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What's Behind Her Smile

Life for Tori has been far from perfect as long as she can remembers. Nothing she's ever done has been good enough, no matters how hard she tries.

Growing up with Trina has made her get used to being ignored. Not until the big showcase last year did her parents ever made her feel like she's done something right, and even that only lasted a few seconds before Trina started to claim their full attention again.

She strives for perfection, works hard for it too, but nothing would ever be enough. There would always be some prettier, someone skinnier, someone better. Not even for Steven, her last boyfriend, was she enough to stop him from cheating on her.

That's why she would do anything for her friends, she would never want them feeling as bad as she does. Not sweet, naive Cat. Not Andre. Not Beck. Not Robbie. Not even a gank like Jade.

But, until the moment comes when she's ready to get rid of her demons, she would put up a smile for the whole world to see, even when she's really breaking apart.

This is my first Victorious fic, and my first drabble

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