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I yawned and rubbed my eyes as I trudged down the stairs blearily trying to wake myself up. I was late for school, like really really late but I just didn't have the energy in me to rush.

I sat down in our little shabby kitchen at the table along with my sister and dad. I was trying not to yawn. I failed.

"Late night?" my dad James asked from behind his newspaper.

"I was working last night" I told him, trying to ignore his concerned stare. My dad was nothing if not attentive,

"You know I don't like you working late on a school night" he complained. I rolled my eyes trying to ignore him. I had recently gotten a job working as a waitress at Merlottes bar and he was anything but happy about it. We had many arguments about it before and after I took the job and it had taken a lot of whining and promises on my behalf for him to let me take the job. Our mother had walked out on us a few years ago and ever since then I think he has felt he has needed to do double parenting and worrying twice as much.

He put his paper down and looking at him I could see why people thought he was handsome. He was 40 years old, had black curly greying hair and sparkling green eyes. He was the local vet in bon-temps (scratch that- he was the only vet in bon-temps) and although he loved his job and he worked really hard it only brought in just enough to keep our heads above water

"Leave Lia alone Dad!" my elder sister Rowan pitched in. I shot her a grateful look. At 23 years old she was six years older than my 17 and worked at Merlotte's full time. She had jet black hair which was curled and as usual she was caked in fake tan, false nails, fake designer heels and make-up, totally inappropriate for waitressing but so typical of her.

"I'm not trying to nag" My dad shot Rowan an annoyed look "I'm just trying to look out for my daughters best interests. It's her senior year this year and I don't want her grades slipping because she's up all hours of the night serving beer and burgers to loudmouthed drunken rednecks"

"Please lets not argue" I begged pouring myself a bowl of cereal. I was just not alert enough for another lecture. Luckily I was saved by arrival of my little brother Michael who entered the room grinning and sat down in the chair next to me. Michael was 10 and the youngest of us three. It was his eleventh birthday next week and I was looking forward to being able to afford a decent present for him this year.

"Just 8 days to go" he shouted and I laughed.

"Trust you to be counting down the days!" I teased

"Of course, I can't wait. Nearly everyone in my class has a phone" He complained

"You're not subtle in asking for gifts either" My dad pointed out

"Have I got one?" He burst out wriggling in his seat

"You'll have to wait and see" I hid a smile. I had a BlackBerry wrapped upstairs in my bedroom for his birthday and was almost as excited as he was! Michael was your typical boy. He liked sports and cars and unlike Rowan and I who had our fathers jet black hair and our mothers dark eyes he had mums dark blonde locks and green eyes. He was going to be a heartbreaker when he was older. He also had not gotten to the terrible teen stage yet so he was still our lovable little cute brother. We all doted on him.

After finishing my breakfast I rushed off to school. I arrived breathless and frazzled just as the bell rang and after rushing into class I sat down next to my best friend Annie.

"Were have you been?" she whispered.

"Argument with my dad" I whispered as I tried to quickly get my books out. I looked at her and smiled as I saw her sitting up listening intently to the teacher with her books laid out alongside her pens. I loved my slightly OCD best friend. At 5,6, With long blonde beautiful hair, a dazzling smile, pretty eyes and brains to match not many people looked past her to the small, scrawny dark haired girl walking beside her. I had known her since kindergarten. Her father was a pastor and she was an only child so she had a lot of pressure on her to be perfect. At first I was really jealous of her seemingly perfect life but I should know by now that not everything is as it seems.

I waved across the room to our other best friend Luke, He had come to town with his elder brother Toby just a few years ago. Toby was 20 years older than Luke and their parents had died when he was a baby leaving Toby the one to bring him up. His tragic story had spread to the girls of Forks High School and lets just say it hadn't harmed his chances with the girls. If there was anything Luke was good it it was shameless flirting.

So yes this was my life, small, boring predictable but I loved it. My two best friends were there the most kindest and loyal you could have, I had reasonable grades and a pretty cool family and I wasn't too ugly so I was pretty content.

Later that night I felt differently as beer stained and tired I trudged towards my car in the car lot of Merlottes bar. It had been a particularly brutal night tonight as my boss Sam was trying out a few new things for the bar and had installed a widescreen TV to show sports games on. The first game was shown tonight and it had been incredibly successful with every table full but it also meant all of us waitresses were dead on our feet by the end of our shift. It was a good night for tips though.

I cheered myself up immensely with the thought that I was gradually getting closer to having enough money to buy the dress I desperately wanted for the prom. My dad could've bought me one I suppose but as money was tight I would've felt I little bit bad plus taking on this job meant I could really splash ou and buy the amazing dress I wanted plus I could treat myself with the money left over each month. It was relief that I could actually go out with Lucas and Annie now without making some pathetic excuse because I didn't have the money.

I got into my car and watched as Rowan and all the other waitresses came out. She gave me a wave as she got into her boyfriends car and they drove off. She had only been dating David three months but apparently it had been love at first sight and they had moved in together after just 2 weeks. I waved to Sookie Stackhouse, people didn't like her, they thought she was weird and her dating a vampire didn't help matters but she had always been nice to me in the six months I had worked at Merlotte's so I had no problem with her.

I checked my watch 1.09am it read. I groaned and beeped the horn where was he? Finally my dad James came out followed by Michael. I beeped the horn again, every night I worked late he insisted on coming to the bar and taking me home. I tried to protest but he had firmly put his foot down. Usually Michael stayed at home and was fast asleep but the babysitter had fell through.

"Sorry I was just chatting to Sam" He apologized I rolled my eyes as Michael climbed in the back and tiredly lied down in the back.

"Seat belt on!" Dad ordered looking at Michael who was half-asleep

"Oh just leave him, he'll be fine and he's tired" I shrugged. It was only a ten minute drive home.

"But..." He protested

"Oh, come Dad! We have to go, I'm tired and I've got school tomorrow" I complained as I started the car and began the drive home

"That's not my fault" He said "You wanted this job; I didn't make you take it"

"I took it because we need the money" I snapped. I was tired and feeling sorry for myself "I wouldn't need to take this job if you just swallowed your pride and tried to get some child support from mom!"

"You're 17 and your sister is 23" He pointed out still being calm.

"Michael's only 10! and what about the last 10 years?" I shouted "Surely you're due some back pay? Me, Michael and Rowan wouldn't have had to go without if you just tried to file a claim but you wanted to prove to Mom that we didn't need her"

"Aliana, I know I've not been a perfect father and you've had to go without a lot of things but I genuinely have tried my best for you three. I'm sorry if you don't feel that I have done a good job" He said. I felt bad; really bad I was just tired and ratty. I had stayed up until 4am finishing a paper the night before. I didn't mean to take it out on my dad. Rowan, Michael and I were his life I knew that. I opened my mouth to apologise but…

"LIA, WATCH OUT!" My dad shouted. I noticed too late that there was a black figure stood in the middle of the road. I swerved abruptly trying to avoid it and everything went black. I woke up opening my eyes very very slowly, everything was blurry and disoriented my whole body was in pain. The car was upside down, I think my arm was broken along with a few ribs, I groaned and tried to sit up but I was stuck, I looked over to my dad, He was unconscious with blood trickling down his mouth. I couldn't see Michael.

"Help" I croaked pathetically before I lost consciousness again. I vaguely heard voices

"She's dying" A man's voice said, I couldn't quiet place where the man was from but I could tell he was young. Not much older than me, I liked his voice, it was sweet and gentle.

"Just leave her" A colder voice said, He sounded older and definitely American.

"No, unless I heal her she will die, she's so young. We were never supposed to kill Eric! I caused the crash and I have to put it right" The young sweet voice said "I have to fix it"

"Forever the do-gooder" The other voice grumbled "What about the others Godric?" The older voice asked. So the young man was called Godric.

"There's nothing that can be done" Godric said, a sadness in his voice "Besides, if we take all of them then people are going to be suspicious. A crashed car but no bodies" I felt myself losing consciousness again and tried to fight it, I wanted to hear the sweet voice again but it was fruitless and I vaguely remember sirens and being scooped up in someone's arms before I was gone.

I had been asleep for a long time, I could tell. I wasn't in pain anymore but my body ached and my mouth was dry. I opened my eyes slowly hesitantly and took in my surroundings. I sat up slowly and saw that I had been laid on a leather sofa, an afghan was covering me. I looked around, I was in an office, It looked pretty simple, There was a wooden desk with a swivel chair, on the desk lay a laptop, a lamp and some papers and pens, I looked around the office shelves lined the walls with files and boxes on them, I didn't know this office. I didn't know where I was or what I was doing here. The last thing I remembered was crashing the car as I argued with my dad.

Oh no! I stood up quickly hoping that Dad and Michael were both okay but then I blushed in horror as the Afghan fell down and I realised that I had been changed out of my clothes and was now wearing nothing but my underwear and a large man size red t-shirt that said Fangtasia.

Fangtasia, I felt sick as I read the t-shirt, I had heard about Fangtasia before, it was a club humans went to stare at and hopefully fuck vampires. I had been saved by a vampire! Could I get out of this vile place alive? How had I even got here? I felt fine but shouldn't I be in a hospital just to be sure? I could not remember a thing that happened after the crash and it was scaring the hell out of me.

I stood in silence considering my options. I didn't hate vampires, how could I when I had only met one vampire before and that was Sookie's boyfriend Bill Compton. I hardly knew anything about vampires and to be honest they didn't interest me. Bill was friendly enough but I wasn't gullible enough to think that all vampires were the same. What if these vampires wanted to bite me? Surely they had enough people to feed on? and if they wanted to feed on me then why save me and bring me back here? but then again I overheard Bill one time saying that some vampires enjoyed hunting their prey. Did they save me just to torture me and make my death more prolonged? Urgh, I wished I knew more about vampires! I was seriously out of my depth here.

My mind swirled as I paced the office arguing with myself. There was no way I was going to be some vampires supper. I suddenly noticed a small window in the corner of the office. jackpot! Now was my chance! I pushed the desk against the wall hoping that the music from the club would drown out the scraping of the desk across the floor. I climbed onto the table and reached up to the table trying to push it open. I was so preoccupied with trying to open the window that I did not here the door open, I did however hear the male voice a few seconds later.

"What on earth are you doing?"

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