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Chapter 1: We Know

It is strange the affect a death of a loved one can have on somebody. Will they move on? Or will they spiral into a deep depression? Does it make a difference if the loved one was murdered?

The elevator was small, about 4X4. In it stood a man with silver hair and sparkling blue eyes. He was fit and healthy for a man his age. Gibbs sipped his coffee dreading the day ahead, it wasn't that he was dreading work or seeing his teammates, it was just that he wasn't looking forward to this day in general. It was July 14 the anniversary of Shannon and Kelly's death.

The elevator dinged and Gibbs stepped off, he made his way through the office and sat down at his desk. There were no notes of any missed calls so he sat back comfortably. Gibbs then noticed that something was wrong, no one was doing any work. Ziva sat at her desk, her head bobbing to the music coming from her ipod. McGee was hunched over his computer typing furiously as he masqueraded as the Elflord. Tony's feet were propped up on his desk and he snored slightly in his chair.

Gibbs rolled his eyes and stood up slamming his coffee down.

"Comfortable DiNozzo?"

Tony jumped the second he heard his boss's voice, causing him to lose his balance and tumble to the floor. He put on a lopsided grin and picked himself up off the floor.

"Hey boss," Tony greeted.

Gibbs stared him down then motioned to the rest of the office. "Why aren't you doing any work?"

"It's a lazy day boss," McGee said never taking his eyes off his computer.

Gibbs pressed his lips together into a thin line. "Paper work?"

A smug look crossed Tony's face. "Finished it yesterday,"

Gibbs sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Find something to do, change the car tires."

Ziva took one of her head phones out. "Did that this morning. It was a pie walk,"

"Cake walk," Tony corrected.

Gibbs sighed and settled himself in his chair. What was the point? On the one day he

wanted a ton of work there is none. Just his luck. That's the way it seemed to work out

these days.

He moved things around on his desk dying for something to do. He looked at his team somehow they had all managed to keep themselves occupied. Finally Gibbs could stay still no longer. With a grunt he stood up and left the office.

No one greeted him as he walked down the hallway. Silence. Every corner of NCIS was filled with silence and boredom and it was killing him. Gibbs turned into thench room and made his way to the refrigerator, all eyes were on him, everyone who didn't know him was afraid of him. He silently pulled out an emergency café-pow and left.

Gibbs stepped off the elevator and walked down the empty hallway to Abby's lab. When he entered it appeared to be empty. Then a pair of tattooed arms wrapped around his neck from behind.

"I don't have anything Gibbs," Abby said sadly placing her chin on his shoulder.

Gibbs smiled and handed her the café-pow. Abby took a large sip as if to say 'there's nothin' like a good café-pow in the morning'.

"There's nothing to do," She complained.

Abby paused her music and turned to face Gibbs. "I'm having a party tonight," She said. "Well its more of a get together than a party. Will you come?"

Gibbs gave Abby a peck on the cheek to say yes. Then he left, and then boarded the elevator intending to visit Ducky. About halfway down the new mail carrier Beth got on and shuffled through her mail, she produced a dirty envelope with Gibbs's name on it. Inside in sloppy hand writing it said:

We know what you did.

Gibbs sniffed the paper, which rewarded him a strange look from Beth. It smelled like crack, he quickly tore it up and stuffed the pieces in his pocket. The next time the elevator stopped Gibbs sprinted out and headed up the stair to the MTAC room, only pausing for the eye scan. The door slid open and he found himself fact to face with NCIS director Leon Vance. Vance nodded and handed Gibbs a cup of coffee as if he had been expecting him.

"I knew you'd come," Vance began. "And I know what today is. The answer is yes, you can have the day off,"

Gibbs nodded his thanks and left.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs cruised down the abandoned streets of downtown Washington in his silver rental car. He hated the stupid thing, everything in it was different from his car, which was in the shop.

Gibbs pulled up to an abandoned warehouse and got out, this was the largest drug dealing place in Washington.

Two hansom Hispanic men sat at a fold up table smoking cigarettes and playing cards. Neither had a care in the world. Both were laughing about a letter they had sent to an NCIS agent.

"That was a good one Diego!" Juan laughed.

Diego smirked and laughter shone in his eyes. "I didn't do it for myself," he said "I did it in Pedro's memory,"

A knock came to the large metal door of the warehouse and Juan and Diego hesitantly answered it. They slid the door open to reveal Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Juan bolted leaving his friend behind. Diego threw his fist forward punching Gibbs in the face, but Gibbs had him on the ground in seconds.

"You two better go back to the hole you crawled out of before I kill you," Gibbs growled.

He let Diego up and the Hispanic sprinted after his friend. Gibbs sighed, it was time to go home.

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