Hello there! This is my second fic on FFN, and I have high hopes for this one. It is a FemNaru, I always did like Naruto as a girl. Beware, it is a bit short as it is only a prologue. Happy reading!

"Normal speaking."
"Demonic speech/thought."
Inner thoughts


Dark gray clouds covered the skies above me. Raindrops pelted what would have been roofs, streets, and buildings, but all of these things were now reduced to rubble. I sat, alone, in the midst of it all. My fiery crimson hair was matted with blood and soaked with tears and rain. I crouched over the figure of a man, black hair covered in his blood along with the rest of his body.

Slowly, I stood. My tired cerulean eyes turned to the sky, as I shouted,

"Why Kami? Why me? After all I've done?" More tears slipped down my face. I began to form signs for a fire jutsu. The flames flared briefly, white hot color indicating the inferno-like temperature as they incinerated the body in front of me.

I'm sorry Sasuke; I wish things had turned out differently for us…

As I turned to leave the body of the only man I had ever given my heart to, I heard a voice resonate in my head.

Well Takara, what are you going to do now? asked the feared Kyuubi no Kitsune, known to a very few by his real name, Kurama. Sorrow laced his voice; I suppose after years of being caged in me, my human nature and attitude rubbed off on him. The other way around as well, I mused, as in these past years I'd become more bloodthirsty than ever.

I have to look for the others…Even if they're not alive, they deserve a burial or a cremation, I answered. I began to walk towards what would have been the Hokage tower. The deep hole in my chest tore even more as I gazed upon it. Had the war not come, Tsunade would have inaugurated me as the Rokudaime Hokage. Now, with no village to lead, that dream had no meaning, no true life anymore.

Reaching the rubble of the red building, tears rolled down my face as I laid eyes on the burned and bloody form of Tsunade, Baachan. The Hokage had done much for the war; she had been influential in saving many lives as well as taking them. Every injury she touched was healed in a matter of moments, and any assailants who came at her instantly met their death through her techniques. She finally met her match in the resurrected forms of Itachi and Kisame.

The two had been under mind control, as Itachi was still loyal to Konoha at the time of his death. But Madara was too strong, forcing the dead Uchiha to attack his beloved city. Baachan had taken them both down, before succumbing to her injuries. Not a single inch of her skin had been spared from Kisame's sword, and she had multiple burns over her body from Itachi's Amaterasu. The diamond on her forehead had been released, but still could not heal every wound. Even her genjutsu had faded, showing Baachan's true age.

I used an earth jutsu to prepare a grave for Baachan. After gently lowering her body into the ground, I covered it again with the dirt. Continuing on, I searched the rubble for any friends. Farther ahead, I came upon the bodies of Neji and Tenten. They had faced the spy Zetsu, and had won, but at the cost of their lives. Neji had several vines wrapped around him, each digging into his skin. Vicious red lacerations covered his body. He had obviously died from poison as his blood was a sickly shade of purple and his skin a ghostly color.

Tenten lay protected under his body, but a vine protruded through Neji's stomach and into Tenten's chest. He obviously did everything he could to protect his wife. Even in death, they looked peaceful, and they surely were happy together wherever they were. I used the same earth jutsu to bury them, saying a prayer for their souls.

Several other bodies of my friends had to be buried. Each one was like taking a stab to the chest, as I mentally noted each and every one of my dead comrades. True, I had not expected any to survive. Call me cruel, brutal, whatever you want, but this battle had been taken to a new level, one that I could barely stand as it were with the Kyuubi's help. Even now, I could feel myself fading. Slowly but surely, my own death would come, and then the Konoha shinobi would be no more.

I moved on, begging to the Gods to find someone, anyone, still alive. But, my cries were in vain. I came across Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon who had all died together, protecting each other's backs. Ino lay still not very far away from the trio, as still as a statue. Her mind was most likely shattered from her techniques that failed, as I could not see anything else that might have caused her untimely death. Chouji, the poor boy, was not far away, close to his childhood love even in death. Temari was battered and bruised, her fan had been used to break her neck. Shikamaru died facing Hidan; he had used a forbidden seal to send the mad Jashinist to Hell once and for all. Sakura died saving Lee; the lovable idiot had tried and failed to take on Deidara.

The last of the bodies made me start to sob. Kiba and Akamaru lay dead, bodies battered by different weapons. They'd been protecting the Hyūga Head, Hinata. Hinata had always been my best friend, even from childhood. What killed me the most was the fact that Hinata had been five months pregnant, barely showing. Kiba was so happy when Hinata had told him that he ran around the village in delight, shouting at the top of his lungs. I knelt beside Hinata's body, desperately feeling for a pulse.

There! I...I feel it!

"Hinata! Hinata! Please, please, don't leave me. What about Kitai? You can't leave us!" I yelled hoarsely, tears blurring my vision so much that I could barely see at all.

"Ta...ka...ra..." a weak voice called out.

I immediately reached for Hinata's hand, taking it gently into my own and stroking the back.

"Shhhh, I'm here, Hinata, I'm here," I comforted, voice cracking.

"I'm...so...glad...I could...see you...one last time..." she managed to get out, stopping to cough up blood a few times.

"No, no, no, Hinata, don't talk like that! You'll be fine! I can heal you, Kurama and I can do it!" I told her, refusing to back down.

"You know...that won't work..."

"Please, Hinata, please..."

"I'm sorry...Takara...So very...sorry..."

Hinata's head rolled to the side, limp. A loud scream echoed in my ears, and it took several minutes for me to realize that it was my own voice emitting the awful sound.

I can't take it anymore, I'm going to die anyway, and seeing everyone just tears the hole in my heart bigger, I thought. I retreated to my mindscape, where a weary Kyuubi greeted me.

At least that…monster…is gone, Kit, you got your revenge when you finished him off, Kurama said. I nodded, but it was a small comfort that the leader of my friends' and lover's killers had died by my hand.

Uchiha Madara had orchestrated this whole thing. Thankfully, I'd managed to show Sasuke the truth of what Madara was doing, and finally bring him back to Konoha. He had recognized my feelings and returned them only a week before the final battle. A week had been long enough for us both to realize just how much we'd loved each other over the years, and to realize that we didn't have much time left, that we needed to make the most of what we did.

Sasuke and I had fought side by side against Madara. He had seen red when he had to face his no-longer-loyal subordinate, and had attacked Sasuke first. Sasuke, assisted by myself, had succeeded in grievously wounding Madara and slowing him down, but it was not enough.

Madara had struck Sasuke down when we were least expecting it, hoping that it would cause me to be too grief-ridden to fight. Unfortunately for him, it backfired, as I drew on all nine tails of Kyuubi's power in revenge. I had ended up killing Madara, but it wasn't without a great cost. I honestly would have preferred that I died to kill him, and everyone else had lived instead.

I moved to peel off the seal holding Kurama.

Kit, what're you doing?

Releasing you. I no longer have any wish to stay in this world, and if I'm going to die, you should be free. In these past years, you have become an older brother that I never had, Kyu-niisan. Thank you for that, and I want you to be happy if I'm going to be happy…

No, Takara, I have enough strength to complete one final jutsu. It is a jutsu only known to the king of demons. It requires a great chakra price, for it sends people back in time…

What? But Kyu-niisan…won't you…die…from that? I couldn't stand the thought of my only companion dying. If the jutsu failed to work, and I was left without him, I would surely go insane, and die shortly after.

In a sense, no…you will be going back to before I died so I will still be alive. You must merely use this jutsu to transfer my memories…

Kurama showed me what to do, hand signs and theory flashing through my head at blinding speed. He then stooped to my level, crimson eyes peering into my own as he began to speak again.

I am going to send you to a different dimension. One where you should not exist, but by me doing this jutsu, you will. In this dimension, the Yondaime has a son named Naruto whom he seals me into. I will send you back to be born a few years early, making you his older sister. That way, if the Akatsuki come, it should be harder for them to get you if you are older.

I understand…but how am I going to get you sealed in me?

Originally I was to be sealed in you at birth, but Madara intervened before that could happen. In this dimension, Madara will not know about you until it is too late and I am sealed into you.

Sounds feasible. But you and I both know that you cannot just create a human being. I have to have an 'empty', so to speak, body to inhabit. Am I going to have to force another soul out, essentially killing it?

No, no, no, you will do no such thing Takara. In the timeline I will be sending you to, your parents' first child, you, was a stillborn. I will be putting you in the place of that lost child, therefore not killing anyone in the process.


One last thing, Takara... This jutsu I am about to use will be sending your soul back in time, taking any of your mental abilities with it. However, these capacities would easily overwhelm your tiny, infant brain, killing you the instant you conscience reaches its new body. Since we can't have that, I need to put a seal on you. It will be a time-restrictive seal, slowly opening as the years go by, and your strength should be fully returned by the time you reach sixteen, unless something goes wrong in the process, which it should not. Hold still please...

Kurama morphed into his human form, a young adult male who had flaming red hair, not unlike mine, and red, slitted eyes. A brush and ink appeared midair, and he instructed me to expose my lower back. Cold ink was brushed across in a pattern, and it took several minutes for the seal to be completed.

Are you ready hime? Because the moment I activate this, you will be restrained to the mental capabilities of a year-old baby.

I'm ready niisan.

Kurama pressed his thumbs on either side of the ink, and I heard low whisperings, finally ending with "Fuuin!".

Immediately, the darkness began creeping in, and my thought process slowed drastically. Kurama's hands flew into a blur as he performed the jutsu. Hundreds of hand signs were created with the perfection only a demon could deliver. A large spike of chakra, the last bit Kurama had, was pushed into the jutsu.

"Toki no Keshin: Jikan o Gyaku Suna!"

A flash of light enveloped me, as I was transported back in time. When I opened my eyes again, I was looking straight into the face of one Namikaze Minato.

"She looks like your clone Kushina…What are we going to name her?" Minato asked. A weak voice replied from the bed,

"I always...did like...Takara…Minato…" Kushina rasped.

"Takara Namikaze, welcome to the world…"


Original Jutsu in this chapter:
Toki no Keshin: Jikan o Gyaku Suna
(Chronos: Reverse the Sands of Time): A demonic jutsu. Can only be used by the Kyuubi, Hachibi, and Shichibi, as the cost of chakra is very severe. It has the ability to transport one soul back in time, but only within said soul's lifetime, as it does not transport the body. It can also be used to bring a soul across dimensions, but that takes much more of a sacrifice, requiring a demonic soul to achieve such a feat.

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