(Static on screen until…)


"Yes, finally! At long last, activation is in effect! Now looking through the lens, I can see that we are making our way down the ever long hallway. Hey man! Why is it that your camera sucks?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the fact that it keeps moving for like, no reason. It's all jumping up and down and shit."

"That's because you're walking dumbass. It can't stay still."

"Yeah you guys laugh all you want. Fact of the matter is I'm the reason we're even going to space."

"Oh wow! You're in that class? I didn't know they can take retards into space. "One small step of man, one giant leap for..Ow!"

(Scenery changes to a line full of people in what seems to be a terminal. A girl is in line with owner of Camera.)


"Are you sure they can allow you to take the camera with you?"

"No I uh..snuck it in."


"Yeah, took it apart when I first came in here now, then put it back together. Security guards didn't know what the pieces were. That's how stupid they are. But I mean seriously though, this is a two year field trip we're taking. Just to see the galaxy. I'm over the moon for it.(Someone in line scoffs at the remark) I gotta take this thing so I can look back on it and say to my future kids, 'hey your dad was actually smart enough to go into space and he wasn't even a certified astronaut to do it."

"You're hilarious."

"I'm serious. Look this is the year 2059 and so far advanced technology sucks, its sucks so much , it's killing this planet. The flight cars were taken off the market for no good reason, so as any other new portable object they came up with to make our lives easier. Now, we're stuck with ancient technology again. It's time I got to see something new and exciting."

"Will you stop complaining?" (Young man who had the camera in first scene speaks)

"Chuck-man, I ain't complaining. All I am doing is speaking on behalf of our class that this will be a life changing experience, dog."

"Okay then here's something that will make your spirits rise again, as soon as we approach the shuttle door, authorities are going to ask for us to take out anything electronic or digital out. You got any more fancy-schmancy tricks to hide that ancient artifact you got in your hand?"

"Hold on, I got an idea."

"Rich, what are you doing with that device?" (The teacher comes up to the group and demands what the young man, Richard Murphy is doing. The scenery changes to static as soon as the camera is lowered to the floor.)


(Close up of owner's face. He is grinning. The setting is in an Earth made spacecraft with people already sitting in their respective passenger's seats)


"I told you I got the camera back, didn't I?"

"How many times are you going to say that, man?" Chuck said aggravated.

"I'm just full of glee, man. I'm excited as hell." Rich said.

"I don't think you're full of glee, I think you're full of shit." Chuck replied which granted him a couple of sniggers from the rest of the seated passengers.

"Lauren, what say you about this field trip?"

"Well for one thing I'm going to miss my parents and-"

"Awww…" Several mock 'awws' ensued from the rest of the class.

"Quiet! Seriously, this is a bit hard on me so take it easy."

"As for the question, if it really means a lot for you to know, I think it may be a good trip."

"Thanks that was just what I was thinking as well, Lauren. You see we are the first-"

(Scene/dialogue is cut and the footage is forwarded by...)


"Friggin' guards even on the plane. Can't believe this but they're gone. Finally got the video back up ladies and gents, and from the rumble and tumble that we're feeling, this rocket is ready to blow, right Lauren?" he laughed. Several people shook their heads in disgust and some smiled.

"It's a miracle that you actually noticed. He's finally experiencing his first hard-on!" Lauren fired back which got her applause.

"Hey come on! I need to edit that part out!"

(Scene is forwarded again.)


(The young man Richard Murphy's face is shown and talking in a whisper. He appears to be in a white room with the rest of his classmates seated on the edge of the cryopods)

"Yeah I uh...finally got this camera up and rolling again and briefly I got to's probably the last post you'll see in a while...Took three hours but they told us that, you know, the pilots and researchers, they have to put us in cryostasis for what will be 3 months.. That's three months being the equivalent of an ice cube. That's how long it will take to reach the Zeti II Reticuli system. Several people have already been put in while the rest are just scared and shy to go in already. But hey I'll uh..wake up and soon have some more posts with my buddy Chuck and Lauren. Later fellas!

(Static is then shown for what seems like three full minutes.)

Loud winds that sounded like roars were heard. The video showed broken glass on a soft pad where the camera sat. Wires were heard sputtering and sending off sparks. Smoke was seen on the right portion of the lens along with a small fire shown. The video camera had been turned on when a small debris hit the button on top of the camera. A hand was then rising slowly at first and gave a small wave. Moaning was heard from the owner of the hand. The figure slowly got up. It was Rich, who was half naked and bleeding from his forehead. He looked disorientated.

Eventually Rich realized what had happened. The ship had crashed on a dark, desolate planet.