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Nina POV

"So, zero, where are we going again?" I asked. But got no answer. I looked over at him but he looked to be in space, so I asked again. "Zero, where are we goinng?"

"Oh, sorry Nina, I was thinking about something, what was it you were saying?"

"I was wondering where we were going, I cant remember."

"Oh, we're going to the park."

'OK, thanks." I wonder what he's thinking about, he's never usually this deep in thought. I hope he's okay.

Zero POV

I wonder if she knows what I'm thinking. Wait what am I saying, of course she doesn't. there's no way she could know. "Hey, Nina, we're here. Now get your stuff and don't be so slow, idiot." I said.

"Shut up, jerk" she said. Man I have got to stop saying things like that and stop being so mean. Ugh, I just get so nervous when I'm with her and I end up saying the meanest things.

I was planning on having a nice picknick, so I brought some food basket and a blanket. "Hey, Nina, get the food out why don't ya." I said to her while she was still at the car.

"Sure, give me one seconde."

Nina POV

I went to get the food and headed over to the blaket with the tree over it. "here ya go Zero." I said and sat down. "So what did you make." I asked.

"I made your favourite sandwitches. I also brought some water and soda, so eat all you want and then later maybe we'll go swimming in the lake."

"Oh, ok" I said and then started eating. After about to minutes, a foreing looking guy came over.

*"Bonjour, madmoiselle et monsieur, je m'apele Monsieur. Vert. Je veux te demander si tu sais ou le sale de bain se place." The man asked. When i looked at Zero, he looked very confused, so i answered the poor man since i was passing french with flying colours. "Oui, monsieur. Vert, je m'apelle Nina, et il est mon chum Zero. Le sale de bain est situer juste par la." I said pointing north.

When the man left zero looked at me like I was crazy and asked "ummmm… what was that?"

"Oh the man just asked a question and I answerd him back."

Zero POV

"Well then, what language was that." I asked though I had a feeling it was french.

"Easy, it was french." Wow I was right. Ha, in your face Ichii

"Oh, OK then. Well I have something to tell you."

"OK,what is it?" she asked

"Well, I… um… I just want to tell you that…" ok it was now or never. Ok I'll tell her, 1… 2… 3… "I..."

*"Hello Miss and Mr, my name is Mr. vert, I would like to ask you where the bathroom is placed." "Of course, Mr. Vert, my name is Nina and this is my boyfriend Zero, the bathroom is situated just over there."

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