Pulling Strings

The black iron gates creaked open. Dwight walked along the gravel path, with his violin in hand. Alan always begged him to play. Dwight loved the look in his eyes, when he'd come scampering up to him, holding the old wooden instrument as if it where magical.

"Please Big Brother? One more song! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee?"

How could he possibly say no?

Dwight stopped by the pale white tombstone. He knelt onto the pale green grass and looked at the head stone. He slowly traced Alan's name. He positioned his violin.

"Well. This one's for you little buddy."

A soft melody flowed from the violin.

As Dwight played, memories slowly came back. Memories of the old days. Back when things were simple, and fear was rarely present. He remembered Alan's smile. He remembered his laugh. He even remembered that time he had to carry Al out of the car after a long drive through the Adirondacks. He kept talking about how beautiful the mountains were. How the smell of pine trees smelt better than maple syrup.

"I'm happy now Al. Genuinely happy. She makes me really happy. You'd like her a lot. Ha. She reminds me of you. She makes me step out of my comfort zone. It's funny. She always tells me to lighten up a bit. Just like you used to…Um...Anyway, I have to go back soon. She's waiting for me in the car….But I can play one more song. She won't mind. "

Dwight heard the crunch of gravel coming from behind him. He turned around to see a girl with long brown hair and blue eyes standing there, wearing a pair of jeans, trainers, a red shirt, and a brown leather jacket. She was holding a bag of rock salt and a pendulum.

"You've been out here for a while. I was getting a bit worried," Jay said with a sad smile on her face. She looked at the violin and put her hand on his shoulder. "Well, don't stop! I love hearing you play. It makes us happy Dwight. It makes Alan and me happy."

Dwight smiled at her and began to play.

When the song was over Dwight kissed the headstone. He whispered goodbye and stood up.

"Wait. Dwight, is it ok if I say something to Alan? Really quick?" Jay pleaded.

Dwight nodded his head towards the headstone. Jay ran over and knelt in front of the headstone.

"Alan, I want to thank you. I want you to know that Dwight is better. He has lightened up. We miss you Alan... And I wish I met you… I'll take it from here buddy. Rest in peace."

She kissed the headstone, and traced a heart around Alan's name with her finger. And it was at that moment, when Dwight knew that she was the one. Jay was the girl Dwight dreamt of.

"She's the one Dwight. I sent you an angel to keep you company. You were getting a bit lonely, and I wanted you to be happy. So I sent Jay"

Dwight felt a small hand on his shoulder. Alan was pulling strings up there in heaven, just to make him happy.