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Chapter 2

Bella's POV

The ride to the new house was one filled with boredom but excitement as well. A new chapter of my life was starting and it was with my two mates that I would spend forever happy and content. I would never have imagined that my life would be so perfect. Yes Edward was supposed to be my mate and I was in love with him. Life with him would have been perfect I expect, but perhaps not happy. Something with Carlisle and Jasper just clicked. As if the three of us together made a whole. It never felt like that with Edward. In some ways I felt bad about what I did to him, but when I think about how he was acting when I left, it made me feel like he was up to something. I definitely knew that I'd not heard the last of him. I turned the radio on to drown out my thoughts and pass the time until we reached the house. We did nothing wrong by Royal Bliss was playing. I couldn't help but sing along. "We danced along to the violence. Not scared of anyone. See, they won't complain. As long as we explain. Exactly what have we done. Whooa oooh. We did nothing wrong." My phone started to ring on the front seat. I looked over and saw that Carlisle was ringing me. I answered, "Hello my love. What's up?"

"I just wanted to ring and tell you that we will be arriving soon. And I love the fact that you believe we did nothing wrong." I had to smile at that.

"It's an amazing song. I had to sing along. Plus it is true. We did nothing wrong. We couldn't help what we did. It's nature's way of telling us that we weren't supposed to be with the ones we were with, we are supposed to be together. we may have been happy with them but we weren't as happy as we could be. As happy as we are going to be."

"You really think so?"

"As long as I am with you two I will be the happiest vampire in the world. I do have one question to ask though."

"Anything my darling.

"How come my transformation happened so fast?"

"My guess would be the fact that you had two vampires venom inside you so it sped up the process. Also the fact that your mates bit you it speeds it up as mates can't stand to see their mate in pain. So I'm guessing the combination of both provided you with a very fast change."


"I know." He laughed. "Like I said, we will be arriving soon. I cannot wait to show you the house."

"How did you get us a house so quick?"

"Actually I didn't." He replied skeptically. What has he been hiding from me? "It's a house that we've had for a while. I figured that we can stay there for a little while and then that will give us time to decide where we are going next."

"Oh. I suppose that would make sense. We did leave in quite a hurry."

"Ah. We are here. See you in a minute. I love you."

"Ok. I love you too." I put the phone down as we pulled off through some iron gates and down a very long driveway. At the end a modern looking mansion stood surrounded by pine trees and lake off to the side. Alaska sure was lovely this time of year. We all pulled up in front of the house and moved to stand in front of the front door. I wrapped my arms around Jasper's and Carlisle's waists as we stared up at the house. "Welcome to our new life." I kissed each of them on the cheek before Carlisle unlocked the door and showed us inside. They both gave me the grand tour of the house. I was most excited to see our bedroom. Jasper would use his room for his private time, Carlisle would use his study for his private time and I would have the spare room at the back of the house overlooking the amazing rose garden for my private time. The final door opened to the master bedroom containing a bed that would be plenty big enough for the three of us. When I had seen all of the house we began to move things into the house and unpack. When we had officially moved in I grabbed a book and lounged on the settee in the lounge, thinking about how much I loved Jasper and Carlisle and about how perfect my life was.

Third Person POV

How dare that little tramp break up my family? Thought the hooded figure casting a dark shadow through the trees as they looked through the night sky and spied Bella lounging on a sofa with a book. That bitch will pay. I will make sure of that.

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