Alright this my friends is the end chapter 8...

Nala couldn't believe it. Simba was working with Scar the whole time. She felt heartbroken, she couldn't bear to see Simba stand next to Scar. She let the tears roll down her face.

Simba looked to Mufasa a disappointed and angry look on his face. Then he looked to Nala who was crying so hard you could hear it across the savannah. Simba glanced at Scar who was staring at Mufasa with a evil smirk on his face.

"Attack Simba…" Scar ordered.

Simba walked forward halfway so he was in between the two parties. He glanced at Mufasa who was crouched down in fighting stance.

"As you wish….master!" Simba roared as he spun around and charged toward Scar.

Mufasa was dumbfounded Simba had turned around and was sprinting toward Scar. He ordered the lionesses to help Simba.

Scar was caught off guard as Simba tackled him to the ground.

"Simba what are you-" Scar started.

"Shut up!" Simba roared as he struck Scar.

The hyenas charged toward Simba, but were cut off by the lionesses.

Mufasa fought the hyenas along with Sarabi and Nala.

Simba stared into Scar's eyes "You lied!" He roared as he struck him again.

Scar shoved Simba off and clawed Simba's face.

"You're weak! I should have killed you when I had the chance!" Scar boomed.

"You've lied to me my whole life! You claimed Mufasa a tyrant! He's ten times the king you'll ever be!" Simba exclaimed as he continuously struck Scar with his claws.

"I raised you! I took you in when no one else would! I sheltered you! I fed you! And this is what I get in return!" Scar exclaimed in anger.

"You used me! You took me in so I may do your bidding! I won't give in to your lies again!" Simba shouted.

Scar pounced on Simba. He began clawing at his face. Simba threw him off and tackled him down. He put his claws against his throat.

"So that's it… you're just going to kill me right here huh?" Scar laughed "I have taught you well. You're just like me!" Scar yelled.

"I'll never be like you Scar…." Simba said back.

"You'll never be like your parents either. Do you know what happened to them?" Scar asked grinning.

"They abandoned you because they never wanted you!" Scar exclaimed.

Simba backed away eyes widened. He glanced toward Nala and back at Scar. Scar noticed this and smiled.

"Ahhh now I see you have grown soft Simba." Scar said as he charged toward Nala.

"Noo!" Simba shouted as he raced after him.

Scar raised his paw and swung at Nala.

"Nala!" Simba exclaimed as he jumped in front of her taking the hit.

Simba was sent flying and his head collided with a rock.

"Simba! Nala screamed and rushed over to Simba.

Mufasa witnessed this and sprinted towards Scar. Mufasa swung at him with all his might. Scar flew and hit the side of Priderock. Scar slowly got up and faced his brother.

"I let you live brother! Even after you tried to kill me! I showed you mercy!" Mufasa boomed.

Scar grinned "And that was your biggest mistake yet!" Scar said as he lashed out at Mufasa.

Scar struck Mufasa across his face. Mufasa yelped in pain and tackled Scar to the ground, he struck Scar's face again and again.

"I'm ending this now Scar!" Mufasa shouted as he lashed through Scar's throat.

He had done it. He did what he had hoped to avoid. He had taken his own brother's life. Mufasa watched as the hyenas retreated back to the graveyard. He stood as the victor. The lions have won this war.

Nala was crying at the sight of Simba. Simba slowly turned his head to look at her.

"Nala?" Simba whispered

"Yes?" Nala replied through tears.

"Nala I want you to know that…. I love you… and I would never hurt you…" Simba whispered.

"Please Simba don't do this…..don't do this please!" Nala begged.

"Mufasa… Sarabi?" He asked.

"Yes Simba?" They asked in unison.

"Take care of Nala for me…." Simba said as he closed his eyes and his head fell back.

"…please…don't…. I can't live without you….Simba… I love you…." Nala pleaded through sobs.

It started to rain harder. Nobody cared they were too upset to even move. Every lion lowered their head in sorrow. Nala cried harder than she ever had in her life.

Days later Nala stood by herself at the mouth of Priderock overlooking the savannah.

"Nala?" Sarabi asked fro behind.

"Yes?" Nala replied not looking at her.

"Nala… did you love him?" Sarabi asked sincerely.

"Yes.." Nala answered.

"Then tell him.." Sarabi said pointing to Simba, who was coming out of Rafiki's tree.

Nala nodded and walked toward Simba. Simba saw her and smiled.

"How are you feeling?" Nala asked.

"Better I guess…" Simba replied.

Nala quickly licked his muzzle. It surprised Simba.

"That's for you know um saving me again.." Nala quickly said.

Simba smiled and licked her back. Nala darted her head toward him in surprise. Simba gave her a charming smile and winked at her. Nala blushed and moved closer toward him.

"So.. I didn't really hear what you said when you were hurt Simba." Nala smiled.

Simba moved In closer and whispered in her ear "I love you."

Nala felt herself melt as he whispered in her ear. Nala came close and whispered back "I love you too."

They both smiled at each other. Nala nuzzled him and climbed on to of him cuddling with him.

"So Nala have you chosen a mate yet?" Simba asked grinning.

" not yet…" Nala asked surprised and blushing.

"Would you mind if I offer to be your mate?" Simba asked.

"Of course not…" Nala answered as she licked his cheek.

Simba licked her cheek back and nuzzled her.

Months later Sarabi and Mufasa had passed away and Simba was now the king. Along with Nala as his queen. The two had a beautiful daughter named kiara…

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