A young, female, golden retreiver rose from her crimson doggie bed and sat before her mistress, a brunette teenager (Who looked about 14) dressed in beaded jeans, neon colored flip flops, and a butterfly t-shirt. Clothing not ideal for the wilderness climate, but something the girl considered "stylish".

"I have something for you today, Anita," The girl started, sitting down in a wooden chair turned away from a wooden table. Anita followed and sat infront of her just like before. "My old hood." The girl removed what looked like a pile of red cloth from the table.

Anita sat up straight as her mistress draped the hood around her and tied the strings infront.

"Oh, Red," Anita thought to herself. "No one will ever forget the services you paid while wearing this hood."

"There's more, Anita." Red said, getting up and walking into the kitchen.

Anita trotted right behind her and seated herself on a wodden stool near the stove.

Red plucked a small, purple tulip growing from a pot in the kitchen window. She wet a paper towel and wrapped it and some tin foil around the flower before gentley placing it into a small, red, plastic pail.

The pail had a rope handle up until the middle, where the handle was a chunk of wood with bite marks. This was Anita's bucket. Since Red grew too old for her hood, it was now Anita that did the delieveries for her.

"One last thing, Anita."

Red left the kitchen for a brief moment before coming back with a black bag. "Grandma sent me some new make-ups. But I thought I'd try some on you."

Anita stayed perfectly still on her wooden stool as Red crouched down to applied a light, lavender coat of eye shadow above her eyes.

Red stepped back and smiled. Anita tried to smile back.

Red set the make-up bag on the kitchen counter before scribbling down a small note and placing it in Anita's pail.

"Bring this to old Mrs. Kurk, Anita. You've brought deliveries to her, before. This shouldn't take very long." Red lowered the pail enough so that Anita could take hold of it in her mouth.

Red pulled the hood up over Anita's head before setting her loose.

Anita bolted outside, pail in mouth. Twigs crunched beneath her paws as she pushed off and jumped over the old log Anita always jumped over. Anita always considered jumping an important skill, for it could come in handy someday.

Anita bouded up a small hill and took a right. A route she usually didn't use will bringing delieveries to Old Mrs. Kurk. But it had so much open space, and Anita was full of energy today.

All of a sudden, Anita crashed into a tree. "That scent.. Could it be.. WOLF?" Anita thought to herself. She shook her head. "I haven't scented a wolf since the day Red crossed pathes with one while bringing goodies to her grandmother..."

Anita checked the pail and the flower. Both okay.

"..But then again." Anita started, out loud this time. Her sweet voice whisping through the empty land. "This IS where the forest starts mixing with gorge.."

Anita gave a shrug and picked up her pail. She trotted so that she wouldn't crash next time she had to stop.

Two pairs of yellow eyes, another pair green, watched from beind shrubs and a rock as Anita continued her mission.

One of the yellow-eyed creatures spoke in a low, husky voice. "We've finally found the next Hood Hound.."