Eyes On Me – Chapter 3

"Hey, Mary," Cassian dropped himself down in the grass; he had just escorted Jizabel to bed, making sure he changed and got under the covers to sleep. "Can I ask you something?"

"You just did." Mary Weather laughed. "But of course!"

"Jizabel mentioned something about cards…"

Mary lowered her head, "So he is bothered by it…"

"He's not bothered by anything but he mentioned it and I thought I'd ask about it. You don't have to tell me though."

She smiled faintly at him, "It's not really a secret or anything." She mumbled. "But I was trying not to make too big of a deal out of it because I didn't want to upset him."

"He's not upset; I'm just curious." He put his hands behind his head, laying back against the tree.

"They were some worrying cards; I was already worried about him so…" She smiled a bit more, "It's really silly! I let the feelings I already had influence my interpretation of the reading; the cards weren't good ones but maybe I read too much into them."

"What cards were they?"

She looked into the sky as though it had her answers; she tried really hard to remember the reading from the night before, even though it should have been memorable with how much it scared her, but once she went to bed and had her long night of sleep she had almost completely forgotten. "In the first reading there was Death, and the Hermit and Justice…"

"I've only seen readings being done; I don't know…"

"Oh." She smiled, "Sorry." She apologized quietly. "Well, they're all Major Arcana so they're predicting big things, and not little things. It made sense to me because everyone at the moment is dealing with the big things right now; I don't think…it's a little thing."

"Death…what does that one mean?"

She blinked, looking at his expression, "Looks like it means something to you too."

Cassian exhaled, he gave her a quick look; she knew that there were just some things that he wasn't allowed to say. "It's a long story but…that card has been representing Jizabel for…a while now."

"Death represents beginnings and endings at the same time; it's the life cycle. Maybe it's the past but…"

"Jizabel has been changing a lot in the past year or so; that could very well be the present also."

"Then there was the Hermit next; he's all about self-searching, introspection, trying to understand the innermost sides of yourself. Maybe I'm only imagining it but I can imagine that would be scary for Jizabel; I know that I don't know anything about him but Cain refuses to tell me anything because of Jizabel's privacy but knowing Cain he probably thinks I can't handle it so it must be bad!" She went on a whole ranting spree; using her hands, the whole of her arms more accurately, to express her distress.

"Could it be that maybe something keeps these cards from being correct?"

"Absolutely! I mean, fates are changing all the time! With things always changing you'll have to do a reading once every hour just to see what track things are really on." She laughed. "But, of course, that's a little bit obsessive."

"I've stayed close to him; I don't want him to over think anything that might make him feel worse…"

"That's why I got a bit worried when I saw the Justice card after that one; I was thinking that, maybe in his mind, he'd see justice as just…"

"Killing himself?"

"I wonder what goes on in his head; if he thinks he deserves happiness." She felt Cassian's eyes on her; they made her nervous. "I know that he's good so I know he deserves happiness but…I wonder how strong the Hermit could be with him, and if maybe the thoughts he comes up with will allow Justice to be a good thing or a bad thing…"

"I'm trying… I really am."

Mary Weather smiled sadly, pulling herself close to him, putting a hand on his shoulder, "I didn't mean to make you sad! I'm sorry." He looked so worn out all of a sudden; like he had just…finally relaxed under all the tension. She rubbed his back gently, "I'm sorry!"

"Don't be sorry." He put a hand on her back, patting it lightly. "Really. I know… I always knew it wasn't going to be easy."

"You must care about him so much."

"With every fibre of my being."

Mary Weather smiled widely, "You found a person that you can love and protect, and who also loves and wants to protect you too; that's a beautiful thing, Cassian."

"I know." He leaned over her, petting her hair lightly, "I'm going to go and lie down with him."

"That's good; you should rest also. You keep an eye on him for so long, if you lose sight of yourself then you can't really help the two of you."

Cassian chuckled as he stood up; what a smart girl. "You're probably right." He petted her head affectionately. "Thank you for everything."

She smiled up at him, "Take care of each other, okay?"

"Of course."

It's just a good thing he doesn't know about the Tower… Oh God, if the foundation for anything is shattered…please…just please let it not be them…

He returned to the bedroom; the sheets were turned down and Jizabel was nowhere in sight. The balcony doors were wide open and the curtains swung in, but Jizabel wasn't out there either. Damn it, he should have been resting!

He approached the bathroom door in a bit of a hurry, knocking hard, "Jizabel…" He knocked two more times and called out his name but there was no answer. He stormed in, watching Jizabel pulling himself upright in the bathtub; water dripping quickly from his face. "What were you doing?"

"I felt like a bath." He rested his arms on the side of the bath, staring at the other. "What's wrong with you? You look…" And then it occurred to him. He rolled his eyes, turning away to lie back in the bath, "You thought I was going to do something…"

"No…nothing like that." He sighed and in one movement dropped himself to the ground and lay back against the wall. "I'm exhausted, and I'm worrying for nothing, I know."

"You need as much sleep as I do; go get some."

"I'll wait for you."

"You really don't trust me." Jizabel almost bit out rudely.

"That's not it!" Cassian snapped. He forced himself to calm down; he was just tired! That's all it was! Too tired to think… "Just enjoy your bath."

Jizabel grabbed a towel and stood up, "How can I enjoy a bath when you're like this?"

"I won't sleep comfortably unless I know you're fine."

Jizabel kissed his lips lightly then, after draping the towel around himself, pushed Cassian out of the bathroom and onto the bed. "Get some sleep. I'll be there soon."

Cassian kicked off his shoes and crawled to the top of the bed; he shuffled beneath the sheets and enjoyed the fact that he had a bed to lie in again tonight. You'd be surprised, but this wasn't something he took very lightly after living on the streets, or at Delilah. Jizabel crawled in beside him; Cassian's hand wandered around his waist to pull him close. Something soft and fluffy hurt him with the sudden shock it brought to his face as it rammed into him, "Get to sleep!" Jizabel bounced in the bed as he lay back down.

Cassian merely laughed; the other was flustered. He could go to sleep with a smile on his face; his lover was close, his lover was safe, they were alive.