Background- A good friend of mine recently sat me down and had me watch Tiger and Bunny. After we had viewed the episode she promptly informed me I now had the responsibility to write her a non-romance Tiger and Bunny story. Thus Aftermath was born.

Thanks and Dedication- I need to give a special shout out to my technical Beta Dr. Person. It is always appreciated to have someone one else look over the story to make sure all of your symptoms and treatments are straight. This story is dedicated to the medical clinic at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska for kindly taking care of a medi-evaced scientist who couldn't breathe.

Disclaimer-I do not own Tiger and Bunny. If I did, I would be writing episodes instead of fanfiction. Also this is a tag story contains spoilers for episode 13.

Prologue- "I Lied!"

Barnaby Brooks Jr. was having mix feelings about life. He had finally destroyed the demon that had haunted his childhood, but still felt empty. He knew who had killed his parents; he just never got the answer of why they had been murdered. There was the very real possibility he never would find the answers because he had just watched the man who knew the answers plummet to his death in a ball of flame. In many ways he was back to square one, but the whole city wanted to celebrate, wanted to believe that he had won because he was the good guy and it was a good story. His hands began to tighten on the handlebar in frustration.

"Um, Bunny? Does this thing go any faster?" Beside him Kotetsu groaned through clenched teeth.

Annoyed Barnaby glanced down at the speedometer. "I am already going ten over the speed limit."

"I really think it would be a good idea to get back to the hospital right about now."

"I highly doubt the conditions of the others have…"

"I think it would be a really good idea to get me back to the hospital right now."


"I already told you that my wounds still hurt." Kotetsu swore under his breath as he clutched his ribs. "The stuff Doc Saito gave me is wearing off, and a morphine drip back and a bed are sounding really good right now."

"You said your injuries were nothing!"

"Well guess what?" Kotetus wheezed, "I lied!"

Barnaby finally took the time to get a good look at his partner, and it was true that Kotetus looked bad. His normally tan complexion had paled considerably. "And why didn't you tell me earlier."

"You were busy and it didn't hurt this bad then!" It was starting to dawn on Barnaby that perhaps the odd expression his partner had been wearing while he had been giving TV interviews was not jealousy, but a strong desire to go find somewhere to go lie down, and with the help of some painkillers, sleep. Barnaby was kicking himself for not seeing it sooner.

"They weren't hurting because you were on narcotic pain medication! I can't even figure out why you thought it was a good idea to get out of bed in the first place!"

Kotetsu was quiet for a moment; then he spoke softly. "I couldn't let you fight him alone." Barnaby felt a bit sick at Wild Tigers comment. "I especially couldn't once I figured out his secret. I couldn't let that mad man destroy our city. I couldn't let him hurt anyone else..." Kotetsu curled forward in his seat as a deep hacking cough shook his body. From the corner of Barnaby's eye he could see red staining Tiger's fist, and started to feel a rising swell of panic.

"Tiger?" Barnaby really was staring to panic.

"Bunny… I…" Kotetsu whimper could barely be heard over the whine of the engine. "… I… can't… breathe."

Barnaby leaned into the bike and gunned the engine to the max possible speed.

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