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Afternoon was slowly fading into the darkness of a winter's night as the streets lights begin to flicker on. Dean remains on the sofa rapt, as the younger man stands before him. Cas's face unsure as he begins to undo the buttons of his dress shirt. The teen turns, his back facing Dean as he slides the fabric cautiously off his shoulders revealing a crisscross of scars etched into the pale olive flesh. Castiel stops, his back still to Dean and his shirt still around his wrists as if he can't bring himself take it off all the way.

Silently, Dean rises and stands behind the slightly shorter man. His presence causing the teen to shiver slightly as Dean raises a cautious hand over the skin and drops a kiss to his shoulder. Cas inhales audibly as the older man trails his mouth down, over the raised lines.

"How?" Dean whispers gently as he reverently caresses the teen, earning him some small appreciative noises.

"R… repentance," Castiel stutters, breathily, "For my actions."

"Hmm," He hums against his back sadly, wondering how a mother could do this to a child.

Dean snakes his hand to Cas's prominent hip, thumbing it idly while his other hand slides against the taught skin on his stomach and chest. Castiel's head falling back against Dean's shoulder, the callused fingers tracing hot lines on the marked skin on the front of his body. A gasp escapes the teens lips as Dean's hands trail up his chest and down his arms to remove the shirt from the boys wrists. He drops it to the floor before stepping back, waiting for Castiel to be ready to turn around. Cas breathes out sharply at the loss of body heat, standing there for a beat.

Slowly, he starts to move. Dean's eyes watching intently as the dark haired man takes cautious steps to face him. The familiar blue eyes meeting Dean's briefly before fixing on the floor as he stands fully facing the older man; Dean bites his lip as he drinks it in. The long scars along his forearms looking darker in the fading light, as jade eyes scale up the sharp angles of the body. He can see faint old scars along the crooks of Cas's elbows, the tattooed words along his side he remembered seeing before along with the nipple piercing, more thin long scars along his hips and stomach, in the center of his chest was a large ornate scar that seemed to be some sort of symbol.

Dean stepped forward, hooking his fingers under Cas' chin to bring his blue eyes up to his green ones. "You're perfect," he tells him softly, pressing his lips to the slightly chapped ones chastely. The younger man returning the kiss hesitantly, as if he doesn't believe any of this is real. Breaking the kiss, the pairs eyes lock as Dean slips his hands into Cas's and takes a step back. Pressing a ghost of a kiss to each line upon Castiel's arms making his way up, Cas watching intently.

"These?" Dean asks, his lips against the hair thin lines at the teens elbows.

"Razor," Cas supplies, his heart beat quickening with each touch.

The older man licks his lips as he kisses up the teen's neck before bringing their lips together again, to calm and reassure. Castiel's slender fingers take hold of Dean's shirt before pulling it up and off; earning a smirk from the older man.

"It's only, fair," Cas breathes huskily, reaching forward to kiss Dean with hesitant dominance.

Dean kisses down Castiel's jaw and neck to the scar on his chest, peaking up at the younger man, waiting for the answer.

"Banishing sigil," he supplies, his chest rising and falling rapidly as Dean traces it with his tongue, "With an exact-o knife…"

The older man's stifles a gasp, at that information as he moves to Cas's piercing receiving an appreciative hum. Dean runs his knuckles along Cas's tattooed ribs while toying with the metal bar.

"Rejiciunt Caelis," Cas shivers.

"Meaning?" Dean asks against his skin.

"Heaven's reject… " Chuckling in self deprivation, "I told you some of the rumor's where true."

"If heaven doesn't want you, it doesn't exist," he whispers, earnestly.

They share another deepening kiss, before Dean drops on his knees in front of the younger man. "We don't have to…" he looks up, letting Cas know that they can stop whenever he wants.

The dark haired boy shakes his head, "This…" he licks his chapped lips, "I need this, need you to see me."

Dean kisses gently along the waist band of Cas's jeans before undoing them, the scars on his hips extending down a few inches. Once the jeans are around his ankles, Dean finds more razor lines on the teens thighs. Committing every line to memory and wishing he could take the pain scaring away from this beautifully broken man. Realizing that this was the first time that anyone ever really looked at Castiel, not only for who he was, but for what he bared.

"I love you, Cas," Dean admits, the man above him searching his eyes for a sign of a bluff.

"I'm not sure if I know how to return that," Castiel tells him solemnly, the truth behind those words sinking in. "But I trust you Dean."

Dean nods, "That will do," he smiles softly. He understands how difficult that can be when all you've been witness to is pain, and for right now trust is more important.

They take it slow, each touch and caress is reverent and honest as they explore one another. Making love on the living room floor, even if Castiel doesn't quite recognize the feeling yet. Dean decides that he will do everything he can to protect him and love him, even if he has to do it for the both of them. It's his mission, one he will complete even if it takes a lifetime to accomplish.


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