Percy Jackson

I have Tyson make me a ring

Chapter 1

I just turned nineteen. It was eight o'clock a.m. on a Friday morning, August 29th. I had a party being thrown at the Big House, for my birthday and my going-away party. I was leaving Camp Half-Blood tomorrow with Annabeth. We had rented an apartment in the same building as my mom. Chiron said that once we reached nineteen, our scent wouldn't be as strong anymore, so we were excited to be able to be out in the world. Annabeth was still working on re-building Manhattan, so she'd be closer. Everything was perfectly in place. Now I just had to make sure Tyson had finished the ring. I had planned on giving Annabeth a ring. An engagement right, actually. I'm pretty nervous, but the most she'll do is call me 'Seaweed Brain' and then laugh at me. Uh-oh, there's that fluttery feeling again. I ignored it and went inside my cabin. Tyson had re-planted some coral and seaweed in the fish tank, I noticed. A big shark was in the tank too, now.

Hi, master. I love your room!

"Hey! Thanks, but its Tyson's, too."

Yes, Tyson is nice. He put me in here. Soon, my baby shark eggs will hatch and they can live here with me, too.

"Awesome. Do you need more room in there?"

No, I'm on a diet so I won't be too big by then, hopefully

"Oh, okay. Well, can I name you Wilma?"

No. My name is Jesse!

"Sorry. See ya, Jesse." So I went over to the workbench that Tyson had made for himself. He put it in one of the corners by his bed. He was sitting at the bench, finishing the ring. He was placing the pearls around the diamond when I walked up.

"Brother! You scared me! I'm almost done! Look it!" He said, showing me his masterpiece. "Annabeth will love it!" he added. He was pretty huge, now that he was thirteen. His big eye was covered up with his goggle.

"Tyson, man, this is amazing! Thank you so much!"

"No problem, brother! I want to be there when you give it to her!"

"…Tyson, I'm sorry, but I planned the whole thing underwater. To, like remind her of when we had our real first kiss."

"I can breathe underwater, brother."

"I know, Tyson, but… I'm proposing to her. It's just going to be her and me, if that's okay with you?"

"Okay." He said. He looked hurt.

"Tyson, I promise to tell you everything."

"You promise? Can I keep Mrs. O'Leary for you?"

"Sure, buddy. I was going to ask if you could for me. She can't fit in my new apartment anyways. And I promise."

"Alright!" he said as he handed me the ring. I admired it; the silver the color of Annabeth's eyes, the small diamond and the two pearls on either side. I put it in the little sea blue case that Tyson had made, also.

"Thanks, again."

"No problem, Percy!"

"I have to go now, see you at the party?"

"Yes! Is Grover going to be there?"

"No, man, he is still on his honeymoon with Juniper." Grover and Juniper had gotten married last week and were on a honeymoon somewhere in Hawaii. Unfortunately, Juniper's tree roots had to be planted in a pot holder so she could transport to other places. Grover is going to plant her when they move into their cottage in the Wild, when they get back.

"Okay, less stress now! I still don't like satyrs, Percy." Tyson said.

"It's okay, big guy. He isn't that bad, honesty."

"I have to get back to work, Percy. Daddy wants me to make him another special throne for Olympus. I need to start now, since it's the end of the summer. I have to finish before the Winter Solstice." Tyson said. I left him in there, welding the new Throne. I walked out of the cabin to find no one up, besides some Apollo campers. They were morning people. Will waved from the basketball court, and his newest sister, Georgia, grinned at me as she passed with some of her other sisters. I saw some Ares kids were spray painting the Hermes cabin's grass red. They were in the middle of a prank-off apparently. The Hermes cabin weren't early risers. One time Connor Stoll had 'forked' me, but instead of using regular forks, he used little tridents. It only made me laugh, but I got him back. I switched his memory card on his cell phone. Campers weren't supposed to use cell phones, but the Hermes cabin absolutely 'had' to, apparently, with their dad being the god of messengers. Connor freaked out, so I snuck in there with Annabeth's Yankee's cap and replaced it. He found out it was me, though. I walked towards the beach, and I found Annabeth in the sand, still studying Daedalus' laptop after all these years (actually only 3 years ago we started dating when I was 16, but we knew each other before that, long story).

"Hey, babe,"

I said as I sat down beside her.

"'Sup, Seaweed Brain?"

"Aw, come on! We agreed that that nickname is childish"

"Oh, I know. But you are a Seaweed Brain." She said, looking up at me with those cloudy grey eyes of hers. Her blonde hair was in a messy bun and one strand of hair hung out, right there by her ear. I leaned over and tucked it behind her ear, and she grabbed my hand.

"Want to go underwater and see some Angelfish? They remind me of you." I asked her while she leaned up to kiss me.

"Only if you make a bubble this time, last time you scared the mess out of me."

"I forgot! You aren't going to drop that, are you?"

"Just because you can breathe underwater, doesn't mean I can, Seaweed-"I shot her a serious look. "-Percy,"

"I'll make a bubble. Now come on" I said as I held my hand out to her. She grabbed it and jumped up. She hid the laptop behind a sand dune and we went under, hand in hand. I made the bubble, and all the sea turtles sighed like we were a romance TV show.

"Percy, did you hear those turtles?"

"Yeah, I know, right!" I said as we laughed. I had us float into a beautiful cave.

"Oh, look at those rocks holding up the walls of the cage! Its amazing architecture-"

"Annabeth, I have something to ask you."

"You do? Is it about that apartment? I'm all ready to leave-"

"I'm sorry for cutting you off every time you start a sentence, but I'm kind of nervous here and you're changing the subject-"

"Nervous…? What are you nervous about?"

"Annabeth Chase, I wanted to know if-"I said as I knelt down (we were out of the cage now, in the spot where we kissed) on one knee "-you would marry me?" I asked as tears weld up in her eyes.

"No way,"

"…No way?"

"I mean as in 'No way!' No way, not no,-"She paused and caught her breath. "-Yes, I will marry you!" she said as she jumped in my arms. Her Camp Half-Blood was under her jean jacket, just like the old days. She noticed the scenery and giggled.

"This is the place where-"I nodded. She hugged me some more, and we floated to the surface. She admired her ring while I concentrated on the current. Clean up that litter for me, will you, master? Some turtle asked me. I told it to 'scat' in my mind, and it did so. I also had the waves pick it up so I could throw it away when we got out of the bubble.

"Did Tyson make this?" she asked as she held out her hand in front of her.

"Yes, he did. And that diamond is from my mom's ring. Paul said he would get her a new diamond for their anniversary." I told her. She grinned some more, and I put my arm around her. We walked over to the trash, and I scooped it up. Annabeth picked up the laptop, and we walked back to Camp.

"Your party starts in 30 minutes." Annabeth told me.

"Did you suspect anything?" I asked her.

"I didn't, really. I knew Tyson was working on something for you, and I knew it was for me, but I didn't know it was an engagement ring! Oh, my! I'm going to be Annabeth Jackson!" She said as she kissed me on the cheek.

"Who told you?" I demanded.

"Perce, lighten up! And some little, ah, birdy told me." She said. I realized she was talking about Piper, birdy as in Dove. Piper was the daughter of Aphrodite, so she was a dove.

"Ha-ha, very funny. I'm going to get Piper's little designer-perfume-reeking butt."

"Ah, leave her be. I'll see you at the Party, and don't forget to act surprised. Chiron still thinks you don't know" she said with a wink. I saw her stop by Katie Gardner to show her the ring. Katie dropped her Inspection Board and jumped up and down.

"Travis would NEVER think of that!" I heard her squeal. I grinned to myself and headed to cabin 1, to visit Jason.