Cars 2 Characters (c) PIXAR 2011

Chrysler...an actual update after so long! :'D Enjoy this little drabble/filler chappie!

Upon Callie's first spoken words, Finn was wholly unnerved.

And it wasn't the child herself—once arriving in Radiator Springs from the hospital, the small Jaguar had wormed her way into everyone's hearts in a matter of minutes. Only a few townsfolk did their best to avoid her, not having the faintest idea of how to deal with children, these unlucky few being Sheriff, Sarge, Ramone, Fillmore, and lastly, Finn.

The first pair never truly grew used to the presence of a child, but Callie had a heart of gold just as her father's, and she soon grew on them, however slowly. Fillmore, on the other tire, simply didn't know what to do with the child, although he was rather impartial, as always. Ramone only wished to give the infant a new paintjob the instant he laid eyes on her—Holley quickly refused, of course.

The women of the town fawned over the child, as was to be expected, and there wasn't a moment when Callie didn't receive the unrequited attention. The infant was…adorable, Finn would give her that, but his allusiveness surrounding the child only resulted in his downfall. In response to his all-around attempt to ignore her, Callie stuck to his side like an unwanted case of rust, mimicking him and following the Aston Martin to every part of town. Once she was old enough, she would even trail him on his way to Siddeley, the elder spy car lying low on his axles as the child steadily chugged along behind him, blathering a mile a minute, most of her words impossible to understand, already an attribute she'd gained from her father. The jet, on the other hand, found the infant purely endearing, and snickered under his breath upon seeing his companion's exasperated expression at being followed so. The only upside was that Leland wasn't around to tease him even more relentlessly.

And the child, while having what most would call a 'little kid voice', had quite the vocabulary, having gained it from her mother. She already had an accent as well, although it was difficult to distinguish what kind—there was a definite British edge to it, but a familiar southern undertone as well, having seemingly melded together from both parent's speech patterns. Far from finding it annoying, Finn actually grew to become fond of the child's enunciation, however odd, even if it made a silent night alone inside Siddeley, looking over mission plans or artillery stores nearly unachievable now. But he didn't mind as much.

Holley and Mater certainly enjoyed the time off—whenever Callie wasn't around them; she would either be with the Aston Martin as the first possible option, or with her 'Uncle' Lightning, or perhaps even some other, more trusted resident. At one point, early in her childhood, Callie had snuck away from her parents, and a majority of the town panicked as they attempted to search for her. It turned out that she had wandered past Lizzie's curio shop, and eventually parked herself by the old Model T as they watched the television she'd just had installed. Lizzie hadn't even noticed her presence.

And as a result, Callie had been instructed to stick by the Aston Martin whenever she wasn't around her parents. That alone Finn could understand—he didn't want the child to injure herself or become lost, but her…choice of words, were beginning to….baffle him, to state it simply.

He had told Holley of course, countless times, but she continued to disregard his pleas, leaving her daughter to her strange mannerisms, and her partner to his discomfort.

It was on a mildly sunny day at Flo's café, a few tourists milling around in the early morning light, when Finn had settled alongside one of the gas pumps, awaiting his order; a cup of caffeinated oil, as was his morning ritual, with only a couple of Radiator Springs' residents idling nearby. With the stock car Lightning McQueen away for racing, the town wasn't nearly as busy as it would be, and the Aston martin reveled in the rare silence.

Holley and her daughter drove into the café then, Flo coming out to greet the both of them, Mater having been called out earlier to pick up a few stranded cars. The Motorama car cooed over the infant for a few moments before getting the elder Jaguar's order and driving behind the counter, but not before dropping off Finn's early morning octane. Before the elder spy car could even touch the cup however, he felt a presence at his side, and withholding a sigh, turned his hood slightly to glance down at Callie.

The child grinned innocently as only an infant could, crying cheerfully,"hiya, grandpa!"

Finn was unable to bite back the exasperated groan that forced it way past his lips, painfully conscious of the denizens' surrounding laughter, turning towards his partner with a withering glare, "good Ford, Holley, tell your child to stop calling me that!"

The elder Jaguar only laughed.