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Timecrossed Love
Chapter 04: Primeval Jungle

[Bedrock 7:45PM]

Wilma Flintstone was in the kitchen, cleaning some dirty dishes.

just as she was only half done..someone walked in.


Wilma turned and saw her daughter.


Pebbles eyes were dark and, she had a very Depressed look on her face.

"Honey?..what's wrong?!"

Pebbles sighed sharply.

"i..i don't know." began the red haired teenager

"something..happened, something bad.
and, i'm not sure what to think."

Wilma put her aprion away turned and approached her.

"what happened, sweetheart?"

Pebbles sniffled, then looked at her mother.

"i'm...not sure you'll understand.
i mean, even I'M not certain i believe it."

Wilma eyed Pebbles.

"is it about Chris?"

Pebbles trembled a bit (which answered Wilma's question.)

"oh, honey..." began Wilma, who took Pebbles hand and, walked them to a nearby table, sitting down

"now...tell me what happened."

Pebbles exhaled sharply.

"i..i've been wondering where Chris disappears too, lately.
so, me and Bamm-Bamm went to where he last saw him going to constantly."

"where was it?" asked Wilma, curious

"an old warehouse." answered Pebbles

"I found a lab of some sort, full of electronic equipment.
(which explains WHY he's been seeing my friend, Moonrock.)"

Pebbles then paused, cringing.

"then..i saw something there, something...unbelievable."

Wilma stared at Pebbles.


Pebbles gulped hard, then spoke.

"it was...a c-Car.
but, it wasn't made of Stone and Wood.

it was silver and shiney, and had the weirdest gadgets and gizmos.
and...i found a videocamera, which explained what it REALLY was."

Pebbles looked right at her mother, staring into her eyes.

"it was...a-a TIME MACHINE."

Wilma froze, stunned at this.

"Time Machine!?"

"I know it makes No Sense!" began Pebbles, her voice frantic

"but, it's TRUE: Chris is a Time Traveler from the year: Ninteen Niney-Five A.D."

Pebbles sighed sharply.

"he's...from millions of years in the future.
and, he's trying to repair the time machine so he can go back."

Pebbles then hangs her head low.

"but..i don't want him to go!" exclaimed Pebbles

"i..i think i like him.
and, not in the way i crushed on Bamm-Bamm in elementry school.

I think i REALLY, Truely Love Him.
and, if he goes...i'll feel so Empty, and..alone."

tears formed in Pebbles eyes.
Wilma then put her hand on her daughter's shoulder.

"you must think i'm Crazy, huh?" said Pebbles, finally

Wilma shook her head.

"no..of course not." said Wilma

"if You say Chris has a Time Machine And, Is from the future...then, I Believe You."

Wilma then cracked a smile, chuckling softly.

"actually..there's something YOU need to know."

Pebbles looked at her mother.


Wilma exhaled, then spoke.

"a LONG time ago, before You were born.
Me, your father and the Rubbles were "visited" by a special family."

Wilma smiled weakly as she recalled an old memory.

"they were The Jetsons.
and, they were from the Future."

Pebbles widened her eyes, stunned at this.

"They came to us from the Jet Age (the year 2063, if i'm not mistaken)
their young son, Elroy had built his own Time Machine...but, came here by accident.

but, their time machine malfuctioned...
and, we were all sent to the future (while the Jetsons were stranded HERE.)

we lived in the Jetsons apartment for awhile...ajusting to "Modern Life"
until the Time Machine was finally fixed, and we were all returned to our own time periods."

Pebbles was still stunned at this.

"w-why didn't you tell me this Before!?"

Wilma looked at Pebbles.

"because we weren't sure you'd believe it.
we mostly moved on, and pretended nothing happened.

though...we never really forgot it.
and, we DO miss our friends from the future."

Pebbles looked away, sighing.

"just like how i'll miss Chris...when he leaves."

Wilma placed her hand on Pebbles on the table.

"honey..if you truely LOVE this boy then don't let anything keep the two of you apart."

Pebbles looked at her mother.

"but, HOW mother?!
i can't just keep him stranded here in 1995 BC...that would be Selfish."

Wilma frowned, sighing sadly.
she then turned, closed her eyes and spoke.

" will have to go with the future."

Pebbles looked at her mother, surprised at this.

"But..But, if i go.
i'll NEVER see you, the Rubbles or anyone else i know, anymore!"

Wilma looked at Pebbles and nodded.

"i know..Believe me, i know.
but, i'd rather my daughter be happy in the future than be miserable for the rest of her life in the past."

Pebbles paused, as if deep in thought.

"take all the time you need to think this over.
but, whatever you choose..i will Always love you."

Wilma then gave Pebbles a quick kiss on her cheek.
after awhile, Pebbles stood up.

"i..i think i need to find Chris."

with that, Pebbles left the room.
Wilma heard the front door open, then close.

she then sighed sharply.
not liking the idea of her only daughter leaving (assuming she DID.)

but, she wanted to be supportive and understanding.
unlike her husband, who would've NEVER let her go.

[Later, elsewhere]

Pebbles walked thru the dark jungles dead at night.

she had long since left the city limits of Bedrock and, was now DEEP into the wild (and, deadly) parts of the jungle.

Pebbles was armed with onle a stone age flashlight (which was a stone tube with fireflies stored inside) and, one of her father's large clubs.

she KNEW that dangerous dinosaurs would find her sooner or later.
so, she had to find Chris, since he had he best defence against whatever dangers there were.

Pebbles heard leaves rustling.
gasping, she turned to where the sound came from.

she shined her light, but saw nothing.

Pebbles panted hard, feeling her heart beating like a drum.

Then, she heard rapid footsteps coming from Another location.
she quickly shined her light in that direction...and, thought she saw a long tail.

Pebbles gulped hard.

"m-maybe this w-wasn't such a good idea..." muttered Pebbles


Pebbles gasped upon hearing a sudden sound.
it sounded like faint, raspy breathing.


Pebbles heard another sound.
this one was Scarier, and sounded closer.

feeling terrified, Pebbles continued down the trail.
she walked at a faster pace, but soon began to run.

she ran as fast as she could through the jungle.
all the while, hearing the sounds of rustling plants and various rapid footsteps.

Pebbles panted, almost wimpering.
something (or, somethings) was following her.

as much as she wanted to deny it, it was true: she was being HUNTED.

she tried her best to push out the disturbing thoughts of some dinosaurs
killing and eating her out of her mind (but, given the current situation, that proved IMPOSSIBLE.)

Pebbles soon reached a steep hilltop.
she tried to step down it, but slipped and slid down really fast.

wasting no time, she quickly got up off the ground.

Now, she found herself in an open space.
she had No Idea where the trail was, and was so rattled, she couldn't think.

the cavegirl looked up..and, saw a pair of bright eyes looking at her in the darkness.
startled, she crawled backwards, then got up and tried to run back where she came.

but, she saw another pair of eyes looking at her atop the hill.

she tried to run right..but, saw another pair of eyes.

left with no choice, she ran left as fast as she could.
she heard what sounded like rapid foortsteps, rustling leaves and "tiger snarles"

Pebbles looked back to see a pack of "something" following her at a rapid speed.

NOW, her heart was really pounding.
she ran faster and Faster, feeling terror and dread eating away at her.

she wasn't watching where she was going...and, tripped over a rock.


Pebbles fell down.
but, she quickly got up and ran.

but, her sprint was cut short...upon reaching a cliff.
she looked down and saw a LONG drop below.

Pebbles panted and wimpered in a broken voice.
she turned...and, then was attacked.

some kind of dog-sized dinosaur lunged and snapped at her.
in shock, Pebbles stepped back...and, toppled down the cliff.


Pebbles body hit a part of the cliffside.
she desperatly clawed at the smooth stone with her hands and feet.

this proved a failed effort, as she continued to slide (but, at a slow pace.)

she fell down yet another cliff.


Pebbles landed butt-first into a branch.
feeling safe, she tried to move...


Pebbles fell again.


Pebbles body kept hitting parts of the cliff like a ragdoll.
she could almost swear that her bones were cracking wih each bound.

Pebbles finally mannaged to grip the side of one of the cliffs.
struggling, she tried to pull herself up...but, she lost her grip and fell.

though, THIS TIME..the next thing she hit was The Ground.


Pebbles lay motionless on the dirt floor.
she breathed heavily, her body feeling like it was "on fire."

part of her just wanted to stay there.
but, the distant sounds reminded her why that WASN'T the best option.


Pebbles shot her eyes open, gasping.
she soon remember her "brief" encounter with the creature that as stalking her.

with Fear as her primary motivation..Pebbles began to get up.

ignoring her obvious body pain, she began to lift herself up.
groaning, she planted her hands into the ground and eventually stood up on her feet.

Pebbles then took a moment to relax.
she exhaled deeply and began panting.

Then, she heard the sounds of her stalkers getting louder.
Worse, she could hear that they were getting closer in a hurry.

Not wanting to stick around to see them up close she began to run down the trail before her, despite her pain.

after what felt like Hours, calming silence soon befell the jungles.

feeling she was safe for the moment, Pebbles finally stopped at a clearing.
she exhaled and panting rapidly, her hands shook from her stress and shock.

"oh, chris...w-where ARE you!?" panted Pebbles

((Trilling, TWEET-TWEET!))

Pebbles gasped, hearing a bird-like noise.
she quickly turned and saw a medium-sized dinosaur facing her.

it has twin ridges on it's head.
indicating it was a Dilophosaurus.

Pebbles knew this type of dino All-To-Well from her schoolwork.

she knew for a fact that it was Poisonous.

the Dilo suddenly hissed at her like a snake.
it then spat a glob of black goo at Pebbles (who quickly evaded it)

Pebbles reached behind her back.
but, then grimaced when she realised that she was UNARMED!

she must of dropped Both her flashlight and club when she fell from the cliff.

The Dilo charged at Pebbles, knocking her down it then tried to lunge at her..but, Pebbles held it back with her hands.

the dinosaur snapped and snarled at the teenager.
Pebbles was getting frantic, she didn't know if she could hold it off for very much longer.

Then, all of a sudden..the Dilophosaurus was struck by something.
the predator squealed in pain as electrical volt shot thru it's body.

Pebbles finally managed to shove it off her.
she watched as the dino fell to the ground, it's body convulsing.

Pebbles looked back at her rescuer..which was none other than Chris Foxx (armed with an Eletro-Rifle.)

"CHRIS!" exclaimed Pebbles, overjoyed

Chris kept his rifle aimed at the Dilophosaurus.

"get behind me." ordered Chris, calmly

Pebbles immediatly got up and ran to Chris's side.
the Dilo then got up and looked right at Chris.

Chris made an aggressive motion with his rifle.
apparently, the dilo got the message: it turned and FLED.

Chris then lowered his rifle and exhaled.

Pebbles chose this time to be affectionet by embracing Chris TIGHTLY (nearly squeezing the life out of him.)

"PEE-bbles!.." coughed Chris

"Oh, Chris!, I FOUND YOU!" exclaimed Pebbles, nearly crying

Chris brushed Pebbles off and faced her.

"Pebbles, what..on EARTH..are you doing out here?!"

Pebbles put her hands behind her back.
she softly kicked some dirt, feeling uneasy.

"well, i uhh...that is to say, ummm..."

Chris crossed his arms and eyed her.


Pebbles finally exhaled and looked at Chris.

"I've seen the DeLorean, Chris...i know the truth."

Chris widened his eyes, stunned.

Pebbles continued.

"I know you're trying to repair your Time Machine (so you can go back home...)
and, as a friend, i want to help you get the metal you need to fix it."

Chris smirked at this, impressed.

"Well, i'm Flattered at your compassion.
but, it isn't nessasary: I can handle this."

"Yes, i KNOW..but, i-AHH!"

Pebbles suddenly stumbles.
she clutched her side, gritting her teeth.


Pebbles groaned as pain shot thru her.

"oh..GOD!, that hurts!"

Chris looked at Pebbles, getting concerned.

"are you alright?, wa-What Happened to you!?"

Pebbles looked at Chris.

"I..was being chased by a pack of Dinosaurs." began Pebbles

"I wasn't looking where i was going, aaaand i fell down a cliff-"

"you WHAT!?" exclaimed Chris, shocked

Pebbles groaned in pain again.

"i can't believe i'm still alive.."

Chris finally walked over to Pebbles.
he then turned around, his back facing her.

"climb on my back."


"do it NOW!"

Pebbles nodded, then climbed on to Chris's back.
she wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist.

"hold tight."

Chris then walked down a trail in the jungle.

"where are we going?" asked Pebbles

"to Base Camp." replied Chris

"YOU'RE staying with ME until my work's done.
Then, i'm taking you straight to a hospital...then, HOME."


As Chris and Pebbles made their way down the jungle...
several pairs of glowing eyes watched them from the darkness.

Author Note: I based a majority of this chapter on ANOTHER Popular movie franchise by Universal Studios ("Jurassic Park")

Anway, Wilma's comment on "The Jetsons" is a subtle reference to "The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones"
(which due to the act that Pebbles DID NOT appear in that film, i am going to assume it happened before she was born.)

Pebbles "Terror Trek thru the jungle was based on the opening sequence
from Episode One of TellTale's "Jurassice Park: The Game" (where Nima Cruz was being stalked by "something")

Chris saving Pebble from the Dilophosaurus was based on Episode Two
(where Oscar saved Yoder at the last minute.)

I wanted THIS chap to be more Scary and Thrilling.
and, to prove that not Every Dinosaur in the Flintstone Universe is "harmless"