Dissido Schola: Ultimus Imaginatio (Conflict School: Final Fantasy)

By: Shadic the Hedgehog

Chapter 2: Sensus (Feelings)


Lightning watched as the students of Dissido High went about their classes, watching for one head of silvery-blond hair in particular. She wasn't sure how, but it seemed that after being killed by the Manikins that had been storming out of the Rift, she woke up to find herself a "school cop." All this seemed to entail was that she was a police officer who kept watch over the school to report anything illegal going on.

So far, it had been a boring job.

But she could live with that. One of the things that had confused her, however, was the rose. She woke up in what she could only think of as her bed, despite it being in an entirely different room than she was used to, and on her bedside table was a vase holding a single rose.

The rose she had given to Firion, who had promised to give it back when he remembered his past. She smiled fondly as she remembered the series of mishaps as he tried to get the rose back from her, after she had picked it up after a particularly intense battle. So many misunderstandings, but she didn't mind. The rebel was kinda cute.

Here, as Firionel Salamand, he was still a bit of a rebel, but only so far as any other eighteen year-old would have been. She was mildly surprised when Garland turned out to be teaching something as mundane as Language. Especially since he was all about crushing his enemies back in the War.

She wasn't the only one with memories of a war that apparently never happened, either. Yuna, who had always known of her homeland during the War of Harmony and Discord, had been incredibly happy to find herself alive, and dating Tidus, as well. She had gathered the warriors who had helped seal the gateway to the Rift at one point, to see if any of them remembered anything.

Lightning was slightly annoyed on discovering that she was the last of them to awaken.

Being allowed to wander the school in her duties, and her life away from school, she found that some of her fellow l'Cie were also in this world, Hope was a student, while Sazh, Snow, and the rest had various jobs around town.

She also learned that people she didn't know were also awakened from the War. The Head Librarian, Gabranth, found he didn't mind the quiet days of shelving books. But everyone knew to return their books on time, lest he come and Judge them. Vaan didn't visit the library often. Professor Shantotto of the Spell Creation class also knew of the War, but she didn't seem to care.

She had just finished her last rounds of the school and was stopping by the library, when she caught one of the most interesting conversations she had heard.

"Yeah, it was pretty tough being the first of us to 'awaken,'" commented the voice of Tidus. "It was actually kind of creepy seeing my old man acting more like a caring parent then he used to be."

"All our foes are teachers here," added another voice, "and some of them, like yourself and Ms. Kuroyami, or myself and Kefka, are related."

"I admit, I just about flipped on finding out that Sephiroth was suddenly my half-brother," muttered Cloud. Lightning had interacted with him pretty often because of Tifa and his own recklessness on his motorcycle. Fool was lucky she didn't care enough to arrest him.

"There's also other people from our original worlds, like Cloud's best friend Zack and his girlfriend Aerith, or Zidane's little sister Mikoto, or even Bartz's friend Galuf as a teacher," continued Tidus.

"I, myself, am a teacher," said the voice of a teacher, Cecil Harvey, if she remembered right. "My first day after 'waking' was a tough one, since I had to teach astronomy without knowing the stars of this world."

Lightning ducked out of the way, listening to their conversation. So. More Warriors of Cosmos are awake. Looks like everyone but Firion and Fighter have their memories back at this point. Lightning shook her head. How long have they known? Then she smirked. Yuna's gonna freak out on Tidus, keeping secrets from her. He's lucky she can't summon here.

"So, you've found their 'secret' meeting place," said Gabranth, watching as Squall and Zidane left the library. Lightning jumped slightly. "They keep coming in here every time another Warrior of Cosmos awakens, and they think I haven't noticed." He scoffed. "I'm the Head Librarian. Of course I'm going to notice."

"How long have you known?" Lightning asked.

"Since Cloud woke. Which was... five people ago. And before you ask, it's been a good while since you lot visited the library, so I never had a chance to tell you."

"I see," Lightning closed her eyes. "I think I'd better tell Yuna and Tifa, at least."

"Kain will be interested to know his best friend remembers the war as well."

"He's undercover right now. I don't have a way to contact him." Kain was another member of the DPD, though he was a specialist in undercover police work. He and Lightning shared a bit of a laugh over it because of his "backstabbing" in the War and in his home world.

Lightning moved away from Gabranth slightly. "I'd better get to the station. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Have a good evening," Gabranth nodded, before wheeling off with a case of books to be shelved.


Prishe's life in this world was far from perfect. But it was definitely better than it had been back on Vana'diel, where she had dubiously "earned" the titles of "the abhorrent one" and "that detestable child."

Well, a few people still called her "abhorrent," but what did those stuck-up bitches know?

When she woke up in the city of Dissido, she had known she was the only one to remember anything of the War of Harmony and Discord. How, she wasn't exactly sure, but she didn't care. She had a brand new life ahead of her.

And she started it by getting to know the new version of one of her friends: Fighter McWarrior of Light. Or, as she called him...

"Kyon!" Prishe shouted, almost barrelling into the silver-haired duellist. "Damn, it's been a while! So, you remember anythin' yet?"

"I keep telling you not to call me that, Prishe," sighed Fighter. "And no, I still do not have any recollection of fighting in a war. I do not see why you ask me that every time you see me."

"Hey, don't take that tone of voice with me! You were my first real friend in that war, and I want you to remember it! Doc was just an ass to me whenever I was around, and she tried using me – and you, once! – to try and make her 'ultimate spell.' Sheesh, talk about selfish, y'know?"

Fighter sighed. They'd had this conversation at least once a week for two years, but he just couldn't get rid of the girl. Though she had kind of grown on him, despite the nickname and the repeated question. While he couldn't take time away from the Duellist Club to be with her often enough for her liking, he still met with her at least three times a week.

Prishe wished not only for him to remember her as they had known each other back the War, but for him to see her as more than a friend. Sure, he was almost the most popular guy in school, and, as mentioned, she was one of the least popular, but like Hell was that gonna stop her!


Well, this story turned out FAR more popular than I had ever expected! Seriously, I had thought that, since it was a High School AU, it was going to be booed and ignored and what-not, but wow!

This whole story was inspired by a series of pictures I found one day while browsing Dissidia pics on Danbooru (warning, NSFW imagery there, use Safebooru instead). I'm going to post broken-up URLs of the pictures here in my Author's Notes, so you can see them too.

By how much I thought this story was going to be hated, I don't really have much in the way of a plot planned yet (but some stories can write themselves, y'know?).

I used this chapter to promote the Dissidia-based pairings I prefer (Firion-Lightning and Prishe-WoL), 'cause, hey, I'm the author, and I think they work! I don't know much about Final Fantasies II, III, XI, XII, or XIII, so I'm afraid I can't do a whole lot there, but I'll try my best by doing research on the FF-wikia.

And worry not! The Great Gilgamesh will eventually make his appearance! And so will the Student Gilgamesh! As two different people! (Can the internet survive such awesome?)

Anywho, here are the URLs I mentioned:

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