arms, pressing kisses into his vanilla-scented hair.

"Thinkin' of me?" he teased, resting his cheek lightly against his boyfriend's chestnut locks.

"Don't I always?" Kurt asked, speaking directly into Sam's broad chest.

Sam kept his arms around the lither boy as he nudged Kurt up gently and caught his lips in a kiss. "What about me were you thinkin' about?"

"Remember your first day of school?" Kurt asked, still blushing as he determined to keep his eyes in Sam's.

The blonde nodded, smiling because he remembered everything about his first day at McKinley, including meeting the angel he later asked to be his boyfriend. "What about it?"

Kurt's eyes bore into Sam's with such love and vulnerability that the blonde had to lick his suddenly-dry lips after seeing all that intensity. "Remember how you f-f-f-fed me that time?"

Sam smiled lightly before it became a full-grown grin. "I was so scared! I thought I was moving way too fast but you were just so cute and— and I couldn't help myself."

"You weren't moving too fast," Kurt assured softly.


Kurt nodded. "Really, though I'd appreciate next time if you have something healthier than pizza and chili fries to feed me but I wasn't about to complain. The last people who fed me like that were my parents. And I was a baby at the time."

The footballer chuckled a little at that, bending down a little to kiss Kurt's cheek. "I'll bet you were just the cutest little baby."

Kurt snorted, Sam laughing at the indelicate sound he made his boyfriend make. "See? I'm always right too, ya know."

The diva rolled his eyes, catching a kiss to Sam's chin. "Don't you have pancakes to make? Your baby's hungry."

Sam let go of Kurt and stood up ramrod, mock-saluting his boyfriend before marching over to the opposite side of the island and grabbing the mixing bowl. Kurt's eyes returned to watching Sam as the blonde turned on the stove and pulled a frying pan from its drawer, spraying it with cooking spray he retrieved from the cupboard. A better idea popping into his head, Kurt spun out of his seat and walked up behind Sam, wrapping his arms around the blonde's trim waist.

His grip tightened around Sam when the blonde reached a hand down and covered the brunette's, making pancakes one-handed. Kurt smiled at the culinary talent the blonde possessed as Sam masterfully made breakfast, not once making a mess despite having only one hand to work with. One after another, Sam's perfect pancakes were flipped around in the frying pan until they turned a delicious golden brown and stacked on a serving plate beside the stove.

"All done, handsome," Sam announced after the last pancake was added to the pile on the plate.

Uncovering Kurt's hands with his, Sam turned off the stove and turned around to put the used utensils in the sink, Kurt walking with him. The blonde smiled at Kurt's unwillingness to let him go, finding the diva's actions cute. Sam walked back to the stove and picked the plate up, bringing it to the island.

Kurt figured it was his turn to do something around the kitchen so he let go of Sam (not before the blonde turned him around and kissed him) and collected plates, knives, forks and glasses.

"Do you want orange juice or milk?" Kurt asked from the refrigerator.

"Uh, milk," the blonde replied.

The brunette nodded, pulling both the milk carton and the orange juice bottle out. Gently kicking the fridge door closed, Kurt reached out the carton and Sam accepted it, pouring himself a glass. He handed it back and took the offered orange juice from Kurt, filling his boyfriend's glass full. Instead of handing it back, Sam took the milk carton from the soprano and put them both back in the refrigerator instead of having Kurt do it.

"Thanks, Sam."

Sam smiled, wrapping an arm around Kurt and walking with him to the island. "You're welcome, baby."

It was Kurt's turn to smile as he sat down first, the blonde sitting down after him. "Do you think we should go wake Finn up?"

The blonde shook his head. "Nah, just let him wake up when he wants to. I want you all to myself for as long as possible."

Kurt blushed a little, grabbing Sam's hand and pressing a kiss to the blonde's knuckles. Sam smiled down at him as Kurt gave him his hand back. Giving Kurt's fingers a little squeeze, Sam turned to the serving dish and used his fork to set a couple on his boyfriend's plate before serving himself. The blonde turned to him and winked, Kurt's will to voice his appreciation drying up on the spot.

"Syrup! I forgot the syrup!"

Sam's hand reached out for Kurt's wrist and stopped the boy from leaping out of his seat. "Don't get up. I'll get it for you."

He nodded as Sam got up and walked to the fridge, pulling the door open and plucking the syrup from its shelf. The door closed on its own when Sam brought the syrup bottle back, popping its cap open and handing it to the elfin teen. Kurt smiled as he gave the plastic bottle a squeeze, letting the maple goodness coat his small pancake pile. He turned it right-side up and handed the bottle to Sam, the blonde's fingers brushing purposefully against his before taking it from him.

"Thanks, cutie."

Again, Kurt blushed as he watched Sam cover his pancakes in syrup, the blonde catching a little on his finger as it fell from the bottle spout, bringing it up to his mouth. He capped the bottle and set it on the island, sucking the syrup off his finger. Kurt, who'd begun cutting up his pancakes, stilled at the sight and tried to stop the moan from escaping his mouth.

Sam arched a bemused eyebrow and flashed his eyes in Kurt's direction. The countertenor looked down at his plate but didn't miss Sam's smirk in his periphery. "Liked that, did ya?"

Coyly smiling despite himself, Kurt nodded. Sam grinned lightly as he spun the brunette around in his seat, turning Kurt to face him. His hands snaked out around Kurt's slim waist and Sam pulled him against him for a kiss, one Kurt was more than happy to return. He could literally taste the syrup and pancakes on Sam's breath as his tongue lingered inside the blonde's mouth; Kurt was determined to absorb as much of it as humanly possible.

His stomach rumbling shocked Kurt away from Sam's lips and the singing athlete convulsed in laughter, actually falling off his stool but not stopping shaking. Kurt blushed from the roots of his hair to the tips of his toes, embarrassed that his plans to drain Sam's mouth of syrup were foiled. "It's not that funny, you know."

The jock willed himself to calm down, standing himself up. His face was red from exertion and he shook a little as he sat back down, taking Kurt's hand in his and pressing it against his flushed cheek. "I'm sorry for laughing so much Kurtie. That was just the cutest thing I'd ever heard."

Blushing just a little bit lightly, Kurt sighed as Sam brought his hand to his lips for a kiss. "Well… I'm glad I made someone's morning."

Sam smiled against the brunette's knuckles, giving his boyfriend his hand back. "Let's eat before your stomach makes another demand like that."

Kurt nodded, not needing to be told twice. The two ate in comfortable silence, occasionally stealing coveted glances at one another while eating. Yeah, Kurt thought, taking a sip of orange juice. I'm really looking forward to a week of nothing but Sam-time.

November celebrated its first Hummel-Hudson Thanksgiving when Burt and Carole returned from their honeymoon a touch hung over and jet-lagged, tanned (slightly sunburned in Burt's case) yet happy. What (or who) Kurt was thankful for was Carole's stroke of genius inviting the Berry and Evans' families over to celebrate the holiday with them. He remembered wrapping his arms around his new stepmother for a good five minutes and pointblank refused to let her go until he felt like it. His foot had wrapped itself around Sam's ankle the entire time the blonde sat beside him eating, a smile tugging at his lips every time Sam's eyes darted over to Kurt from his peripheral. Before anyone knew it, November was over in its place came December. And with December, the air turned colder, trees were left bare but Kurt could still see the beauty in the world.

Kurt wasn't normally so excited for the holidays except for escaping school and his tormentors, but this December was different. This year he had a boyfriend to celebrate with and he was determined to make it right. Plus, December twenty-fifth marked his seventeenth birthday and he wanted to do something special to commemorate it; something special meaning more time with Sam. He figured with his boyfriend's Christian upbringing that he'd probably spend time in church or something and he was weighing the pros and cons of asking to go with him. He figured if a church could produce a man like Sam, then maybe not all religion could be bad. Kurt still didn't believe in God but he did believe in Sam; that had to count for something. On the other hand, he wondered if Sam's church even knew the blonde was gay. Lima was a small town after all; people talked. He wondered if he would even be welcomed if he decided to work up the courage and ask Sam to join him for service or Mass or whatever it was called.

Speaking of Sam, there the blonde was by his locker, something obviously hidden behind his back. "What's going on?"

The blonde turned his arm and an entire branch of mistletoe was clenched in his hand. Kurt snorted as he leaned against his locker, Sam's beautiful blue eyes shining mischievously. "'Tis the season."

Using his two-inch height advantage, Sam held the mistletoe above their heads and Kurt laughed. "Well? Aren't you gonna kiss me?" Sam asked, his grin growing bigger and bigger. "It's tradition."

"You are so lucky I love you," Kurt chided as he pulled Sam down for a kiss.

Sam sighed happily as his lips were met with Kurt's, his arm lowering from overhead to snake around Kurt's waist. Sam's grin wasn't the only thing that had grown when Kurt slipped a little tongue into his mouth, the 'growing' problem nudging Kurt in the gut. Kurt smiled amusedly as he wrapped a hand around Sam's neck, pulling the boy further against him. Finally Kurt let go of Sam's mouth and was met with the flushed and slightly panting sight of his amazing boyfriend.

"'Tis the season indeed," Kurt commented, Sam flushing as the brunette turned his back to him and opened his locker.

An arm wrapped around his waist and Kurt leaned into the touch, his back plastered against Sam's torso. Lips met his neck as the brunette gathered the books he needed for his first classes, not about to go running back and forth between class without Sam beside him.

"I'll take those," Sam chivalrously declared as Kurt's locker closed, unoccupied hand scooping up Kurt's books from him while the one around his waist guided him down the hall.

"Such a gentleman," Kurt commented, making the smile on Sam's face even wider.

Sam aimed a kiss to Kurt's temple, the brunette wrapping his arm around his boyfriend's waist lovingly. Kurt didn't even care they were being publically affectionate in the halls; straight couples at McKinley acted like this and worse every day. The fashionista was almost confident he and Sam were acting tamer than them. Sam on his part just didn't care what nameless faces had to say. Kurt was his boyfriend and there wasn't a thing in the world that would stop him from showing his love to the boy in his arms. He had such a hard time sometimes believing that he and Kurt were living in the same century as some of the people they were forced to go to school with.

"Meet me here after class?" Sam said when they reached Kurt's science class.

Kurt nodded, reaching up to kiss Sam chastely before letting him go and having his books returned. He sighed as he stepped into the classroom, severing all connection with Sam. Sitting down in the first available seat, glasz eyes turned to the door he walked through and the love of his life was still standing there, looking adorably (yet heartbreakingly) sad. Sam blew him a little kiss before turning away and walking out of view. Kurt blushed; he'd never had someone blow him a kiss before. He really liked how that made him feel.

At the end of class and there to walk him to the next, Sam was determined to spend as much time with Kurt as possible. The two were practically inseparable come lunch, Sam taking what Kurt confessed to him during their blissful week spent together before Thanksgiving break to heart; Sam feeding him little bites of his baked potato. Quinn and Mercedes shared in their cooing, Tina alternating between muttering phrases in Korean and asking Mike in English why he didn't feed her like Sam feeds Kurt. Kurt couldn't be bothered to really care about the audience participation because he was too busy soaring to Heaven under Sam's guidance, the blonde spearing more potato on his fork and holding it up to the brunette.

"You two are just adorable," Rachel gushed, watching the display with avid (or compulsive, some would argue) fascination.

The countertenor just smiled, more to Sam than Rachel. Brittany kept making dolphin squeaks under her breath as she ate, Artie and Santana the only ones really paying attention. Puck couldn't really be bothered to comment; his arm slung over Quinn's shoulder the only thing he really cared about. That and the pizza in front of him. Finn, by now, was used to Sam and Kurt being all lovey-dovey to the world. He spent an entire week watching the two make do-do eyes or whatever at each other; he was thrilled when the week ended and he stopped feeling like he needed a shot of diabetes medicine because of all the sweetness. If he were being honest, it was just nice seeing Kurt so happy, especially after all the crap he helped put the smaller boy through the past couple years.

"Do you think we're ever gonna sit down to a lunch where they're not ready to jump each other?" Artie turned to ask Mercedes.

She shook her head. "Naw, white boy. I hope those two always look at each other like that."

Kurt's ears perked up when he heard that, throwing a grateful smile over to his best friend. Sam caught wind of what she said and reached a hand out for hers, giving it a gentle squeeze. The bell rang and Sam let her hand go, bringing it back across the table as he gathered up the trash and grabbed Kurt's hand with his other. Kurt didn't hesitate (Sam was thrilled when he noticed that) like the first time the blonde held his hand in the cafeteria. Kurt for once ignored the glares from some of the hockey team as Sam tossed away their garbage and waited for Mercedes and Tina to join them. The girls cooed and giggled as Sam kissed him goodbye, separating with Mercedes to their shared history class while he and Tina headed towards trig.

Tina kept smiling at him the entire time they were in class, sitting in the back row pretending to be interested. Kurt's eyes were trained solely on his notebook where he was filling the pages writing Kurt + Sam, followed by a heart. Tina noticed and kept on smiling, knowing full well she herself had notebook pages covered in nothing but Mike + Tina 4Eva. It just made the Goth all warm and fuzzy inside seeing someone being so loving and affectionate with her best friend, especially now that it was Christmastime.

"Quit staring," Kurt whispered to the Asian girl, trying not to draw attention to himself.

"Can't help it," Tina whispered back.


She suppressed a giggle. "It's my Sam impression. What do you think?"

Kurt managed to keep the remainder of his laughter in but a few squeaks. Some kids in the rows in front of them turned around and they got was Kurt's legendary icy glare in return. "I think your impression needs work. It's not as impressive as Sam's."

Tina actually had to cover her mouth with her hands to keep from laughing, Kurt shooting her a look. It surprisingly passed the time in class and before the brunettes knew it, trig was done. He and Tina collected their books and escaped from the room, Sam and Mike meeting up with them to walk to their next classes. Kurt seriously couldn't wait for Glee Club to come; not having any classes with Sam except for Glee was really beginning to get him down. Still, he was determined to keep in the feeling of Sam's arm around his waist while they walked down the hall together and Sam's sweet kisses against his lips until they could get to the music room.

Finally! Kurt exclaimed as the last bell rang.

His books were in his hands and he was out of the classroom faster than anyone else as he barreled down the hall for Glee, pleased (yet he really didn't understand why) that he was the first one there. The solidarity didn't last look as Puck and Finn came in with an actual Christmas tree hulking down on their shoulders.

"What's this for?" he asked.

"Think of it as a mascot for Glee," Finn said, Quinn and Brittany following in with sacks full of… presents?

"Yeah, Santana got decorations and I lifted these from a display at the mall," Puck added, Brittany handing him a bag.

Kurt rolled his eyes but nonetheless started putting the 'presents' under the tree with Quinn's help. Artie wheeled in and Brittany was riding him around the room, Santana shooting the occasional glare at the couple. Sam and Mercedes showed up with Mike and Tina following, the second pair sharing their Asian kisses between themselves. Mercedes looked behind her and laughed as she pulled Kurt into a hug, Sam wrapping his arms around the friends. She laughed at Sam's Herculean strength and wiggled to be let go of, Sam complying as she flew out of his grip. Kurt started laughing at the way she was taking in deep breathes, pretending Sam had squeezed the life out of her. Her brunette counterpart was engulfed in Sam's embrace, the blonde trailing kisses against his neck.

"Wanky," Santana declared to the room, giggles breaking out.

Sam grinned unashamedly as Kurt blushed, keeping his arms around the brunette. "I love you," he whispered against his boyfriend's lips, low enough for Kurt to hear.

The soprano smiled. "I love you too Sam."

Mr. Schuester chose that moment to walk in, taking in how the music room was suddenly transformed into a winter wonderland. "What's all this?"

"Christmas!" Brittany answered with glee.

"Where did it all come from?" the teacher asked, admiring the decorations.

"Well, the tree fell off the back of some guy's truck and Puck got the presents from some display," Finn announced.

"Don't worry, they're all empty," the Mohawked teen assured.

"My neighbor finally killed off his elderly mother and when they were hauling him away, I got all these from her house. I think she was some kind of holiday hoarder or something," Santana finished, proud of herself just… because.


"This is our present to the Glee Club, Mr. Schue. It's been almost two years and we're still treated like losers," Finn said.

"Wait a minute! Is that what it's all about? I'm not gonna let you guys throw yourselves a pity party. Christmas is the time of the year where you're supposed to be thankful about the things you have."

"I thought that was Thanksgiving," Puck muttered.

"So this year, I've decided that we're gonna lend a hand out to those less fortunate than us," Mr. Schue declared.

"How?" Kurt asked, afraid of the answer.

"The best way we know how," he answered. "By singing. We're going caroling classroom to classroom to raise money for the McKinney-Vento Homeless Children and Youth program right here in Lima."

"Classrooms?" Tina squeaked. "Classrooms with people in them?"

"Without people, there's no money to fall in the donation boxes," Schuester replied.

"We are so screwed," Santana mumbled under her breath.

Finn stood up to his full height. "C'mon you guys, Mr. Schue's right. Christmas is the time for miracles. We've got to do this!"

"Let's start rehearsing!" Will declared. "This year, Glee's going full Santa on McKinley!"

"So that could've gone a lot better," Mercedes whimpered, sharing a bowl of popcorn with Kurt and Sam.

"I can't believe teachers around here talk to kids like that," Sam lamented.

"She's the one who threw that shoe at us," Kurt said. "So believe it. Sue's not the only devilish teacher around."

"Don't worry!" Brittany exclaimed cheerfully. "Soon it'll all be better. This year, I asked Santa for the Glee Club to stop being picked on."

Everyone turned to look at her with wild expressions. Artie put his finger to his lip and motioned the club over to him. "We have a serious problem: Brittany still believes in Santa Claus."

Tina and Mercedes started giggling but sobered up when the serious look on Artie's face didn't change.

"Wait, seriously?"

He looked at Mercedes and then the rest of the club surrounding him. "Yeah, seriously. I mean, she believed my comb was magic and that's how we won Sectionals until I told her it wasn't. I thought she was just kidding around by earlier in the hall she was telling me I needed to get my letter into Santa because the roads to the North Pole get slippery this time of year."

At that, everyone chuckled. Kurt and Sam shared a look between that that clearly said Brittany. "So what's the problem?" Quinn asked.

"Someone needs to break the news to her," Santana said, looking at Puck.

"No way!" he exclaimed. "I'm a badass and all, but that's just cruel."

"That's my point," Artie said. Sam was confused; when did he make one? "I have a plan to maybe keep her world a little more magical as possible."

"How?" Mike asked, not really understanding the deal with Christmas since he's Buddhist and most of his family's old country Chinese.

The club gathered around even closer while Artie explained his idea with the club. During his diatribe, Sam's hand found its way against the small of Kurt's back, massaging gently.

"So are you going along with it?" Kurt asked when they disbanded, gathering up their bags and coats and heading for the door.

"Sure," Sam answered, helping Kurt into his coat. "Besides, I've been meaning to go to the mall anyway. Need to start doing my Christmas shopping."

Kurt noticed the little leer Sam gave him and his curiousity was piqued. "Oh? Shopping for anything in particular?"

Sam smiled, kissing him sweetly before wrapping his arm around Kurt and walking him out of the music room. "Maybe."

"Maybe, huh? I can live with that for a few days."

"Let me guess," Sam mused. "You were one of those kids who had to know what all the presents under the tree were, weren't you?"

The brunette laughed, the sound echoing off the hallway walls. "Yeah, I was. It's how I learned how to wrap presents like a professional. When Christmas Morning came and we were unwrapping our presents, I already knew who was getting what."

"Devious little thing, weren't you?" Sam chuckled, brushing his lips sweetly against Kurt's cheek.

He just smiled, leaning further into his boyfriend as they left the warm hallway and ventured into the snowy world around them. "Are you coming with us?"

Kurt shook his head. "Dad needs our help decorating the house and the tree. Besides, it'll give me some time to figure out what present to get you."

Sam blushed. "You don't need to buy me a present, baby. I already have the greatest gift in the world right here: you."

Excitedly, Kurt pushed Sam up against the Navigator, his lips hungrily attacking the blonde's. "You are" kiss "the" kiss "most perfect" kiss "boyfriend" kiss kiss "in" kiss "the" kiss "world!"

"I'm glad you think" kiss "so," Sam responded, thrilled at Kurt's enthusiasm.

"Still buying you a present though," Kurt reminded when he pulled his lips away from Sam's, the glint in his eye saying he wasn't taking no for an answer.

"If I can't stop you," Sam sighed, Kurt not as firmly pressed against him as a moment ago.

"You can't so do not even try," Kurt mock-commanded, Sam slightly aroused by his demanding boyfriend.

"Yes sir," he obeyed with a smile.

"Call me later? Let me know how your trip to Santa Claus Lane turned out," Kurt said as Sam unlocked the door for him.

"I will. Have fun decorating."

"Don't spend too much on me," Kurt chided as he buckled up.

Sam grinned as he pushed the driver's door closed. I make no promises! Sam mouthed as he darted towards his car, Kurt oblivious to say anything.

Damn lemonhead! Kurt cursed, watching the blonde get into his car and wave. He waved back and watched Sam back out of his spot and out of the parking lot. He's just lucky I love him so much.

"That's sounds awful," Kurt sympathized into his phone. "Then what happened?"

"Santa told her he's on it," Sam answered, sighing. "I feel so bad for Artie. None of us expected Brittany to wish for him to walk again. We all thought she just wanted the Glee Club to stop being bullied. And how could she think that Santa was Santa? The one they have at the mall is black."

Kurt snorted. "I'm sure all she saw was the uniform. So…" he began, changing the subject. "What did you ask Santa for?"

"I asked for my nosy prude of a boyfriend to put out," Sam replied with a snipe, followed by laughter that Kurt joined in on.

"Did you really?"

"No," Sam shook his head, not caring that Kurt couldn't see. "Since I already have you, I asked him for ChapStick. Now that I think about it, I should've asked him for something I could give to you."

Kurt laughed. "I'm sorry Sammy. You didn't have any luck either?"

"Nope! But there's still time before Christmas. And your birthday too! Why didn't you tell me they were the same day?"*

"Who told you?"

"Mercedes," he deadpanned.

Damn! "You don't have to go out of your way to get me anything, you know? Seventeen's not that big a deal."

"Is it to me," Sam replied firmly.


Kurt felt like crying; he really did have the world's most perfect boyfriend. Maybe now was the time to ask Sam the question he'd been mulling over for a few weeks now. "What are you doing for Christmas?"

Sam looked down at the phone, not at all surprised Kurt changed the subject on him. "Well, I'm going with Quinn and my family to church for Midnight Mass and then sleep. Afraid we won't spend the day together? Coz I'm planning on breaking free of the house until dinnertime."

"Actually, I wanted to ask if I could come with you."

Now Sam was really confused. "You want to come to church? I thought you were an atheist?"

"I am… but, I figured since church and God is such a big part of your life, it couldn't hurt to maybe check it out. Do you think I'd be allowed to go with you?"

The blonde felt his eyes watering up a little. "Yeah," he answered, clearing his suddenly-dry throat. "Yeah, my church is big on acceptance. I mean, I know all about Mr. Fabray from Quinn but I promise we're not all like that."

I know you're not, Kurt thought, voicing his mind.

"So see? You'd be welcome at our church," Sam assured.

"That sounds nice," Kurt said with a little smile. "Do you think we can go to the mall sometime? Have our picture taken with Santa?"

Sam laughed. "Seriously?"

"Yeah!" the diva retorted. "I kind of want to start making better Christmas memories now. What could be better than my first Santa picture since I was eight than one with my amazing boyfriend?"

The jock let the tears threatening to spill over fall from his eyes at Kurt's admission. "I think we can arrange that. I need to take Stevie and Stacy over so they can tell Santa want they want for Christmas. How about this weekend?"

"Sounds like a plan. Did you think of a gift to donate to the McKinney-Vento program?"

"Can you help me look? I'm thinking coloring books or something but I don't know," Sam answered.

"Those work," Kurt brightened, remembering the ones he used to get on Christmas. "I used to love getting them when I was little. I'm sure other kids would too."

"What are you gonna give?"

Kurt smiled. "A bunch of old clothes from when I was a kid. Whether these kids are homeless are not, at least they'll look good."

Sam laughed, his eyes rolling at his adorable boyfriend's reasoning skills. "Bless your little heart, Kurt Hummel."

"Why thank you, Mr. Evans."

"Oh please no, don't call me that!" Sam groaned. "Mr. Evans is my dad."

"You know, one day I'll become Mr. Evans too," Kurt spoke lowly into the phone. "Don't you want to savor the moments when you were the one and only?"

The jock was silent on the other end even though Kurt could hear his steady breathing. "Mr. Evans works then."

Kurt grinned goofily. "I thought it would."

"Hey, I need to start getting ready for work. I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Okay, drive safe out there. People can wait for their pizzas to be delivered safely or else they shouldn't order them. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye baby."

"Bye Sam."

The call disconnected and the doorbell rang. Kurt didn't think anything of it as he plugged his phone in and thought about Sam delivering pizzas around town. He'd helped the blonde fill out the application during their 'house week' as the athlete referred to it and Sam called him up shouting excitedly when he got the job. Kurt had beamed with pride and ordered a pizza on Sam's first official night as a pizza delivery boy, exciting the blonde when he showed up on Kurt's front doorstep.

"Kurt, it's for you!" Carole's voice called up.

He was confused; it was six PM on a school night, he wasn't expecting anyone. Slipping on his slippers, Kurt ambled out of his room, down the hall and stairs until seeing the sight of Mr. Schuester in his foyer.

"Mr. Schue? What's going on?"

The man looked visibly relieved at the sight of his student. "Um, I need a little help from you actually."

Kurt motioned for the couch in the living room and followed the teacher, sitting down. "What can I do?"

"Well, Coach Beiste gathered names for Secret Santa and I pulled—" Kurt watched as he reached into his pocket to show the brunette the piece of paper with the name he dreaded printed across it.


"And you have no idea what to get her?" Kurt realized.

Will nodded. "I'm horrible at Christmas shopping," he admitted, remembering the time he bought his ex-wife a pair of jumper cables. "I had a small list but a human soul's kinda out of my price range."

Kurt laughed at that. "How about something a little more attainable, like say a fur-lined tracksuit?"

Mr. Schuester perked up at the suggestion. "That's actually a great idea! Thanks, Kurt!"

The brunette sighed, pleased he was able to help. "You're welcome."

"If there's anything I can do to repay you…"

"Actually," the countertenor piped up. "Maybe you can help me."

Will would be lying if he said he wasn't intrigued. "Anything. What is it?"

"I'm having a little trouble thinking of a gift for… Sam," Kurt started, in disbelief he was actually turning to an honest-to-Gucci teacher for gifting ideas for his amazingly perfect and special boyfriend.

"Well, what does Sam like?" Mr. Schue prompted. "Wait! What's that movie he's always speaking that language in called?"

Kurt snorted and laughed, shocking the older man who never saw (let alone heard) his impeccably-mannered pupil do something as uncivilized as snort before. "Avatar."

"There you go. How about stuff from the movie since I'm sure he already owns the DVD? Or comic books? I heard he likes comic books."

"But as Christmas presents?" Kurt said uncertainly.

"Better than jumper cables," Will stated.

Again, a snort escaped Kurt and the teacher laughed. "Touché, Mr. Schue."

"That should get you going. Anything else you need?"

Kurt shook his head. "No, you're right; that should get me going. Thanks Mr. Schuester."

"You're welcome Kurt."

He stood up and Kurt followed him to the door. The older man turned around and shook the brunette's hand. "Thanks again for all your help. I promise I won't tell anyone about your snorting episodes."

Kurt breathed a sigh of relief. "I won't tell anybody you're actually spending hard-earned money on Coach Sylvester of all people."

Will waved as he walked out the door. "See you tomorrow."

The soprano waved back, watching the man get into his car and drive off into the night. Jumper cables of all things for Christmas, my Gucci! Straight men are so hopeless!

Sam hopped out of the car as he pulled into his driveway, shutting the door behind him. He fumbled around in the dark for the lock, grinning like an idiot when he found it. Turning the key, the front door opened and he stepped into the blissfully warm house.

"Sam, that you?"

The blonde rolled his eyes. "Yeah Mom, it's me." Who else would it be?

He followed the scent of lemon something to the kitchen to see his mom baking. "What's up?"

"Hi sweetie. How was work?"

"Eh. Work was work. How're things here? The little ones get to sleep on time?"

Rochelle smiled. "Yeah, they did. Stevie wanted to stay up and wait for you but I told him he needed to get to bed. Sammy wouldn't want him staying up waiting."

"True, I wouldn't," he replied, sitting down at the island. "So how's everything here?" Sam asked, changing the subject. "Is Dad home?"

"Yeah," the blonde woman nodded, cutting off a piece of the freshly-baked lemon cake and setting it on a plate in front of her son. "He got in about thirty minutes before you. I swear he's gonna work himself to death."

Sam sighed. He wasn't blind as to the problems his parents were trying to hide from him and the babies. He also envied his little brother and sister; to be that young and not realize what's going on in the world around them. "So Kurt and I were talking about going to the mall this weekend, maybe taking Stace and Steve to see Santa."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea! Isn't it endearing how much those two love him?" Rochelle mused, smiling at the thought.

The blonde male chuckled. Endearing isn't the word he'd use; annoying was more like it. Many times he had to listen to Stacy planning her future wedding to Kurt because she loved him so much; even Stevie declared he'd be better matched with the fashionista because they're boys, automatically better at any and everything than girls. Sam could almost hear the fights they'd get into ringing in his head, fights about who'd be better for Kurt. Both of them always forgot that Sam was the one actually dating the boy so he automatically got first dibs on something like marriage plans.

"Um, Kurt and I were talking earlier and… he asked if he could come to church with us on Christmas."

Rochelle blanched. "I thought you said he's an atheist?"

"I said the same thing," Sam snorted. "But he asked to come and I wasn't about to tell him no."

"Well, I don't have any problems with it. I'm just curious as to why he'd want to go to church of all places on Christmas in Lima," Rochelle said with an air of confusion in her voice.

After everything Sam told her about Lima and Kurt when he first met the charming brunette, Rochelle didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how the religious community here in town would've treated him if he actually did believe in God. She couldn't imagine such a kind young man being excommunicated over something so banal as sexuality. In Nashville, the church they attended was very 'rainbow-friendly' as Pastor Johnson put it. Same went with their church in Brooklyn, the same church she was proud to have had Stevie and Stacy baptized in. What happened to the Lima she'd known as a girl?

"I'm gonna take a shower and head off to bed," Sam announced as he pushed himself away from the island, his plate clean. "Good night."

Rochelle wrapped her arms around her son, giving him an affectionate squeeze. "Good night, Sam. I love you."

He smiled. "I love you too Mom." Green eyes watched her baby leave the kitchen, ears listening to his feet walking up the stairs.

Sam pulled his tips out of his jeans pockets, toeing off his shoes and socks. He tossed the bills on the bedspread before bending down and wrapping a hand around the old coffee tin under his bed, setting it down beside the money. He popped the plastic lid off the can and counted all the money he accumulated during his runs.

"$120," Sam announced aloud to the empty room, dropping the bills into the can.

He stripped out of his jeans and pulled more money from his shirt pocket, quickly counting and adding the additional fifty to the tin. So far, he calculated there was over six hundred thirty dollars in tips saved up in his coffee can since getting his delivery job over a month ago and he still had NO idea what to buy Kurt with it. He knew Kurt didn't want him spending his money on him but Sam couldn't help it; he wanted something that told his boyfriend how much he meant to him. Sam was reasonable in thinking there's no way he could shower the brunette in diamonds or something crazy like it (he learned during that phenomenal week of playing house with his boyfriend that Kurt didn't really care for diamonds) but since it was his first Christmas with a boyfriend, he wanted to get him something special to remember it by. Kurt could front all he wanted; Sam knew Kurt was hoping for something awesome. Who wouldn't be? Sam wanted to be the one to give it to him.

Sam gathered up his jeans and turned out the lights, padding off across the hall into the bathroom he shared with his siblings. He shucked off his shirt and shorts, locking the door behind him. The water turned on and he waited a few seconds before getting into the shower and letting the hot water beat down against the back of his neck. After the debacle with 'Santa' at the mall, Sam walked around for an hour looking in store windows for the perfect gift for Kurt. He thought about candles, cologne, clothes, even candies but nothing sounded right. Candles seemed cheap; he didn't think about colognes because Kurt owned all his colognes and he couldn't think about any Kurt might want; there's no way he could afford designer clothes; who gives candy out as a Christmas gift? A lousy box of chocolates or something and Kurt would dump him faster than a hot potato. He really had it bad for the brunette, there was no denying it.

The water turned off and Sam's forehead was still resting against the cool tile it had been when Sam first stepped into the shower. He reached for the towel hanging on the hook by the curtain and dried off, ringing the excess water out of his hair.

What can I get him? What can I get him? What can I get him? What can I get him?

That was the question running through Sam's mind as he brushed his teeth and left the bathroom, towel secure around his waist. He pilfered through his drawers for some clean underwear and plopped down on the mattress, tucking the coffee tin with all his saving back under the bed. He grabbed the remote off his bedside table and turned the TV on, hoping something mindless how help lull him to sleep. Flipping through the channels, he settled on a rerun and made himself comfortable under the blankets. The lights were turned out when he felt his eyelids beginning to drop, watching the characters on the screen interacting with their predictable actions (he's seen this episode at least seventy times, he knows what's going on) when all of a sudden he shot up, wide awake.

"Isn't this the episode…?" he started, trying to remember if it was.

Sam watched the characters more closely and realization hit him like a ton of bricks. IT IS! THIS IS PERFECT! I NOW KNOW WHAT TO GET KURT FOR CHRISTMAS! THANK YOU, GOD!

"You're sure in a cheerful mood," Kurt noticed as Sam took his hand a week later, walking them down the hall.

The blonde smiled, so sure his face was going to hurt by the end of the day. He'd been so excited about finding (okay, watching TV when he should have been asleep) the perfect gift for Kurt that he couldn't rest when he decided it was the perfect thing to buy. His mind was too hyped up to allow him to sleep that he stayed up until he could leave for the mall as early as possible before coming to school. The gift he bought Kurt (THANK YOU, TV! And God) had been safely tucked away in his glove compartment until he got it home and wrapped it up. He couldn't wait to give it to his boyfriend. He'd been so thrilled that all week he'd done nothing but smile at Kurt and everyone around them. "I can't be happy to see my amazing boyfriend?"

Kurt rolled his eyes. All week that's all Sam had said; amazing this, amazing that. He wondered how he could be in love with such a dork. "You're cute, you know that?"

"Thanks baby," Sam answered as they approached the music room, kissing Kurt soundly on the lips. "I love you too."

He snorted and Sam laughed as the pair entered the room, both no longer feeling good as their eyes took in the sight before them. "Wow," Sam muttered.

What was left of their Christmas tree was on the floor in… twigs, broken ornaments and cut Christmas lights on top of it. The tinsel they'd hung around the room was hanging off the walls and all the presents they'd collected for the McKinney-Vento kids were gone.

"Whoa," a voice sounded from behind Sam and Kurt.

Both turned to see Mercedes looking around the room with a shocked look on her face, both sure her expression matched theirs. One by one the other Glee clubbers arrived; none more shocked than the last one to walk into the destroyed room: Mr. Schue.

"Who did this?"

Mercedes shrugged. "We don't know. Me, Sam and Kurt walked in and found the room like this."

"It was Santa," Brittany interjected. "He said one of the light bulbs on the tree didn't work and he was going to fix it."

Kurt turned to Sam and the blonde arched an eyebrow.

"Are you sure Santa was a girl and not a boy?" Mr. Schue asked.

Brittany nodded. "I swear on my life Santa's a boy. Everyone knows that."

"I really thought it was Sue."

"How come?" Kurt questioned, moving to stand behind the haggard-looking teacher.

"Coach Beiste, Emma and I found out she rigged Secret Santa so we repo-ed the gifts we bought her. I thought— hoped she was the one behind this so she'd get fired but Brittany said Santa's a boy and she is in some form, a woman."

Kurt sniggered a little at that, doing his best not to snort in public. With the room destroyed, there wasn't much left to do but clean up and leave. Kurt thought after cleanup they'd be going home but Sam announced all the Glee guys were meeting with Coach Beiste in the locker room. Sam filled him in on Artie's plan since the first one was such a bust; he was amazed the lengths the handicappable boy would go for Brittany.

"We've already rented the suit," Puck told the coach as they clambered on a few benches in the locker room. "You totally have the body type for it."

"Watch it, Puckerman," she sniped.

"All you have to do is tell her that Santa has some awesome cord blood for stem cell research but the technology to grant her wish is still a few years off," Sam said, proud that his geeky habits were coming in handy.

"Cute and smart," Kurt muttered under his breath low enough for Sam to hear, squeezing the smiling blonde's hand.

"It'll all work out," Artie assured. "All you have to do is break into your house."

"No way!"

"No, it's cool. Her parents are down with this. They really want her to believe too," Artie said.

Shannon Beiste nodded even though the entire thing sounded like a bad idea gone horribly wrong. Handing her the suit, they left the locker room only to encounter Rachel asking them to come back to the choir room.

"What are we doing here?" Puck asked, bored.

"The 'leaders' of the club decided to make this right, guys are selling their watches and the girls are donating their hair," Quinn sniped, looking at the scissors in her hand with disgust.

"I swear I'm gonna look like Jackie Chan," Tina whimpered, not wanting to cut her hair off.

"I don't see why the girls have to cut their hair off," Kurt interjected as the voice of reason. "When you donate your hair, they don't pay you for it. And our watches aren't going to bring in a lot of money."

"Wait, really?" Mercedes queried.

Kurt nodded. "Trust me."

"I think Princess is right," Puck said, clapping Kurt on the shoulder because he really didn't want to part with his watch. It was the first thing he ever stole.

"So what do we do then?" Santana wanted to know, onboard with selling her hair since most of it wasn't hers to begin with.

"How about finding some people who need real Christmas spirit and sing to them?" Mr. Schue suggested, walking into the room at the right time.

"Like who?" Mike asked.

Kurt rolled his eyes at Finn's little speech to their teachers in the longue and was glad Mr. Schuester interjected when he did. He never would have thought about singing to the school's teachers since their first attempt at caroling in school led to them almost being lynched. Artie took Brittany home because the poor thing was too depressed over her late-night visit from 'Santa' the other night.

This was a much better idea than selling watches and donating hair, Kurt thought as Mercedes took center stage in front of them.

"Fahoo fores, dahoo dores,
Welcome, Christmas,
Come this way.
Fahoo fores, dahoo dores,
Welcome, Christmas,
Christmas Day!"

Taking Sam's hand, Kurt and the other boys chimed in with "Welcome, welcome, fahoo ramus," the girls adding "Welcome, welcome, dahoo damus."

"Christmas Day is in our grasp,
So long as we have hands to clasp
Fahoo fores, dahoo dores,
Welcome, Christmas,
Bring your cheer.
Fahoo fores, dahoo dores,
Welcome all Whos
Far and near."

They all watched as the teachers stood up and dropped bills into their donation box.

"Welcome, Christmas,
Fahoo ramus."

"Welcome, Christmas,
Dahoo Damus.
Christmas time will always be,
Just as long as we have glee,
Fahoo fores, dahoo dores,
Welcome, Christmas,
Bring your light,

The applause was welcoming as they all took their bows and quietly left the teacher's longue, walking their bounty back to the choir room.

"So how much did we raise?" Finn asked.

"Two hundred ten bucks, and that's after my cut," Puck declared, handing Finn the money.

Everyone glared at him. "I'm kidding!"

"Artie…" Tina whimpered as they walked into the choir room.

No one could believe their eyes as Artie Abrams stood, literally stood, in the middle of the choir room.

"It's called a ReWalk," Artie explained excitedly. "Some guy in Israel invented it. I can't use it all the time but look," he pushed a button and they all watched as he took his first steps.

"Where did you get it?" asked a stunned Quinn, tears brimming along her eyes.

"Santa brought it," Brittany answered with a smile.

Sam turned to Kurt and held the boy close to him, watching Kurt's tears fall as he watched his friend slowly walk around the music room.

"It's a real Christmas miracle," he announced in a quiet voice, Sam grabbing his hand and tightly holding onto it.

"Get ready to witness another," Sam whispered in his ear.

"You know, Mass wasn't as bad as I thought it would be," Kurt admitted softly, Sam sitting down on his bed.

It was well after midnight and officially Christmas, officially Kurt's seventeenth birthday. Sam smiled at him as he watched the brunette unbutton his suit jacket, loosening the tie he wore to church instead of a bowtie. He couldn't believe he actually enjoyed himself going to church; believing Sam when the blonde said he'd be witnessing another Christmas miracle. Kurt looked over to the blonde who had long since abandoned his tie, the top two buttons of his shirt undone. He smiled when he thought of Sam's tie resting on the dashboard of his truck, something that had made Kurt laugh the entire way back to his house.

"I have something for you," Sam declared as Kurt sat beside him.

Glasz eyes focused on the manila envelope Sam had brought in with him, as well as two plain white shopping bags. Sam handed the envelope to Kurt and the soprano opened it, the contents spilling out in his lap. He smiled brightly as he recognized the people in the picture, him and Sam on Santa's lap at the mall, Stacy and Stevie in theirs.

"While you are Stevie were at the bookstore, Stacy and I stayed behind to have our pictures printed," the blonde explained with a smile.

Kurt wanted to laugh but couldn't because everyone else in the house was asleep. He remembered how Stevie dragged him off to the comic bookstore, pointing out issues of Sam's favorite comics the blonde didn't have. Stevie went overboard and even suggested a set of action figurines he said Sam wanted but hadn't bought and Kurt bought them anyway, Stevie smiling up at him the entire time.

"So do you wanna exchange presents now?" Sam asked, breaking through Kurt's recollections.

He nodded, putting the picture back in the envelope and setting in on his desk. Rummaging through his closet as quietly as possible, Kurt extracted all the presents he'd bought for Sam: the action figure set, comic books, a nicer watch than the one the boy was planning on selling for donation money and clothes, even though he liked Sam's dorky fashion sense.

"Wow, Kurt!"

"You like them?" Kurt asked uncertainly, surrounded by a sea of wrapping paper.

Sam looked up with a watery smile. "I love them," he said, setting down the comic book he was holding to pull Kurt into his lap.

"Merry Christmas," the brunette whispered against Sam's mouth, closing the space between them for a kiss.

"Your turn," Sam said after a minute of his boyfriend's lip on his, savoring the tingling feeling he always had after kissing Kurt.

The blonde pulled Kurt to his feet and handed him the bigger of the two bags. Kurt gently pulled the decorative paper out and plucked what was folded at the bottom of the bag: a sweater. Sam took the empty bag from him as Kurt held the sweater against himself, looking at Sam.

"This is Alexander McQueen," he stated, stunned.

"I thought the color matched your eyes," Sam admitted, the sole reason he bought it in the first place.

"It's beautiful Sam, thank you," Kurt whispered, holding the sweater tighter against him.

"You're welcome. Now time for the second gift," Sam said excitedly, trying to calm down.

Kurt gently set his new-favorite sweater down on the bed and accepted the smaller bag Sam handed him. It felt ridiculously light and he wondered if there was actually anything in there to begin with. Tearing away the decorative paper to see… a box? Kurt took it out of the bag and let it fall to the floor at his feet. Sam's eyes watched Kurt open the box slowly, loving how wide Kurt's eyes got when he saw what was inside.


"I was watching Buffy when the idea hit me," Sam explained, taking the box from Kurt and getting down one knee, slipping Kurt's left hand in his right. "I'm not crazy to think after almost-five months of dating that we're ready for marriage but I've never met anyone like you before, Kurt. You can call me whatever you want for being certain about my feelings because one day, I do want to marry you."

"Bu-u-u-t the-e-e-se ar-r-r-r-r-e-n-n-n't—"

"Engagement rings, I know," Sam said with a smile, taking the smaller one out of the box. "They're called Claddagh rings. In season two of Buffy, Angel gave her a Claddagh ring. The heart represents love, the hands, friendship; a crown for loyalty. When you wear the ring with the heart's end pointed at you, it means you belong to somebody. If you accept, this ring will symbolize my promise to you to be true, to never pressure you to do anything more than kiss, to listen to your problems, to tell you when you have food in your teeth or eye gunk, to come over to your house again whenever you need something super heavy moved around. I promise to make you feel proud when you walk down the hall and say, 'That dude's my boyfriend.' I promise to do all of those things without trying to sound like Matthew McConaughey," he finished, remembering his McConaughey impression was the one Kurt didn't like.

"I accept," Kurt sputtered through his tears, feeling Sam slide the silver band onto his ring finger.

Drying his eyes on his jacket sleeve and not caring about water damage, Kurt's vision cleared long enough to notice there were two rings in the jewelry box he pulled from the bag. The one now on his finger fit him perfectly; he quickly realized the second one must be in Sam's size. With a shy smile, Sam handed him the box and Kurt took the ring from it. He held Sam's warm hand in his as he slipped the metal onto the blonde's ring finger, admiring how their new rings looked.

"Happy birthday angel," Sam whispered, pulling Kurt to him and kissing his boyfriend with all the love he could muster.

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