Since John passed away leaving a 22 year old Dean in charge of 15 year old Sammy he figured the move to be closer to Pastor Jim was a good plan. He never understood why his old man had left the town to begin with, Pastor Jim was there and so was Bobby with his auto shop; but in the end it probably boiled down to the bad memories.

It had a been a month since they settled in, Sammy was doing well in the private school that Pastor Jim was in charge of; not like that was any surprise. The Pastor was a great help since that was the only school in town and would have cost a fortune if they had to rely on the money he got working for Bobby or Sam's after school job. Dean wasn't too excited about Sam working, though it did give the kid extra spending money for school lunches or hanging out with friends.

Sam was an all star at school, he was super smart and growing freakishly which could have been a set back; but it wasn't. Needless to say he was a lot different than how Dean was in high school. Pastor Jim and John liked to call it his rebellious stage; he stayed out too late and partied too hard. Dean liked to think of it of his don't give a fuck stage, which was exactly what it was, he didn't like school so he didn't go and he chased after anyone who even batted an eye at him. Grant it, his dad didn't have a clue about the sex or so he hoped; it could have been a lot worse if he strayed further down the drug path.

Dean's not sure what happened, but he just woke up one day and realized that he was setting a piss poor example for his little brother. Even if he still took care of the kid when his dad had work etc, Sam had the potential to be whatever he wanted and Dean would be damned if he didn't get it.

Long story short that's how he found himself every Thursday night talking to troubled kids at Pastor Jim's outreach program; it started as just a favor, but the higher ups had a meeting and thought it would be best to teach through example. There was one kid in particular that Pastor Jim wanted Dean to make the special effort with and his name was Castiel and boy calling that kid rebellious was putting it mildly.

Compared to Castiel, Dean looked a fucking saint; but there was a real sob story there. That is if the rumor's where true, Pastor Jim wouldn't tell him for sure; but from what Dean heard Castiel was the bastard child of a priest. No joke, a fucking celibate catholic priest; no one knew if the indiscretion happened before or after the guy became a priest, but it certainly would explain a lot.

Even though the school was opened to all, it was still a religious school and it seemed that this kid abhorred anything to do with religion; which could you blame him? To Dean's eyes it seemed like all the 17 year old wanted to do was find new and frightening ways to shock others and make his mom prematurely grey. It was always a surprise for Dean to find that they had somehow managed to get the guy to show up every week, considering how out of control he was.

That's how they found themselves, locked in an epic staring match after all the other kids had left and they had the extra hour to themselves.

"So," Dean cleared his throat, "I guess you're the special project, we'll meet after the group secession." He explained.

"I am aware," the gravel voice replied.

Dean was surprised at the tone he didn't know any 17 year old that had a right to sound like that and he'd be lying if he didn't kind of find the guy attractive. Not like he'd act on that or anything, those days for where long behind him; plus while the kid seemed numbed out and unassuming, Dean could tell Castiel wasn't naive and knew how to use his looks to get what he wanted.

"Great, um I know you heard the whole shpeal before, but it's true I've been in your shoes, man."

"I doubt they'd fit," Castiel deadpans looking intently at the ceiling as he sat ramrod straight in his chair.

"Ha Ha, funny," Dean glares at him, "Look, I don't want to be here anymore than you do, but Pastor Jim helped me when I was in trouble and so I'm returning the favor here."

"I am not… 'in trouble'" he quotes.

"Right," he rolls his eyes.

"I am only here, because it gets my mother off my case for the week."

"Fair enough," Dean nods, "I'm just saying we should talk or whatever, I'm here to help."

"I do not require help," Castiel's blue eyes flare.

"Calm down, dude…Christ," he swears unable to help himself the other man tilting his head like he's sizing Dean up, "I'm not the bad guy here," he pulls out a piece of paper with his number on it, "If you need to talk or need help you can call me, I'm on your side, Castiel." The teen glares at him with his piercing gaze, Dean trying not to squirm under its intensity, "What do you do that's so horrible anyway."

"Nothing," his gaze falls as he studies the pattern of the wood desk, his hands under the table.

"I doubt that."

"I have no faith, ok," Cas snaps at him irately, "Not the best place for that."

"Cas…" Dean looks at him, it's clear that even though that might be part of the problem, there's definitely more going on. At first glance Dean would assume drugs of some sort, which he couldn't tell because that was never really his thing, and defiantly an attitude.

"We're done," the dark haired boy stands up abruptly, grabbing his bag as he heads out the door.

"See you next week," he sighs, he was so not qualified for this crap. Dean already had a semi moody teenager at home; he really didn't need to deal with one who was ten times worse.

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