(A/N: This is the re-written version of Shiroi Ryu, Akuma no Buntai: Kitsune, Ryuu, Tanuki. Main characters for now will be Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Itachi. The key to this story will be the following:

"Normal Speech."
"Bijuu/ Summon Speech."
'Bijuu/ Summon Thought,'
Break…. / Emphasis on words
-Flashback/ End Flashback-
(Author's Note)

This is rated M for Mature because it will contain excessive swearing and/or cursing, gore and sexual scenes. It will be a dark story so it's not recommended for kids under 18 years of age. Of course, if you can take it, you're always welcome. However, don't say I didn't warn you. The characters, settings and jutsu are property of Masashi Kishimoto. The only thing I have ownership over is the plot. With the disclaimer out of the way, enjoy.)


Green eyes stared at the ceiling blankly, light pink hair slightly falling on them. A small pale hand brushed the strands of hair away from the round face, tucking them behind equally pale ears. Another hand went over to an exposed shoulder, tracing the dragon-like birthmark. Slowly, the eyes closed and the breathing became soft. When the eyes opened again, the only light in the room was that of the moon coming in from the window. The little girl rose, looking around in the darkness of her room, her short pink hair falling in front of her face. Looking at the window, she stood up, walking over to it. She opened it, looking down at the ground, two stories below. She closed it then walked to her door. She went out into the hallway and passed by her parents' room before descending down the stairs and walking to the front door. She unlocked it then opened it, locking it behind herself.

She looked around the clan residence, seeing everyone asleep. She walked out of the residence with her head down. It started to drizzle then the rain began pouring down on her. She still had her head down. Memories of her father's cruel words assaulted her, finally bringing tears to her eyes. Tears ran down her cheeks, mixing with the rain soaking her. Her hair began sticking to her face and clothes started sticking to her skin, soaking her even more. Her dull green eyes never left the ground as the rain started pounding down on her head. Her feet took her to the local park, where she finally fell to her knees. Her forehead met the ground as she sobbed her heart out in the lonely and wet streets of Konohagakure no Sato.

The rain soon started to let out along with her tears. She kept sobbing but her eyes went dry. A sound reached her ears but she ignored it. She focused on the tight knot her heart was in instead. It clenched tighter with every breath she took, as if punishing her for living. Her stomach heaved with every painful breath she took. Her head pounded as her brain repeated her father's words. Her hands shook in rage when she remembered her older sister's smirk. Her heart cried when she replayed her mother just standing there with her head down, her bangs covering her face. She hadn't said a thing to stop her father's assault. She hadn't stopped him when he called her names she didn't know the meaning of but knew were bad. No one had done a thing to defend her. Her eyes started watering when she remembered how her clan treated her.

Tears started running down her cheeks again as she drowned out the sound of footsteps heading her way. All she could focus on was the pity stares some women in her clan sent her way. The disgusted glares the men gave her. The way her father always thought of her older sister as the best. The way her mother was always there but at the same time wasn't. The way her sister always pushed her around and bullied her, the way her friends would follow her example, the way she didn't have friends, the way she hated her life. The way she was miserable.

She felt the air by her move and raised her head off the muddy ground to look at who it was. It was a boy her age. His blonde hair fell over his forehead because of the previous rain. His eyes were a dark color but she couldn't describe it because of the little light the moon offered. He had three lines running horizontally on both of his cheeks. His nose was a little red as were his eyes. His clothes were ripped and he had some bruises along his arms. Other than that, he looked like any other boy her age she's seen. He was crouched down to her level and looked concerned. She quickly wiped away her tears and the mud off her face but he stopped her. He leaned in and wiped the rest of the mud off her forehead with his sleeve. The girl stared at him with wide eyes until he noticed it and tilted his head to the right. "What?" he asked, frowning. She answered his question with another question. "What are you doing here?" she asked, her voice hoarse because of her crying.

The boy shook his head, frowning at her. "What are you doing here?" He asked, narrowing his eyes at her. His voice seemed hoarse, too, but she wasn't sure about that. She narrowed her eyes at him. "I asked first." She muttered stubbornly with a frown. The boy's eyes softened as he sat down by her. "I just got beat up. Everyone hates me." He looked at the Kaoiwa with a frown. The girl's eyes widened before they fell to the ground. "You're not the only one," she muttered sadly while looking at the swing nearby. "You, too? I guess this village is crawling with jerks." The blonde grunted, rolling his eyes.

Glad that someone understood her feelings, she got bold. "I wish I could just spit right in their faces." She said as another rain cloud approached. "You should try it. It's fun." The boy replied, smirking her way. Her cheeks became red at his smirk. "I also wish I could get out of here. I don't want to be treated like trash for no reason. At least, I don't know why they treat me like that." Her words touched a string in his heart and he leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees. "Ditto. I'm being treated as if I were a dangerous monster; some even call me that at times." He told her, squinting as rain started coming down on them lightly.

Silence fell over them as the rain started to fall harder, almost pounding down on their heads. The girl sat back as she thought that having this boy as a friend wouldn't be so bad. She looked at him, wondering what he was thinking about. He sensed her looking at him and turned to her, smirking. She narrowed her eyes before smirking at him. "Uzumaki Naruto," He held out his hand at her and she grasped it. "Haruno Sakura," They kept smirking at each other, different things going through their minds. "Let's go," Naruto offered, his smirk never leaving his face.

"Go where?" Sakura asked, confusion written all over her face. "Outta here, somewhere else. Let's get out of this dump of a village." Naruto said, standing up and offering his hand. Sakura looked at it then at his face. He had a soft expression on, as if telling her she'll be okay with him. She grasped his hand and he helped her up. He turned to the Front Gates and started walking, sure that she would follow. Sakura looked back at the Kaoiwa then turned to Naruto's back and ran over to his side. It took them only a few minutes to get there but stopped when they laid eyes on the guards. "We're not going to be able to go through without them noticing us." Naruto muttered, hiding behind a bench nearby.


The rain poured down on the Uchiha clan residence as bodies littered around on the floor. The blood on the walls and floors were being washed away as the rain came down harder. Only two people were alive in this district at this time of night. One was unconscious on the ground while the other stood over him, his gear shining under the full moon's light. He was wearing a black ninja shirt with black ninja pants and ninja sandals. Over his shirt, he had a chest guard. His legs and arms were covered by shin guards and armguards. There was a metal plate on each of his gloves. A sheathed katana was strapped to his back. The unconscious body in front of him was that of a boy.

The man shifted then turned away from the scene, his tears mixing with the rain. He walked out of the residence and began his journey to the Front Gates. As he walked through the streets, he replayed what he just did in his mind. He killed his uncle and aunt, his superiors, his clan members and his parents. And all because of what? Because they weren't satisfied with being the most powerful clan in all Hi no Kuni. His brother and he had to sacrifice everything they had, everything they believed in because of his father's greed. Now, he had to go into hiding because of the massacre he just created and possibly hurting his younger brother psychologically. He didn't have a choice. He couldn't bring himself to kill his brother; he loved him too much for that. Whether he looked for revenge or not was not his problem. He really hoped his brother will go after him and kill him. Something about him killing him made the man feel at ease, almost relaxed. It would definitely relieve him from the curse the Goikenban has placed on him.

As he reached the path that led to Konoha's Front Gates, he noticed that he wasn't alone. He kept walking as if he was just taking a night stroll; glad the rain washed away all the blood off him and covered the scent. He dropped his guard, however, when his keen eye caught two kids hiding behind a nearby bench. He stopped when they stood up and began running towards the Front Gates. Curiosity got the best of him as he began following them, hiding behind the trees near the Front Gates. They hid behind the trees, just a few meters in front of him. They began talking to each other, the blond boy pointing at the guards during one of the sentences. The man got closer to them to listen in.

"How are we going to get pass them?" the blonde kid asked, pointing at the guards. "I don't know," the girl answered, her eyes landing on the two guards. "We can sneak pass them." The boy offered looking at the guards, ready to bolt. The girl held him back, shaking her head. "They're Shinobi, Naruto. They'll catch us faster than you can blink." The girl stated, surprising the man. He didn't doubt that she was no older than his younger brother. It interested him to no end as to how she knew that. "Then what are we going to do, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked, frustrated that his plan won't work. Sakura narrowed her eyes at the guards. They looked bored and frustrated. 'Probably because it's raining.' She thought, glancing up at the trees. 'If only there was something that could distract them long enough for us to escape…That's it!" Sakura started grinning as she looked at the guards then the trees in front of them. "C'mon, Naruto, I know how to get through." She grabbed his wrist and ran at the guards. The man watching them frowned and got closer to see what they were doing.

The guards at the Front Gates turned to the kids when they heard footsteps. "What are you two doing out here in the middle of the night?" One of the guards asked, crossing his arms over his chest. "Help, my cat escaped and I can't get it." Sakura told them, pointing at the trees they were just in. The guards looked at each other before sighing and going out to look for it. "What color is it?" The other guard asked as they got ready to jump on the tree. "Black," she said, anxiety getting to her as she got ready to run. Naruto noticed and tensed his muscles, ready to bolt at any second. Thinking they were just anxious and worried about the cat, the two Shinobi jumped on the tree and out of view from the kids. "Go." Sakura whispered as she started running towards the Front Gates, Naruto following close behind.

The man that was watching them looked at them then at the guards, who hadn't noticed the kids' chakra signature fading quickly. They weren't fit to guard Konoha's Gates if they were fooled that easily by children, the man thought with a frown. He thought too soon because one of the guards noticed the kids were gone and jumped off the tree. Because of the rain, it was hard to see but he could make out two small figures running out of the Front Gates. "Hey, stop!" He yelled as he started running after them. The other guard noticed and started to pursue with his partner. The man behind the trees grunted and followed them.

Sakura noticed the guards following them and told Naruto to run faster. Both sped up but soon ended up in the Chunin's arms. They struggled to get out but the adults just held on tighter. "You two are going to the Hokage and back to your parents." The Chunin holding Sakura said. Sakura paled while Naruto flinched at the word 'parents'. A black figure appeared in front of them, startling them. "I don't think so. Let them go." The man said with a glare. One of the guards recognized him. "Uchiha Itachi? What are you doing here?"

"Fine, it's your choice." Itachi disappeared then appeared behind the guards. He hit both of them on the tenketsu by their jugulars. Their eyes rolled to the back of their heads as their bodies went limp and fell to the ground. The kids landed on their feet and stared up at Itachi with fear. Itachi stared them down with his Sharingan eyes. Their heart rates began racing as lightning struck far away and thunder roared over their heads. With one simple movement, both of the kids blacked out.

Kitsune, Ryuu, Karasu….Day After

Oceanic blue eyes opened slowly but closed again when light hit them. Blinking, Naruto opened his eyes again and rose. He looked around the room. There were two night stands, two beds and two doors. A window was to his right with its curtains closed. The light was on, providing perfect view of the man at the end of his bed. The man was still wearing his Anbu attire. His hair was long enough that it was in a low ponytail. His eyes were as black as coal. He was sitting on a chair at the end of the blonde's bed. Tensing his muscles, Naruto asked for his name. "Uchiha Itachi," He introduced, standing up.

"What are you going to do with us?" Naruto asked, glancing at the bed beside his. Sakura was sleeping there with a peaceful expression on her face. "I am going to do nothing to you. I am simply curious as to why two kids would want to leave their homes." Itachi answered, closing his eyes. Naruto watched him stand up and walk over to the door in front of the two beds. Itachi opened the door and went in, closing it behind him. Sighing in relief, Naruto leaned back on the headboard of the bed. His eyes landed on Sakura. He looked at the bathroom door as it opened again, revealing Itachi carrying a plate of food.

"Here, you're probably starving." Itachi offered, placing the tray on the night stand separating the beds. "I'm not hungry," Naruto was interrupted when his stomach did the talking for him. Itachi nodded and placed the tray on his lap. "Eat; you'll need your energy." Itachi muttered, turning away from him and sitting down on the chair again. Naruto looked down at the plate of dango on his lap then back up at Itachi. Grabbing a stick, he put it in his mouth. His eyes lit up as he tasted the sweets. Itachi watched in mild amusement as Naruto ate the entire plate in record time.

Satisfied, Naruto leaned back against the headboard. "Now that you've had your fill and she's waking up, how about you two tell me why you wanted to leave?" Itachi asked as he watched Sakura sit up and rub her eyes. She looked around the room before tensing up when she laid eyes on him. "We'll tell you if you tell us something." Naruto replied, sitting up.

Itachi thought about it. 'They're probably going to ask where we are and why I brought them here.' He sat back in his chair, nodding. "Why do people hate us so much?" Naruto asked, shocking Itachi a bit. However, Itachi's face remained impassive. 'I never thought he would ask that. Why did he, though….? Oh, I get it.' Itachi stood up and walked over to the window, the kids watching his every move. 'They have their guard up, that's good.'

"That's why you left, because people hated you and got tired of it?" Itachi asked, turning his back on them. They sat there, not uttering a word. Itachi closed his eyes then turned back to them. "About six years ago, a fox demon with nine tails appeared in Konoha. His name was Kyuubi no Yoko. He was a powerful mass of chakra, something no one could beat. The Yondaime Hokage came up with a solution, to seal the monster away in a new born baby. He sealed it away in you, Naruto. That's why the village treats you so badly. They're afraid of the demon, they're afraid of you." Itachi looked at Sakura, who was looking at Naruto with sorrowful eyes. "Sakura, your clan participated in the founding of Konoha over a hundred years ago. Before then, your clan has had expectations from the leader's family. The first son or daughter born is to take over as the next leader. The second born is to be a kind of servant to the first born. That's why people look down on you so much. They're disgusted with the fact that you were born." Itachi explained, watching as everything clicked in their minds.

"But, wait! Why would they be disgusted with me if my parents are the ones who brought me in?" Sakura asked, not believing her clan would act that way. "Because they see you as a nuisance to the first born. You may become powerful enough to overthrow the first born. They don't want that." Itachi turned his back on them, looking at the dark blinds. "You see, to them the first born is the strongest because they would have more experience. It's logical but cruel." Itachi looked over his shoulder at them. Naruto was looking down at his hands while Sakura looked at him with understanding yet sadness. It almost broke his already weakened heart. He had the urge to go over to them and hug them and tell them everything is going to be all right. But they had to make a decision of their own; they couldn't count on anyone to help them make choices when they could.

"But I'm not the Kyuubi, am I?" Naruto asked, looking up at him. "No, you're just a six year old with the strongest Bijuu in the world sealed inside of you. You are nothing like the Kyuubi." Itachi turned to them, frowning when Naruto gripped the bed sheets. "The Kyuubi is powerful, full of rage and anger. You're just a kid." Itachi assured but it didn't do any good. Right in front of him, he saw Naruto's heart filling with darkness and hatred. And Sakura wasn't in any better shape.

Naruto gripped the sheets tighter, rage consuming his every thought. Why would they do this to him? Why would they judge him like this? He didn't even have a say in the matter, why should they treat him the way they do? He was just a kid, a boy without parents who's looking for a family. 'Not anymore. They wanted a demon? I'll give them a demon. They'll regret everything they've done to me.' Naruto thought, his fists loosening their grip.

Sakura seemed to be on the same train of thought. 'They don't want me to surpass Nee-chan, huh? That's just too bad. I've had it with them mistreating everyone they see unworthy. And I doubt they'll go down if I ask nicely. Looks like I'll have to unleash a fury on them first. Then, I can take over the clan and change the stupid rules.'

Itachi frowned when they both looked at him with glares. "Train us," Naruto said, his voice dropping an octave. Itachi tensed but they didn't notice. 'I was going to meet Akatsuki after I let them go. I can't bring them in; the guys will use them as ragdolls.' Itachi looked at their determined stares and inwardly smirked. 'But I think that's what they want.' He nodded and stood in between the beds. "Fine. We'll be joining a group of S-rank Nukenin. I will train you there. We'll leave at nightfall."

Hokage Tower…..Same Day

An old man with a white beard sighed through his nose as he lit up his pipe and looked at all of the reports on his desk. The light coming from the windows behind him caught the names of the late Ninja on the papers. The old man glanced at the one on the top. 'Uchiha Fugaku, you brought this upon yourself. To think you'd be foolish enough to even think about it…' The man left that thought as he began putting the papers away. His head was pounding harder than it pounded four years ago when his evil student left the village and left all of the damage to them. He sighed again. He should've seen all of the paperwork and publicity coming. However, it was for the best. Itachi did his job and that's all to it. The only problem is that Itachi left his younger brother alive, something Danzo would get the jump on.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. The man ordered for whoever was outside to come in. A man with dark red hair and coal eyes came in with a frown. "Hokage-sama, I have a problem." The man muttered, bowing his head slightly. "What is it, Haiiro?" The Hokage asked, leaning back in his chair and rubbing his temple. What could be worse than a massacre where the most powerful clan in all Hi no Kuni was murdered? "My daughter, she's gone." Haiiro announced, shocking the Hokage. "Amaya? What happened?" The Hokage asked, leaning forward.

"No, it's not Amaya. It's Sakura, I've looked everywhere for her. She's not here." Haiiro said in such a calm tone that had the Hokage suspecting what happened. The door of the office burst open and two Chunin came running in, panting for air. "Sarutobi-sama, it's Uchiha Itachi! He took two kids and then he-" One rambled on when he caught his breath. Sarutobi stopped him then told him to start from the beginning.

"We were guarding the gates like we always do when these two kids came by, saying that their cat escaped and was stuck in a tree. We went to go get it but it was a trick. The kids had started running out of the village. We went after them and caught them but then Itachi came and told us to let them go. We didn't so he knocked us out." The other explained as Haiiro and Sarutobi listened to him. "You're saying that it was two kids? Did you know them?" Sarutobi asked, already suspecting who one of them could be.

"One was Uzumaki Naruto and the other was a girl. It was hard to see her because of the rain but we're certain that it was Naruto with her." One said, looking directly into the Hokage's eyes. Sarutobi sighed and leaned back. "Itachi must have taken them. This is not good. First the Uchiha Massacre and now this….We can't track them down because of the rain that fell last night. They could be passed the Hi no Kuni Border by now because of Itachi's speed. Their trail could go cold at any minute. Chunin, explain everything to the Messengers and tell them to send a message to all of the Anbu from the Northern posts down to the Border. We need to catch Itachi. Haiiro, tell Tsume to try to track down your daughter. Let's hope she wasn't the one Itachi took. Oni, tell Anbu to look for Uzumaki Naruto everywhere in the village. Go!" An Anbu appeared in the corner, bowed then disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

The Chunin left the office. "Tell me, Haiiro, has your daughter ever befriended Uzumaki Naruto?" Sarutobi asked, lighting up the forgotten pipe. "No, sir. She's never left the clan's residence before and when she has, she's with her mother." Haiiro answered, bowing his head slowly. "She hasn't been bullied physically or verbally, has she?" Sarutobi pushed, knowing how the Haruno clan methods work. "If you wouldn't mind, Hokage-sama, I'm going to go search for my daughter." Haiiro ignored the question, bowed and left the office.

'If Itachi did take them, he would have a good reason for it. Something tells me that the kids weren't just kidnapped,'

Karasu, Kitsune, Ryuu….Day After

Itachi, Naruto and Sakura walked through the soaked territory, the strong wind making their cloaks flap. The rain poured down on them as they made their way to Amegakure no Sato. Itachi had said that that will be their next stop then they will take on the road again. Itachi had explained to them that he had some acquaintance there that would be willing to take them in. While Naruto and Sakura struggled through the muddy grounds, Itachi was thinking to himself what the reaction of the Akatsuki leader will be. He could be pissed or disappointed. He could be glad that there are some willing recruits. Whatever reaction the kids may cause, Itachi was not ready for it.

Laughing caught his attention as he turned back to the kids, who were on the ground. Naruto was on top of Sakura with a mud ball in his hand while he held her down and Sakura had his collar in a death grip while she slammed a ball of mud in his face. Naruto got ready to drop the ball on her when Itachi coughed. They froze and looked at him. He glared at them as they scrambled to their feet and stuttered an excuse. "I'm going to let it slide this time but next time there will be a punishment. I will allow you to play whenever we get off the radar. However, for now, we are in danger of getting caught and brought back home. Stop acting like children and behave. I understand that this is your first time with friends but you cannot kid around now. Later, got it?" Itachi explained and they nodded, running up to catch up with him.

"Itachi-sensei, what's Ame like?" Sakura asked after a moment of silence. Itachi never took his eyes from the road but he did answer. "It goes by its name because it rains there almost every day. It's a small Shinobi Village, nothing special." Itachi finished and Naruto frowned. "Why are we headed there if it's not special?" Naruto asked, looking up at him. Itachi looked down at them, wondering if he should tell them. In the end, he settled for telling them because they'll find out sooner or later. Better now to come to terms that enemies are everywhere rather than later. "Konoha and Ame are not in good terms with each other. Konoha ninja are not allowed in Ame territory and Ame ninja aren't allowed in Konoha territory if it does not involve the Chunin Exams."

"Chunin Exams?" Sakura asked, curiosity kicking in full gear. Figuring that they haven't learned a thing about being a ninja, Itachi began explaining every basic thing. "Ninja are divided into six different categories. There's Genin, Chunin, Jonin, Tokubetsu Jonin, Anbu and Kage. Genin are the ninja who a fresh out of the Ninja Gakko and are put into a Three-Man Squad led by a Jonin. A Chunin are stronger and comes after being a Genin. You must pass the Chunin Exams to achieve that level. A Jonin rank is reached after Genin and Chunin. Jonin are the top of the pack. They're the strongest of the village. Some take on groups of Genin, others would rather work with other Jonin. Tokubetsu Jonin are trained in a particular area. For example, Sakura, the Tokubetsu Jonin of your clan specialize in creating illusions and tricking enemies. Anbu are highly secretive and skilled. To become one, you must be very skilled in the stealth and assassination arts. They wear masks to cover their true identities. They work under the sole power of their Kage. The Kage are the leaders of their village. They're the strongest ninja in the entire nation."

"There are five Kages in the entire continent: Hokage, Kazekage, Raikage, Tsuchikage and Mizukage. The Hokage is the leader of Konohagakure no Sato in Hi no Kuni. The Kazekage is the leader of Sunagakure no Sato in Kaze no Kuni. The Raikage is the leader of Kumogakure no Sato in Kaminari no Kuni. The Tsuchikage is the leader of Iwagakure no Sato in Tsuchi no Kuni. The Mizukage is the leader of Kirigakure no Sato in Mizu no Kuni. Each Kage is named after the territory the village is in. The Kage also assigns missions to lower ranked ninja and takes care of political issues."

"The missions rank from D to S. D-Rank missions are assigned to Genin. C-Rank and B-Rank missions are assigned to Chunin. A-Rank and sometimes S-Rank missions are given to Jonin. Most of the S-Rank missions that consist of assassination and information stealing are given to Anbu." Itachi finished, letting the information sink in. "Wait, we weren't in any of those villages you just mentioned earlier. What was that about?" Sakura asked and Itachi smirked inwardly. 'It looks like she's the brains out of us all. That's good.'

"There are villages and towns that don't have ninja and are just for tourism or farming. The only territory that does shipping is Nami no Kuni. They are very rich and the Daimyo couldn't be any happier with it. There are, however, villages smaller than the Five Great Countries with ninja like Amegakure. We were just in an outpost town outside of Hi no Kuni."

Itachi finished just as they reached the gates of Amegakure. They walked in but were stopped by guards. One of them narrowed his eyes at Itachi then looked at his Hitaiate. It had the Konoha symbol with a line running across it. 'Nukenin.Kami-sama said that he was coming.' Nodding, the guard let them through. Itachi led Naruto and Sakura through the streets, making sure they were following him. They reached the tallest building in the village and went in.

Itachi walked into a room, followed by the kids. The door closed behind him by itself, something that made the kids' guards go up. "Uchiha Itachi, one of the two survivors of the Uchiha clan, who were killed in cold blood by your hand. You also seem to have kidnapped Konohagakure's Jinchuuriki and the second daughter of Haruno Haiiro, leader of the Haruno clan that same night. Or so my spies in Konoha tell me." A man came out of the shadows. His orange hair was sticking to his Hitaiate due to the rain. His eyes were purple, multiple circles surrounding the pupil. He had rods and rings all over his face but that wasn't what scared the kids shitless. It was his eyes. They gave fear a whole new meaning.

"Is it true, Itachi?" The man asked, his eyes landing on the kids. Although scared, Naruto got in front of Sakura. "No, Pein-sama. They wanted to tag along." Itachi bowed his head then looked up at him. "Why would they want to be with an S-Rank criminal?" Pein asked looking at Itachi then back at the kids. Itachi looked down at them and nodded. Naruto relaxed enough to stand by Sakura but not completely. "Why would we want to stay somewhere where we are not wanted?" Naruto asked, answering the question. "I see. You got tired to being mistreated. Answer this: What do you feel towards Konoha now that you know the truth?" Pein asked, wondering what was going through their minds. "Hatred," Sakura muttered under her breath, glaring at the ground. "Rage," Naruto mumbled as he glared at his hands.

Pein heard them but he wanted to hear them shout it. "I didn't hear you," He told them. "I said hatred." Sakura said, glaring at him. "I feel rage." Naruto growled, his voice dropping an octave like earlier. Pein looked at Itachi, who nodded. "Good, I don't want any soft-hearted person in my group. Here's the Inn's key. Itachi, I will meet with you later. It was nice meeting you, Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto."

Pein turned his back on them, deciding the meeting was done. Itachi led the kids out of the office and to the Inn, where he told them to rest. They took a bath and fell like rocks on their beds. Knowing they will be safe, Itachi left to go meet with Pein again.

"I am afraid Orochimaru is growing jealous of your power, Itachi. He's a danger to our organization." Pein informed, turning his back on Itachi. "I want you to drive him out of Akatsuki soon. I don't care what methods you use, just as long as you do. Is that clear?" Pein turned back to Itachi, who nodded. "Good. Now, about those two….I want you to put them into shape as soon as possible. I don't want the guys taking advantage of their age and weakness."


"I also want you to get the Haruno clan's Kuchiyose Contract. It might be useful to us but only get it when Sakura is ready. I don't want something else going wrong." Pein ordered, glaring at Itachi. Itachi activated his Sharingan, ready if there was a fight. Pein grunted then looked away, walking into the shadows in the room. Itachi turned around, leaving the office.

Haruno Clan Residence…..Week After Disappearance.

Haiiro sat down at the dinner room and laid his head down on the table. A woman with light brown hair and blue eyes came out of the kitchen carrying three dinner plates full of food. A girl with red hair and light blue eyes came running down the stairs and sat down at the table. The woman gave each their plate and sat down herself. They started eating dinner in silence. The silence was a little uncomfortable with the fact that Haiiro wouldn't look at them at all. The woman and girl looked at each other before going back to their food.

When everyone was almost done, the woman had had enough. "What's wrong, Haiiro?" She asked, stopping all eating in the room. Haiiro looked at his curious daughter and his worried wife before sighing. "It's Sakura, Keiko. She's not in the village." Haiiro said, pushing his plate away. "What? Where is she?" Keiko asked, worry written all over her face. "I don't know but we suspect that Uchiha Itachi kidnapped her."

"Wait, Uchiha Itachi? As in the one who killed off the entire Uchiha clan?" the girl asked, frowning. "Yes. He probably took Uzumaki Naruto, too." Haiiro sighed, leaning back in his chair. The girl was so caught up in her own world that she almost missed the name, almost. "Wait, he took the Jinchuuriki, too-"

"Amaya, we are not supposed to talk about that. We're already breaking the law by telling you." Haiiro snapped, glaring at her. Amaya frowned and looked away. "A future leader must know what's what early." She muttered but Haiiro ignored her. "I'm afraid of her death. If she dies, who's going to be by Amaya's side whenever she needs something?" Haiiro asked no one in particular. Keiko frowned at his way of thinking but didn't say anything. Amaya gasped and started freaking out, as if the world was ending tomorrow.

Haiiro looked at Keiko, who sighed and nodded. He told Amaya to calm down and reassured her that there was going to be someone by her side. Amaya calms down and goes to her room. Keiko goes to do the dishes while Haiiro stays at the table, thinking. 'Who needs Sakura when you can have another baby? I just hope this one doesn't turn out like her.'

Karasu, Kitsune, Ryuu….Two Days Later

Itachi led them through Tanzaku Town after they left Amegakure. Naruto and Sakura looked around, amazed at the fact that the road was completely full at this time of night. Their cloaks sometimes got caught on purses or bags but other than that, they've been able to manage. Itachi led them into an Inn, where he rented a room for the two of them. As they walked down the hallway, Sakura asked why only a room for them.

"Because we're in Hi no Kuni and it's only been a week since I took you in. Our trail may be cold but I'm not risking us getting caught by Jonin or Anbu." Itachi explained as he opened the door to their room. "So, you're not going to sleep tonight?" Naruto asked as they walked in and closed the door behind them. "No. I'm going to be keeping guard outside. Now, listen closely. I want you two to practice on the Henge no jutsu while I'm gone. Don't open the door to anyone, not even to me. I have the key so I'll come in using it. I'll come back with dinner and when everything out there has settled down." With that said, Itachi left the room.

Naruto and Sakura looked at each other before shrugging. They put their packs on the bed and began weaving hand signs. "Henge no jutsu!" They shouted, smoke surrounding the room. Nothing seemed to happen as they both stood there, grinning at each other. Smoke filled the room again as they undid the jutsu. Naruto was standing where Sakura used to be and vice versa. They laughed then fell backwards on the bed. As their laughter died down, they stared at the ceiling, thinking about the past week.

Silence fell over them as their eyes stayed locked onto the ceiling. "It's not going to be easy, huh?" Naruto asked out of the blue, eyes still on the ceiling. "No," Sakura answered, knowing what he was talking about. "But we'll always be there for each other, right?" Naruto asked with a frown. Sakura sat up on her elbows and looked at him. He looked at her and their eyes met. She grabbed a kunai from her pack and sat up completely. Curious as to what she was doing, Naruto sat up with her. With trembling hands, Sakura doubled her resolve and cut her wrist. Naruto jumped up but Sakura sat him back down and cut his own wrist. Naruto groaned but stopped as soon as he felt warm liquid running down his arm. He looked at Sakura with tears at the corner of his eyes. He noticed Sakura was shedding some of her own tears because of the pain, too.

"With this kunai covered in both of our blood, I promise we'll always be friends." Sakura said, her voice tinted with pain. Naruto looked at the kunai and grabbed the hilt, covering her hand with his. "I promise that I'll never leave you alone, Sakura-chan. You are my first and only true friend. I'll never let you down." Naruto said as he grinned at her. Sakura smiled at him as he leaned in and touched his forehead with hers. "Always," He muttered, still grinning. Sakura then looked for the tape and wrapped it around her wrist. She grabbed his and was about to wrap it when she noticed his cut was halfway healed already.

Sakura frowned at it and wrapped it, putting the tape away afterwards. "Let's keep training, then. We have to impress Itachi-sensei." Naruto said jumping up to his feet. Sakura nodded and formed the jutsu signs. "Henge no jutsu!"

(A/N: Remember, this is a dark fic. They will be ruthless and way more powerful than the Rookie Nine will be. I will show their training sometimes and even in flashbacks. The Haruno Clan's methods will be explained more detailed later. Next chapter there will be a rape scene. It will not be Sakura or Naruto or Itachi or whoever comes to mind. I will explain more next chapter. Now, the Glossary:

Akatsuki- An organization made up of S-Rank criminals. Their leader appears to be Pein. Their motives are yet to be known…
Amegakure no Sato- Village Hidden in the Rain
Anbu- An assassination unit directly under the Kage's control. They embark on assassination missions and on espionage. They usually wear masks and protective gear to protect themselves from any oncoming attacks.
Bijuu- Tailed Beasts
Chakra- Physical and mental energy one contains inside its body. It is used for Jutsu and Sealing.
Chunin- Middle Ninja
-Chan- Honorific used for females when in friendly terms.
Five Great Countries- The five biggest countries in the Ninja World. They consist of Hi no Kuni, Kaze no Kuni, Mizu no Kuni, Tsuchi no Kuni and Kaminari no Kuni.
Genin- Lower Ninja
Goikenban- Advisory Council
Hai (Yes, sir/ma'am)- Usually used when answering in a polite manner.
Haruno Clan- One of the middle class ninja clans of Konohagakure. Although their status might not be very big in the village, their Shinobi are feared throughout the Five Great Countries because of the terrible Illusions the clan uses. Because they are feared, they are very judgmental and self-conscious. They are also known for the cruelty in the Main Family. The first born of the current leader must be the next leader while the second and/or third born are to serve the first. The clan sees the second and third as a nuisance to the first and are not allowed to become ninja.
Henge no jutsu- Transformation Jutsu
Hi no Kuni- Land of Fire
Hi no Kuni Border (Land of Fire Border)- This border divides the Land of Fire and Land of Rice Patties. Konoha Anbu have posts on this border to protect against the intruders.
Hitaiate- Headband
Hokage- Fire Shadow
Iwagakure no Sato- Village Hidden Within the Stones
Jinchuuriki (Tailed Beast Host)- Human beings with a Bijuu sealed inside of them are called Jinchuuriki. These people are usually loners and are feared by their village. However, the village did use them as weapons during the Three Shinobi Wars. An example of a Jinchuuriki is Uzumaki Naruto, who had the Kyuubi no Yoko sealed inside of him soon after his birth.
Jonin- Elite Ninja
Kage (Shadow)- Leader of a Shinobi Village. There are only five Kage: Hokage, Kazekage, Tsuchikage, Raikage and Mizukage.
Kami-sama (God)- Usually referred to one's god. However, Amegakure uses it to describe and/or name their current leader.
Kaminari no Kuni – Land of Lightning
Kaoiwa (Face Cliff)-
The mountain located in the background of Konoha. The faces of the previous and current Hokage are carved into it as a memory of those who led the village once.
Kaze no Kuni- Land of Wind
Kazekage- Wind Shadow
Kirigakure no Sato- Village Hidden in the Mist
Konohagakure no Sato- Village Hidden in the Leaves
Kuchiyose Contract (Summoning Contract)- The Kuchiyose Contract is something village clans have. The clan members are able to summon giant animals, who can help them during fights or work. Only a few clans all over the world use the Kuchiyose, however. Because of this, it's rare seeing Kuchiyose during battles.
Kumogakure no Sato- Village Hidden in the Clouds
Kyuubi no Yoko (Nine-Tailed Fox)-
It is said that it's a mass of chakra in the form of a fox with nine tails. It's one of the strongest Bijuu out there. However, there are some secrets behind the Kyuubi that only an extinct village and clan know about.
Mizu no Kuni- Land of Water
Mizukage- Water Shadow
Nami no Kuni- Land of Waves
Nee-chan (Older Sister)-
It can be used after the name or alone.
Ninja Gakko- Ninja Academy
Nukenin- Missing Ninja
Oni- Ogre
Raikage- Lightning Shadow

-Sama (Lord/Lady)- Used for showing respect and/or admiration.
-Sensei (Teacher)- Genin usually call their teachers like this.
Sharingan (Copy Wheel Eyes)- The ability of the Uchiha Clan. It is a special eye that a ver small percentage if the clan possesses. It gives them the power of insight, allowing them to see through illusions and can be used to hypnotize others. Furthermore, it allows its user to copy any techniques they see.
Shinobi- Male Ninja
Shinobi Village (Ninja Village)-
Villages that consider ninja as their military power.
Sunagakure no Sato- Village Hidden in the Sand
Tanzaku Town-
A town that focuses on entertainment such as gambling houses, festivals and tourism. Its biggest attraction is the Tanzaku Castle at the north of the town.
Tenketsu- Pressure Points
Tokubetsu Jonin- Special Elite Ninja
Tsuchi no Kuni- Land of Earth
Tsuchikage- Earth Shadow
Uchiha Clan-
Konohagakure's best clan. Because of their Sharingan ability, they are the best of the best in Hi no Kuni. They run Konoha's police force. However, their self-conscious led them to wanting more power and tried to plan a way to get rid of the current Hokage and place the clan's leader, Uchiha Fugaku, as the Godaime Hokage. The Hokage and Goikenban decided to kill off the Uchiha clan and had Uchiha Itachi get rid of them. Itachi created the great Uchiha Massacre and is rumoured to have run off with two more children. However, Itachi left his younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke, alive and now the Uchiha's future depends on the soon-to-be seven year old. Not many people know of the truth behind the massacre so everyone thinks that Itachi is the bad guy.
Yondaime Hokage- Fourth Hokage

Now that that's over, I will set a few things straight. This is not a drama fic, nor is it a happy fic. It's dark and won't have many romantic moments between Naruto and Sakura. Judging by the title, some of you probably already know who the third member of the team is. If you don't, wait until the next chapter. I will warn you again: there will be a rape scene next chapter. You can skip it if you want. It will not involve the main characters. Also, some fights will be gruesome, as in bloody, messy and full of gore. And I know his name is spelled 'Pain', I just don't want anyone to get confused so I spelled it 'Pein'.

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