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Chapter one.

The sun's rays bathed the People's Palace in warm light that caught on the scores of soaring white marble towers and stone turrets reaching joyously into the bright blue sky and vanishing into the numerous white clouds lazily trailing across the sharp azure landscape.

"I think not" A stubborn feminine drawl drifted out into the vast, elaborately furnished chambers belonging to the Lady Rahl and her Mord'Sith Queen, which were located inside the tallest and most impressive tower in the Northern wing of the Palace. Cara grumbled in the back of her throat, a small smirk playing at the corner of her full mouth, as Dahlia nuzzled the slender column of her neck like an insistent panther demanding attention. Responsive shivers of awareness shot up and down her elegant spine as she tried to angle her head away from her wife, returning her attention to the important documents sprawled out on her grand oak desk in the corner of her bedchamber. A gasp slipped free from her partially parted sculpted pink lips when Dahlia latched onto the lobe of her delicate ear, her aquamarine coloured eyes rolled into the back of her head when she felt her mate's perfect white teeth knead the soft flesh. Dahlia released her ear with a growl.

"Shame, for I really must insist" The brunette Mord'Sith, standing behind her with gloved hands resting on her high-backed chair, purred and returned to abusing the golden skin covering the side of her alluring neck.

"This is not up for debate Dahlia..." Cara negated huskily as a low ache built up in the pit of her abdomen, she rested one graceful palm on the swell of her pregnant stomach "...I have to finish up with these reports"

"You are nearly nine months along and you shouldn't be working. Stress isn't good for the baby. Come, let me take you to bed and I will help you to relax" Dahlia enticed, moving her gloved palms to Cara's shoulders and sinking her fingertips directly into the twin knots of tension coiling tighter and tighter in her shoulders with each page of the reports she turned. Cara captured her lower lip between her teeth to stifle her breathless moan. It was as her mate said, she needed to relax or else she was going to end up pushing herself into early labour.

"I am not unaware of that fact, my love. But unfortunately, my administrators are all imbeciles and I cannot trust them to go through all these competently" Cara heaved a heavy sigh, rubbing her swollen stomach affectionately as her eyes drifted closed, her long lashes brushed her own aristocratically sculpted cheekbones. Her stomach fluttered and her already generously ample breasts, even fuller now that her body was lactating in preparation for the birth of her daughter, swelled against the crimson silk of her robe as Dahlia's hot breath caressed the crook of her neck.

"Dahlia..." Cara exclaimed softly when her Mord'Sith effortlessly located her pulse point and the other woman's wet and wicked tongue began swirling over her flesh. Her heartbeat quickened, resounding in her own ears and pounding against the bed of her mate's tongue. She leaned back in her chair as her hips rolled in response to the onslaught of hot sparks roving down her body to the apex of her thighs, her clit tingled in response to her wife's skilled tongue working her neck, how she wanted that mouth buried in her pussy.

"...I suppose the reports can wait..." She rasped out suddenly, feeling Dahlia smile, satisfied, against her skin "...For an hour, no more" The natural commanding note in her velvety voice faltered when her Mord'Sith bit down on the strong tendon blanketed beneath golden skin in her elegant neck.

"You say that now. But when I have you in our bed and I am between your truly exquisite legs you and I both know we are not going to be leaving it until tomorrow at the earliest" Dahlia drawled seductively with a lilting laugh, as she reached around the chair her blonde mate was sat in and cupped the Lady Rahl's full, sensitised breasts in gloved hands that kneaded her intimate flesh, ripping a loud lustful moan of pleasure. The white feathered quill in her elegant hand froze, she allowed it to collapse onto the numerous documents scattered out on her desk. Cara made a noise of agreement in the back of her throat, she pushed her chair out from her desk forcing Dahlia to back away from her for a moment while she stood up, she rounded the chair and found herself cradled in her wife's lithe leather-sheathed arms with her own snaked around the brunette's lean waist. But before their lips could meet, something happened, it felt like her stomach plummeted and in the blink of an eye something wet and warm trickled down her legs. With a heavy frown etched into her brow, Cara stared into the brilliant blue of her Mord'Sith's eyes as Dahlia cocked her head worriedly, she parted her lips to explain when her stomach began to churn with a dull ache. Cara's eyes widened as she lowered her head to stared down at her stomach.

"This is a fucking jest" Cara felt Dahlia's arms tighten around her slender shoulders as the other woman followed her line of sight.

"Is she..." Dahlia trailed off as Cara lifted her head and glared at her.

"She is coming..." Cara growled "...And I was so looking forward to a day in bed. This is all your fault woman!"


Thirty seven hours later.

Subsequently, in the wake of panting, pushing and cursing, exhaustion had settled over her like heavy winter bedsheets, her sore muscles protested the slightest of movements. But as Cara glanced downward at the precious bundle in her arms, her worn body ceased to matter at all. She adoringly smiled as young Mistress Rahl's eyes fluttered open, little Sophia possessed her unique aquamarine coloured eyes, all of a sudden Sophia let out a wail and flailed her arms around furiously. Despite her initial flare of panic, Cara lifted her daughter closer and slowly began crooning soothingly to Sophia. Her newborn daughter quieted soon enough, though if she did not know any better she would dare say her daughter was pouting stringently.

"I know you want your mama I do too, but unfortunately she is in the process of having her hand examined" Cara explained to Sophia gently. She winced when she recalled squeezing Dahlia's hand so hard the bones in the brunette's hand and been crushed, not that Dahlia had complained, in fact she had been reduced to ordering the brunette Mord'Sith to go have her hand assessed after Sophia had finally graced them with her presence. Her explanation must have been satisfying to some degree for Sophia yawned widely and closed her eyes slowly. Cara raised her head when the door to her and Dahlia's shared bedchamber swung open to reveal the abused brunette in question.

"What is the damage?" Cara asked even as she cradled their daughter to her chest.

"Well I have three broken metacarpals, four severely bruised phalanges and you snapped my radius" Dahlia whispered with a proud smirk as she softly pushed the door closed behind her using her one good hand for the other was absent a blood red glove and bandaged tightly.

"Is there a particular reason the wizard failed to heal you?" Cara arched a perfectly shaped blonde eyebrow expectantly.

"He did, this is the aftermath of two healing spells" Dahlia answered smartly as she cautiously approached the bed and sidled next to Cara and their young daughter.

"She was crying for you" Cara commented softly as she stared down at the young Mistress Rahl.

"You are certain she wasn't just hungry" Dahlia replied, as she rearranged herself on her side, bracing all of her weight on her slender hip, she used her uninjured hand to support her head, leaving her useless hand to rest on her leather clad thigh.

"That is not possible. I have been constantly feeding her since you left and my nipples are getting tender" Cara complained.

"My poor darling wife, I would offer to kiss them better but..." Dahlia trailed of with a suggestive smile. The newborn princess chose this moment to gurgle loudly catching both her parent's immediate attention, tilting their heads downward toward their precious daughter, they found Sophia staring up at them with wide eyes.

"I love that she has your eyes" Dahlia whispered softly as she leaned closer to them.

"I wanted her to have yours" Cara replied gently and just as quietly.

"Blue is such a common colour though"

"Yours change with your mood, besides, she resembles me in all other aspects. I wanted her to possess something of yours"

"Perhaps she will have my talent for strategy" Dahlia proposed with a smile.

"Creator help the Mord'Sith if that comes to pass..." Cara grumbled.

"I do not follow my love"

"Those with a talent for strategy eventually become exceedingly powerful, the one thing a Sister of the Agiel cannot hope to resist. And if I discover a Mord'Sith drooling over our daughter, I will personally hang her with her own entrails" Cara promised. She knew her blonde mate spoke the truth, yet Dahlia could not contain her amused laugh.


Five years later.

Princess Sophia Rahl, sole heir to the famed Lady Cara Rahl, was bored, that was never a positive situation because bad things happen when she was bored. The young blonde girl was sat in the gardens, with a book laid out in front of her though she'd lost interest in the story when it became obvious how it was going to end. It was all so predictable yet she could not find anything else to occupy her time.

"How is the story coming along Princess?" A familiar voice sounded from behind her, turning she found the flawless face of her aunt Denna, her Mord'Sith protector was clad in her typical red leather and her white blonde hair was in its signature braid.

"Same as always" Sophia drawled back in a lazy tone, Denna's lips lifted into an amused smile.

"You are becoming very difficult to please my young Mistress..." Denna commented.

"...Lady Rahl has instructed me to escort your highness to the Throne room" Denna explained. Sophia beamed at the mention of her parents, she very rarely had the opportunity to spend much time with them these days, between her lessons with aunt Berdine and their important jobs.

She closed the book and carelessly abandoned it on the stone bench beside her before skipping over to Mistress Denna, she took the Mord'Sith's gloved hand in her own and together they walked to the throne room. Two muscular guards pushed the massive doors open as they lowered their heads reverently for the Princess and the Mord'Sith as they passed. Sophia rushed in to find her mummy sitting on her solid gold, ruby encrusted, Throne with her mama standing at her side. She had never understood why her mama didn't have a Throne of her own but she'd stopped asking after a while, her parents didn't like answering questions about their jobs particularly her mama, her brunette mother would always lower her head and whisper things like; "I'll explain when you're older" and "You wouldn't understand". Understand what?, she was really smart for her age.

"Good morning little one, what trouble have you been getting yourself into?" Her mummy asked with a smile as she lifted Sophia into her lap.

"Reading" Sophia replied as she wrapped her arms around her mummy's neck.

"Sounds entertaining" Her mama commented as she knelt beside them on the floor, Sophia nearly rolled her eyes at the response, instead she forced herself to smile brightly, though she could tell neither of her mothers were convinced, for some reason they excelled at reading people and their emotions.

"Now then little one, we have a very important question for you" Her mummy informed her, sharing a smile with her mama. Sophia frowned up at them in confusion.

"How would you like a little sister?" Her mummy asked her while stroking her back.

"I suppose, it would be fun" She replied softly with a shrug, both her mothers smiled happily at each other.


Eight years later.

Fourteen year old Sophia was outside in the vast marble training court yard under the evening sky along with the Mord'Sith she had come to consider her Sisters. Anya and her fraternal twin Jacqueline, Berdine and Raina's daughters, both girls had similar features with Raina's complexion and raven hair but they had Berdine's lively blue eyes. Nina and Katrina were Triana and Garren's fraternal twins they both had dark brown hair and Garren's green eyes. Shayla was Denna's sole daughter, she had Denna's white blonde hair but she held vivid emerald green eyes whereas Denna's were ice blue. No one knew the identity of Shayla's birth mother or father for Denna was reluctant to speak on the subject. Danika, Richard and Kahlan's daughter, was a carbon copy of Kahlan in looks and temperament.

"So how shall we spend the remainder of our day?" Sophia asked as she caressed the hilt of her sword subconsciously.

"How about we go out into the forest?" Jacqueline suggested while tossing her Agiel up into the air, hilt over tip, and catching it over and over again with one hand while the other was planted firmly on her curvy hip.

"Because our parents would never let us see the light of day again if we left the grounds without permission" Anya answered her twin with a roll of her lively blue eyes.

"With that in mind, it has been a while since we went riding" Katrina offered. After a few moments of discussion, the girls all nodded in agreement and headed towards the stables. Sophia walked side-by-side with Shayla and Danika, she couldn't help but notice the way the other two carefully avoided each other's gaze, something they only did when they'd had an argument and they didn't want anyone else to discover it, she was loath to integrate herself into a clearly tense situation lest she make worsen it, but that did not mean she would ignore her friend's dispute, for now she would watch from afar. Sophia stayed quiet as they all came to the royal stables where all their horses were comfortable housed.

"Aaron saddle all our horses and be quick about it" Sophia growled at the slightly older boy when she entered the large stables with her sisters on her heels.

"Yes Mistress" Was her reply as he rushed over to gather their saddles and bridles. She turned back to her sisters, Jacqueline was leaning against a wooden beam with her arms crossed over her already generous breasts while Nina stood in front of the taller girl they were deep in conversation. Anya and Katrina were over to the side stroking the noses of their horses, the stalls were close together. And then there was Danika and Shayla they were standing an inch apart but they weren't looking at each other.

"What is wrong with you two" Sophia asked as Aaron lead Jacqueline and Nina's black stallions over to them.

"Nothing" Danika answered far to quickly to be the truth, Shayla didn't respond just clenched her jaw tightly, just as Aaron lead Anya and Katrina's identical black stallions out.

"Dani, it is not healthy for a Confessor to attempt to lie..." Sophia smirked at Danika, in response the brunette lowered her gaze nervously, Sophia turned to Shayla.

"Are you going to answer me, or do I have to pull rank" Sophia asked coldly, when she was with her sisters the Princess very rarely had to utilise her rank as the heir to D'Hara but this situation definitely called for it.

"My lady" Aaron said softly from behind her turning around she found he had Shayla's black warhorse and Danika's pristine white mare.

"This isn't over" Sophia promised her friends. The two swiftly moved passed her and pulled themselves into their leather saddles and urged their horses out the stable. Finally Aaron appeared with her black, pure bred, stallion called Farron, he was about 15 hands, slightly taller than the average horse, he was muscular but not overly so, Farron's unwillingness to spook easily in the face of any danger made him completely dependable. After stroking his neck fondly she placed her leather boot into the silver stirrup and pulled herself up, using her grip on the pommel of the saddle, when she was seated firmly, she gripped the reigns and urged Farron to walk forward passed her sisters, when she heard them start to follow she urged Farron into a steady gallop, heading towards the clearing her mother had shown her three years ago, apparently her mother and her Mom had spent a lot of time there. She urged Farron to increase his pace and soon they were racing through the trees, still remaining within the grounds, as fast as their horses would carry them and before she knew it Sophia found herself within the perimeter of their clearing. She dismounted Farron and let him wonder down to the river that ran through the vibrant glade, she could feel the others behind her she turned to them and smiled coyly.

"Who wants to go for a swim?" She asked before reaching for the hem of her red tunic, she dragged the silken material up over her defined abdomen, revealing her leather covered breasts, and over her head.

"Why not?" Jacqueline smirked, leering at the Princess for a moment before expertly dismounting her horse and walking towards the river bank pulling at the buckles of her leather corset loose as she went. Anya, not to be out down by her twin, quickly followed by Nina and Katrina. Sophia was removing her sword belt when she noticed Shayla and Danika standing stiffly off to the side.

"What is this, the future Mother Confessor and one of the most ferocious Mord'Sith I have ever met, are scared of a little water?" Sophia teased as she began to unlace the front of her black leather pants. Shayla narrowed her eyes and swiftly began to pull at the buckles of her corset, while Danika blushed bright red and began to undo the laces of her white Confessor's dress.

Sophia smirked, enjoying her influence over them before lifting one foot and pulled her boot off tossing it off to join the rest of her clothes, she slid her already unlaced pants down her long bronzed legs, leaving her with two scraps of leather covering her groin and breasts similar to what the Mord'Sith used in the temple but hers had gold trim. She slowly sauntered down to the river where the others, similarly attired to her, already submerged in the cool river up to their slim waists.

"What are you doing for your birthday?" Nina asked as she joined them.

"My mother is already planning a celebration with aunt Kahlan, so I suppose all I have to do is turn up and look 'feminine'" Sophia said rolling her eyes at their predictability.

"Ouch you know what that means sister." Katrina asked with a smile.

"She has to wear a dress" Jacqueline and Anya said in perfect synch. Sophia scowled at the reminder that Kahlan had already picked out the formal gown she was going to be forced into wearing. Apparently it was made out of red silk, it had thin straps that would be tied around the back of her neck rather than going over her shoulders and the corset was a darker shade of red compared to the rest with an intricate pattern woven into it in black silk, in theory it sounded attractive but she absolutely couldn't stand for dresses.

"I will wager my Mom won't have to wear a dress" She muttered as Shayla and Danika came over to them, Shayla stayed close to Sophia, Jacqueline and Nina while Danika went over to the opposite river bank, Katrina and Anya went with the young Confessor.

"For the second time, what is wrong with you two today?" Sophia demanded with a pointed look directed at Shayla.

"Nothing is wrong with us" The other blonde replied in a defensive tone.

"Word of advice sister, in our line of work you never know when you're going to be forced to leave someone you're close to, so bite the Agiel and say you're sorry" Jacqueline advised.

"I'm not saying sorry for something that is not my fault" Shayla snarled back with a look of pure annoyance.

"So be it, just tell us what happened" Nina asked soothingly knowing just how explosive Shayla's temper could be particularly if Mistress Denna or Lady Rahl were not around to restrain her.

"I can't, you'd hate me" Shayla whispered softly lowering her head in...shame?.

"Where did that come from?. Shay your family we could never hate you, you do have this uncanny way of turning me into a hothead when no one else can, but that is it" Sophia offered with a mock glare at the other blonde.

"You say that now, but..." Sophia didn't give her a chance to finish whatever bleak sentence Shayla was about to say, she tackled the other blonde under the water and quickly resurfaced with her, the other girl looked like she didn't know whether she should laugh or try to kill her.

"What did I just say?" Sophia asked ignoring the droplets of water cascading down her body, when Shayla pursed her lips stubbornly and Sophia suddenly felt like slapping her.

"...No seriously I'm ordering you to quote me" Sophia instructed all the while preparing herself to dunk the other girl again.

"We're family you could never hate me" Shayla forced out from gritted teeth.

"And don't forget it, otherwise we're going for another swim" She threatened with a wicked smile, before she noticed the sun was beginning to set on the horizon.

"We'd better go, or we're going to be late for dinner" Sophia said to all of them.

"Yeah and Lady Rahl is scary when she gets mad" Nina commented as they all dragged themselves out of the water.

"You can always hide behind Jacqueline" Sophia drawled as she gathered her clothes.

"Your sense of humour is simply astounding Princess Rahl" Nina retorted sarcastically much to Sophia's amusement.


Just over an hour later the seven adolescents were headed towards the Great Hall, with Sophia in lead, Shayla and Jacqueline flanking her protectively with the others lagging behind them. As they approached the guards standing outside the door bowed respectfully before opening the doors. Sophia found her mother sat at the head of the table with her Mom sitting on her mother's right hand side next to her was Sophia's pesky little sister Lily. Sophia walked the length of the hall and took her place at her mother's left hand side, the rest of her Mord'Sith family took their various seats close to their respective parents.

"Where is aunt Denna?" Sophia asked her mother noticing the platinum blonde Mord'Sith was absent from the dinner table.

"She'll be along shortly, little one" Her mother replied with a smile, Sophia returned the smile at the endearment, even if it didn't quite fit her any more, after all she was just as tall as her parents.

"How have you girls spent your day?" Her Mom asked.

"Oh we went swimming" Shayla answered for Sophia, the Princess and her closest friend shared a smile.

"Mmm did you see that smile Cara?" Her Mom drawled to her mother.

"Yes I did Dahlia. Come then, give me the details" Her mother asked suspiciously, as the servants placed plates of food in front of them.

"Hold on it wasn't like that, we all went right correct Sisters?" Sophia called down the table there was a swift chorus of "That is exact".

Her mother leaned back in her high-backed oak chair and gave Shayla her " I got my eyes on you" glare. Shayla swallowed hard under the unforgiving glance. After that everyone started talking about their days however she couldn't help but notice Richard was glaring at Danika all through dinner, whatever was going on today?.

"I have a surprise for all of you" Her mother stated when everyone was finished and the servants had taken the plates.

"I'm giving you five your first and last commission as true sisters of the Agiel, for as long as you are able you will be the personal body guards of my daughter which of course means you all remain together and you stay close to your parents, so everyone is content" Her mother said as Berdine and Raina pulled Jacqueline and Anya into massive hugs, Garren and Triana placed a hand on Nina and Katrina's shoulder's and smiled proudly at them, Shayla watched this interaction with a completely impassive expression.

"Who has the lead?" Shayla asked The Lady Rahl in a cold voice.

"You are all relatively inexperienced, it is for this reason your quad will be lead by a slightly older Mord'Sith named Regin. She has already proved herself on many occasions such as the incursion into Galea. Dahlia has already evaluated her and concludes she'll be a great asset. She will be arriving with Denna very soon, probably within the next half a candle mark" Her mother commented. Richard stood up abruptly and all but ran out the door with Kahlan close behind him. Danika stayed where she was but Sophia could see the tears swimming in her eyes, Sophia instantly stood up and rushed over to the brunette and wrapped her arms around her sobbing friend, Jacqueline, Anya, Nina and Katrina were by them in a flash concern plastered to their faces, Sophia held Danika against her and she stared at Shayla the other blonde was staring at Danika with a pain filled expression but she wasn't moving towards them, this was getting weirder and weirder every minute.

"Garren and Triana go check on Richard and Kahlan, Berdine you and Raina go see if Denna has returned yet." Her mother ordered in cold voice, as her orders were followed immediately and soon she was kneeling beside Sophia and Danika.

"Come here Dani" Her mother crooned gently taking the brunette girl into her lithe arms and stroking the Confessor's back soothingly.

"Dahlia take the girls and wait for Denna out in the court yard will you?" Her mother gently asked her Mom.

"Of course, come along girls" Her Mom said in the voice she normally reserved for new recruits meaning Sophia felt compelled to obey, she sighed softly before heading for the door her Mom and the others were close behind her.

"I grow weary of asking this, but what is going on Shay?" Sophia growled as she walked closer to the other blonde.

"Sophia that is enough" Her Mom snapped, Sophia frowned her Mom never became snappy with her.

"But..." she began to protest.

"But nothing, little one" Her mother said softly as she lead the way into the court yard, they all walked down the granite stairs just as two black stallions were pulled to a stop in the wide courtyard.

Their leather clad riders dismounted smoothly and Sophia instantly recognised Mistress Denna, the older blonde was wearing an impartial expression, the other rider was a tall curvy pale blonde. Regin, she thought to herself as her heartbeat began to increase. As Regin turned, Sophia guessed that she was about seventeen, she could see that, like all Mord'Sith, Regin's body was lightly muscled under her flawless red leather, her waist was slender while her hips were curvy, her stomach was completely flat and her breasts were generous mounds beneath her leather shirt. She had high cheek bones, lips so full they looked as though they were pouting, perfectly proportioned nose and her eyes were a striking dove grey, her jaw was oval shaped and she had a pale complexion, like magnolia. In the Princess' opinion, she had never before glimpsed such a beautiful creature.

"Sister" Denna greeted Sophia's Mom, her Mom nodded stiffly in return.

"May I introduce, Sister Regin of Jandralyn" Denna said gesturing towards the younger Mord'Sith close beside her.

"Sister" Her Mom greeted formally.

"Mistress-" Regin said in a heavenly voice, it was like it caressed every nerve inside the Princess's body.

"-My lady" Regin addressed in Sophia in a respectful tone but it did nothing to extinguish the sudden fire exploding within her chest. In that instant something awoke inside her, something that craved the breath-taking creature in front of her, she instinctively knew the hunger rousing itself within her would never be quenched until she had claimed the pale haired Mord'Sith as her own.

TBC. . .