"Hello, this is Trans World Operations, how may we help you today?"

"Yes hello, uh, I am Austyn Jameson."

"...The actor, Austyn Jameson?"

"Yes, the very same. I would like to hire your two most experienced mercenaries for a month as bodyguards, and firearms instructors for my new movie in Afhanistan. I'm willing to pay as much as you want or need."

"Well, i'm sorry to disappoint you Mr. Jameson, but our two top mercenaries are heading to China right now to deal with another contract. We do have two other mercenaries that both just joined our organization this week though, but they are both extremely well suited for whatever task you'd need, as they both are from the United States Marine Corps."

Austyn mumbled under his breath, "Well, if i can't get the best mercenaries in the world, then i guess i'll have to settle for the second best. I'll accept them instead. Okay, I'll take those two. When is the earliest you can ship them out?"

"We can have them on a plane to the Middle East in a matter of hours if need be sir, we just need to get a hold of some of our contacts to procure weapons and supplies for the two we are sending in."

Austyn sounded perked at the idea of getting his protection so soon, "Good, good! We will be in the Arab Emirates for filming then, so they need to fly to the Abu Dhabi International Airport. We will pick them up from there."

"No can do Jameson, we can't compromise our contact's in any way, so the two will make their own way to your location after gathering their equipment. We will contact you again once they make it to the Emirates."

"Ah...well, i shall hope to see them soon."

"Pleasure doing business with you sir, and have a nice day"

"Likewise, Ms.?"

"Murray, Alice Murray."