Wolf Girl: Not at all based on Shiver. I do not own Shiver or Linger. Please review.:)


They were there. In the woods. Lurking.

Every night, I looked out of my window. It was always black as death, never any stars, never a small ounce of light, not a single ounce of hope. The dark silhouette of trees loomed over our house, and I always got that strange feeling-when you know someone is watching you. When I looked closer, I could always see those sharp yellow eyes, boring into me, hard as stone.


I was in the woods. The forbidden place. Mum and Dad had told me time and time again, not to go there. Not to even follow the paths, to walk the dog or to pick berries from the trees with my friends. That's what all the parents told their children if they had any sense. But I had gone. I was a little girl, no matter how much I thought I was grown-up. I always thought I knew everything. I always had an answer, and I was never afraid to express my opinion, even if I knew it would get me into trouble. I was a popular girl at school, always the one who everybody wanted to be friends with, the one who got invited to everybody's birthday parties, even the teachers pet, even though I was so naughty all of the time. I was the daring one, bold and brash. Nobody could outsmart me in anything. Everyone was so scared of those woods. I wondered why. So that was why I was there that day, walking with caution, holding my head high. On the exterior, I was the darer. The fearless girl, the one who would never be scared of anything. On the inside I was a lost little girl who just wanted to run. Run as fast out of those woods as possible and never come back.

Because I knew it. I knew something was watching me. Waiting. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, and made me shiver deep down inside. Then I saw those eyes. Bright yellow. Piercing into me, sharp. I screamed. I didn't stop…