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Son Gohan gently splashed the running water onto his face, thinking about the day of which was to come and the path he was now meant to walk.

Five months after the Cell Games, life had changed for the world. Recent news of the expansion of the Ox Kingdom brought joy and happiness to the land, and a new heir was named later on the day of the news. His name was Son Gohan, however the rest of the world knew him by his royal name of Oxander Mao. The second heir was reportedly on its way, the current's king daughter being in her second trimester of pregnancy. No one knew what happened to the father; he was famous in his own way for being a martial artist. This man was thought to be dead but the public had no official answers since the royal family refused to comment on the situation.

Today was easily the most important day of the last few decades. The rest of the royal family - who had moved out of the palace years ago - were finally moving back in, and officially taking up all their duties once more.

"How do I look?" inquired Chi Chi as she gracefully walked into the same room as her oldest son.

"You look amazing mum," he replied, his eyes were still on her scarlet dress which only just reached the floor. "It compliments your figure nicely, but it draws attention to the area around the bump." The young Son made sure to tread carefully as he mentioned the bump, she wasn't too appreciative of it.

Chi Chi released a heart-warming smile as her hands gently moved over and began caressing the baby bump. "That was the whole point of me wearing this dress, it was to illustrate the bump."

"Well it's doing it's job then. And hey, another good thing about today is that you won't make me study," Gohan said with a playful smirk.

"Oh, don't worry, you'll still study," Chi Chi chuckled slightly as Gohan's face visibly drooped, "However it will have to be after the ceremony." The woman insisted as her child moved closer towards her, carefully placing her hand upon the boy's cheek as she held her smile. "You look just like your father."

"Thanks mum... I really miss him, I just wish he could be here."

"Don't we all, especially with baby Goten on the way." The mother turned away from her child as she shed a single tear before wiping it and looking up to the sky, "But I'm sure he's watching over all of us from heaven."

"Come now, we must get going if we want to arrive to the ceremony on time," Chi Chi stopped herself from getting too emotional as she instructed her son.

The boy nodded his head as they walked out of his old bedroom. The mother-and-son duo walked throughout their small country home with an air of nostalgia around them, saying goodbye to their past and the boy's childhood for one last time. They walked to the front of his home as a man dressed in white opened up the door of the formal car. Chi Chi entered the car first, shooing away the chauffeur as she insisted on getting in by herself, and Gohan followed behind. He placed one foot in and turned his body around as he smiled.

"Goodbye," he whispered under his breath towards his childhood home. It was still full of memories that felt like an eternity away but at the same time were within an arm's grasp. "Goodbye my home."

Gyu Mao stood staring out of the palace window. Below him, he noticed the build-up of excited members of the public and the media gathering rapidly. He glanced towards a wrist-watch, noting that they were due to return any minute now. Even though he was thrilled, five years ago Chi Chi wouldn't have returned to the palace in his wildest dreams, doubts ran through him. His grandson was going to be brought up in the media's eye, something that no-one in his family had experienced before. During Chi Chi's childhood, the Ox Kingdom had been thought of as a dark place and drew little media attention, while Gohan had grown up in an isolated home in the woods.

He watched as the car he sent to collect his daughter and Grandson pulled up through the long drive way, many people began screaming with joy whilst the king descended from his place within the palace to meet his family members out front.


"My name is Twinkle Howard and this is the day that we have been looking forward to since the dreadful events of the Cell games. Today is the long awaited day where the heir to the Ox Kingdom will be announced and the day where Princess Chi Chi will return back to the throne. At this moment we can see the royal car pulling into the long drive way and the doors to the palace have begun to open. The general public has gathered around the balcony of which they will be formally introduced on and now we can see the Ox King standing at the doors with members of his personal guard."

"You ready mum?" Gohan asked as he re-adjusted his tie, Chi Chi shaking her head in response before taking a deep breath.

"I never thought I would return back to the lifestyle of royalty," she said quietly. "But this is a better lifestyle than what we would have had out there in the forest by ourselves." She clenched her teeth nervously, as she gripped the comfortable leather seat.

"Don't worry mum, everything is going to be alright." He comforted her as he placed his hand onto hers. "It's time for the world to know who the Son family really is."

'Or at least three fourths of it,' a frowning Chi Chi thought, though she chose to withhold that line of thought from her eldest who was still very much shaken by the loss of his father. Looking around the crowd, she glanced towards the brilliant sky longingly. 'Goku, you'll come back to me, won't you?'

The door to the royal car opened for the two, roars of joy erupted through the gathered crowd as two servants carrying umbrella's to hide their faces from the public eye, appeared next to the door. Both servants popped them up as a dainty foot in red heels gracefully slid from outside the car. Followed directly behind her was her son. The two servants walked simultaneously with the two members of the royal family as they walked away from the crowd, towards the sheltered entrance. The King stood smiling as he reached out his hand towards the woman, she grabbed onto it as the crowd saw the unknown child and the known princess walk into the palace and the doors firmly shutting behind them.

"Welcome to your new home." King Gyu Mao stated as his eyes moved from his daughter to his grandson. "Both of you look like royalty, but there's still one thing missing."

He signalled with his hand for one of his other servants to come over, in his hand was a pillow with a tiara rested on top. Chi Chi turned her eyes from her father, to the pillow, and back to her father as a few tears threatened to leak out. "It's my mother's tiara."

"And now it's yours." He responded as he lifted the crowd and placed it on her head. "Now shhhh, don't say another word Chi Chi, it's time for us to introduce Gohan to the world."

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ox Kingdom, and the rest of the world, I present to you with his majesty King Gyu Mao and her highness Princess Chi Chi Mao." A member of the Royal Guard yelled down towards the crowd of gathered people. From behind him, the palace doors to the balcony opened up. A large man dressed in a black suit walked forwards first, on his head he wore a crown with two ox's horns pointing out of the side. Following behind him was the older version of the Princess the people of the Ox Kingdom last saw, her red dress glistened underneath the sunlight as she stepped forwards and followed her father. People below muttered how she was the spitting image of her mother as they all cheered.

"I am greatly honoured to announce the expansion of the Ox Kingdom, yet the greatest honour of all is the return of my daughter and her son. It is her son that is due to next take the throne after me and up until now my grandson has lived a life in solitude. Away from the public he experienced a normal childhood and has grown into a fine, young boy." The King roared as the people cheered. "It is with great honour to present his Royal Highness Prince Oxander Mao, first in line for the throne of the Ox Kingdom."

Son Gohan stepped forwards from behind the balcony door, he strolled forward as the crowd screamed at a faster rate. The boy wore a suit which was royal blue, his hair gently spiked back in a shorter version of his late father's unusual hairstyle. For a brief second he looked down onto his arm where a small charm bracelet rested, he then lifted that arm up into the air and waved down to the crowds below him.

He took in a deep breath as he parted his lips, as he chanted with an ever growing smile gracing his lips. "It is an honour to be named the next in line for the throne and I will help make the Ox Kingdom do its utmost. It's a time of change where we are to decide our own futures, it will be my tribute to serve this Kingdom and defend those within it. I will protect those who are weak and those who are poor as well as those who are wealthy and strong, this is a time for the Ox Kingdom to flourish and strive."

Meanwhile two little girls sat in a baby blue bedroom; one was playing with the other's long onyx hair as they both eagerly watched the news report on the TV. The blonde girl sighed as she released the lock of hair, a smile resting upon her delicate face.

"Look at him Vi," she sighed. "That is a boy of pure perfection, a true prince."

"Perhaps, but but he seems to be butt-kissing for attention, just look at him," The raven haired one scowled.

"That's because he was raised in solitude, it almost must be really new to him, but he seems really nice!" the blond retorted. "I think I am in love."

"Well I think he's just spoiled and a snob. He may look good Erasa, but he could be an idiot. He is a princes and all the other princes I've met have just been idiots."

A loud 'bang' originating from the TV quickly caught their attentions, both of their eyes immediately shooting back over to the screen as their mouths began to drop.

"NOOOO!" Gohan screamed as he allowed his body to fall onto the floor. Tears streaked down his face as his eyes moved back towards the metallic bracelet. The suddenly-silent crowd below him watched anxiously as they saw the Princess Chi Chi move her hand over a blast wound on her stomach. The mother coughed gently however blood dripped out from her mouth. Her father grabbed onto her stumbling body as the child clicked a button on the bracelet, the item falling into his pocket.

The future heir lifted his head up, his eyes wide in disbelief as he stood up and moved towards his bleeding mother who was just carefully placed on the floor. Tears filled her eyes as she placed her hand on her son's cheek. Her lips parted slightly as she took in a deep breath.

"I-It's... too... late... to... s-save... me... but... Go... ten..." she hissed, the boys tears continued to fall down his face. " G-Got...en..."

"Mum," he whispered under his breath as from the corner of his eyes, he saw members of the medical personnel rush to the balcony. Tears continued to streak down his face. "You can't leave me, YOU CAN'T!"

"I'm...sor...ry..." she smiled as her hand fell from his cheek, tears from his eyes fell onto her paling face as her eyes shut for the final time.

"MUUUMMMM!" He screamed as his hair flashed gold, he lifted up into the air as the boy continued to scream with anger.

His brilliant golden aura suddenly transformed to that of a tainted orange as the green eyed teenager flew off, far away, completely uncaring for the crowd he left behind. All he wanted to do was get away. He didn't know where, but it didn't matter. 'First dad... and now mum too.'

He landed on a sandy beach as bare feet, his shoes demolished by the violent aura, touched the grainy floor, a look of hatred and anger upon his face. His eyes turned cold as his hair returned back to its former black, fluttering in the wind's ferocious breeze. His hand reached into his pocket as he grasped the metallic bracelet before shoving it onto his wrist.

His gaze fastened on the waves crashing against each other, a salty aroma lingering in the air.

"I promise you mum, I will avenge you," he hissed towards the beach's water, his hand raised as he pressed a few buttons on the bracelet. "I will find your killer and make them pay."