Order of The Phoenix Kidnaps Annabeth Chase

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Chapter One: What The Hades Was That

Annabeth P.O.V

I was happy when I got the, Iris- message from Chiron, saying I could come back to Camp Half Blood: I had gone to England looking for a powerful demigod that Chiron was told was here. We had just won the war against Kronos; Percy's deal with the gods was going great. Demigod's were coming in from all over the world including Thalia's long-lost brother Jason: I hadn't wanted to go. I wanted to stay and spend time with Percy. But no one else could go. Grover, and the other satyrs were out on doing satyr things, and everyone else was too busy; Percy would have come with me, but he was helping his dad rebuild his kingdom. Chiron hadn't said who told him about the demigod, but I hadn't found him or her.

I sighed, and was about to ask Blackjack to land for I could stretch my legs a while. When suddenly everything went dark the street lamps under us went out and the stars disappeared. Then I saw down below about a dozen rob figures flying around someone. From up here I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl, but from the size looked like a teenager.

"Blackjack take me down there, I need to help that person."

Blackjack flew down and landed on the road. I jumped off and dropped the backpack I had on my back; pulled out my dagger, and ran toward the monsters.

When I got close, I noticed that the one they were attacking was a boy, year or two younger than I was; he had black hair like Percy, and the brightest green eyes. I could see them even in the dark. He was holding out a stick pointing it at them and chanted something I couldn't understand. He didn't see me at first, he was to busy staring at the things his eyes wide with fear and shock. I ran to the nearest one and stabbed it from behind; it disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving behind nothing, but ashes. That was when the boy noticed me he looked at me with wide eyes.

Then one of the hooded things turned to me and It was like all the happiness was sucked out of me. I had to relive some of my worse memories: from the time I ran away from home, to the time Thalia became a tree; Luke became Kronos, the war. I screamed as I heard horrible things happening inside my head. I dropped to my knees dagger still in my hand the thing whatever it was flew up to me. It lowered its hood, and I heard the boy yell.

"Keep your mouth shut, whatever you do don't open your mouth!"

I looked over at him he looked as scared as I felt. He was surrounded by them; he shouted something and a-silver stag flew out the-end-of-the-looking thing and chased some off. I came out of my shock, and brought my dagger up, and stabbed it sending it to Tartarus.

together me and the green-eye boy worked getting rid of them. Me with my dagger; him with his wand. When we had got rid of all them and we caught our breath, we looked at each other.

"What the Hades was that?" I cried, same time he asked.

"How the bloody hell did you do that?" We smiled at each another and laughed

"You answer first." I said, smiling.

" Dementors." He said. I noticed, now that I wasn't fighting he had a thick accent . I raised my eyebrows at him and glanced at his wand. I wanted to know if he was a son of Hecate, and if so way he never came to camp, but right now, I was to worried about what a dementor was.

" I have never heard of a dementor. What are they?" I asked.

He looked at me in surprise. I guess he figured that I should know what they are, since I could kill them.

" Your accent, American right?" He asked

I nodded. He sighed and ran his hand through his messy hair, revealing a lighting shaped scar on his forehead. I looked closely at it and he quickly hide it with his bangs.

"Dementors guard the Wizard prison Azkaban." He began to explain. I gave him a funny look.

"They are soulless, sightless, things that live off of fear and despair and make you relive your worst memories. And if they get the chance they give you what they call a dementor's kiss, which is what that one was trying to do to you." He finished and looked away from me.

"A kiss," I asked. " That thing was trying to kiss me?"

He didn't answer at first. He kicked some of the ashes that laid on the ground in front of him with his foot, and took a deep breath. He acted like he didn't want to answer, before saying very quietly.

"It's when they suck your soul, out off your mouth."

I shivered and was about to say something, when a brown owl came out off nowhere and dropped a parchment envelope at his feet; than flew away. He bent down quickly to pick it up. Then opened it, and lit up his wand; so he could see and begin to read. His eyes widen, then anger crossed his face. He began to frantically look up and down the street, as if more of those things were coming.

"Is something wrong?" I asked. He didn't seem to hear me as another owl had dropped a letter. He threw down the first, to read the next; I picked it up, pulled out a lighter, I had on me, and tried to read it. Which was hard with me being dyslexic. All I could make out was.

It was address to a: James Potter Harry, or maybe James Harry Potter. And that he had to go to a hearing on the 12 for casting a Patronus Charm in front of a muggle; he was now kicked out of some weird school called, Warthogs. I stopped trying to make sense out of it and looked back at the green-eye boy.

He was now reading a third letter. I somehow missed the owl that brought it. When he got done he looked up and seemed startled that I was still there. He saw his letter in my hand; but said nothing about it.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Maybe you should go . I have someone picking me up." He held up his letter as if telling me that's what it said. "I need to get back to the Dursley to pack my things. I still want to know how you did that." He-pointed-at-the-pile-of-ashes. That was once a dementor. "So owl me okay just send it to, Harry Potter, it should find me." He then flatten his bangs once more. As if saying his name would make me stare at his scar

"Owl you?" I asked "What do you mean owl you?"

He looked confused at my question "Um, do you American witches not use owls to mail your letters?"

"Witch!" I screamed outraged "Are you calling me a witch?"

He held up his hands "I didn't mean it as an insult."

"Are you a son of Hecate?" I asked. But, he wasn't listening anymore. He was looking over my shoulder, with wide-eyes. I turned around fearing more dementors, but only saw Blackjack.

"That's Backjack." I told him. Just as there was a loud crack almost like a gun shot. Both me and Harry jumped; suddenly a dozen people were now standing there. Wearing, what looked like black chore robs. And holding brooms

"Harry," said a shabby looking man, that had grey, in his light brown hair and scars all over his face. He came over to Harry. "Why, are you still outside? There might be more dementors around."

"Professor Lupin, what's going on?" Harry demanded. "Can the ministry really kick me out of Hogwarts?" He looked around at everybody. "Who are all of those people?"

"Don't worry, Harry." The Lupin guy said. Putting his hand on Harry's shoulder. " We will explain everything soon, but now we have to get you out of here."

At that moment a guy with a cane, and a weird fake eye stepped forward and looked at me.

"And who you?" He demanded. Making everyone one turn and look at me

"She helped me. " Harry told them. He glanced at the weird eye guy and tighten his hold on his wand, which made me tighten my hold on my dagger. Though I knew I couldn't hurt any of them with it.

"I don't know who she is, but she did that to the dementors." He-pointed-at-the-ashes-on-the-ground, "With that." He-then-pointed-at-the-dagger-in-my-hand. "It was bloody brilliant."

They all looked at me shocked..

"But, you can't kill a dementor." A pink haired girl said.

"She most of used dark magic." The eye guy said

I was about to protest, but Harry did it for me

"She did not." Harry said. "I don't even think she's a witch."

"But ,Harry, muggles can't see dementor." Lupin said. I wondered if he was a professor like Harry called him, way didn't he dress better and what was with the robs. Harry wasn't dressed like that; but his clothes was way to big for him.

"But, Professor Lupin." Harry protested. "She did."

"We can't just stand around here and argue all night." Eye guy cut in.

"What should we do then ?" A women with long black hair asked.

"Harry, go with Remus and Nymphadora to your house. Get your stuff, and you all come back here. " Eye guy ordered.

"Don't call me Nymphadora, Mad-eye." The Pink hair girl said.

Harry was about to follow when he looked at me, then to the one they called Mad-eye.

"What about her?" Harry asked. "You're not going to do any thing to her. Are you?."

"I'm going to Obliviate her." He said. Like that was the most normal thing to do.

"Um, you're going to what?" I asked. Backing up; these people were beginning to make me nervous. I didn't know what he ment by obviating me. But it didn't sound to good.

"No, you can't do that?" Harry yelled. He jumped right in front of me, holding out his hands. He seemed to be trying to block me, from whatever that guy was trying to do, which would be kind of funny, if everything hadn't been so serious. Since he was two or three inches shorter than I was. And skinner then any one his age should be.

"Potter, move out-of-the-way." Mad-Eye ordered.

"No, she helped me, and I'm not going to let you just take away her memories. It's not right." Oh so that's what he was trying to do. I suddenly got a little scared

"Harry's right." Lupin guy said.

"No, Mad-eye's right. We can't let her go after witness all this." A guy standing behind everyone said.

"We can't, Oblivate her either. The Ministry will blame Harry." Some guy in a top hat pointed out.

I looked back at Blackjack wondering if I could make it to him, why they were all arguing with each other.

"Fine." Mad-eye snarled. "But we can't let her go either."

"Let's take her with us, let Dumbledore decide." A tall bold black guy said.

"You want to kidnap her?" Harry demanded.

"There is no other way." Another female said. I looked back at Blackjack. I was getting ready to make a run for it. When a familiar voice in my head said.

"Go with them, Harry is the demigod I told Chiron about." The voice I had heard it before, but now I couldn't place it . I knew it was a goddess, and not my mother. But I couldn't figure out which one. I wondered if I was right about him being a son of Hecate, and the voice in my head growled.

"No! He is not a son of Hecate." The goddess sounded insulted "He is my son, if you most know, you nosey little hero. Now go with them, and figure out a way to get my precious Harry to camp Half-blood. You own me after all."

"Fine." I Sighed. Then looked back at Blackjack and mouthed, "Get Percy". I would need his help after all. Blackjack nodded his head then flew off.

"Where did he go?" Harry asked. In a whisper " You can't get away now."

I opened my mouth to answer him, when someone called to him

"Harry, let's go get your things." Lupin said. Harry looked at me then back at Mad-Eye.

"Fine, but nobody better not do anything to her." Harry said. Then he, Lupin, and some other guy walked off down the street. Us who were left behind just stood there in silence. Till the pink haired women decided to break it.

"Wotcher, I'm Tonks." She held out her hand, that wasn't holding a broom and smiled. She kind of reminded me of Thalia. Her hair was even spiky. But it was pink instead of black.

"Annabeth." I said, shaking her hand.

"That old grouch there is, Mad-Eye Moody," She-pointed-to-the-eye-guy . He was watching me with his good eye; while the fake one was facing the inside of his head. Then she pointed at the tall black guy.

"Mr. Silent, back there is Kingsley Shackleblot, Hestia Jones. She pointed-to-the-black hair-women, Emmeline Vance, Daedalus Dingle,( He was the one in the top hat), Elphias Doge, Remus Lupin and Sturgis Podmore is who went with Harry." She smiled when she got through. MY eyes fell on the women named Hestia. I wondered if the gods were honored when someone names their kid after them, or if the find it insulting.

Harry and the other two came walking back. Harry was now carrying a broom and an empty bird-cage . While the two men was carrying a trunk between them.

"About time." Mad-eye grunted. "Who will she be riding with?" He pointed at me.

"Me," Harry spoke up. "I won't have one of you running off with her and Oblivating her." They all seem insulted by that all but The Lupin guy and Tonks who both just smiled. But no one disagreed with him so he came over to me.

"You haven't told me your name." He said

"Annabeth Chase." I told him.

"I'm sorry to get you into all this, Annabeth. But don't worry, I don't think Dumbledore will let them wipe your memories." He got on his broom. "Just get behind me and hold on tight."

I didn't see how getting on this broom, was going to get us anywhere. But I was about to get on anyways, when I remembered something. Telling Harry to hang on. I ran over to get my orange camp-half blood backpack. I hung it on my back, then hopped on behind Harry. I wrapped my arms around his waist and realized he was even skinner than his baggy clothes let on.

"You are a lot taller than me." He said. " So, please, tell me your older than I am."

I laughed at that "I'm seventeen." I told him.

He sighed in relief. "Fifteen." He told me before taking off.

We flew for a while before, Harry spoke to me again. He had to shout to be heard over the wind.

"You never told me how you killed the dementors." He shouted

"My dagger is made of celestial bronze. It will kill monsters, but won't harm humans." I explained.

"Blimey, so because of what your dagger is made of, the dementors are dead?"

"Not really." I said.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"You can kill monsters, Harry , but they don't die."

"That bloody clears it up." Harry said.

I laughed because that was almost the same thing Percy said to me, when I tried to explain it to him.

"Monsters don't have souls, Harry. You can kill them, but they don't die, they go to Tartarus where they reform."

"So, they come back." Harry asked.

"Yeah, but it can take years." I told him.

"What is Tartarus?" Harry asked

"I'll explain later, Harry." I said "Right now, I think we're here."

Everyone else was now diving towards the ground, so Harry followed them . When we landed in the street, I jumped off Harry's broom. Glad to be off that thing, it was so uncomfortable, and now my legs hurt. I didn't know how they could stand riding on them.

I gasped as Mad-Eye pulled out what looked like a silver cigarette lighter clicked it, and all the lights in the street lamps went out . I looked at Harry, he was looking around and his eyes fall on the old house in front of us.

It was grim-looking, with paint piling and had a black door, that was shabby and scratched, no door knob, Keyhole, or letterbox, but it did have a door knocker the shape of a serpent. The house looked like Ares and Hades had once lived here as roommates. Mad-eye came over to Harry and handed him a piece of parchment .

"Read and remember what it says." He demanded. Harry took the note and before he even looked at it, he pointed to the door.

" Why doesn't that door have a knob?" He asked.

Everyone looked at him shocked. I didn't know what the big deal was. I wanted to ask the same thing. Lupin stepped forward, him and Tonks was carrying Harry's trunk and bird-cage

"Harry, you can see the house?" Lupin asked.

"Yeah." Harry looked confused.

"You haven't read the note yet?" Lupin asked again.

"No, I don't understand what the big deal is." Harry said. ( You and me both Harry.)

"Harry, this house is under the Fidelus Charm." Lupin said. I still didn't understand, but Harry most off, because his eyes got big.

"I never heard of a wizard, that could see though a Fidelus Charm before." Tonks said.

I still didn't get what the big deal was, but before I could think more on it, Mad-eye snatched the note from Harry, and handed it to me.."

"Read and Remember." He demanded.

I looked at the note. It was hard for me to read, but finally I made it out.

The Headquarters of the order of the phoenix can be fond at Number twelve Grimmauld Place, London

I didn't know way he was showing me this, but now I had an address I could give Percy when I, I.M. him. Mad-eye let me look at it for a little longer then snatched it a way and set it on fire with his wand.

"Now, lets all get inside before someone sees us." Mad-eye marched up the front steps, and tapped the door with his wand. I heard a bunch of clicks, as if someone was on the other side of the door unlocking a bunch of locks. Then the door opened and Mad-eye pushed Harry inside, then he pushed me in.

"Get in quickly you two." Lupin said. "But don't go to far in and don't touch anything."

Harry and I stepped over the threshold into almost total darkness. in the hall it smelled damp and dusty, with a rotting smell. The others all came in behind us. When Moody closed the front door we were now in total darkness. There was a soft hissing noise and then old-fashioned lamps came to life. The inside of the house looked no better than the outside, with peeling wallpaper and a threadbare carpet along the hallway. A chandelier overhead was covered in cobwebs. I could hear something scuttling most likely mice. I hoped anyway. Both the chandelier and a candelabra on a table nearby was shaped like snakes.

"Nice , friendly place they got here." I whispered to Harry. He snorted. I could feel Moody's fake eye on us . I heard footsteps then a chubby women with red hair emerged from a door, painted silver with green trim. She came running over beaming .

"Harry, it's lovely to see you, dear." She whispered. Pulling him in a hug, that I was sure cracked his ribs. " You are way to skinny, you need more food, you're way to perky." I tried not to snort at her, but she reminded me of Demeter, when see goes on about cereal. The red-head noticed me then see looked back to the others .

"Who is she? You shouldn't bring other people here." She said.

"We had no other choice, Molly." Lupin said. "We will explain everything in the meeting."

"Well, he just arrived the meeting started." She said. The people with us begin to head towards the door, the Molly woman came from. She then turned back to me and Harry

"Ron and Hermione are upstairs, you can wait with them untill the meetings over, then we'll have dinner, but you most keep your voice down in the hall." She told us.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"I don't want anything to wake up." She said. I didn't like the sound of that.

"Now come. I will just show you where to go, but I got to hurry. I should be in the meetings." Pressing a finger to her lips she led us tiptoed past a pair of long moth eating curtains, and past a large umbrella stand that looked to be made of some kind of monster up a dark stair case and passed a roll of shrunken heads hanging on plaques.

"This place is so weird." I whispered. Harry agreed with me then he pointed to the shrunken heads.

"They use to be house elves." I wanted to ask what a house elf was, but Molly turned around and put her finger to her lips. She smiled at Harry and shot me a glare.

"Mrs. Weasley, why...?" Harry tried to ask .

"Ron and Hermione will explain everything, but I really got to get back to the meeting." We reached a second landing. " You're, the door on the right. I'll call you when it's over." She then hurried away.

"Yeah, don't let me know anything. " Harry said, under his breath. "I'm just the one he wants dead." Then he blushed as he realized I had Heard him.

"Who wants you dead?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it." Harry said. We crossed a dingy landing. I opened my mouth to argue but he cut across me.

"I'll explain later, okay." He said. "It's kind a of long-story." I nodded my head. "Right now I'm going in here, and demand my friends tell me way I haven't heard from them all summer." Harry turned the door knob which was shaped like a serpent.

I needed to figure out how to get us out of here, and to get Harry alone. So, I could explain to him about demigods. If someone was trying to kill him. Maybe it wouldn't be too hard to get him to come to camp half-blood with me. When that women called us down to dinner, I'll ask to use the rest room and if I could make a rainbow out of the sink water. I'll, I.M. Percy. Maybe he can bring help.