The fire had gone out. Gannji poked the ashes with a stick and cursed under his breath. He huddled closer to the remnants of warmth, tugging the blanket tighter around himself. He was supposed to be on watch while Enor was sleeping, and if he got too cold he'd fall asleep too. Damn cold blood. Damn desert night-time climates. And damn their quarry for making them chase her into the desert in the first place. Stupid druid, apparently she chose to specialise in cacti instead of trees.

He glanced over at Enor, who was lying face-down on the bedroll, chin resting on his folded arms. He appeared to be sleeping, going by the snoring sounds accompanied by occasional sparks from his nostrils. Lucky dragon, he was big enough that it'd take him hours to lose much body heat, even without the warmth from his electric breath. He slept without a blanket. They had only brought one blanket and one bedroll with them, as at least one of them would be awake at all times, and both had agreed Gannji needed the blanket more. It was doing him less good than he'd thought.

They were in the middle of nowhere and it wasn't likely anyone would be looking, but Gannji still glanced around instinctively before shuffling closer to Enor. Slowly, bit by bit, he moved closer to the half-dragon, till he found himself within the range of Enor's body heat. It was a small range, and he was now practically pressed up against his friend.

"Ah, screw it," he muttered to himself, and moved the last inch.

Yeah, that was more like it. Enor was warmed from the inside by his draconic breath, and the scales on his sides were hard but much less spiky than those on his back. It wasn't unlike lying on a sun-warmed rock, really, if Gannji ignored the snoring. A cold wind blew over the dunes, and Gannji instinctively tugged Enor's wing around himself for shelter.

It took him a while to realise Enor's snoring had stopped, and the significance didn't register with him until he saw the gleam of one open red eye peering curiously sideways at him. He froze in shock.

"Oh. Uh, hi," the lizard muttered nervously, half-expecting a lightning bolt. Enor wouldn't do that, right? No, of course not ... right? Enor's mouth opened and Gannji felt him inhale. He closed his eyes, expecting the shock any second. He certainly got one, but not of the type he'd been expecting.

"You know, if you wanted a hug, you could just say so."

Gannji's eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped at Enor's words. Surprised into movement, he rolled out from under Enor's wing and leapt to his feet. "Hug? No! No, I was just cold!" he gabbled. "I was just ... cold ..." He glanced down and was doubly astonished to see disappointment on Enor's face. "... Why, did you want a hug?"

"Well, if you want one I wouldn't mind ..." Enor shrugged as well as he could without unfolding his arms.

Gannji sighed. "Okay, let's start again. I'm cold, d'you mind if I huddle up a bit?"

"No, that's okay!" Enor said, beaming. "Okay, if you're cold, this might work better ..." He rolled over on his side. Gannji, a tad apprehensively, lay beside him again. Enor was right; his underbelly scales were smoother and warmer than his side. Gannji pressed his back against Enor's chest and wrapped the half-dragon's arm around himself. It was a weird situation - he wasn't usually big on hugging, and this was Enor of all people, his partner-in-crime - but not unpleasant. Oddly comforting, even. Despite the warmth, he felt drowsy. He yawned.

"Didn't you say you needed to stay on watch?" Enor asked, sounding as sleepy as Gannji felt.

"Meh. We have decent Listen scores, we can take the penalty this once." Gannji shrugged as best he could in his current position. "Uh ... thanks."

The only answer was a snore.