There is no moment more perfect on a day like this except for that hot cup of brewed life. Or at least, that's how he used to feel. Every Sunday he would sit in his kitchen and drink the sweet elixir. However, things are different now. Now when he wakes up, there's someone curled up against his chest and he is smiling into her silky hair.

Wandering down into the kitchen, he quickly brews a pot of coffee. Staring out the window into his back yard, his mind starts to wander. Then two small hands are around his waist and she's kissing his shoulders and mumbling, "Good morning." And he's closing his eyes as she starts to rub slow, small circles on his lower back.

Then those same wicked little hands are running up his back to his shoulders, driving the coffee from his mind. Up his broad shoulders where they pause for a moment to gentle massage the sore muscles. When her fingers stop massaging, he gives an almost inaudible moan, but then she's gentle sliding her velvet fingers up his neck and into his hair. Those nimble fingers tracing patterns only she can see on his scalp.

He jumps slightly when her warm breath caresses his ear, soon followed by her sweet mouth kissing his neck. Then she's gone – racing up the stairs and giggling. That is the moment when Gibbs decides coffee can wait. Abby is waiting for him.