Worth It

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful spring day in the Hamptons. The cold, sweet air gushed through the window crack. It was too bright to be 11:00 for Julian Larson's standards. Of course Logan, being his stubborn self, insisted on keeping the shades in their room open. Well, what Logan doesn't know won't hurt him, he thought. As he got up out of his bed, he felt something holding him back. The startled actor turned his head, to see none other than Logan in his bed! The blonde beauty stirred and began to rub his eyes. He looked at the startled actor and grinned.

"Mhmm…Good morning princess." Logan groaned

Julian gasped," What the hell are you doing in my bed? What? A queen size bed isn't good enough for the senator's son? Huh?"

Logan laughed and said, "It was freezing, and you being the primadonna that you are, had all the blankets! So I jumped in. You didn't seem to mind when you cuddled up next to me in the middle of the night. Ha!"

"I was having a dream! I thought you were one of my co-workers!"

"Ooh! Jules has a crush!" Logan teased. "Welp, sorry you had to wake up to my ugly mug instead of her's. Mhmm...I smell bacon. Come on, we should get to breakfast."

"I'll be down in a minute, just let me get ready." Julian mumbled.

Logan walked out and shut the door. Julian remained standing by his bed, and looked out the window. Logan slept next to him. Logan's warm body lay next to him. He actually felt his warm breath on his neck. The blonde did hold Julian close. That wasn't a dream. The guy I love slept next to me.

"Calm down Jules. It didn't mean anything." he said to himself.

Sadly, this was true. It meant nothing at all. Logan didn't do it because he has those same feelings for him. Logan doesn't like me. He probably did it just to get warm, the stupid prick the actor thought bitterly. Well it could be worse. Just suck it up Jules, and keep going on. Julian mustered up a happy face and went downstairs.


The boys devoured the breakfast Mrs. Seigerson graciously provided. Amanda watched in awe as her big brother attempted to eat two breakfast sandwiches at once. Logan noticed that Julian was acting odd. Julian wasn't being his usual narcissist self. He was quiet and avoided eye contact with Logan. This is so weird, Logan thought. I've never seen him like this before…Wait a minute…This is just the way …...NO…NO WAY..

"Logan? Hey Logan! You alright?" Derek asked

"What? Oh yea I'm fine, hey Der can I talk to you for a minute?" a flustered Logan replied.

Julian watched suspiciously as the two walked out of the room, leaving him at the table with an equally confused Amanda.

" Julian, what's going on? I'm confused." the little girl asked

"I really don't know Manda." he replied.