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Chapter 2

"I swear! HE'S THE SON OF SATAN, FURUICHI! WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME FOR ONCE?" Oga thundered at his fellow good friend. Seriously, why won't people believe me? Geez. It was somehow a peaceful and boring day at Ishiyama. No one seemed to barge into Oga out of the blue and drag him into a fight –not like as if Oga doesn't like it. He was having his lunch at the school's rooftop, their common spot during break time. Furuichi gave Oga a like-hell-I'll-believe-that-shit look since it was the most insensible thing he'd ever heard. He already knew that his friend was already nuts in the head but creating story about him raising the Satan's son? That's just too far. Even a 3 years old kid would laugh hysterically at that stupid joke.

"You know Oga, I believed you when you said that you beat the hell out of 300 men, 100 students from our school and so on but you meeting the Satan's son? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You think I would fall for such bogus? I'm not retarded you know." Furuichi crossed his arm and slowly shook his head in disbelief. "I'm serious, damn it! This guy here," Oga pointed his finger at Rin, who was eating a sandwich that Hilda specially made for him "is the Satan's son! At first I didn't believe it too but this woman that addressed herself as Hilda convinced me to believe that statement. Maybe it was something with the face she made that encouraged me to believe that story. It was too persuading." Furuichi gave a long stare at the blue-haired teen after hearing Oga's explanatory. He doesn't seem to have this malicious, ruthless and dark aura around him like Oga. He seemed rather…normal. Furuichi decided he should try talking to this 'Satan's son' and see whether he means any harm or not.

"..So, you're the Satan's son, huh?"

"Seems like it." Expressionless, he answered without averting his look from the sandwich.

Doesn't your mother ever teach you to look at the person if he asks a question? "I see..I guess your father have horns then?" Furuichi thought he should just go with the flow since everyone was still putting up with the 'act'.

"I don't know. Never seen him before if you meant the Demon King. But if you're talking about the other father, then no. He's a normal human" He responded, still looking at his lunch.

Okay, he has two fathers now? Furuichi sighed and made his way towards Oga. "I give up, man" He muttered as he was tired of this whole 'Satan's son' game. "By the way, Oga, "He continued, "You said there was a woman named Hilda right? Is she hot?" Furuichi's eyes began to sparkle and filled with anticipation. The brunette twitched a bit seeing his best friend looking all…sparkly?

"What's with all this sparkly things around you?" Oga narrowed his eyes in disgust after seeing the silver haired man…sparkle. "It's not sparkle, idiot. It's called as charm." Furuichi answered in a swift and started to give his 'macho' looks to no one in particular. "I don't understand you sometimes." Oga stated before making his leave from the spot. "Anyways, I'm counting on you for taking care of this kid, okay? See yea." The silver haired teen snapped out of his fantasies and blinked for a few times before transferring Oga's words into his brain. "WHAT THE HELL YOU MEANT BY THAT!" Furuichi stormed once he heard his buddy said something absolutely irrational to be processed in his mind. Meanwhile, Rin was brushing away the sandwich's crusts on his lap since he just finished his lunch as he witnessed the dispute between those two beings. He couldn't really say anything because he was also in the same place as Furuichi. Still confused about this whole 'Satan's son' thingy. Not to mention he was also stuck in this parallel universe without having anyone he actually knows to be with him. Heck, he might not be surprised too if Oga suddenly tossed him out at the street. He was a stranger in this world for God's sake!

"Come on, Furuichi. I know you like kids~." Oga said slyly, putting all his effort to persuade his fellow friend.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM? A PEDOPHILE!" Furuichi shot back at Oga in a fierce tone.

"I'M NOT A KID!" Rin began to join the 'lively' conversation since he finds people calling him a kid was rather exaggeratingly obnoxious.

"Yes you are." Oga gave Rin a blank stare before averting his gaze at Furuichi who was seemed to be in utter rage. "Are you PMS-ing or something, Furuichi?"

"NOW YOU THINK I'M A WOMAN! WHAT KIND OF DEMOCRACY IS THIS! WHERE IS MY EQUAL RIGHTS!" The silver haired teen's scowls now more likely has changed to sound more like a whining.

"What does democracy has anything to do with this?" The brunette raised one of his eyebrows in confusion once he realized that his best friend has started to talk shit. Out of the blue, Oga received an unexpected brutal 'brofist' on his face. The impact was so amazing that it send Oga crashing towards the wall. "Ouch…that hurts. Who the fuck did that?"

"I told you, I'm not a fucking kid." Rin shot Oga his murderous glare. From there, Oga could tell it was definitely that blue haired ki- teen who just presented him with the sudden punch. Damn, that was a heavy punch for a kid. Wait, I meant teen. Furuichi on the other side was stunned to see such hit manage to send Oga flying to the wall.

"Oi, are you a thug or something?" Oga slowly stood up as he wiped off the speck of blood lingering at the side of his lips. "That was for sure not a normal punch."

"If you see me that way, then I guess I'm a thug. I was born with this superhuman strength to begin with. It's kind of irritating sometimes." Rin replied coolly and smirked at himself a bit since he felt like he began to earn respect from the brunette. "…Maybe this is one of the privileges you get being the Satan's son?"

Oga stood in guard for a moment just in case if the blue haired male is going to emit any further moves. He noticed the spot where the fist had landed began to sting and swell up. Wow, talk about painful. "You okay, Oga?" Furuichi questioned seeing his pal in a dire state. "Hey, it was just a small matter. You don't need to give him a punch, you know." Furuichi spoke at Rin daringly.

"…Sorry, I guess. Got carried away. I have anger management problems, you see. Not actually wanting to commit any harm." Rin raised both of his hand in defense after detecting a deadly aura coming from Oga's direction.

The brunette blinked several times before heaving a sigh. He rubbed the back of his head before walking towards Rin. The other teen was prepared to receive any attacks from Oga after all the commotion. Rin suddenly sensed that the evil aura around Oga just now had vanished. Not to be expected, Oga patted his head gently and gave him a warm smile. Somehow, the smile looked totally pure and sincere. It wasn't the same as his other crooked smiles. This event had made Furuichi's and Rin's jaws to drop and meet the dirty floor.

"Am I seeing things here?" Furuichi muttered to himself as he rubbed his eyes to make sure it wasn't having any vision difficulties.

"Are you alright, dude?" Rin asked Oga who was still patting his head and smiling like an innocent child.

"You see, boy. Not everyone in this world is perfect. Everyone has their own troubles and flaws. If everyone were flawless, this reality would be a dull and jaded place. Example, you have anger management problems but that doesn't mean you are feeble and vulnerable. It makes you to appear more unique. So what if you have superhuman strength? Of course it can bring harm to others without you wanting at certain times but not always. Think at the bright side! You can be the next superman and saves the world from ugly, retarded, not-worth-it criminal bastards. I was dumbfounded to experience such pure strength from a short guy like you. It gave me hope to believe that there's miracle somewhere. Who knows, maybe in the future Furuichi might be the most violent guy ever walked on earth and I would be in the church preaching about religions. Be glad about what you have now, boy." Oga ended his long speech with a last pat to Rin's right shoulder, seeming as if he just accomplished something.

Silence decided to take control at the moment while everyone except Oga was still extremely shocked at what they just heard. Rin's and Furuichi's brain gears appear to come to a halt since they can't register what rational nonsense Oga just threw at their face. Somewhere, the sounds of cricket chirping can be heard from an unknown location. Time seemed to cease right at the spot. It was a mystery indeed.

"Oga-san….You…." Rin got back to his sense and started to feel this warm fuzzy feeling inside of him. He can't interpret what was this sensation consist of but he knew one thing for sure. He was touched by the brunette's words. It was his first time hearing such brilliant speech coming from a delinquent. Maybe there is miracle somewhere…

"Oga, that was the most intellectual thing I've ever heard coming from that shit-loaded brain of yours." Furuichi complimented(?) his friend for finally making a progress on being smart. He couldn't take the sudden big improvement Oga has made that it caused him to cry manly tears. He was proud of his friend for not using kicks and punches to solve an argument for the first time. You changed a lot Oga…

The dramatic moment carried on for somehow seemed like forever until the rampaging ogre suddenly screamed,


Oga gave Rin his infamous punch at the stomach and it made Rin flew off from the school's building. "WHAT THE FUCK, OGA! THE KID'S GONNA DIE!" Furuichi exclaimed in panic after seeing his idiotic friend did something he DEFINTELY shouldn't have. "YOU'RE DEFINITELY AN IDIOT, OGA! I TAKE BACK MY COMPLIMENT! WE'RE GOING TO JAIL FOR SURE! Wait, YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL! I'M NOT RELATED TO THIS!"

"Oh shit! I guess I put too much strength. Furuichi, think of something!" Oga ordered boldly.

"I JUST SAID I WASN'T INVOLVED IN THIS!" Furuichi snarled at Oga. Streams of tears began to fall from Furuichi's eyes. Poor dude, he was scared for real. "OH MY GOD, WE'RE SO DEAD!"

Abruptly, a silhouette of a woman on top of a large monster that looks like a bird can be seen flying towards the two boys. Oga narrowed his eyes so he could get a better view of what was heading towards them. "Oi, Furuichi, what the hell is that?"

"I TOLD YOU I- Wait, why is there an enormous bird coming here! Not to mention, the kid you punched just now was on top of it too. He seems to be unconscious." Furuichi said after noticing Rin was lying on the monster's back. Oga and Furuichi took a few steps backward, giving space for the bird to land properly on the ground. The elegant female walked off from her riding pet and strutted her way towards Oga.

"What are you imbecile human thinking? Such actions towards young master are not allowed. Luckily I was on my way to this ignorant place when I saw him falling from the building." The blonde beauty hissed at the brunette. "If anything unwanted happens to young master, I will slaughter you and feed your foul odor organs to Akubaba."

"Hey, he asked for it. Don't blame me, woman." Oga responded smoothly. He doesn't seem to show any fear towards the wet nurse's threat. "He's the Satan's son anyway. He can handle himself."

Hilda jerked the brunette by the collar and shot him her demonic glare. "I'll slice you here and now, weakling." Oga trembled a bit at her deadly words as he tries to remain in his calm posture.

"Now, now, no need for violence right? Such frightening words coming out from a beauty like you is not polite. I'm Furuichi Takayuki. It's a pleasure to meet you, fair lady." Furuichi courteously bowed down after interrupting their threatening conversation and introducing himself to Hilda. Both Oga and Hilda gave him a blank stare until Hilda manage to ask the brunette something.

"Who is this pesky human?" She rudely pointed her finger at Furuichi.

"Well, he's my buddy. He's always like that when he sees some random girls." Oga replied, still staring at Furuichi who was still bowing down.

'Today's my lucky day! God still loves me for letting me encounter such beauty!.' Furuichi thought to himself, oblivious about what was ACTUALLY happening. From his frightened mode, he changed to his charming mode after seeing Hilda. He threw away all the events that just happened from his mind and the only thing that matters right now is that he looks good in front of this babe. 'She's gonna fall for me!'

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