Of Social Networks and Love

Caroline sits on her bed, thinking of when days were good with her and a certain werewolf who was nowhere to be seen at this very point in time. She checks onto Facebook and looks through her status histories.

January 27, 2011

Caroline Forbes is: "totally confused."

Tyler Lockwood comments: "DISLIKE"

January 3, 2011

Caroline Forbes is: "Watching the Notebook!"

Tyler Lockwood comments: "Such a chick."

December 1, 2010

Caroline Forbes is: "Totally in the holiday spirit."

Tyler Lockwood comments: "What are you getting me *wink*?"

There are a dozen more status updates and comments back and forth from Caroline to Tyler and vice versa.

She then checks her Twitter page.

CarBare is at the Grill w WiccaB, ElleG.

CarBare You know you'd be having more fun if I was there-TyWood

CarBare TyWood Indeed :)

And then back to Facebook for her Foursquare check-ins.

Caroline Forbes has just checked into the Mystic Falls Cinema.

Tyler Lockwood comments: This is gonna be a fun night! You bought the tickets, no?

She is sad. The friendship she had with Tyler is gone. And he is gone. She didn't want to admit it, but she missed him.

Caroline starts to compose a message on Facebook, writes it and hits send.

"I miss you."

Because you can communicate a thousand times with someone, and have a million paragraphs worth of conversation, but it's really the simplest words that are the most loving, touching, and honest.