Rosewood chapter 2 new version

`The three girls were walking to English class chatting mindlessly. Other students brushed by them as they hurried off to their classes. Emily took a deep breath before she brought up the elephant in the room. "Aria you need to try apologizing to Spencer again?"

"What's the point when she won't even listen to me?" Aria grumbled. It wasn't like she hadn't tried, but trying to apologize to Spencer, well, she could think of far easier things to do.

"I don't blame her, you kind of told her that her boyfriend was a murderer," Hanna shrugged, sliding into her desk seat swiftly. Aria and Emily followed suit and took their usual seats. The teacher hadn't arrived yet so they continued their conversation.

"I know Han, and I'm sorry," Aria gave a weak smile. She hadn't meant to hurt Spencer like that, she was just angry and snapping back.

"Maybe, but you took it too far," Emily insisted as she pulled her books from her bag and placed them on her desk.

"How? She was just saying what we both were thinking," Hanna admitted. She took a mirror out of her bag and started to check her makeup.

"And what's that?" Emily asked. She pulled out her books and opened them up.

"That we both still don't trust Toby," Hanna stated, applying more lip gloss.

"Don't trust him or don't like him?" Emily challenged.

Hanna just shrugged and put her makeup away as Mrs. Montgomery stepped into the room.

Spence sat on the recliner while Toby and Freddie relaxed on the couch. Carly was in the guest room and Sam was in the kitchen.

"So, Spencer seems nice, how'd you two meet?" Spence asked as he threw his cell phone in the air, only to catch it ungainly and throw it again.

"It's Rosewood; everybody knows everybody."

"Cool," Spence said, still throwing his cell phone.

"So you guys were friends for a couple years then started dating?" Freddie asked looking at his cell phone and scrolling through old messages.

"Um, no, not really, actually-" Spence wasn't really paying attention and his phone hit Freddie's head, throwing Freddie off guard.

"Ow! Dude!" Freddie yelled, throwing Spence's phone at him.

"So how you two get together?" Carly asked coming down the stairs, completely ignoring Freddie's pain and Spence's stupidity – she was used to it by now.

"Freddie do you need some ice?" Toby asked with concern. Freddie shook his head gently while one hand rubbed where the phone had hit. "She started tutoring me French," Toby answered Carly.

"He's fine." Carly said before Freddie had a chance to verbally respond. "So, you know French? I've always wanted to learn the language of love, think you can teach me, Tobes?" Carly gave a small flirtatious smile.

Sam came in from the kitchen with a big plate of ham sandwiches and four peppy colas. "Here nub put this on your head." He tossed the coke to Freddie who caught the can and jokingly pressed it to his head.

"Thanks Sam," he laughed as he cracked open his can and took a drink.

Pam walked out of the guest bedroom with a smile. "I just talked to your aunt, and I have big news!"

"What?" Sam asked, taking a seat next to Freddie on the couch.

"You're going to move here and go to Rosewood high!" She smiled again and quickly made her way out of the room. The three friends looked at each other all wondering if she was serious.

"Spencer, so nice of you to join us. What was so important as to keep you?" Mrs. Montgomery questioned as Spencer tried to slip quietly into class.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Montgomery." Spencer apologized and told a little white lie as to why she was late as she took her seat at the front of the class.

"Hey," Emily whispered, handing Spencer her English books. "I grabbed these for you, just in case."

"Thanks," Spencer whispered back, accepting the books. "I owe you one."

"Can I cash that 'owing me one' in now?" Emily asked. "Make up with Aria; she didn't mean it and it's stupid that you guys are fighting over something like this.

"Miss Hastings, Miss Fields, please stop talking in my class," Mrs. Montgomery requested.

They both sunk in their seats a little, each muttering an innocent, "Yes, ma'am."

"So, you like building stuff?" Spence asked Toby. He looked around Toby's room and took in all of the hand built models sitting proudly on shelves. He began tossing his phone in the air again, keeping his hands busy.

"Yeah, I actually work as a carpenter," he smiled, changing his shirt from a ratty old t-shirt to a nicer black tee.

"That's cool. I'm an artist. Whenever I try to build stuff it bursts into flames." Spence laughed.

Toby gave him a look but shrugged it off. "Don't you think you should stop throwing that phone around? It already hurt Freddie."

"Eh, he was fine. Sam beats him up way worse."

"So you make stuff that bursts into flames?"

"Yup, it's a talent," Spencer joked as he slipped his phone back into his pocket.

"Is that why Carly packed 3 fire extinguishers?"

"Probably. Why are you changing?"

"Well, I have a job interview and you're coming with me."


"I don't trust you alone anymore."

"Aw come on dude it was just a tiny fire." He lowered his head and pretended to be hurt.

"Let's go man." Toby said as he patted Spence on the back. Spence was funny and cool to be around, but it was clear that Toby would need to keep an eye on him for the next couple of days.

Hanna folded up the piece of paper before passing it to Aria. Aria looked over at Hanna confused but opened the folded up note anyway

Aria do you still think Toby has something to do with Ali? Is that why you don't trust him? Or do you just not trust him because you don't like him?

- Hanna

Aria quickly wrote her response and folded up the letter, making sure her mom wasn't watching before passing it back to Hanna.

"Damn she writes fast." Hanna muttered, opening the note.

Hanna I don't know if we should be talking about this here, my mom might catch us and we aren't supposed to be talking remember. We took a big risk eating lunch together. I'll text you later so we can talk or if my parents and Mike go out you can come over.


Hanna rolled her eyes. She was getting tired of their parents. First it was the therapist, and now they couldn't even speak to each other. What on Earth made them think that keeping the girls apart would be a good thing? She grabbed her pen and scribbled her reply before sneaking the note back to Aria.

Fine with me. I'll bring the movie you start the popcorn. ;)

PS don't start by saying you can't have a movie night. Knowing your parents they won't be back until midnight and your brother going be with his dork friends

- Hanna.

Toby and Spence had been driving in silence for about fifteen minutes when Spence suddenly spoke up. "Are we there yet?" he whined.

"Spence we haven't been driving very long," Toby chuckled. Spence wasn't exactly known for his patience.

Spence was playing with his cell phone just pressing random buttons when he replied, "How long until we get there?"

"About twenty more minutes and we should be there." Toby said scratching his nose. If only someone had warned him of Spence's sometimes childish behavior.

"Ugh, dude I'm so hungry can we get something to eat?" Spence groaned. They had passed a service station a few minutes ago and Toby had shown no signs of stopping despite Spence almost drooling out of the window.

Toby rolled his eyes. "Spence, I'll make you a deal."

"What kind of deal Tobster?"

"If you promise to be quiet the rest of the way and not talk or fix anything at my interview then I will stop and get you something to eat wherever you want." Toby thought that his offer was quite reasonable and sincerely hoped that Spence would take him up on it. He shook his head as he wondered what it was with the Shay's and giving him nicknames.

Spence contemplated this for a second before smiling. "Deal Tobster."

Toby smiled, happy that he convinced Spence to agree to his deal. "Good, but before you're quiet can I ask you something?"

"Sure Tobster," then a thought crossed Spence's mind, "Oh no dude you're not dumping the female Spencer so you can date Carly are you?"

"No not all I lo-like Spencer a lot. And no offense to your sister but she too young for me and I don't date my cousin's friends'." Toby had to bite his tongue, he had almost let it slip that he loved Spencer. He didn't want her hearing it from anyone else before he had a chance to tell her. He worried that she would think it was too soon and was terrified of scaring her off.

"Oh, okay that's great, so what did you want to ask me Tobster?"

"Will you stop calling me 'Tobster'? It's getting on my nerves."

"Oh… gotcha, Tobst-" Before Spence could finish Toby gave him a death stare. "I mean, Toby." Toby sure had the ability to scare him and Spence was fairly sure that he could beat him up if he really wanted to.

"Class, Aria is passing out your homework it doesn't have to be done until Tuesday but please read these three poems several times and chose the one you feel best able to create personal response and analysis for." Ella Montgomery said as she handed a pile of papers to her daughter and took her seat behind her desk.

Spencer took a quick glance at the paper then put it in her English folder before writing down notes about it in her planner. "This seems easy enough I can have it done by Tuesday in no time," Spencer muttered to herself.

"Did you say something Spence?" Emily asked looking up from her paper.

"Just talking to myself."

"Sounds like fun," Aria replied sarcastically. Spencer looked at Aria and gave her a small smile, no matter what happened they were best friends and they needed each other, especially with all of this 'A' madness.

Aria broke out in a grin. "So I take it you're not mad at me anymore?"

The bell rang signaling class had ended. The girls grabbed their stuff and stood up. "No, I'm not mad anymore." Spencer lowered her voice so no one would hear her second comment, "And I want to apologize for what I said about Ezra."

"I shouldn't have said that stuff about Toby; it was immature and I only said it because I was mad. I'm sorry too Spence."

Mrs Montgomery came over to the girls who were standing by Aria's desk. "Girls, I'm sorry to interrupt but it's time for you to get to class." Mrs. Montgomery gave Aria a look that told her they would be talking about this later.

"Bye, Mrs. Montgomery," Spencer and Emily said while Hanna waved.

"Bye, mom, love you." Aria knew that her mother was going to tell her father that she had been talking to the girls when she had been specifically told not to.

"Love you too sweetie." Ella went back to clearing the chalkboard. Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily were best friends and did everything together, but with all that had happened Ella knew that they needed to spend some time apart. Perhaps if they were separated for a while things might settle down a bit.

As the girls were walking down the hall toward their next class Spencer's phone beeped with a new message. She pulled it out of her pocket and nervously read the message. What she read stopped her in her tracks.

"Spencer why are you stopping? We need to get to class." Emily said as she stopped next to Spencer.

"I know, but, I was wondering if you guys got any messages from you know who today?"

"You know who as in 'A'?" whispered Hanna. "No I haven't gotten any messages from that bitch today," Hanna remarked while rolling her eyes. She wondered what the bitch 'A' had up her sleeve for them as there was no way in hell she was ever going to give them a break. Maybe 'A' had gotten tired of them and had finally relented in the constant torture. If any one of the girls had received a message though which would mean that 'A' certainly wasn't giving them a break.

"It's weird she hasn't texted me either," Emily looked confused. "You don't think 'A' is giving us a break?" she gave a small, hopeful smile.

"Like that bitch would give us a break," Hanna muttered. Emily's smile faded.

"Nothing this morning, but after that I wouldn't know," Aria replied crossing her arms over her chest. The girls gave her a weird looks. "Well guys, Spencer did snatch my phone out of my hands at lunch and I haven't seen it since then."

"Oh, right, sorry," Spencer said sheepishly. Spencer felt around her bag until she felt Aria's phone and handed it to her.

"Thanks, Spencer." Aria looked at her phone, "Great I have 6 unread text messages."

Ezra: Yes, I'll meet you at my place at 8:30. Love you.

Ezra: You okay? You haven't texted back or answered my calls.

Ezra: I've got to go to a meeting so my phone will be off, but I'll call you when I'm out. Love you, and remember: 8:30

Mike: hey sis can you do the dishes and any other chores I have tonight I have a paper to do and I'll be at jay's working on homework.

"Is it 'A'?" the girls ask at all at once.

"Nope," Aria smiled. "It's Ezra, Ezra, Ezra again and Mike."

"Didn't you say you had 6 messages? That's only 4," Emily pointed out.

Aria looked at the others and gasped.

"Well read them. Now!" Hanna said pulling her purse up her shoulder again.

UNKNOWN: Spending more time texting the forbidden lover than talking to the guilty, lying besties? Watch out, if you get on their bad side they might tell (what Ezra's giving you plenty of) xoxo -A

The girls all looked at each other. Emily touched Aria's arm. "We won't tell, you know us." Aria just nodded.

"There's one more you guys."

UNKNOWN: Sleeping with a murderer? Why didn't I think of that! Looks like you're more like me than you think -A

Aria looked up from her phone trying not to show she was too freaked out, "What do yours say?" Spencer read hers.

UNKNOWN: Aw, running to Toby? How sweet. I'd watch out, he might not always be there to hold you while you whine. –A

"The bitch's giving threats out now?" Hanna asked clearly pissed.

"I don't think it's a threat." Emily said looking at her two friends.

"What do you think Spence?" Aria asked looking at Spencer who was still looking at her phone.

UNKNOWN: You don't know the full story on Carly and Toby. You're dating a pretty little liar, you know xoxo. -A

Toby had told her that nothing was going on with her, surely he wouldn't lie to her. Spencer shut her phone and pushed it roughly back into her pocket before looking up at the girls who were clearly worried about her.

"I'm sure everything's okay. I'll see you later." Spencer turned around leaving her friends standing in the middle of the hallway with worried yet confused looks on their faces.

Sam and Pam were fast asleep while Carly was on her laptop replying to her emails.

Hey Carly can you believe we got out of school until next Wednesday all because of me and Sam flooding the school right? So when you guys coming back to Rosewood? I miss you girls and Freddie (well kind of Miss Him.) just be sure you guys don't miss my party next Friday night WOO HOOO!


Carly quickly typed back her response.

Yea you rock I can't wait for your party me and Freddie will be there but not Sam. Turns out her mom wasn't too happy about you and her flooding the school. So Sam's moving to Rosewood to live with her uncle, aunt and cousins.


Her next email was from Gibby.

Sup Carls, sucks I couldn't go, I know you miss me like crazy ;) Hope you're having a fun time in Rosewood see you when you get back.

-love, your shirtless friend, Gibby.

Carly smiled as she typed her reply.

Yea but Guppy needed you to help him with his boy scouts. You're a great big brother Gibs. :D. I met a great guy today, he's Sam's cousin Toby. Sucks he has a girlfriend, I really like him! Anyway there's nothing really to do in Rosewood, not that I've had time to do anything I've only been here since last night. I haven't really had a chance to miss you lol.

-Carly, your peppy cola addicted friend.

She couldn't believe who her next message was from. Her mouth hung open slightly from shock. She hadn't spoken to Steven since that night at Keene Thomson's house. Nervously she clicked on his message.

Carly, hey look I just want to ask when can I expect my apology? I think you owe me that much.

You and your little friends did embarrass me on the web and get Tori to agree.


Carly shook her head as she replied.

Tori wanted to embarrass you just as much as I did, you're the one that cheated, we don't owe you an apology.


Toby, Spence and Freddie were in Toby's living room watching TV and chatting.

"…..And that was our day." Freddie finished off.

"Wow, I can't believe Sam did that!" Spence laughed. He laughed so hard he grabbed hold of his stomach and began mumbling something about how much it hurt.

"Yeah I couldn't believe it either," Freddie replied, looking at Spence funny. "Dude it wasn't that funny." It seemed that Rosewood was making Spence even weirder than he already was, if that was even possible.

"Yeah it was!" Spence took a deep breath and tried to calm himself before finishing, "Sam got into a food fight at someplace called The Grille with some snobby girl because she called Sam fat."

"Yeah she didn't even try to punch the shit out of her." Toby remarked. For as long as he had known Sam he had never known her to waste food or to be able to control herself and not punch a person for making rude comments at her.

"Yeah because me, Pam and Carly were there and we kept telling her not hurt the girl." Freddie said after taking a sip of his peppy cola.

"That wouldn't stop Sam. She would do the opposite and beat the snot out of the person who pissed her off." Spence commented. It was only last month that she had beaten Spence up in front of his date because he told her that she couldn't have any of the turkey in the fridge.

"Yeah will her mom told her if she got into any more trouble this time it was boarding school with Melanie. Anyway, what did you guys do today?"

"I went with the Tobster-um, I mean, Toby to a job interview then he took me to I hop for breakfast during lunch." Spence looked like a kid that just got a year supply of chocolate.

"The Tobster? I thought your nickname was Tobes." Freddie mocked.

Toby threw a pillow at Freddie's head. Freddie grabbed the pillow and threw it at Spence.

"If you don't like it then tell Carls, don't abuse me!"

"And why abuse me what did I do?" Spence asked clueless.

Freddie and Toby both ignored what Spence had said.

"Carly's the least of my worries. I had this job interview with this cabin maker in Yardley but I need my own truck to get the job."

"Have you gone looking at cars?" Freddie asked.

Toby got his phone out and started messing with some buttons. "Yeah, Spence had fallen asleep and after a while I passed buy this used car shop and I found this truck." Toby handed Freddie his phone.

"Nice, are you going to buy it?" Freddie asked as he handed the phone back to Toby.

Toby sighed with a slight frown on his face. "I don't have enough money for it."

"I could lend you some money, that way you'd be one step further away from your creepy step sister," Freddie offered.

"Why do you think Jenna's creepy?" Toby asked turning the TV off. Freddie gave Toby a funny look. "Dude I met her." Freddie chuckled.

"True." Toby replied as he took a sip of his water.

Aria and Hanna sat on the floor of Aria's living room. Large fluffy pillows surrounded them, creating a soft place to sit, while two blankets were draped over their legs. 27 Dresses played on the TV before Hanna grabbed the remote and pressed the pause button.

"Okay we've been watching this movie for 30 minutes and I'm bored out of my mind." She groaned

"Well you have seen this movie a hundred times," Aria replied as she sat up.

"Not what I mean. You said you'd tell me what you really think about Toby," Hanna smirked.


"Yes now. Mike will be home by 11 and your parents by 12 so come on, spill."

Aria looked up at the clock that hung above the fireplace. "Han, its only 9:47."

"And…?"Hanna replied and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Aria looked to the ground feeling kind of nervous. "Fine it's not that I don't like Toby, it's just I still don't think that we should trust him." She said, finally looking up to meet Hanna's face.

Hanna looked at her friend slightly confused. She didn't really understand why Aria was nervous, it wasn't as though she were talking to Spencer. Maybe she felt as guilty as Hanna did about feeling that Toby couldn't be trusted when he seemed to make Spencer so happy. Hanna took a deep breath before she answered.

"Why don't you trust him?"

"Well for one how can he just forgive Spencer that fast for what she did and said?"

"You mean what we all did," Hanna corrected.

"Yeah but how can he just forgive her that easy then bam they're going out. Why would he date someone he couldn't trust? You can't help but wonder if he has something up his sleeve." Aria ranted, she was truly worried about Toby's motives. Hanna couldn't believe what she was hearing. Aria was the one who hooked up with her English teacher while she was still his student and for all she knew he was just using her for sex. Hanna wanted to tell Aria exactly what she thought but decided to take a more tactful route.

"You're one to judge."

"Ezra is a teacher, not a criminal!" Aria snapped. What was Hanna trying to say? Did she think that Ezra wasn't genuine? That he had some other reason for being with her?

"My mom's expecting me, I really should get home." Hanna stood up awkwardly. She hadn't meant to irritate Aria the way she had, but seeing Aria in such a state made it clear to her that it would be best if she left.

"I'll see you later," she said as she made her way to the door.

"Bye Han." Aria replied.