The snow is cold and it stings when it goes in his shirt, and Spada laughs his ass off at the sight of Luca trying to get it out. The laughter's cut short when a snowball pegs him in the face (with Hermana laughing and high-fiving Luca), and it's a full-scale war from that moment on.

Iria and Spada on one side, Luca and Hermana on the other; they spend two hours building their forts in Tenos' snow, and a good part of the day exchanging blows with tightly packed ice. They're laughing and grinning, and for once, nothing's weighing them down. Not their memories, not their past lives - it's insanely refreshing, and they collapse in the snow when they're through, soaked and exhausted. Luca closes his eyes, sighs contentedly, and wishes this moment - with his friends, his friends - would never end.