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Nine to Life

Chapter 21: Riding a Bicycle

Week 15, Day 6

Soul sat languidly in the passenger seat of the car as Maka drove him home for the first time since he awoke in the hospital. He stared out the window at the buildings and people as they passed by in a blur. Not that he was really paying attention to them at the moment.

He'd spent damned near a month in a medically induced coma. He figured that he was entitled to some moping around. Not that enduring two weeks of physical therapy hadn't helped his mood much.

Soul reflexively clenched one of his hands into a fist. Physical therapy was the worst part of it all. The doctors, nurses and therapists had been great; kind and understanding, helping him and genuinely caring. But that only really made him feel worse. He was a fucking Death Scythe, damnit! He wasn't supposed to have a weak mind or a weak body.

The weapon had thrown himself into his therapy with a sort of ferocity that had astonished and concerned the medical staff assigned to him. That concern had lead to several appointments with a psychiatrist who specialized in helping weapons and meisters deal with the unique combination of stress they lived with.

That, Soul reflected, might have actually been the worst part of his therapy.

The doc had been told about the Black Blood that still coursed through his veins after so many years and the effects that both Soul and Crona had reported at various times. An issue that the man had done a great job to avoid when it wasn't related to what Soul was saying.

After a few sessions that had strained both Soul and the shrink to their breaking points, the doctor had finally asked Soul point blank "Why are you so angry?". That simple question had broken down more than a few walls and mental dams. Three hours after the appointment was supposed to have ended, Maka had herded her exhausted fiancé from the office.

Soul grimaced. Crying his eyes out like a child in front of a shrink and Maka had been embarrassing. It had however uncorked the emotions he had kept bottled up that were driving him insane. He'd left exhausted, emotionally and physically, but it had felt like a boulder had been lifted off his shoulders.

"You're still thinking about that?" Maka asked, looking at him with one eye from the driver's seat. The ghost of a smile of her lips.

Soul sighed. "Yeah."

"It's done. You can't take it back and its probably better that way." She smiled at him in full now.

He stretched in his seat. "Yeah. I know. It's just embarrassing to be crying about daddy issues and breaking under torture. What with being physically and mentally broken." Soul smiled back.

Maka's smile thinned. "Soul, stop guilting yourself. So what if you broke? You were tortured. I nearly gave up, too, you know. But you came back."

"And I punched the witch in the back of the head and turned her into a vegetable. For a little while anyways." Soul added in a monotone.

After Soul had passed out from Niebo's attacks and he was subdued by Kid, Circe had died while the students were debating what to do with her; to kill her or to have the medical teams on their way stabilize her.

"And she would have killed us all. Don't grow a conscience because her weapon, her kishin in training I might add, was a kid. We've killed witches in the past and you've never shed a tear for them. Not to mention, that kid tried to kill you."

"I know." Soul said in a whisper. "Doesn't change how I feel about it."

Maka smiled again. "I know sweetie. We'll work through it. Your back among the living, and that's all I ever wanted."

Soul returned her smile with his own, slightly force, trademark grin and took her hand in his. "We will."

Maka parked the car behind their apartment and the two walked up the stairs to their home.

As soon as Soul opened the door there was a shouted chorus of "Welcome home!" and a cheer.

Soul recovered from nearly shitting himself and laughed hysterically. It looked like most of his class and his family was crammed into their apartment.

"We wanted to welcome you back." Maka told him with a smile.

"Thanks, everyone." Soul managed, wiping his suddenly misty eyes. Damned morphine.[1]

"Son! It is good to have you back!" Konstatin said warmly as he approached and embraced his youngest son in a bear hug.

Soul returned the hug. "It's good to be home, Dad." He didn't bother fighting the tears this time.

Jen quietly approached her son and husband and enlarged the hug. With a gentle smile, she beckoned Maka to join them.

Maka nearly gasped as she was pulled into the group hug. She was used to feeling Soul's warmth and emotions all the time, but even without soul resonance, she could feel the paternal love from her future in-laws. Time seemed to stand still as they all basked in the warmth and love of the moment.

Konstatin was the first to break the hug. Despite all of his new perspective on the life his son lead and all of Jen's gentle, and not-so-gentle, coaching, he still had trouble showing his emotions.

Konstatin placed his hands on Soul's shoulders and looked him up and down. "You look well." He smiled. "I am very glad. I did not know that you would be sent to rescue us. Or if any rescue would be come at all. Thank you, Soul."

Soul wiped his eyes and sniffed. "Of course we'd come for you, Dad." He searched for more words, but none came.

After an awkward silence, Black Star took his cue. "So, who's hungry?" He shouted to the room. A general cheer in the affirmative answered his question.

Soul had never been more thankful for his friend's impatient exuberance.

The party went on for some time, well after the sun had set. The extravagant array of food that Jen had supplied, as well as the snacks others had brought, were thoroughly ravaged. The punch, soda and other drinks were decimated. The alcohol for those of age was similarly drained, no thanks to Black Star's many lies to the effect that he was twenty four years old.

Spirit and Kami said their goodbyes late that night and headed home, leaving only Soul, Maka, Blair, Wes, Jen and Konstatin.

After cleaning up the remnants of the festivities, Maka pleaded exhaustion and went off to bed. Blair made a similar claim and did the same. Jen opted to have another glass of wine and watch TV. This left the males of the Evans family free to sit and talk at the kitchen table.

"Here ya go, Soul." Wes said as he sat down, placing a glass in front of him.

"Thanks, Wes." Soul took a sip and nearly gagged. "What's in this?" He managed to rasp.

"It's a Coke and rum." Wes smiled.

"You know I'm underage."

"Yes, but if your parents consent, you are allowed to drink in private." Konstatin said as he sat down. He placed a glass of a clear liquid with small stones [2] in it on the table. "While the state of Nevada may not consider you a full adult, I do." He said with a small smile.

"Thanks." Soul said mildly as he took another sip of the beverage. He nearly coughed again.

"Takes some getting used to." Wes smiled as he drank for his own glass.

"So..." Soul prompted his brother and father.

"Maka mentioned that you were still having some trouble with the last mission you went on." Wes answered. "Dad and I thought that we should offer you some help. If we can."

Soul took another sip from his drink. "I appreciate it. I really do. I just don't know where to start. The whole thing is just so fucked up-" He paused and looked at his father, to see if this was really a "speak freely" sort of situation. Konstatin nodded his assent. "-that I don't know what bothered me the most.

"A witch commandeered my dad's plane, fed some of the passengers to her weapon after drugging them then zapped all of us with varying kinds of torture magic bullshit. I spent what felt like days of being tortured, I broke and gave up saving Maka, I struck a deal with a little demon that lives in my head and controls Black Blood that I was infected with, broke out of the spell and turned the witch into a vegetable while breaking my arm. Then her little kid, weapon and pre-kishin tried to kill me. Oh! And then I lost a month of my life in a fucking coma!"

Soul's voice rose as he spoke, more and more anger working into his words as he went, whipping himself into a fury.

Wes stared at his brother for a moment and took another drink from his glass. "That about covers it..." He ventured. "None of that-"

"Was my fault. I know." Soul finished and sipped from his drink. "Doesn't make it any less bullshit. I'm a fucking Death Scythe. One of the best. Lord Death's personal weapon if he ever needs me."

"And that makes you not a human?" Konstatin asked with an edge to his voice.

"I..." Soul began. Konstatin held a hand up.

"To be human is to make mistakes, to fail, to be imperfect. You did not fail, you saved many of the passengers. Myself included." Konstatin sipped his vodka. "You faced a foe who did not fight honorably and was half-mad. She tortured you and you were not able to resist the torture."

Soul stared back at his father. His face flushed with embarrassment and anger. "How can you just say that? Like its some clean-cut thing? Like I didn't give up on everything and everyone? Do you even have a clue what she did to me?" Soul growled.

"You never really knew my father." Konstatin continued as if Soul had said nothing. "He fought in the last great war. He was captured at one point and tortured. Father never spoke of it to anyone except on his death bed. He told me how he had failed. Failed his country and himself when he had broken after weeks of being beaten, electrocuted, cut, water boarded, burned, humiliated and even raped by a particularly sick man."

Konstatin took a long gulp from his glass. "He told me that he had never forgiven himself for his failure. He told me that he had been a failure as a father for never showing me how proud he was of me, of who I had become, because he did not want to show weakness. He begged and pleaded me to forgive him for his failures.

"You see, Soul, I have a good idea what your sort of ordeal can do to a man. I saw it in Father's eyes as he begged me to forgive him. A lifetime of reliving his torture had broken him inside. His pain had never stopped because he relived his failures in his nightmares."

Soul and Wes both gaped at their father. They had never once heard about their grandfather's service or his deathbed plea.

Konstatin's face softened as he reached across the table and placed his hand on his son's. "Please, son, I have seen what happens to a man who does not make his peace. You survived. Maka and your friends survived. Many of the other victims survived. I survived. You did an amazing thing. You need to let this go."

Soul looked down at the table. "I..." He halted as tears welled in his eyes again.

"If you are to move on with your life, you must let it go. You will never be the same, I will not lie to you. What has happened to you cannot be undone. It is a part of you now. You must embrace that fact, not let it rule you, and move on with your life.

"You are young and you will have a family soon. You must not do as my father did and close yourself to your family."

Soul looked up at his father and saw that he was actually crying.

Soul pushed the door to his room open, watching it open a moment before he walked inside. Alcohol, Soul decided, made the world an interesting place; even watching a door slowly swing open could take up your full attention.

One foot in front of the other, now...

Soul staggered over to his bed, leaving the door wide open. He carefully picked a path around the various piles that accumulated on the floor and fell face first onto his bed without bothering to undress himself.

Damn. Missed the pillow. He thought as groped for the pillow and pulled it underneath his head with a gratified sigh.

Sleep pulled him in so fast he didn't even notice it.

Week 15, Day 7


The weapon groaned.


He opened his eyes to see who was waking him up. That turned out to be the biggest mistake of his last twenty four hours. Light... hurt. It hurt a lot. It touched off a fireworks display behind his hastily closed eyes. Nevertheless, he sat up in bed and attempted to open his eyes again.


"Are you ok?" Maka asked, half concerned, half amused.

"I let Wes mix my drinks last night. So, no."

Maka made a snorting sound. "No one made you drink."

Soul groaned again. "Made it easier to talk."

"So, you feeling better now? Did you get it out of your system?" Maka tilted her head to one side, staring at him with an implacable expression.

Soul rubbed his temple absentmindedly. "As long as you aren't going to ask for in-depth coverage, yeah. I'm cool."

He felt his meister looking into him through their link for a moment. With a mental groan of frustration, Soul resigned himself and let her do as she pleased. Kinda feels like my head's a filing cabinet.

"Stop whining." Maka smiled sweetly at him, apparently satisfied.

Soul flopped back onto his bed. "What time is it?"

"It's a little after eleven."

"I feel like I could sleep for another ten years..." Soul whimpered as he pulled his pillow over his face.

"Come on. No sympathy for those who hurt themselves. Up and at 'em, Soul."

"You're not letting me back to sleep, are you?"



Soul gasped and shouted a few choice expletives as the cold water of the shower hit him. While it did nothing for his throbbing skull, it did get him moving, albeit at a snail's pace. His body wash and shampoo did wonders, shockingly enough, in waking him up.

Ten minutes later, Soul walked out of the bathroom wearing a pair of shorts and drying his hair.

"I never really got the whole thing about taking a shower to clear up a hangover." He said to the room. He stopped dead as he heard Wes laugh.

"You think that was a hangover, little bro?" Wes asked, still laughing. "Wait until your twenty-first."

Soul lowered the towel and stared at his brother. "These get worse?" He asked incredulously.

"Indeed. You have merely been introduced to the world of alcohol." Konstatin said from behind his copy of the Daily Death newspaper.

"And you shouldn't get too used to it, dear. You're a bit young to drink still." Jen smiled at him from the table. Her eyes made it no secret that she was not entirely on board with her husband and eldest son's tactics in helping Soul. But, what was done was done. There wasn't much she could do now, could she?

Soul let the towel fall to his side as he fully realized that his family was sitting at the kitchen table in his apartment. Blair was behind them, helping Maka with cooking lunch.

"Say, that's a hell of a scar, Soul." Wes observed, nodding to the long-healed gash along his chest.

The weapon looked down, and absently put his hand on the scar. "Yeah. You could say that."

"How'd you get it?" Wes asked casually. "If you don't mind talking about it."

"It's cool." Soul smiled. "Long story short, when Maka and I were in Italy when we ran into a girl with some unique abilities. Keeping it short, she tried to kill Maka and I would up catching the cut instead."

"And the girl is this Crona I keep hearing about?" Wes asked. "You're friends with the person who cut you like that?"

Konstatin lowered the paper to get a good look at his son and the scar. He said nothing, but raised an eyebrow before holding the paper in front of him again.

"It's complicated..." Soul began.

"Crona was under control of a witch. Her mother, more or less. We never really asked and didn't want to know." Maka answered from in front of the fridge.

"So this witch got taken care of, then." Wes assumed.

"Well... that's also complicated." Soul replied.

"Medusa? The school nurse?" Wes sputtered. "This place is more insane than Blair let on." He spared a glance at his girlfriend, who was suddenly very focused on the bacon she was cooking.

"Well, from what I was told, Nurse Medusa has been stabilized herself. Thanks to a professor who has some... issues himself." Jen supplied.

"So this whole city is one person going off the rails away from exploding into a frenzy of magic, demons and severed limbs."

Soul immediately tried to deny the statement, but couldn't honestly say it was wrong. "It's not that simple. But... well, we manage well enough."

Wes laughed. "I'm not going to run out screaming. I just want to make sure I understand what the city a bit more."

"Well," Soul grinned and spread his arms. "Welcome to Death City, Nevada; home of all the weirdos, crazies and nutjobs in North America."

Soul leaned back and patted his stomach, barely managing to stifle a belch. "That was good, Maka, Blair."

"Thanks." Maka mumbled as she leaned over the table with her eyes struggling to stay open. "Jen? What do I do when my stomach feels like Vesuvius[3] on a bad day when I can't stay awake?"

Jen leaned over and rubbed the girl's back. "Wait to feel better and sleep on your side, wait to throw up then sleep or make yourself throw up then sleep. You aren't going to go with option three for a whole lot of reasons I won't list. So, feeling better or throwing up followed by sleep are your options."

Maka sighed. "I'm very angry with you for removing option three."

The older woman chuckled. "You've got more than your comfort to think about, dear."

"I know." Was the pouted reply.

"Well, that excludes sight-seeing for the afternoon." Wes said. "So, stay in, let Maka feel better and find a way to entertain ourselves. Gotcha."

Soul glared daggers at his brother for the flippant tone, earning an apology.

While the two Evans brothers cleaned up after lunch, the others shifted to the living room, hoping to find themselves something good on TV. Failing that, they hoped for something entertaining. Failing that, there really was no plan.

"You know, you guys can go out and see the city while I stay with Maka. Blair could show you around. She knows the place about as well as we do." Soul said as he walked into the somewhat packed living room, looking for a seat. Maka kindly curled herself up a bit to make room for him on the couch. Once seated, he found himself being used as a combination footrest and heater.

"I know it a bit better, actually." Blair said proudly. She deflated a little bit. "But... some of those places might not be too interesting for humans."

Wes laughed and hugged her, kissing his girlfriend who seemed mollified.

Jen looked thoughtful while Konstatin remained stoically silent. The two were still coming to terms with Blair and her relationship with Wes. Magic was all well and good, but... well, she was a cat. Albeit with enough magic to allow herself to assume the form of a human. Wrapping their heads around that would take time.

Soul frowned in thought. Humans and cats. Normally genetically, and physically incompatible, but magic threw that out the window. Any offspring from such a union would be interesting. Humans? Kittens? Some combination thereof? Would they have their mother's knack for magic?

Maka chuckled under her breath. Soul felt it more than heard it. She must have guessed his thoughts well enough and found his confusion funny.

Well, what do you think would happen? Soul inquired.

Maka shrugged. I don't know. But it will be interesting no matter what.

Soul smiled, agreeing with her.

Nothing about them or their families was anything even in the same realm as normal. Two concert musicians, a weapon engaged to a meister whose parents were also weapon and meister, and another concert musician who was dating a magic-using cat that happened to also be a woman. The Osbourne family had nothing on them.

Sometime later, Blair led her little tour group off into the city for some sightseeing. Soul could not wait to hear about that trip when they got back later that night.

With the living room now devoid of crowding, Maka stretched herself out on the couch, still using Soul as a heater.

Soul stared at the TV, his eyes unfocused. He used the first real bit of downtime that he'd had since he woke up in the hospital. Had it really been two weeks?

There was the therapy and the shrink. That alone counted for something like a year. How that much physical strain and mental purgatory managed to cram itself into fourteen small days was a wonder in and of itself.

Topping the whole thing was his dad's revelations last night. And really, he wasn't even sure where to begin processing the tale of his grandfather's nightmare story. How do you even begin to assimilate that kind of knowledge? The only thing that Soul really knew about what he'd been told was that he had to deal with his comparatively smaller demons.

"Soul?" Maka's voice pulled him from his thoughts.


"You ok?"

He sent a reassuring smile to his lover. "Yeah. Just thinking."

A silence filled the space between them for a moment. "I'm glad you're back."

"Literally or figuratively?" Soul asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Maka stretched her entire body. "Both." She grunted.

Soul chuckled and set a hand on one of her feet, now extending past the end of the short couch, and gently stroked the top of it. "I'm glad to be home. Hospitals... not really my idea of a cool place to hang out."

"Good place to lay around and read. You know when the therapists aren't trying to break you." Maka supplied, hoping desperately that her sarcasm wouldn't send him back to wherever he'd been for the last few weeks.

The meister let out a small breath when he laughed. "You would say that, Bookworm." He gently squeezed her foot and continued to play with it absentmindedly. "No matter what, I'm glad to be out of there and back in my own house." He looked at her with his usual toothy smile. "Back in my own bed. With my woman." The smile shifted slightly, turning far more devious.

"Oh?" Maka teased, a devilish quirk of her own in her smile. "And why would you want that?"

"I 'unno. Maybe because I haven't had the time, strength, will or privacy to 'take care of' myself."

She snorted and glanced at the TV. "Speak for yourself. Going on six weeks now, I haven't had anything in my nethers that didn't run on batteries."

Soul started, like she'd hit him and made a choked noise. "Oh God! I can't know that!" He wailed.

Maka chuckled and looked back to him, her smile all sorts of devious now. She locked eyes on him as she ever-so-slowly inched her hand down between her thighs. Slender fingers gently pulled her skirt up just enough to show her - Soul gulped - black lace panties.

"I think," Soul gulped again, "That I could stand to see a little more."

Maka's eyes never left Soul's face as he watched her fingers inch closer and closer to the black lace covering her most private place. His complexion grew more red with each little stroke and caress of her fingers.

He looks like it's his first time. Maka thought to herself in a lustful glee, barely managing to turn her giggle into a seductress' chuckle.

The laugh caught the weapon's attention and he looked at her face. His heart stopped for several painfully long seconds and his breath hitched in his throat. Not once, not in all his intimate moments with Maka, had he ever seen her so... hungry. Her emerald eyes were dark, glazed over with pure lust and need. Her eyes met his as she chewed on her lower lip and whimpered softly.

"Soul..." She whimpered.

Thousands of years of instincts were finally set free from his paralyzed state and let their presence be known as a bestial growl left his lips.

He was instantly on her, his lips crushed against hers, his hips grinding against hers. Soul bit her lower lip with another fierce growl then licked the suddenly tender flesh. Under his assault, similar instincts were awoken within the meister as she growled and bit back.

Soul disentangled himself from Maka's legs and then picked her up, gently as he still remembered that she was with child, and carried her bridal-style to his bed. He set her down with little fanfare, but gently enough to satisfy the small rational part of his mind, which was promptly told to shut up while there was sexing to be done.

Any snide remarks the rational part of Soul's mind was about to make were to be forever unknown as even it blushed when Maka moaned his name in a very needing, lustful pant, as she held her arms out to him, begging him to hold her tightly and fuck her senseless.

Soul grinned at her and stripped his shirt off, throwing it somewhere behind him. Climbing onto the bed, resuming his place between her legs, he kissed his lover again. He ground his almost painfully hard erection against her as he invaded her mouth with his tongue and immediately sought to subdue its counterpart.

Maka gave a small scream around Soul's mouth as her senses were being overwhelmed. Her hips bucked back hard against him, earning her a cocky, hungry growl from her partner.

Soul broke the kiss and began to kiss, nibble and lick his way down to her collarbone. His efforts were hampered by her shirt getting in his way. It would have to go. With an astonishing feat of nimble fingers, he unbuttoned her shirt in only a couple of seconds without breaking a button. Soul chuckled triumphantly as Maka's smooth flesh was only covered by her bra now. That would have to go too.

Maka squeaked in surprise when his hands roughly slid underneath her and undid her bra. She let him help her take the unneeded clothes off with all the patience she could muster. That patience was instantly rewarded when Soul lowered himself to gently lay on her, keeping most of his weight on his arms. He recaptured her lips and ground their hips together with more gusto than before.

The sensation of his skin on hers after so much time apart was nearly enough to make Maka cum then and there. Soul's nearly frantic grinding and kissing were enough to do just that. Her whole body began to shudder as ripples of electricity coursed from head to toe and back again. She broke the kiss and wrapped her arms around Soul's neck, both hands grabbing fistfuls of his hair as she held onto him as tightly as she could.

Soul winced at the rough treatment but smiled as he felt her convulsing against his body and glimpsed her pleasure over their soul resonance, and found that he was very pleased with what he saw. He held her, slowing his movements as her orgasm faded, and drank in the sound of her soft panting in his ear. He fucking loved those cute, sexy little gasps of hers.

Once her orgasm was past, Soul set her back down on the bed and kissed her softly. "Better than something run on batteries, huh?" He chuckled, his face only a few inches from hers.

Maka laughed softly with him. "You have no idea." Her eyes still held the embers of her burning lust, and they were growing back to the blaze they had been a moment ago. "But I want more than a toy can give me." She hungrily recaptured his lips in a quick, violent move, he hands holding his head.

Soul made a startled noise into the kiss as he was put on the defensive. His own need for release reminding him that it was still there after the moment of relative tenderness.

With a deftness that really shouldn't have shocked Soul by now, Maka unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She shoved his jeans and boxers down far enough to make his erection pop out of its cloth prison. Leaving him no time to marvel at the swiftness of her act, Maka not-so-gently grasped his cock.

Soul groaned into the kiss loudly. The curious sensation of her cool fingers holding onto the hottest part of his body was oddly intoxicating.

She broke the kiss and looked into his half-lidded eyes as she wrapped her legs around him. Her little half-grin and the look in her eyes made him shudder. Those eyes promised pleasure he'd never experienced before, and the smile told him that she was going to love this just as much as he was.

Using her legs, Maka pulled Soul in. She slid her panties, now thoroughly soaked, aside and positioned his burning hardon against her. With nothing being said, Soul slid into her welcoming embrace as she squeezed his hips closer with her legs.

Stars exploded behind Maka's eyes as he slid into her, all the way to the hilt. It felt like a lifetime had passed since she had experienced having something so hot inside of her. His girth filled her, stretching the delicate flesh. It felt as if all of her senses were focused on every fold and bump where they were connected.

The two lovers groaned as they finally reunited after their time apart.

Soul collapsed down to his elbows, willing himself with all of his might not to cum. It had been a damned long time since he'd had the time, energy or privacy for self gratification and even longer since he'd made love to his woman. All it would take now would be one small twitch to set him off.

And then Maka sighed in bliss.

That single, minute movement triggered a tidal wave of pleasure in Soul, sending him over the edge. His sudden spasm and the heat of his release brought Maka with him. She grabbed onto his bare back, her nails clawing at his skin.

"Fuck!" Soul gasped, sounding almost angry. "That was quick."

Maka laughed in his ear, still holding onto him, as the tremors faded. "You think that was fast? I'm in the lead, two to one."

His anger disappeared and he chuckled. "I didn't know this was a competition. Maybe I should try and be more of a quick shot then."

Dropping the joke, Maka wrapped her arms around his head. "Don't get so down on yourself. It's been how long?" Soul could practically hear her smile as she wiggled a little. "And... you're still good to go..." She purred.

"That I am." He smiled.

Slowly, Soul began to move his hips, a little at a time. It was incredible how sensitive he was after his orgasm. Every little move was enough to send a strange tingling sensation up his body. Slowly, the feeling receded and he began to move with more force as he caught a second wind.

Soul's slow, gentle motions were having the opposite effect on Maka. Each motion set off a mental fireworks display that grew with his movements. It wasn't long before her mind went blank and a torrent of pleasure overtook her. Without realizing it, her hands had returned to Soul's back where her nails scratched and gouged him.

The primitive part of Soul's mind took over once again as he growled at the pain on his back and his pleasure. If she wanted to be rough, he would give her what she wanted. He increased the pace dramatically.

Maka lost herself to the pleasure. Each thrust made her more sensitive and kept pushing her to new heights of ecstasy. Her near-continuous orgasms did not go unnoticed by Soul, it was very difficult to miss her screaming his name over and over. His rapid pace and her rippling, tightening walls gripping onto him were bringing him closer and closer to climax.

With a guttural cry, he forced himself as deep as he could go, gently bumping against Maka's womb. The meister gasped loudly and locked her legs around Soul as hard as she could while pulling his torso as close to her as possible. She bit his shoulder to stifle the scream as she came one final time, ensuring that Soul too came.

"Son... of a bitch." Soul panted, lying on the bed next to Maka. "Was it always that good?"

After waiting for a moment for a reply and getting none, Soul turned his head and looked at his lover.

Her breathing was returning to normal, but her eyes were rolled back into her head.

Curious, Soul waved a hand over her half-closed eyes. Nothing.

"Holy shit..." He breathed in astonishment. "I fucked her unconsious." He laughed to himself, feeling far better after his, to him, embarrassingly quick first orgasm.

After a few moments, Maka stirred. "What happened?" She asked dreamily.

"Ah, she returns." Soul grinned.

"Did... Did I pass out?" She asked.

Soul laughed. "Oh yeah. After the way you were screaming, I would think so." He watched as a cute blush crept up her cheeks.

"I was screaming?"

"Over and ever. Then you bit me." Soul turned to show his wounded shoulder.

Maka paled. "Oh my God. I'm so sorry Soul!"

"Why?" He tried in vain to look down where she had bit his shoulder near his neck.

"You're bleeding."

"Hm?" He crushed the injury and hissed as it stung. His hand came away with a little blood on it. He stared at it for a moment and shrugged. "No big deal. It was so worth it."

Maka sputtered and tried to apologize over and over for hurting him, despite his reassurances that he was fine. He gently climbed over her to go put a bandage on the wound. He stopped when he heard her squeak in surprise.

Soul turned to face her with one eyebrow raised.

She only pointed to his back.

It wasn't until he got to the bathroom and saw his back with the aid of the mirror.

"Holy shit." He breathed.

His back had so many scratches on it that he couldn't count them. Many of them were bleeding. Some were just deeper red marks while others had a few trickles flowing from them.

After bandaging his shoulder which was indeed bleeding, but not as much as Maka had made it sound, he walked back into his room. He leaned against the door frame, his pants secured again, and smiled.

"You, Maka, are a freaking wildcat."

Torn between feeling bad for injuring him and the clearly playful smile on his face, Maka just stared. Her eyes drifted to the scar running the length of his torso and then to his smiling face. A metric ton[4] of conflicting emotions fell on her.

Soul sighed with a small smile as Maka began to tear up. He walked over and hugged her.

"Fucking hormones." She sniffled.

"It's alright, babe. I'm not hurt. I'm not in agony. It was totally worth it. Just... clip your nails sometime soon, ok?"

The latent tears became laughter. "Damn you for making me laugh like this, Soul."

Soul released her and kissed her softly. "That's my job. It's what I'm here for... Though the benefits are pretty cool."

She kissed him softly back. "Thanks, Soul."

"So, care to help me clean this up?"

"Sure, you ass."

It was dark by the time the tour group arrived home.

"We're back..." Jen managed as she struggled to take off her jacket.

"How was it?" Soul called from the couch, laying down on his side. Damn. It hurt just to look over his shoulder. Once the endorphin rush wore off, his back had really started to hurt. That, and the disinfectant Maka had insisted on pouting on him.

"It was... exhausting." Konstatin managed as he walked into the living room.

"I had fun! Let's do that again sometime!" Blair burbled as she walked behind Konstatin.

"Let's just wait a while for that, Blair." Wes said tiredly as he sat down in the kitchen. "My feet are killing me."

"Aww, but we only saw half the city." Blair pouted. "I want to show you the rest."

"And you can, sweetheart. Just some time not this week. I think I lost ten pounds."

"Sounds like you guys got to see the city." Soul observed dryly, trying to hide a smile.

Jen flopped into an armchair and sighed. "Next time, let's use those rolling things. With the handlebars?"

"A segway?" Maka offered.

"Yes. One of those. One of those turbocharged. So, how was your afternoon?"

The weapon and mesiter blushed deeply. Jen raised an eyebrow and Konstatin studiously ignored their reaction and pretended to pay attention to the TV.

"It was good." Soul said after a moment. "Nice and relaxing."

Maka nodded in agreement.

"Uh huh." Wes said, leaning on the couch behind Soul, causing him to whip around to face his brother suddenly behind him. He winced at the pain.

"What?" Soul managed to hiss as the pain subsided.

"I'm not going to ask why your back is all bandaged up. I can see it through your shirt, little brother. Just be more careful with... whatever the hell you were doing this afternoon."

Suddenly Blair was behind Wes, looking around his shoulder at Soul and Maka. Her smile was identical to Patty's "I know a secret" smile. "You know, Soul, I can give you an enchantment so Maka doesn't scratch up your back the next time you-"

"I am trying to watch this TV program. Do not finish that sentence." Konstatin didn't even have to turn around to silence the cat.

Soul stared at the back of his father's head.

Soul stared at the back of his father's head. Yep. This is my life. Good to be back.

[1]: I saw this first hand when my dad was in the hospital a couple of years back. It was actually pretty disturbing how emotional the morphine made him. He would close himself off one minute and then cry for no reason the next. It was hard helping him work through it all.

[2]: Whiskey Stones. Keep a drink cool without diluting it like ice would. Normally reserved for really good spirits and the people who enjoy them. They work astonishingly well for vodka as well.

[3]: Mount Vesuvius in Italy. Famously erupted in 79 AD destroying the Roman city of Pompeii.

[4]: For my non-American, non-Imperial measurement system friends, the saying "a metric ton" is an expression for something more than a ton, but less than a shitton, fuckton, megaton or a goddamn ton.

A/N: Yes, I am alive.

I'm not even going to bother giving reasons for this being so late. I've got none. I'm just lazy after I get home from work, and watching anime and smoking hookah is more relaxing than writing. I actually would have gotten this done a month ago if I hadn't forgotten my one real rule: don't stop writing during smut. You will have a bitch of a time getting back into the mindset needed to continue writing.

All bullshit aside, this is just another filler chapter. I'm working on what is going to happen next, but I have no real ideas. I can't do much with another enemy showing up and having to be battled without leaving Maka out of the action, and that just doesn't seem too right to me. Most other things I'm coming up with are just flavorless drama. But, don't you worry, my friends, I will come up with something.

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