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Nine to Life

Chapter 1: "The Morning After"

Soul held Maka as he climaxed shortly after her.

His seed, his very essence, a veritable part of his soul, entered her accepting warmth.

She cried his name in ecstasy.

Suddenly he's sitting in a private hospital room.

He's holding a newborn child, one hand beneath her bottom, the other on the back of her head, holding her vertical.

A girl.

"My daughter." he says aloud in wonder, hardly believing it.

The baby stares at her father, blue eyes filled with curiosity and wonder at this new world.

He softly strokes the white, wispy hair on her head with his thumb.

"Our daughter." A voice corrects him from the nearby hospital bed.

Soul looks up and beholds a tired Maka.

She smiles exhaustedly at her husband holding their child.

Husband? Soul thinks to himself with a satisfied smile.

Sweat still sheens her brow from the exertion of the birth.

Soul repositions the newborn, holding her in the crook of his left arm, he reaches to his wife with his free hand.

Wife. He thinks with a possessive smile.

She takes it weakly and offers a squeeze.

"We did it." They whisper in unison.

"I love you, Maka."

"I love you too."

The lights begin to brighten and a white haze fills the room. All that remains for an instant before being swallowed by the growing brightness is Maka's exhausted, happy face.

Soul opens his eyes slowly and looks at the ceiling. He's in Maka's room, he knows. The pink walls give that away.

Early morning light filters in through the semi-transparent curtains that cover the window. So that's how she always wakes up early, she uses the damned sun... Soul thinks with a smirk.

Soul becomes dimly aware of a warm, wet sensation on his nethers. That's new. He lifts his head slightly, looking to his groin.

Instead of the usual sight of morning wood tenting his boxers, he sees the top of a familiar head covered in platinum blonde hair. The only difference from normal is that the hair is not in the usual child-like pigtails that he's come to adore over the years.

Sensing that her partner, weapon and lover is awake, Maka opens her eyes and looks up, locking her eyes with Soul. She removes her mouth from his still very erect cock with a pop and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." She says, honey dripping from her words. And lust, don't forget the lust. Soul thinks to himself.

"Mornin'" Soul grumbles, his relaxed vocal chords deepen his voice a few octaves. "That's one hella cool way to wake a guy up, babe." He adds with a toothy grin.

Maka's face flushes from his deeper voice. That was something she had never experienced, hearing Soul immediately after he awakens.

She smiles up at him, and crawls up his body, both of them still naked after their lovemaking the previous night. She comes level with his face, cups his left cheek in her hand and kisses him tenderly.

He returns the kiss. You know, this should bother me, given where her mouth just was...

Maka breaks the kiss and looks at him sweetly. They stare into the other's eyes for a long moment. Nothing is said nor is it expected to be said.

Soul is thrown into confusion as tears pool in Maka's eyes. He lips begin to quiver slightly and then the tears come. She places her head on his chest as he wraps his powerful arms around her in an embrace.

"What's wrong?" he asks softly, completely lost.

"I... I'm just so happy." She says, looking up at him with a weak smile. "I never thought that this would happen, that I would fall in love with anyone. I hadn't even dared to hope for someone like you Soul." She nestles her tear-streaked face in the hollow of his neck.

"What do you mean, 'someone like me'?" he asks, still confused as to where all this had come from.

"Someone that I can trust completely. Someone who I can depend on completely." She speaks into his neck, the vibrations having a profound effect upon the sensitive flesh. She looks up into his eyes again. "Someone I'd have a child with."

Confusion gives way to a smile now. "We don't know that you did get pregnant last night. It could have just been a wish we both share."

Maka looks away embarrassed. "I know." She says almost defensively with a blush. "But..." She trails off.

Soul uses his hand to turn her head gently so she's looking at him. "'But' what?"

Maka's blush deepens. "But... I really would like to have a baby with you." She says, almost pouting.

Soul's face becomes blank, completely unreadable, his eyes unfocused as he recalls his dream from a few moments ago. It all seemed so real, He thinks. as if it was promised to us.

"Soul?" Maka asks, concerned.

He shakes himself mentally from his thoughts and kisses her deeply. "Me too." He says as he breaks the kiss, looking at Maka's face, her eyes half-closed. She stares at him expectantly.

"So... Why don't we make sure." Maka squeaks in surprise as he suddenly flips their positions, he on top, her on bottom.

Maka stares at Soul, disbelieving. "Really? You want to do this?" She asks in near shock.

Soul smiles at his meister. "Only if you want to, babe." He leans forward and kisses her softly and pulls away, waiting for her decision.

Maka looks deep into her lover's eyes for a long moment. Inside her mind a war rages between her emotional and logical sides:

I want this so badly...

You may want it, but can you handle it?

I don't know. I just want this. More than words can define. I want to be a part of Soul, I want a part of him to be a part of me, I want to bring a whole new soul into this world with him.

Are you even listening to yourself? You have no job, you're still in school, you even turned down Lord Death's offer to let you and Soul graduate early when Soul became a Death Scythe. You did that on a whim of emotion and you kick yourself for it every time you see Soul cramming for an exam he chose to take because you wanted to stay in school. [1]

If we had graduated early, we'd never see Kid, Black Star, Tsubaki, Liz or Patty! Those people mean so much to me that I can't bear not to see them...

So you made a decision for sentimental reasons. You regularly kick yourself for it and you want to make another decision knowing full well you'll regret it every time you're woken up at 2 a.m. to change a diaper.

But that's different-!

No. It's not. The stakes are higher with this. You'll be holding a defenseless life in your hands. Can you handle it? Can you?


See? Sometimes listening to reason can-

We can handle it! I won't be alone in this! Soul and I can do this! I know it! Now just shut up!

Very well. One last question though: How will your father take it? Think about that one.

Before Maka can think of a response she is pulled from her inner battle. "Maka? You ok?" Soul asks, concern written across his face. Maybe she doesn't want a kid with me yet after all...

Maka reaches up to Soul's face with both hands and pulls him into a deep kiss, very reminiscent of the one from last night that told Soul that she needed him completely. With that kiss, Soul knows that both he and Maka want this more than anything.

Soul smiles as he slides his hand down Maka's body, caressing her breasts and pausing momentarily over her flat stomach. Maka giggles as he does so.

Soul's hand continues its journey down the immaculate body of his meister until it reaches her womanhood. He is momentarily shocked at how wet she is. Apparently she had been ready to go before she even woke him up.

Knowing that she is ready for him, and has been for a while now, Soul decides that he wants to play with her a bit. He slides a single digit inside his meister, earning a slight moan of pleasure from her. He wiggles his finger around in her, making certain to hit her g-spot again and again.

Maka begins to moan louder and louder, breathing in short pants and gasps as his skilled pianist finger, now joined by a companion, play along the length of her burning hot pussy.

Finally a third finger enters her and Soul loves the sounds she's making. Her walls begin to contract around his fingers more often and harder than before. He knows he's close and continues to rub inside her, using his dexterous fingers to do things that Maka had never dreamed of inside her.

With a thrust timed perfectly with her gently bucking hips, Soul sends Maka over the edge of pleasure. He walls clamp down on his embedded fingers.

Something is different this time from all the others though, Soul notices. A flood of liquid covers his hand. With one last drag of his digits over her g-spot, Soul sends Maka into another convulsing fit of ecstasy and removes his fingers from her.

Soul holds up his hand, slightly puzzled and then smiles. His hand is covered in a mixture of Maka's juices and his own essence from the night before. He holds up his hand for Maka to see once her body-wracking orgasms subside.

Maka reaches out for his hand, a look of longing and need on her face. Soul complies, following his hand up to Maka's face. As before, she takes his fingers, one by one, into her mouth and sucks them clean. She even goes as far as licking the palm of his hand to get all of the liquid.

She licks her lips as demurely as possible. "So that's what you taste like." She smiles devilishly.

Soul is stunned momentarily, his coolness leaving him. It returns just in time. "Seems that we'll have to put some more inside you." he says with an equally devilish grin. Maka returns the grin as best she can without pointed teeth and giggles in anticipation.

Kneeling, Soul positions his member above Maka's glistening entrance. Using a free hand, he steadies himself and slides inside of his lover, groaning at the sensation. Maka moans softly at his return.

"Oh God. I will never get tired of that." She says between pants. She smiles sweetly and immediately wraps her legs around Soul's lower back, locking him into her.

"I think I can get used to this." Soul grunts, buried to the hilt inside his meister.

He begins to slowly slide out of Maka, his cock stimulating Maka's every crease, crevice and fold. She moans softly, sliding herself closer to Soul trying to force him back inside her. Maka's attempt is cut short when Soul gently grabs her hips and stops her slide towards him, keeping himself firmly in control.

Maka whimpers in protest as Soul nearly pulls himself from her and cries out his name when he slides back home with surprising force. The head of Soul's cock gently bumps against her womb, still partially filled with his seed from the night before. A new wave of pleasure rocks her being and chokes her shout.

Soul feels her walls contract on him, attempting to hold him inside as he fights to remove himself and repeat the motion. She's so damned tight.

Soul grunts and fights off the urge to cum so soon. Maka's body is reacting entirely different from last night and Soul can't understand it. It's as if knowing that their purpose is to conceive is forcing her body to attempt to wring him dry, and fast.

Maka continues to pant and whimper with his every motion, as though she's trying to hide her moans in embarrassment. Timing a thrust to coincide with his motion, Soul leans down and kisses Maka deeply as she lets loose a throaty moan.

Grinning as much as he can while kissing her, Soul wraps his arms around his lover and returns to his kneeling position. With a squeak of surprise, Maka finds herself resting on his lap, impaled upon his manhood. Impaled might be the right word... God she's so tiny. Soul marvels at how light and small she seems wrapped in his arms.

Maka wraps her arms around Soul, her hands spread over his muscular back, her head resting in the nape of his neck.

Soul moves his hands down to cup Maka's shapely ass and uses their position to control her movement. His lifts and lowers her, sliding into and then out of her, at an increasing pace.

In some perverted way, it's as though he's wielding her rather than the other way around. Maka smiles to herself at the change from the norm.

Their pace is rapid now. Soul is fairly slamming Maka down onto himself as she cries out his name interspersed with expletives that he has rarely heard from her. He's close to his orgasm, and so is she. It feels that though her walls are coiling around him continually, urging him to orgasm as soon as possible.

He holds on. Barely. He wants them to climax together. He can sense that Maka has the same desire and has every intention of fulfilling her desire.

With a groan of effort, Soul drops Maka fully onto himself, reaching as deeply as anatomy allows. Maka goes tumbling over into a world of absolute bliss. She's not alone as Soul is falling with her, emptying himself deeply inside her for the second time.

Time seems to stop. Once again, the vision of Soul sitting next to Maka in the hospital cradling their daughter flashes before the two lovers. The image is more clear and vivid this time, as if it were a picture taken in the highest resolution known to man and seared into their minds. It lasts longer this time and fades slowly to a blinding white ecstasy.

Maka screams at the sensation, no longer even attempting to hide her pleasure. She feels a flood of hot liquid inside of her. She clamps her lips to Soul's in a deep and passionate kiss. Their tongues wrestle with one another, with no real goal or purpose other than to deepen their physical contact.

Soul seems to take forever in his orgasm. She feels beyond full now, as though he's emptied more than just his essence inside of her. It feels to her as if he has left a part of himself within her for her to have forever.

Finally Maka breaks the kiss, panting as though she just ran a marathon. She looks deeply into Soul's eyes. "Goddamn do I love you." She says breathlessly.

Soul pecks her lips in response. "I won't ever leave you Maka. Come whatever may, I will always love you." He looks into her deep emerald eyes, all pretense of coolness gone, Soul has completely bared himself to her. "Forever." He adds and punctuates the promise with another peck.

Soul lays Maka back down on the bed and releases his arms from behind her, supporting himself on his forearms. Her legs remain locked behind the small of his back, refusing to let go.

After a long while of kissing softly and whispering their devotion to one another, Maka finally releases her death lock on her lover. Soul pulls his now soft member from her, a mewl of loss escapes her lips as he does so, and lays down next to her. They lace their fingers together and lay in happy silence for a while.

Sleep begins to take them again. The exertion, physical and emotional, have taken a toll. A nap can't hurt. After all, they are excused from classes "for as long as they need" so they don't need to go to school, and it's not like they get much from their lectures anyways.

As Soul begins to drift off, he hears Maka chuckle softly to herself. He cracks one crimson eye and looks at her. "What's up?"

"I was just expecting a Black Star Interruption again. Looks like it won't happen." She says, eyes closed and a faint smile on her lips.

Soul closes his eye. "Just give him a minute. He's got great timing."

"Bullshit." Was her even response.

Soul was starting to like the new Maka. She was a bit less stuck up and proper. Not that it mattered, he'd love her no matter what happened. Unless she becomes a yandere. In which case we have a serious problem in the form of a psycho who wields bladed weapons regularly... He began to drift off to sleep again.

Soul's phone rings in his bedroom. Even in Maka's room he can hear the ringtone Black Star had made for him, consisting entirely of Black Star singing his own name and then insisted that he uses.

"There it is." He says in a rare sing-song voice. His triumphant smile discernable in his voice.

Maka rolls onto her side. "Ignore it." She mumbles.

"He'll keep calling." Soul says as he gets up and leaves the room for a moment.

Maka finds herself feeling terribly alone, as though she'll never feel his presence again. Over their soul link, she sees that Soul feels the same way and that he'll be back as soon as possible.

Several thunks and the sound of a plastic cover being removed are heard and then Soul returns to the bed.

"What'd you do?" Maka asks, still not opening her eyes as she feels Soul embrace her from behind.

"Pulled the batteries from our phones and unplugged the home phone. He won't be bugging us much today."

"Won't he come here?"

"After yesterday? Doubt it."

"Good point."

Soul nuzzles Maka's neck and sighs contentedly. "Just don't mention to everyone how uncool I am around you."

"Ok." She mumbles, nearly asleep.

Soul kisses her neck softly. "Love you, Maka."

"-ou too Soul..." is her reply.

Soul smiles to himself. Life is good.

[1] Ok, I saw this in someone's story a while ago, but for the life of me, I can't remember the author or story title. If anyone knows, please tell me so I can give credit where it's due. I don't know if this is canon, or if Soul does become a Death Scythe because I haven't caught up in the manga. But it does stand to reason that if a meister/weapon pair were to achieve the level of Death Scythe that they have all the practical knowledge needed and would be allowed to graduate early.

A/N: Well, here is the long awaited (not so long and hopefully awaited, at least) sequel to "Your Guardian Soul". I was actually surprised at how quickly this chapter went, but then again, it is about a third of the length of YGS and I'm not entirely in trailblazing territory now.

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