Worth It

Chapter 4

Several hours later Derek pulled up in his Dad's Black SUV. Amanda was sleeping in her car seat, tired from this exciting day. They had an amazing time in Sag Harbor. They had walked around town and went to one of the nearby beaches. Later they went to a local marina and ate at a restaurant called "East Hampton Point". Traffic was unusually light on the way back, so he decided to stop and get Amanda ice cream.

Derek was worried all day about Julian and Logan. This was the first time in months since it's been just the two of them, and Derek could only imagine what might have happened. He only talked to Logan once and that could be either good or bad. He hasn't heard anything from Julian either. Hopefully the fangirls didn't bloody him up too badly, because then Derek would have to take full responsibility for his idea. He'd rather not have to hire a lawyer. Hopefully things went well between them, he thought.

Derek hoisted his groggy little sister out of the car and headed up the driveway. Once they were half way the Amanda began to stir.

"Derek….. "

"Hey there sleepy. Did you have a good time today?" Derek whispered into the little girl's ear.

Amanda yawned, "Yup…I had a lot of fun."

"That's good. We'll do it again someday."

"Ok. I love you Derek."

"Love you too Amanda." Derek replied.

"You're the best big brother ever."

They finally reached the door. Derek sifted through his pockets and found the house keys. The two walked in and found the house dark and quiet. Derek slipped off his shoes and headed towards the kitchen. Logan cleaned up after himself as promised; only the roses and candles remained on the table. Derek walked over and put his keys on the countertop.

"Welp. I hope this worked." Derek said to himself.

Derek tucked Amanda into bed and turned off the light.

"Derek? Can you please turn on my night light?" Amanda whimpered.

"Sure thing Amanda." Derek replied quietly.

As he left the room he turned on a butterfly shaped nightlight and then shut the door. He walked down the hall and headed towards the guest room. He stood in front of the door, knocked once, waited a second, and then cracked opened the door. Derek peaked his head in.

"You two better not be naked, because I'm coming in!"

"We aren't!" both boys replied.

Derek walked in to find both boys sitting on the floor watching a movie on Julian's laptop. The atmosphere had a very relaxing feel too it. They were surrounded by pillows and blankets and had a bucket of popcorn between them. Logan had his arm around Julian's shoulder and Julian held Logan's other hand. They look so happy, Derek thought to himself.

"So what's up Der?" Julian asked.

"Oh nothing. My parents won't be home until midnight, so I thought that I'd hang out with you guys. But, right now I'm getting the feeling that I've become the third wheel!" Derek laughed. "I see that the plan was a success. Am I right Logan?"

"Derek, I have doubted you on many accounts, but never again will I underestimate your dating skills. I finally understand how you convince all those poor girls into dating you."

"Wait! The two of you planned this? All of it?" Julian said, looking bewildered.

"Yup." they both replied.

"Even the part where I get violated by hormonal teenage fangirls?"

"That one was Derek's idea! Not mine! Kill him not me!" Logan bellowed.

"Shut up! You're gonna wake up Amanda!" Derek hissed

"Oops. Sorry!" Logan whispered.

"How long have you been planning this for?" Julian asked.

"Ever since yesterday morning." Logan replied.

"Well. Your planned worked." Julian smiled as he squeezed Logan's hand.

The two of them looked at each other with such pure affection. Derek's never seen such an odd, but perfect, couple.

"Well, I'm going to bed. The two of you have a good night." Derek sighed

"Night Derek." Julian yawned.

"Good night Derek. Thanks for the help dude." Logan replied.

Derek shut the door and headed for his room.

Logan and Julian snuggled closer once Derek shut the door. Julian put his head onto Logan's chest and began tracing little circles on his stomach. Logan stroked Julian's oak brown hair and whispered into Julian's ear.

"You are so beautiful."

"You aren't so bad yourself." Julian smirked.

Julian began planting little kisses onto Logan's chest. Logan did the same to Julian's neck.

"I love you so much."

"I love you too." Logan replied.

"I need to know that this is not a dream." Julian whispered.

"It's not. I promise." Logan said in between kisses.

Julian let out a long sigh," God this is better than I thought it would be."

"Good to know that I lived up to your expectations." Logan chuckled.

Logan pulled Julian into a deep kiss. Julian kissed back passionately. He needed this like he needed air. Logan let out a low moan and Julian deepened the kiss. His hands dipped underneath Logan's shirt and explored. He wanted to feel every inch of Logan, to memorize it. Logan smelt of aftershave and peppermint. Logan was now rubbing little circles onto Julian's hips. Julian let out a low moan and continued to kiss him.

"I love you so much." Logan stuttered.

"I love you too." Julian gasped.

"Never leave me."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Why would I ever leave this? Julian wondered. He loved Logan. Every argument, every emotion, and every messed up part of him.

"Will you sleep with me tonight? Not sex, but just lay with me?" Logan asked

"Sure." Julian smiled.

They both got up and lay down on Logan's bed. The bed moaned from their combined weight.

"You know, Lo. I've never loved someone like I love you." Julian whispered.

"Really?" Logan said as he put his arms around Julian's waist.

"I kept looking for you in them."

"Well. You'll never have to look again. I'm yours." Logan mumbled into Julian's ear.

They drifted into a blissful sleep, dreaming about the future, and each other. The possibilities are endless, as is their love for one another.